TRAMPPart 1——“Come on now, stop it!”Amber pushed the hand off her breast and stepped back. The boy jumped behind her and put his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck.”You’re so sexy. I can’t keep my hands off you.”Amber rolled her head back and laughed. The boy put his hand under her shirt.”Okay, but you better not tell anybody.””Relax Amber, we’re friends.”Amber moved her feet apart so he could feel between her legs.*Amber’s little brother, Willy, peered through the fence. He rubbed himself as he watched his sibling being groped.”My sister’s a slut.” Willy remembered when he had tried to feel her up. She pushed him away and laughed. Now she was letting the neighbor boy do anything he wanted. It was time to get even. Willy ran home to his parents.”Mom! Dad! Amber’s letting the neighbor k** do things to her.” “Willy, I won’t have you talking trash about your sister.” His father looked over the top of a newspaper.”Go look out the upstairs window if you don’t believe me.””I wouldn’t be surprised,” said his mother, Edna. “I’ve seen it coming. That girl’s headed for trouble.”The three of them went upstairs and looked into the back yard. Hiram’s heart raced at the sight of the boy’s hand between his daughter’s legs.”Amber lets guys feel her up as school.””She’ll be pregnant before she gets a driver’s license.” Edna shook her head.Willy looked up at his dad. “I hate it when guys brag about what they do to my sister.””Son, this is a private, family matter. We’ll handle it in our own way, in our own time. Do you understand?””Yes sir. Is she going to get in trouble?”Hiram looked out the window. His daughter way laying on the grass with the boy. She spread her leg wide open. The boy crawled on top of her and began dry humping.”Dad, are you going to do something?””Let him pluck her low hanging fruit,” said Edna. She put her hand on her son’s shoulder.Hiram ran downstairs.*”I probably should be going,” said Amber.”Just a little longer.” The boy smiled and pulled down her zipper. He tried to get his hand inside her pants.”I’m mean it, I have to go inside now.” Amber pushed her hips upward.The boy kissed her. His humping became more urgent and then stopped. Amber felt a twitching in his pants.”Oh Amber.” The boy relaxed in her arms.Amber opened her eyes and saw her father looking down at her. He took hold of the boy’s belt and shirt collar and lifted him into the air. The boy’s arms and legs flailed, like an insect pinched in a bird’s beak.”Hey, let me down.” Hiram released his grip. The boy groaned when he hit the ground.The boy stood up. A stain soaked through the crotch of his pants. He tried to cover the spot with his hand.”Dad, please don’t be mad. It’s my fault too.””Okay, but I don’t want to see you two together again. Do you understand?” The boy nodded his head and then walked away.”I’m very disappointed in you, Amber.”Hiram picked up his daughter and carried her home. He took her into the garage and closed the door. Amber knew he normally went here to get away from the family. This time he’d brought her to be with him.”Are you going to beat-up every guy who kisses me?””Amber, be serious. We watched you from the upstairs window. You were letting him do anything he wanted.””I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I wasn’t going to go all the way.”His daughter licked her lips and swallowed. He brushed grass clipping and twigs out of her hair. Hiram looked at where the boy had touched his daughter, between her legs.”Have there been others?””Dad, remember when I was little. We used to spend a lot more time together. You’d tell me I was pretty and kiss me goodnight. We’d even wrestle and tickle. When I got older you pulled away. I felt lost. I think I’ve been looking for the closeness we used to have.”Amber watched her dad’s face for a reaction. Her parents had married young and her dad still looked handsome. He put his arms around her. His heart thumped against her chest. He kissed her forehead.”I need you too. We can be like that again.”Hiram straightened the front of her blouse. His forearms brushed against her breasts. He stared when he saw his daughter’s nipples getting hard.Hiram dug his fingers into her ribs.”So you miss tickling huh?”Amber shrieked and playfully resisted her father. Their bodies rubbed together. Hiram’s prick pressed upon her crotch. Amber laughed hysterically as he tormented her rib cage.”You ambushed me