Trent Shares Me

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Trent and I had amazing sex, but one day we wanted to do cocaine and spend the night fucking in a hotel. We arrived at the hotel, and checked in and shortly after, his friend came to drop the coke off.

Being polite I met his friend Mike, I suppose this guy already knew who I was but I’d never met him before. “Hi Emma” he said when he walked in, which was a bit cheeky. He looked a lot like Trent, his demeaner was similar, he dressed similar, his hair was similar but he was thinner and taller.

“Hi….” I responded, slightly thrown off.

“I’m Mike” he smiled and put his hand out to shake my hand.

Trent offered him a drink, and we sat down for a short while chatting. We started doing some Coke and had a great time chatting. I didn’t mind that he was there, I thought he was quite funny. He had a girlfriend and he was by no means a drug dealer, but he had helped Trent get some.

Trent excused himself to use the bathroom and walked off. Mike looked at me in an intense way, I felt a bit uncomfortable but not scared. I was wearing a silk play suit outfit and there was nothing overly shocking about me. He turned to me and said “Trent’s a lucky man to keep a girl like you around”. I knew what he meant, he implied that Trent wasn’t committing and yet so far on I still kept seeing him. I didn’t know what to say, I smiled and shrugged politely.

Trent returned and sat back down, the comment played through my mind, I wonder what he’d told Mike. Mike said to Trent “I was just commenting that you’re a lucky man to keep her around” with a cheeky smile.

Trent chuckled “You’re not wrong, I don’t know how she puts up with me”. He put his hand on my thigh and caressed my leg. Mike then excused himself to use the bathroom too.

Trent pulled my chair towards him with his legs wide open and told me “You know one time, Mike and I fucked a girl… It was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I’d love to watch you get fucked by another man… With my permission of course”. I was surprised he had just decided to tell me this.

I was confused, I didn’t really want to be shared. I wanted Trent to want me all for himself. But Mike was good looking too, and the idea of getting fucked by two sexy men seemed exciting. I didn’t know Mike but I liked the way he looked…

Trent kissed me on the shoulder “you don’t have to, I haven’t asked him”.

I thought about it, Mike was returning from the bathroom. I turned to Trent and I whispered “We can play a little bit. I’m not sure if I want him to fuck me, we’ll see”. He paused as he thought about it and Mike sat back down.

Trent lifted me off my chair and sat him on his lap side ways, with his hands on my legs “Mike, do you remember that time?…” he said stroking my leg and grabbing my waist.

Mike wasn’t entirely surprised, perhaps that’s why he stuck around so long. “I do” he said and nodded,

“What do you think of my little Emma?” Trent asked, and pulled me down to kiss him.

Mike smiled and said “she’s a pretty girl…”

Trent knew then that Mike was happy to stay and play. Trent picked me up and carried me to the bed, ümraniye escort sat me down and continued to caress my legs and put his hand up my play suit shorts. He unzipped my outfit and pulled it off. I was wearing a red lace thong and bra under my white silk playsuit that was coming off. “Mmm nice choice, you smell amazing” he commented while grabbing my tits and rubbing me through my panties.

He swivelled me to sit next to him and looked over at Mike watching us, he nodded at Mike to invite him over. He sat on the other side of me, and immediately readjusted himself through his pants. Trent softly took me by my jaw and turned me towards Mike, so I leaned in to kiss him. Mike had a cheeky grin and put one hand into my hair and the other softly around my neck, moving his hand down the front of my chest, across my boobs and down inbetween my legs. Trent was getting onto his knees inbetween my legs and pushing me backwards to lay down.

Mike moved my panties to the side for him and moved his hand back up into my bra while kissing me on the neck, lips and nipples. Trent dived his tongue into my pussy and flicked my clit with his tongue. I felt comfortable with Mike, he was so much like Trent, gentle but firm at the same time. I put my hand out to find Mike’s package, I wanted to see how big he was. I could feel that he was a good size and I could see Trent watching me while licking my pussy. I decided I want more, so I started unbuttoning Mike’s pants to reach inside and stoke his cock.

Trent started unbuttoning his pants with his face in my pussy and stood up take them off. He layed back down beside me and Mike stroked my slit. I wiggled towards Mike’s hands to let him put his fingers in me, he paused for a moment and looked to Trent for permission. Trent smiled and looked down to watch him do it, and Mike slipped one finger into me. I let out a moan and wiggled on his finger while I stroked Trent’s cock and let him watch me get fingered. His precum was coming out more than I’d seen before, and I leaned over as if to ask him to put it in my mouth.

He shuffled up and I took him into my mouth, lapping up his precum that tasted so delicious. He run his fingers through my hair while I sucked him. I thought about how his friend would fuck me, and wondered how that would change things between us. I wasn’t sure, and I was stuck between my frustration at Trent on any given day and my love for him too. Part of me wanted his friend to fuck me out of revenge, and the other part wanted to be kept entirely to Trent. I was conflicted but incredibly horny, should I let Mike fuck me or not… I wasn’t sure.

Each time I’d look at Mike, the wrinkles in his eyes attracted me, I wanted to let him in me either way. I was a bit concerned about the consequences until Mike put a second finger in me. I suddenly switched from thinking any further to aching for more, the way he moved his fingers in me stroking the walls made me moan and release Trent’s cock from my mouth. I had no doubt, I want this man in me, I need this man in me.

I lifted my upper body up slightly, escort ümraniye and I whispered to Trent “I want Mike to fuck me”.

