Tori, the highschool cumslut


Tori, the highschool cumslutFollow me on instagram – Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, i****t, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Male/Teen Female, VoyeurismIntroduction:Tori, a 16-year old slutty girl, gets tricked into sexual activitiesTori Anderson was what people call a hot girl. She wasn’t by definition the prettiest girl around, but sure had that thing. Blonde hair, green eyes, a fit body with 37B boobs and 16 years old.The problem with Tori was that she knew it herself. She had the ability to drive guys crazy.She first found out in her classroom, at the age of 14. Boys liked watching her. At that time she started to dress more provocatively. Thight and short skirts, smaller tops and things like that.Tori had an 2 year older brother, Steve. Steve was pretty popular himself, and had enough attention from the ladies as a quarterback of the football team. But still he couldn’t help to find himself many times getting a hard-on from his little sister.Especially in the weekends. family tradition said the Anderson’s would have breakfast together Saturday mornings. Always tori would come downstairs in her pajama pants and shirt. That sleeping outfit she’d had for many years. She loved that outfit and didn’t even want to think about getting a new one. The problem however was, that she did seem to outgrow the pants and shirt. So now every Saturday she would come down in extremely low worn pajama pants and a very tight shirt, that gave a hint of nipples. Steve knew it was his little sister and didn’t want to watch. He felt embarrassed if she or his parents would catch his look. He would get rock-hard every Saturday though. This went on for some time. But the last few times, Steve had noticed Tori giving him some looks while at Saturday breakfast. These weren’t angry or accusing looks, more teasing looks. Like she knew what she did to him and liked the idea of his hard cock.It was early June when Steve came home from Football practice. It was a Thursday night and he was had to do some studying before going to sleep. Steve walked up the stairs, as Tori came down. He looked up, and could clearly see right into her mini-skirt. He saw her pink thong. He was startled by it, but fortunately recovered soon enough to look her in the face. ‘Hey Steve’ she said, for a second smiling at him enjoying the effect she had on her brother.She was leaving the house and went to her friends. Steve didn’t like those girls. He thought those girls were sluts.‘shit’, he thought, ‘my little sister is just one of those sluts..’. He never before thought of her like that. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. Steve walked by Tori’s room, with the intention of going to his own. But he could not fight entering her room. It was stupid and wrong of him to go there. What the hell was he even looking for?! First, he opened her underwear drawer. There were some sexy little things in there. Many see-through, lace thongs and panties.Steve was disgusted by himself going through her drawer. He was about to leave, when his eye fell on Tori’s photo camera. ‘Just walk away’ he said to himself. But he didn’t. He grabbed her camera and started viewing the photos. He saw his dad and Tori having lunch, he saw some pictures of their dog playing in the garden. Nothing special. He was about to put the camera back, when he saw Noelle, on of Tori’s close friends. It was on the last holiday they had. The Anderson’s went to Mexico, and Tori had been allowed to bring Noelle with her. Noelle was standing in the bathroom of their hotel room. She was clearly drunk and nude. Steve saw her standing with her small tits, the tan lines yozgat escort visible. She had one nipple pierced, just like she had her belly button pierced. And he saw her smooth shaved pussy. As I already told, Steve wasn’t the one to complain about girls’ attention. But he liked what he saw! He got really turned on, and felt his cock growing in his pants. He clicked to see more photo’s, but that was the only one. Also the only one from this holiday. ‘She must have forgotten to erase this picture, who knows what’s on the other pictures that she hopefully saved somewhere..!’ Steve thought.He went into his room. He couldn’t think about any else but the pussy of Noelle. How nice and smooth it looked, it was almost inviting him to lick it. He jerked off and came within 2 minutes. ————————————————————————————————————————–Tori immediately knew someone had been in her room. She always closed the door when she left, and now it was open when she came back. Could it have been Steve? It almost had to be. Her parents never came in her room, and the way Steve had been looking at her lately… She didn’t want to think about it. Of course she knew she was kind of a teaser, but never would she want to be sexually involved with Steve. It was a sick thought.The next morning Tori woke up early to go to school. She took a shower, still half asleep and didn’t lock the door, she never did. She was just washing her hair as she heard something. It sounded like the door. ‘Somebody there’ tori asked. Nobody responded, so she continued washing her hair, but she still was pretty sure someone was watching her. Was it Steve? Maybe her father? She was disgusted and wanted to go out, but she also got a little bit turned on by it. She started to soap her boobs, giving there some more attention then needed. Then she got out.Still kinda turned on by the idea of being watched, she remembered last night. Noelle had dared her not to wear bra or panties under her summer dress. Noelle always tried to dare Tori in being slutty. Of course she told Noelle that she wouldn’t, but now she was feeling kinky. And so she did. She took out a dress that wasn’t as short as she normally would wear, she didn’t want the whole world to see her pussy.In the bus to school, Noelle came sitting next to Tori.‘I did it’ tori said. Noelle’s eyes widened ‘you little fucking slut!’ and both girls started laughing. ‘I think yesterday and this morning Steve was watching me or something’ said Tori.‘Well, what did you expect, you’ve teased him for so long! Plus he is a hot guy, what’s the big deal?’‘Shut up, Noelle! I didn’t really tease him and he is my brother!’‘I know, I know, maybe it’s a bit weird to hear but I think he’s sexy. And from what I hear, he’s got a nice big dick’ Noelle said, smiling.‘Whatever’ was Tori’s only respons, ‘anyway, I did your dare so now it’s my turn right?! If you think Steve is that hot, I dare you to flash him when you see him at school.’Noelle couldn’t stop laughing, partly because she thought it was a joke, partly because she was excited by the idea. ‘okay’ she said, ‘but that’s a pretty big one! Don’t think I’ll hold back to decide your next dare!’After 2 hours of class, the girls were chancing classroom for their math, when they already were a bit late. The hallway was half empty, when Tori saw Steve walking towards them. ‘Noelle, this is it, do it! Lift up your shirt, without saying anything’. Noelle looked towards Tori:’you’re crazy…’ but she did flash Steve. His face couldn’t be more surprised, as were the faces of the zonguldak escort people in the hallway that also saw Noelle showing her small but nice tits. ‘what the fuck’ Steve said, as the girls started giggling and continued walking down the hallway. Little did they know that Steve had already examined those boobies for minutes the night before..During their next class, Tori sensed that Noelle had already planned out what the next dare was for her. Noelle was smiling all the time but said she still was thinking about it.Math was Tori’s favorite subject. Not only was she pretty good at it, she had a very hot teacher. Mr. Dempsey was his name, he was in his mid-thirties she guessed. She was feeling increasingly horny all day. Of course she had the little peeping incident in the shower, and the tit flashing of her best friend. Now she was looking at mr. Dempsey and how sexy his shirt looked with the top buttons opened. He was sitting at his desk, all the students were working hard on an assignment he’d given them. Tori was feeling a bit naughty. Just as mr. Dempsey looked up she decided to do a ‘basic instinct’ on him. Tori crossed her legs for one side to the other, looking mr. Dempsey straight to the face as he could see her tight shaved pussy under her dress. Mr. Dempsey started flushing. He didn’t know what to do, seeing that little 16-year old slut playing with his mind. ‘she should be taught some lesson’ he thought to himself. His cock started growing. That bitch knows what she is doing! He didn’t want her to notice his interest in her, and wanted to stay professional.Tori loved every second of his blushing face and his excessive tries to not give her attention. She knew he was hard.As Tori looked back on her desk, she saw a note being placed there. She looked over to Noelle, who smiled and winked at her, to make her know she put it there.She read the note.‘You next dare, or better yet: your next assignment is to make sure before the end of the day, you’ve sucked David’s cock and have proof of it.’Tori started laughing; Noelle was k**ding obviously. David was pretty much a geek, who never sported or hung around the popular k**s. Plus, sucking someone of was a bit outrageous, wasn’t it? She looked back at Noelle, who now had a dead serious face. ‘I told you it would be a big dare’ she whispered to Tori.Tori looked behind her, to see David sitting there. He was concentrating on his work, and had the tip of his tongue out of his mouth. He looked like an even bigger idiot than he normally did already.She didn’t know what to do. She never thought about giving head to David, but she felt so slutty today that even that thought gave her a tingle in her underbelly. She winked at Noelle.After class was finished, everyone left the room. Mr. Dempsey, who was still thinking about the young pussy that was flashed at him, walked to where Tori was sitting. ‘what shall I do?’ he thought, ‘obviously I can’t fuck her or anything, I would get fired. And if I report this incident to the principal, it’s unlikely that he will believe me.’