Dad.” Amber’s eyes looked wild after the tickling stopped. Hiram smiled and stepped back.”Look Amber, your zipper’s open.” Her jaw dropped when she saw her panty through the open front of her jeans. She tried to pull up the zipper, but it was stuck.”Let me give it try,” her father said.Amber leaned back against the car and put her hands on the fender. Her jeans curved around her hips. In another year his daughter would be in high school. She already filled out her pants like a woman.Hiram held the inside of her thigh and raised the zipper. Her jeans pulled into her crotch, making a prominent display of her pubic mound. His hand moved over the zipper and between her legs.”Dad, um, thanks for fixing my zipper.” Her cheeks glowed red and her mouth hung open. Hiram put a finger on her lips. Amber looked down at her father’s hand, rubbing her pussy.Their mouths joined in a kiss. Amber held her hand on her father’s neck as their tongues entwined. She opened her legs to accept his fondling.Afterward they held each other in silence. Amber slithered against him. For a moment, Hiram giresun escort tried to think of a way to undo what he’d begun. Then, he softly rubbed his prick on his daughter’s pussy.The door to the house opened and Willy stuck his head inside the garage.”There you are. Mom says to come inside for dinner.””Alright, we’re coming,” Hiram said. Amber turned to face Willy. Her father’s hand moved over her back pockets.”Everyone knows, Amber. We all saw you in the backyard.””Shut up Willy,” Amber said.Willy laughed and dashed back inside.Part 2——Amber ran into the kitchen. Her breasts bounced under her shirt. She bent over the kitchen sink and washed her hands. Her high-cut shorts exposed the curvature of her bottom.”Sorry I took so long. I had to take a shower.” Amber sat down at the dinner table. Steam rose from the stew that her mother spooned onto her plate.”Smells good Mom, I’m starving,” Amber said.Edna peered over the rim of her eyeglasses at her daughter. “You’ve had an exhausting afternoon. No wonder you have an appetite.””Is being felt-up hard work Amber?” Willy said.”I told you to shut up.””I’m tired of being the brother of a slut.””Don’t call me that name.””Why not, it’s true.””At least the opposite sex finds me attractive. You wouldn’t know what to do with a girlfriend even if you did have one.””If I had a girlfriend she wouldn’t be a slut like you.”Amber was silent for a moment. “You know Willy, I can hear you jacking-off in your bedroom at night.””Mom, did you hear what Amber said?””Now Willy,” Edna said, “I think you’re being part of the problem.”Willy stuck out his tongue. “Slut.”Amber looked down at her plate. She stuck her fork into a piece of stew meat and soaked it in gravy.”Oh look, there’s a bug on my meat.”Amber held up the fork. Willy leaned forward and squinted at the meat. Amber flicked her wrist, launching the meat into her brother’s face. Gravy dripped down his cheek.Amber grinned. “You’re so stupid.”Hiram stood up. “Alright, both of you, stop this immediately.””He started it.””Amber, you’re the older one, I expect you to be a good example.””I’m only one year older.”Hiram took Amber by the hand and led her to a chair across the room. He sat down and pulled his daughter over his lap. Her shorts pulled up to expose a good portion of her bottom. His hand crashed down on her ass.”Ow! That hurt.” He spanked both cheeks and the inside of her thigh.”Dad, ow, oh ow, ow!”Willy stood up to get a better view. His sister looked nice, bent over her father’s lap. He could see her panty.”Dad, you haven’t spanked me since I was a little girl.”Hiram stopped for a moment. He massaged Amber’s enflamed flesh. Willy watched his dad stroking her inner thigh. Hiram pulled Amber’s shorts and panty down over her ankles.”Dad, not in front of Willy and Mom.” Her father’s prick poked up underneath her.Amber looked back and saw her brother staring between her legs. Her mother stood behind him. Her father repeatedly spanked her ass and thighs, and occasionally swatted her pussy.”Ow, ow, oh ow!”Willy watched his sister’s ass jiggle and turn red under the discipline. It was the first time that he’d seen a girl’s cunt lips. Amber saw her brother rubbing himself. Her mother was smiling. Amber started to cry.”Ouch, oh, I’m sorry about everything. Please, no more.”Hiram took pity and ended the spanking. He ordered his wife to bring out some skin