tire change law


tire change lawI needed my tire switch asap i forgot about the new date being 1st of december now and not 15shit shit shitbrowsing the garage on google and after the 5th call i realized how i fuck it up no one could have me schedulekijijij was my last resort i had to get em switch i had work to attendi finally found a guy working from his house 30 min away, i finished word and drive asap to himhe was huge , at least 6.3 big belly and strong black guy shaking my hand , mine so small and smooth in his bug rugged hand”hey boy you were late for you switch dont you? good thing i had a custmer cancelled””yeah thank you so much””no problem really get the car inside ill get things set up”i got out of the car and walk to his workbench , kinda waiting area in his garage”here you put this on and watch a real man do your work””wait what the fuck?”looking at the white little girly dress , cute panty and a blond wig”what the problem? you gonna do the man and put these tire on your car yourself sorry i tought you were more the girly type and wanted me to do it and watch ?””i ….i could yes iam not putting this on ””ok cool here the tool get that left tire out”i tried and tried but coudnt get the tire out”dont pretend boy, go over there and wait like a girl , iam here to do the man you dont have to pretend””iam not a girl i just cant do this its jammed hard””then if you want e to do it you know what to do?””really? you wont do it if i dont wait wearing this?””you are right, im only helping girls who need my help”i was looking at him not joking at allhe watch me got out of the bathroom of the garageblond and sexy in the underwear and short dress looking down feeling smooth and stupid dress as a girl because i cant change my tiresi watch him work sit close him talking about the job making it seems so easy making me feel girly watching him do my workuntil the last tire was off and he walk to me”ok last tire is off now you gonna watch me sincan escort work and be a good girl ””wait what no no im not down with this””oh you will or i dont finish the job””you come here and obey the real man”pulling the machine bench in view , the pink toy on the arm thing was clrealy going to be fucking me up if i sit ass up like he wait for me”i think iam going to go””get you car out of here you have 10 min or i get you tied up on this and do it”i just cound do it i wasnt able to use the tools nothing ”please please im not gay im just here for my tire being switch””dont be stupid, you cant be a man , go over there and watch one instead”nothing was going to work except if i obeyhe walk me to the bench ”you are cute you know id love a cute girl like you around”i stopped talking when he set me up and i tought he wasnt going to tiued me up i i obey”please please dont tied me up no plese””dont worry im gonna relese you when iam done i just wanna meke sure you stay right there like a good little girl”ass up on the benchmy panty pull down and him greasing the pink toy”you gonna be a very good girl now””omg shit shittttt”the machine turned on and it poked toward until it open me up ”ahhh hfuckkk fuckkkk””’okay you stay there and watch a real man ”he worked slow but it seamed so easy for himcoming close to me getting the new tire and petting on my head i was a very good girltrying to concentrate on not liking it , the machine programm was slow and taking different motion opening me up like a cuntinfront of the real man, showed how useless i was as a man myself and dress up into a blond bimbo to get my tire done”see how easier it is for you, you way better as a girl , be a girl dont pretend you dont know you dont compare to us””that little pink hole could be so much happier if you stop pretending”i didnt like getting fuck when it started but god did it pumped in me just right after i was brokeni had no chance once escort sincan i got tied onto this sissy maker benchhe knew way too well what happens to cute white boy when they dress up cute and watch him change or repair their carsme not the first white boy learning im just a useless girl, Mike having regular boys coming in here , cute student and young boys having trouble with moneysome of em now very used to dress up and wait on the bench watching him work on the carand the best one knock at his door at night calling him daddy , there for a dose of bbc he was putting the 3rd one when i started moaning helpless the machine pumping deep and hard the programm intesified , my lil hole a gaping wet canal takig the toy beating”ahhh ahh ahh hahhh mmmm agggh ahhh””thats it let it out i love working to the sound of a cute girl waiting and watching me work”i moan in silence until i got louder and louder the machine working in me so fucking right i felt weak and loosing it , he was fucking hard i his sweatpant, i coudnt stop watching him moaning knowing so well i was going to see it up close and became crazy horny watching him finish the job”there we go its done”walking to me releasing me”you can go now , you been a good girl, keep the cloth i think you deserve them””iam going in the shower now, good night baby close the door with this button when you are out”i watch in silence , dress sexy him going out, not believing he would let me out just like thati felt empty and horny about his bbc bulge in his pantsi sat in my car in mt boy clotch , the smooth lingery still on and i coudnt drive out, i coudnt stop wanting to go up in the showeri wanted to show him i was a good girl so freaking badhe did the job and i saved money, being on the bench was actually not that bad and i got untied right when he was donei tought of him like a gentlemen, just wanting to have fun as he workclosing the garage doorwalking inside his housei could ear the showerhe sincan escort bayan was i it legs spread waiting for me it look like no word was exchangei undress to the girl dress and panty, on all 4 crawling to the bbche help me comfortable under the water , his bbc in my mouth slowly and nice”good girl , i like you , you came back to thank me?”nodding his bbc in my mouth savoring the 8 long bbc i was loving thisi felt so cute and lovethe ice warm stream of water just so nice as i sucked my first cock ever and really was into it”very nice of you, such a good little girl you are ”sucking and called a girl made me even more good, its like i wanted to be a good girl for him now”wait here i have something for a good girl like you ”i just watch him plug the toy on the wall , bbc toy ”come here like that yes pussy up, now suck me and swing toward the cock ”the tip lubed and put in me was the start of the ”manege” the game was on i swing toward and backward with his help fucking myself on the toy and sucking him , open up like a cunt on my own knowing too well i was getting myself ready for him i enjoyed the feeling so muchcalled a beautifull girl bouncing on the cock , catching him with my mouth after each swinging back and forthi was help out of the shower and dress up like a dollall in pink , babydoll and a glittering ”daddy’s girl” on my little pink string panty pouch i was so cute when he was donehe walk me to the mirror ”tell me you dont prefer to be cute like that and i will stop””but if you get on my bed, i want you to know im gonna be owning that pussy forever, you will always want cocks in there””its ok to be a sissy boy, you know you want to just get on my bed and suck me again”i was speachless, confused and looking at him so tall so big to my side, all in pink like a slut going to get fuck by a real mani walk nervously to the bed , doggy and he smile getting his bbc in my mouth a little bit and got me turn over ass uphe claimed my pussy, he got in so easy after training me i just took him all in and i became a sissy i knew it ass up moaning, loving this cock way too much”you are my sissy girl now. daddy gonna take care of you baby”a real man cock in me

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