. He turned around to walk back to his desk, as his eye fell on a piece of paper on the floor. It was the note Noelle had written to Tori. ‘Oh my god, these girls are way out of control.’Meanwhile the all the students were on their way to the cafeteria for their lunchbreak. ‘See you in a while’ Tori said to her best friend. ‘wait, where are you going…?’ but she already had walked away.David had just put his books in his locker, and took out his money for lunch, when he someone grabbed his arm. ‘Don’t say a word, just follow me’ he heard whispering tuzla escort in is ear. As he turned around he saw one of the girls he had been jacking off to for months now. ‘wha..what do… why?’ he stuttered. ‘just shut the fuck up and follow me, I’m not k**ding’ Tori said. He did as he was told, and was led into the girls toilets. As Tori locked the door, she said ‘don’t talk about this to anyone, don’t say a word and don’t touch me. Let me do what I wanna do ok?’. He just nodded, as Tori went down on her knees and opened his pants. His dick was already growing, and wasn’t as small as she expected. She started sucking him. She had only given head to 2 other guys before, but Noelle and she liked to semi-jokingly practice sucking on bananas and other penis shaped objects when they were at home. She started licking the shaft and then took his whole dick in her mouth. She started going up and down on it, twisting her tongue around the head of his cock. David started moaning heavily after only a minute or two, and Tori took his cock out of her mouth. She started sucking on his balls, while going under her own dress as she was becoming wet by the fact she was sitting here on a dirty toilet floor sucking dick like the slut she was today. ‘wait’ she said, as she stopped for a minute to grab her phone from her bag. She took a picture of herself with David’s cock in her mouth. David didn’t know what was happening or why she did that, but he was smart enough not to talk. He didn’t want Tori to stop!Tori put her phone away and continued sucking furiously as she massaged his balls. She felt David’s balls tighten and knew he was about to cum. She took his cock out and said ‘yeah cum for me baby, jerk yourself in my mouth’. She stuck out her tongue, as David started spraying his cum like a maniac. He had never been given a blowjob in his life. The first 2 sprays of cum where so hard, that they missed their target but ended up on Tori’s face and eye. It hurt Tori in her eye, but she kept her mouth open for the cum, as she restarted fingering her pussy. He blasted 5 more thick load of creamy white cum right in her mouth, and even though the first sprays had missed her mouth was pretty much filled. Tori took the tip of his dick, cleaning the last drops of sperm. She swallow what she had in her mouth, and almost gagged by the thickness of it. She had swallowed cum before, but this was a thick and big load! David was still completely flabbergasted by what just happened. Tori stood up. ‘remember, tell this to nobody’ she said, ‘you may be rewarded for your silence sometime’. She winked at him as she walked towards the mirror and saw she still had pretty much cum on her face. She scooped some of it up with her index finger, and put it in her mouth while looking David in the eyes in the mirror. His cock started to come back up at the hot sight of Tori sucking her fingers with cum. ‘Easy David, you’ve had more than enough for now’ and she left, leaving a tiny bit of cum near her ear. It was hardly visible.When she came into the cafeteria, Noelle was already waiting for her at the entrance. ‘ok’, tori said ‘I did it.’.‘You’re full of shit!! You didn’t suck David off! He’s pathetic!’‘So you want proof? Fine. Lick me hear, near my ear.’Noelle laughed, she knew what had to be there as proof. She didn’t want to be spoilsport after what her best friend had just done, so reluctantly she licked her friend quickly over her cheek. She tasted it and immediately recognized that salty taste. ‘oh my god! You fucking slut! I don’t believe it! I’m sure you sucked someone from the football team, but not David!’ ‘here a picture’, Tori said showing Noelle her phone. ‘Believe me now?’.‘You are crazy haha!’. Noelle didn’t believe what she was seeing. But it turned her on in a strange way as well. Not David’s cock or cum itself, but the fact that her best friend had been acting like a little whore just because she told her to. End of part 1.

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