moisturizer. He squeezed out several white drops of lotion and rubbed it into her skin.”That feels good, Dad.” Amber forgot her modesty and spread her legs. Her cunt lips parted, like a flower opening its petals in the morning sun.Amber stood up and wiped her eyes. She wiggled her hips as she pulled up her panty and shorts. Edna dug her fingers into her son’s shoulder as they watched Hiram kiss his daughter on the lips.”It’s time for dessert,” Hiram said. “Edna, bring out that cherry pie and ice cream. Put the servings for Amber and me on a single plate.” Edna looked unhappy, but did as she was told.Amber sat on her father’s lap at the dinner table. She adjusted herself so that her pussy rested upon the mound in his pants.”Daddy, am I hurting you?””Not at all, Amber. That’s just fine.”Hiram spooned the cherry pie and ice cream into her mouth. When they were done, Edna picked up the dishes. She frowned at the sight of her husband’s hand on Amber’s bare leg.”Amber, what would you like to do now?””Can we watch television together?””I’d like that.”*Amber ran upstairs to her bedroom and got a blanket. When she returned to the living room she found the light dimmed. Her dad sat alone on the recliner. Her mom and Willy were on the sofa.”Amber, come sit here with me,” Hiram said.Amber smiled and crawled onto the recliner with her dad. Hiram wrapped his daughter inside the blanket and massaged the back of her neck. Her mom’s lips pinched together.Amber drifted off to sleep under the warm blanket. She smelled fresh. Hiram undid a couple buttons on her shirt and slid his hand inside. Her breast fit into the palm of his hand. Her flesh felt smooth and soft. He teased his daughter’s nipples until they became taut. Amber made a whimper.Hiram moved his hand to her thigh. Amber u*********sly parted her legs. He put his finger inside the leg opening of her shorts and felt the wet folds of her cunt. Amber’s breathing quickened.Hiram took his daughter’s hand and placed it on his prick. Her fingers squeezed him a little, even though she was asleep. Hiram rubbed his daughter’s pussy under escort giresun the blanket. His wife looked at him from across the across the room.Amber woke up and yawned. “I’m must have fallen asleep. Oh, I’m sorry.” She pulled her hand off her dad’s crotch. He smiled and put her hand back where it was. His prick swelled inside her fingers.”Did I miss anything good on television?””Girlie, your father was only paying attention to you.”Amber’s mom jerked away the blanket that covered them. Hiram’s hand rested between her daughter’s legs. Amber’s shirt was open, exposing one breast. Amber rubbed her dad’s prick.”It’s no big deal Mom. Dad and I have decided to become close again, like we were in the old days.””Amber, you’re too young and dumb to see what’s happening. Hiram, how could you do this to your own daughter?””What Amber said is true.”Hiram turned Amber’s head to face him. He kissed her on the lips. Amber opened her mouth. Edna watched her daughter’s tongue flick inside her husband’s lips. Hiram rubbed his daughter’s pussy under the eyes of his wife and son. Willy became erect.”You won’t be acting like this in my house, little girl.” Edna yanked Amber away from her father.””Mom, let go of me.””I’m disgusted with you, young lady. I’m going to put you in a boarding school for girls only. That way, you wont get into trouble with boys.””I’ll run away.””And you Hiram. What kind of monster are you to seduce your own daughter?””She’s more of a woman that you are.””He’s not seducing. Dad and I need each other.””Go to your room, you little whore. You’ve got school tomorrow.””Fine, but I won’t be going to any private school.” Amber stomped out of the living room, followed by her brother.*Hiram went to bed. His balls ached. Edna lay silently beside him. He took her hand and placed it on his prick. His wife jerked her hand away. She turned her back to him, farted, and went to sleep. A couple hours later they were awoken by a commotion.”I heard something down the hallway,” Edna said.Hiram rubbed his eyes. “Your son’s probably masturbating again, go back to sleep.””No, it’s different this time. Go check it out.””Okay.” Hiram got up, put on a bathrobe and walked down the hall. Edna ran after him in her pajamas.”I’m coming too. I don’t want you alone with our daughter.”Part 3——The noise came from Amber’s bedroom. Edna put her ear against the door. She turned to