Trent smiled “good girl”. I sat up and Mike removed his fingers from me, I unzipped his pants biting my lip and tugged at them for him to take them off. He kicked them off and I sat ontop of him, looking down at him. I hadn’t yet seen his cock, but I leaned in to kiss him.

I leaned my pussy on Mike’s bare cock and I realised he was big. He wasn’t as girthy as Trent but he had a full size and was slightly longer. Kissing him I said “Mike, will you fuck me?”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and responded “Mhmm” in agreeance.

I told him “I haven’t seen you yet, so it will be a surprise when I feel you in me”. I kept rubbing myself on him to try to coat his cock with my juices, I hadn’t sucked him so he was dry.

I was still concerned so I said to Trent “wet my pussy for me”. Trent spat onto his fingers and wiped it onto my pussy for us, I reached down and held Mike into position while I got ready to lower myself onto him.

“READY? ” I asked him

“Go baby” he responded, and I lowered myself onto him.

He moaned and breathed out heavily “Oh god, nice. That’s a nice tight pussy, I wasn’t expecting that” he said while somewhat holding his breath to speak.

I quietly whispered to him “tighter than your woman at home? “

He nodded “Fuckkkk” he moaned softly and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of my pussy squeezing his cock.

I began to ride him, the same way Trent loves, rocking softly, bouncing gently. My titts jiggled infront of him and he sat up with me on his lap. Trent came from behind Mike and put his cock in my mouth for more.

Staring down my back he commented “Wow!”. I used one hand on Mike’s shoulder to lift myself up and down and my other hand on Trent’s shaft. Two men moaning for me, it was heaven. Mike watched my titts bounce in his face and sucked my nipples.

Mike had a strong cock, he fit nicely in and he had a bend that really rubbed into front of my pussy wall but slightly to the left. I loved that, I slowed down a little bit and tilted my body backwards slightly just to feel the pressure more. It made my legs shake as Mike used a hand on each of my ass cheeks, squeezing them, panting at me.

Trent still enjoying his cock being sucked he said “how does that cock feel baby? “.

Shivering I responded “Ahh, it feels amazing”. The head of Mike’s penis swelled from my comment and he let out a sigh. I slowed down so he wouldn’t blow too soon. I grinded on him slowly and released Trent from my mouth.

I leaned over to the side table and grabbed some coke, sprinkled it on my titts and offered it to Mike. He took it in and I grabbed some more. I softly pushed Mike to lay down and layed ontop of him, sprinkled the coke on my ass for Trent and he got off the bed and took it in.

Mike asked Trent “Do you reckon we can both fit? “. My eyes went big, there was no way on earth they would both fit.

Trent chucked and said “we can try”. I thought, how ümraniye escort bayan the fuck is that going to work? But I also thought that two cocks in me would be crazy. I was still ontop of Mike and Trent came around the back and spat in his hand once again, wiping it around my pussy and his cock. He kneeled onto the bed and Mike held my chest down, Trent pushed in from behind slightly off to the side slowly, but forcefully. I moaned, loud, with pleasure and pain. I was scared, but excited and curious. I knew if I couldn’t take it Trent wouldn’t do it so I wasn’t worried to try.

Everything was wet and Trent jammed himself in about half way. An extreme stretching and feeling of fullness took over. I panted and my pussy convulsed around them. Both men grunting at the feeling and keeping still until it stopped.

Trent stayed still and and said “Go”, Mike then moved in and out slowly, I could feel the two big cocks in me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had no idea how they fit, my pussy was stuffed to the max and it felt amazing. There was no way they could go fast, but I moaned uncontrollably and loudly upon every gentle thrusting movement Mike made.

Trent was rubbing my asshole and lifting my butt cheeks to watch. After four or five soft thrusts Trent pushed in to get a bit deeper. I let out a huge moan, my body was shaking, I was being fucked in a way I never knew was possible. The grunting from both men was pushing me over the edge. Trent put pressure on my asshole with his thumb while Mike’s cock slowly pumped in and out, I could feel the head of their cocks touching. I shook intensely, Mike wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down to his chest tightly with one more soft tight thrust, I screamed as I came, my pussy trying to convulse on two cocks as I did. The pleasure travelling up my spine. Mikes cock swelling in me at the same time.

I could feel he was ready to cum, I hadn’t thought about whether he would come in me. Trent smacked my ass “YES BABY!” and Mike’s moans were getting more and more intense.

He yelled out “Oh God! YEP!” and pushed into me a little bit more, cum oozed out with the two cocks still in me. Trent holding still to let Mike unload in me. Mike was shaking in and out just that little bit as he came.

Causing Trent to give in too, “Here I come!” Trent announced, Mike’s cock twitching, his cum coating the inside of my pussy and covering Trent’s cock too, it was slippery enough for him to push into me.

He pushed in twice and he grunted and moaned “FUCK!! FUCKING HELL!!! UHHH”.

I could feel warm cum everywhere. Pulsating dicks filling me up. Extreme but amazing pressure inside my hole. Tears came out of my eyes from the pleasure and pain and Trent finally removed himself when he was done, followed by Mike.

I rolled over, my pussy burning from being used so intensely. Both men layed either side of me, comforting me while I recovered. Mike rubbed my back and kissed my neck, Trent held my hand while I layed my head on his chest. We layed for a while, quietly and intimately. I finally decided to get up and rinse off, Mike had to leave so invited him into the shower. He showered and kissed me on the neck “I hope you enjoyed that” he said before stepping out, putting his clothes on and leaving.

Trent came in the shower with me, softly reached between my legs “you’re my little naughty slut. Don’t get used to it, I won’t share you often” he said as he held me and kissed me.

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