Tight foreskin in the massage parlour


Tight foreskin in the massage parlourTight foreskin in a massage parlorHaving read some of the stories in this section I thought you may be interested in a story I have to tell.If the gentleman concerned recognizes himself, I send my best regards!In 1985 I worked for a time in a massage parlor in east London. We had a few regulars; one sweet guy I remember came once a month or so for a year. He was from out of London, a single man probably mid 20s. He was quite plump and had ginger hair, His name was Ben. He was always dressed smartly and, after his first time, always asked for me. The thing about him was he had the longest and tightest foreskin I ever did see. (And I saw lots and lots of men’s cocks). Our guests, when they arrived, paid the house fee for a shower and massage, (assisted for a few pounds more). Any ‘extras’ were between the client and the masseur.The first time Ben came to us he was very embarrassed and reluctant to show himself, as I handed him a towel after his shower, I asked him “are you a clean boy then”, (I said that to all our guests), and he blushed! I got him into the massage room closed the door and started to massage his back and shoulders, to cut the story short, accidentally stroking his balls and slipping accidentally too near his bum hole usually turned a mans mind to his enlarging cock, I held the towel so that he could modestly turn onto his back, sure enough his cock semi erect. After massaging his front, and again accidentally slipping my fingers down his waist and gently brushing his cock and balls, he had a complete erection. And he was apologizing for it. All this is part of the game we played to help get paying business. We did it with everyone. At this point I would ask if they would like anything else doing for them. On offer was a hand relief, a boob and hand job, a blow job, or full sex. If (and it was usually Asian men with loads of money) wanted, I would ring for another girl to join us for a 3 way.This poor young man had absolutely no clue how to answer my question, so I led him by asking if he would like me to make him cum, if so the extra charge would be £20. His sheepish response was “oh yes please” then added that his cock wasn’t normal, I said that all cocks were normal, some were just different from illegal bahis siteleri others.As I slipped the towel off him, I was pleased to see that he was uncircumcised. That was always good for us, as they would climax so much faster than circumcised men. (some couldn’t cum at all, and after getting sore they would give up. We would end up with sore wrists! His cock was about 7 inches long, nestled in a tuft of ginger pubic hair that crept up the shaft, and the outline of his gland showing I squeezed some lube onto my hands and gently swirled around his very erect cock, he lay back and visibly relaxed a bit, then I asked him what he meant that his cock wasn’t normal, I said that it was a nice size and felt very hard. Then he came out with a phrase I hadn’t heard before, “I’ve got a baby cock, the skin is stuck over the top. I can’t pee or cum properly if it’s a bit hard” he said very quietly. I said that I had often seen cocks that looked just like his and it looked fine to me. I lied! I studied his cock and tried to slip his foreskin down, I could see that it was almost sealed over at the tip, and the long spouty tip was on the underside. As I tried to stretch the foreskin down, the spout moved further down towards his balls, skin was completely covering the helmet, I could see why he couldn’t cum or pee easily, it would come out backwards! It looked from the top as if the foreskin didn’t have an opening. As I slid the foreskin back up, I noticed that there was a lot of excess skin bunched up over the top. I tried to keep the opening of his foreskin at the tip as I pushed it back, the hole only just opened up a bit, I could see the dark red tip of his gland.With the lube, I massaged him and paid attention to the tip, gently probing the folds of his foreskin trying to slip a finger down between the glans and the skin, but he was to tight, I guess the hole at the tip of his foreskin was just about a pencil width.I cooed that his cock was fine by me and a massaged him to orgasm in a just a few minutes, Just before he came he grabbed my hand saying we would make a mess. I said its OK As he came the spouty bit was quite a way down his shaft, and his semen seeped out into my hand. In the past, I had men who wanted me to force their foreskin canlı bahis siteleri back so far it hurt them, but that was always oldish men. With Ben there was something else. As I got a tissue and gently wiped up his cum from his cock and my fingers, I asked him if he felt nice and relaxed. He was very apologetic and sorry for making a mess. I put him at his ease by saying that it was all part of the service and it showed I was doing my job properly.I told him that I thought his cock was very neat, and that his foreskin just needed to be stretched a bit then it would be a cock to be envious of. He asked me how to, I said that I would ask a colleague who may know more about it. (I had a girl in mind who loved a challenge of this sort). As he dressed, he gave me my fee and he asked if I would see him next in about three weeks, I said of course and told him who to ask for.I didn’t expect to see him again, and later in the evening, I was discussing his cock with the other girls.Mia, was an Asian girl dark skinned and very good at her job, and sought after. She said that she had often seen cocks like Bens in Korea, and she had a way to open then if given the chance. She also said it took some time to open. One of the girls said he should be cut. We then had a discussion about circumcising men and how it was a good thing, as is prevented cancer and was cleaner. We all had experience of men who were not good with hygiene, When I had a man who hadn’t washed properly, I would ask him did he pull his skin down to wash, even though they had a shower before the massage, It was surprising how many men never retracted to wash properly. I would use a flannel and hand gel to clean them up as part of the game. Telling them that they were naughty little boys, and playfully slap them, and say I would check them next time they came.Ben returned some weeks later and duly asked for me. I quickly asked Mia if she would do a cheapy with me if Ben wanted, and she agreed, (we would split the fee).After Ben had showered, I was giving him his massage and Mia slipped quietly into the room. I said to Ben that he was getting VIP treatment as Mia was training, (lying through my teeth), Mia asked Ben if he wanted extras, Ben said same as before. This time I slipped bahis firmaları his towel off, one of us on each side of him. His semi erection was a good 7 inches, and his spouty tip about an inch long, slightly on the underside of his cock, after a few deft strokes with the lube, Mia took the lead. She used both her hands and concentrated on the tip of his cock, gently squishing the head inside the skin, and with the other hand holding back his skin, I was massaging his balls and asked him what felt the best, He replied everything. In a few moments he started to climax, as he did Mia held his foreskin back quite tight so that the spout lined up with the tip and his cum shot out onto his belly. As he came Mia forcefully pulled back so a bit of the head was showing, and she was very rapidly moving his skin up and down. Then she slowed right down and carried on stroking slow forceful strokes each time she retracted the head showed. Ben then said he had to pee so we stopped. Ben went to the loo, then dressed, gave me the £20 fee. As he left he said that had been his best ever. I asked him if he had ever had full sex with a girl, He said very sadly that he hadn’t ever done with a girl. I made light of it and said see you next time and he left.Mia and I discussed the experience and she told me that many Asian men had the same sort of cock and it didn’t matter if the foreskin didn’t go right back. In Europe some doctors thought it best to cut it off if it was not retractable. We both decided that we preferred a foreskin on a man I saw Ben several times after that and on the last occasion he rather proudly said that things were a bit different now. After his shower, and massage as I took of his towel, I saw that he had been circumcised. He had a livid scar about half an inch below his gland, and his banjo string had been cut away, He seemed very pleased with it, so I gave him a very gentle hand job, and that was the last time I saw Ben.I often wondered how he got on, His cock was quite unique, I did love seeing the tip peek out, and feeling the hard gland hidden under the skin. I saw many men with many different cocks, and I have to say that I always got a slight thrill peeling back a slightly tight foreskin, I loved to see the gland pop out, and I was always amazed that I could sometimes push the skin so far down that the tight ring was by the balls. I far preferred to give hand-jobs to guys, even though I got an extra £20 for a blow job, I didn’t like doing it. Especially with circumcised men. They took so long to climax.

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