Hiram and whispered.”She’s got a boy in there with her.”Edna opened the door enough to peek inside. Hiram heard muffled voices. Edna turned around and pushed Hiram away from the door.”It’s just as I thought. Your daughter’s having her way with her brother. Depraved little tramp.”Hiram stopped breathing. “I don’t believe it.”He went to Amber’s door and looked inside. Willy was naked, leaning over Amber on the bed. She pushed him back with her feet and giggled.”Come on Amber, I know you want some of this.” Willy pointed at his prick.”Oh sure, as if you’d know what to do with it.” Amber feigned boredom.Willy jostled his sister back on the bed. He pushed her knees apart and pulled her panty aside. Willy lay down on top of her. His buttocks pressed down as he attempted to enter his sister.Amber laughed, “You don’t even know where to put it.””Shut up, I do to.”Hiram closed the door and turned to Edna. A knot squeezed his throat.”I think Willy’s the one who started this. Are you going to stop him?””No, he can have her.””I won’t let Amber be a training toy for your son.”Edna poked a finger into Hiram’s chest. “You’re just jealous. You want the little girl all for yourself.”Hiram pushed his wife aside.Willy jabbed his erection against his sister’s pussy, but he couldn’t attain penetration. Amber looked up and saw her mother and father coming into her bedroom.”Mom, Dad!”Hiram grabbed his son by the hair and spun the boy into his mother’s arms.”Amber was right. You don’t know what to do with a girl.”A drop of semen fell from his son’s erection onto the carpet. Hiram looked at his wife. He snapped his fingers and pointed at Willy’s prick. Edna pinched her eyebrows together.”I always get the dirty jobs around here.”Edna bent over and took a close look at her son’s erection. Her tongue angled out of her mouth like a viper. The tip of her tongue spooned a drop of semen from the hole in end of his prick. She pulled her tongue into her mouth and swallowed. Edna opened her lips and took her son’s prick inside her mouth. Willy’s eyelids clicked wide open, like a doll. Edna stood up and pulled him by the earlobe.”Come with me, we’ll let the fox guard the henhouse.” Edna led Willy out of the room.*Amber propped herself up on her elbows. Her nipples made peaks under her tank top. She pulled her panty back over her pussy.”Dad, I’m so glad you showed up.”Amber waited for response. Her father stared at her, but didn’t say anything. There was something different in his eyes.”I’m sorry Dad, I guess I’ve caused you a lot of trouble today.The front of his robe was coming loose, but it still kept him covered. He put a hand on top of her head.”Amber, I think you were right about the need for us to spend more time together.”Hiram opened his robe. Amber gulped. His prick looked menacing. It was thick, with veins twisting under the skin. Amber turned her head away.”Um, Dad, I have to get up for school tomorrow.””Then how about we spend some time on your homework?”Hiram held the tip of his prick to his daughter’s mouth. Amber slowly parted her lips. His prick passed over her lips and onto giresun escort bayan her tongue. She made a muffled squeal. Amber moved her lips along the shaft. She licked him like a lollipop.”You’re mouth feels good. Have you ever done this before?””No Daddy, you’re the first one.” Amber blushed. Saliva drooled from the corner of her mouth.Hiram stood his daughter up and held her close. His prick swung like a pipe between her legs. Amber realized that a course of events had been set in motion that was beyond her ability to control. She rested her head on his chest. A tear fell from her eye.”Let’s see how your mother and brother are doing.”Hiram led his daughter down the hallway to the master bedroom. Amber looked around the doorjamb. Her mom lay naked on her back with her legs spread open. Willy climbed on top of his her. Edna took her son’s prick in her hand and guided him into her cunt. Willy thrashed about inside his mother.”Easy Willy,” his mom said. “There’s no rush.” Amber watched her brother have intercourse with her mom. Amber’s cheeks felt hot.Amber’s nipples were engorged and stiff. Hiram pulled the back of her panty down and slipped his prick between her legs. Amber looked down and saw the tip of her father’s prick bulging the front of her panty.Hiram’s whispered into his daughter’s ear, “You’re next.””Oh no Dad, not that.”Amber broke free of her father and ran down the hallway to her room. Hiram chased after her. She tried to hold the door shut, but he forced it open. Amber hopped across the bed to the opposite side of the room. She lunged for the door, but he blocked her path. She ducked and dodged when he reached for her. He finally trapped her in a corner. His prick slid under her pussy like a banister.”No Dad, stop it.”She held her father’s hand’s down as he pulled up her tank top. The fabric made a ripping sound when he tore the shirt off her body. There was another rip when he yanked off her panty.”Dad, what’s come over you?”His fingers explored the folds of her pussy. He kissed her and pressed his finger into her cunt hole. Her will weakened. Their tongues once again entwined. She opened herself to the fingering. Her hand wrapped around his prick.”Daddy, I’m such a tease. I know I deserve this.”Hiram took his daughter to bed. He pushed her legs apart and lowered his mouth to her pussy. Her clitoris stood at attention, like a sentry guarding a palace gate. He licked the protuberance and slid a finger inside her.”Oh, Daddy, nobody ever did that to me.” Amber arched her hips toward her father’s tongue. Her father took his middle finger, soaked in cunt juice, and rubbed it on her anus.”That feels nice, Daddy.” Her father kissed her. Amber tasted her own nectar on his lips.Hiram climbed on top of his daughter. He pinned her down on her back, with her legs spread wide open. He slid his prick up her thigh, as he guided himself toward her cunt. The tip of his prick parted her pussy lips.”Dad, this is my first time.””Honey, it’s my first time with you too.”Hiram pushed his prick into his daughter.”Oh Daddy, oh, oh!”Hiram buried his shaft in his daughter and began humping. Tears rolled from the corner of her eyes.”Daddy, I can’t believe you’re really inside me.””You’re doing very well, Amber.””Daddy, your cock is hard in my pussy. I like it.”Amber’s mind succumbed to the pleasure. A sloshing sound came from her cunt as her dad stroked his prick inside her. She pulled back her knees, so her father could delve more deeply into her.”Daddy, from this night on, I want you all for myself.””What about your mother?””She can have Willy.” “Okay then, but no other boy can touch you.””I promise Daddy. You’re the only guy who can put a cock in me.”Hiram plowed into his daughter. The bed rocked in time with their copulation. Amber’s mind drifted away. She felt waves of ecstasy rippling through her flesh and spirit.”Daddy, fuck my pussy.”Her father gripped her so tight it almost squeezed the breath out of her. He pressed himself deeply into her and moaned.”Oh Amber, I love you.”Amber felt his prick pulsating. She ran her fingers through her father’s hair as he pumped sperm into her belly. Afterward, he lay spent and exhausted in her arms. Now she had him, under her control.”Dad, I expect you to keep your promise.””Yes dear.””Oh, and by the way, Dad. You’ll be staying in my bedroom for now on.”*In the morning the family gathered at the breakfast table. There was no mention of what had occurred overnight. Edna glared at her daughter as she ate. Amber finished her breakfast first. She got up and took her dishes to the kitchen.”Amber, bring me a cup of coffee,” her mother said. Amber brought the coffee and returned to the kitchen.”Amber, bring me some cream!” This time her mother yelled.Hiram stood up. He brought Amber out of the kitchen and positioned her behind the sofa. Edna and Willy watched from the table. Hiram bent Amber over the back of the sofa and raised her skirt. He pulled her panty aside and unzipped his pants. He rubbed his prick on her pussy until he became hard. He looked back at his wife as he shoved his prick inside his daughter. “You have a nice pussy, Amber.””Thank you Daddy. It’s nice to get some cock before school.”Hiram screwed his daughter in front of his wife and son for several minutes. He then pulled his prick out, walked over to the table, and masturbated in front of his wife’s face. Hiram pointed his prick downward and ejaculated globs semen into her cup of coffee. Amber came over to the table and stirred in a teaspoon of sugar. She slid the cup in front of her mother.Hiram looked at Edna. “Drink it.”Edna raised the cup and took a sip. She swallowed and smacked her lips. “It looks like there’s been some changes around here.”The End

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