Thunder Ch. 03


Thunder Ch. 03The Thunder boomed overhead as Karen rode her Nephew’s cock. Each crash of thunder caused the very pregnant woman to twitch with a mixture of desire and fear.”Oh baby, your wonderful cock feels so good inside me,” Karen moaned.Benny reached up and stroked her huge belly. He loved feeling her swollen stomach, knowing that his baby was growing inside his Aunt. “I can’t wait until our Daughter is born so I can knock you up all over again.”As Karen rode her lover’s cock she gazed down into his eyes. “How do you know your baby is a girl? We refused to let the doctor tell us the sex of the baby, remember? We could have a boy.”Running his hands over his Aunt’s stretched tummy, Benny crooned. “Trust me this little one is a girl.”Another clap of thunder caused Karen to clamp her pussy muscles down on her Nephew’s monstrous cock. “Oh fuck I hate and love thunder. I hate it because it terrifies me. I love it because you bury your lovely cock in me during storms.” Karen picked up her pace as her passion began to grow. She rode Benny’s cock with renewed fervor. “Oh, baby your dick feels so good. It stretches me and makes me feel full.”Benny could tell that his Aunt was approaching orgasm. He still had a long way to go, but the thought of making his pregnant Aunt cum yet again thrilled him.”Oh shit,” Karen cried as her orgasm began to hit. “You’re making me cum, Baby.”Benny grabbed hold of Karen’s hips and forced her down onto his cock until his balls slid up against her butt cheeks.Karen cried out as her body began to rejoice in sexual bliss.Marge, Karen’s older sister, and Benny’s Mother lay in her bed listening to the thunder boom outside. Each clap of thunder caused the pretty woman to jump involuntarily. The middle-aged divorcee tried to concentrate on the sound of her Son fucking her sister to take her mind off the thunder, but the noise coming from outside drowned out their lovemaking.Like Karen, Marge hated the sound of thunder. Unlike Karen however, Marge didn’t have anyone to comfort her. Since her Husband threw her out a few months earlier, Marge has been forced to live with her sister Karen, and her Son Benny.Marge had been a little upset at first about Karen getting pregnant by Benny. But she quickly decided that if they love each other, does it matter if they are related? She herself had been in what society deemed a proper relationship, and look where that landed her. Another clap of thunder caught Marge by surprise. She screeched in terror.”What was that?” Benny asked.Karen was beginning to come down off her orgasmic bliss. It then hit her that Marge was in her room all alone. “The storm; your Mother hates them as much as I do. Darling, you must go to your Mother and comfort her.””But what will you do?” Benny asked.”Don’t worry about me. I’m happy and contented now. I’ll be able to ride out the rest of the night. Now, go comfort your Mom.”Benny kissed his Aunt and then rolled out of bed. It was that moment that he remembered the raging hard-on he was sporting. “Karen I can’t go in there. I haven’t cum yet. I still have a hard-on.”A tiny smile crossed the pregnant woman’s face. “Don’t worry about an erection. Go take care of my sister.”Benny reached for his sleeping shorts.”You won’t need those, Darling.”The young man gazed at his lover. He began to feel confused.Karen crawled over to her lover. “Your Mom needs comfort.” Grasping Benny’s manhood, she gave it a gentle squeeze. “She needs the kind of comfort that this monster can give her.”Benny couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You want me to fuck Mom?””Honey, you don’t have a problem fucking your Aunt. Fucking your Mom shouldn’t be that much different.””Yeah, but what if she doesn’t want to make love?””Trust me, Darling. Marge needs to be made love to. But if she does struggle with the idea that making love to her Son is wrong, then,” Karen pulled open the small drawer to the nightstand and took out a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. “Use these on her.” Benny eyed the cuffs. “Won’t she hate me if I force her?”Karen smiled deviously. “Trust me, Darling. I know my sister. She enjoys being taken.”Marge illegal bahis trembled with fear as another clap of thunder shook the bedroom. “This is February. It’s not supposed to be thundering for at least another month.”The sound of her bedroom door opening and closing barely registered as Marge shook with fear.The blankets were drawn back, and Marge felt someone crawl into the bed with her.She turned to thank her sister for joining her but stopped at the sight of her Son sliding up to her in the dim light of the semi-darkened room.”Are you ok Mom?””I’d like to say yes, but this storm has me feeling terrified.””That’s why I’m here.” Benny reached out and wrapped his arms around his Mother’s waist. He pulled her close and held onto her. He could feel his erection pressing against her panties and nightshirt. Benny began to caress his Mother’s back.Marge nestled into her Son’s powerful arms. She felt her fear begin to diminish almost immediately. “You’re such a good Son. Mommy loves you very much.”Benny drew His Mother tighter into his arms. “I love you too Mom.”Marge slid her arms around her Son’s neck and held on tightly.The thunder outside caused her to twitch with each burst.Marge snuggled up more tightly against her Son’s rock hard body. As she lay there in Benny’s arms, it slowly began to dawn on her that Benny was nude, and sporting a rather large and impressive erection. “Sweetie, are you naked?”Benny smiled. “I know how terrified these storms make you feel. I wanted to give you something to think about besides the thunder.””Honey, you shouldn’t be in bed with me like this. It isn’t right.”A loud crash of thunder drove Marge deeper into her Son’s arms.Benny caressed Marge’s hair and whispered into her ear. “It’s ok Mom. I’m here.”Another crash of thunder shook the woman’s emotions to the core. She clung to Benny with all her strength.Benny slid his mouth to his Mother’s lips. He gently kissed her with tiny pecks.Marge whimpered as her Son gave her tiny kisses. She returned his pecks with small kisses of her own. She could feel her Son’s cock pressing against her lower tummy. “Sweetie it isn’t right that you’re in my bed without any clothes.”Benny replied by slipping his fingers under the hem of his Mom’s shirt and tugging it over her head.”Benny,” Karen protested. “You are not supposed to undress me. You’re supposed to put on clothes.”Benny gave his Mother a playful grin. “Where would be the fun in that?” Marge felt her Son’s fingers slide into the waistband of her panties.Thunder once again boomed loudly.The frightened woman screeched and jumped in terror. As the thunder faded away, she realized that during her bout of terror, Benny had somehow removed her panties without her knowledge. “Benny, you’ve undressed me.”He grasped her bare bottom with his free hand and pulled her to him. “I’m a very naughty boy, aren’t I?””We can’t,” Marge whispered. “I’m your Mother. Having sex would be wrong.”Benny kissed his Mother’s lips, as he caressed her bottom, and back. “I love you, Mom. I want the fear of the storm to go away. If you like we can just lie here and touch one another.””I don’t know. I love the idea of cuddling with you. But what if that led to something else?”Benny gazed lovingly into his Mother’s eyes. “Mom, the only thing I’m concerned with is making you feel less afraid.”Marge hugged her Son tightly. “You’re a wonderful young man. Yes, I would like to cuddle with you. It takes away some of the fear.”Mother and Son lay in bed cuddling, and caressing one another.Marge felt better after a while. She was glad to know she could count on her Son for comfort. Even though she didn’t want to say it out loud, the feel of his erection pressing against her bare stomach made Marge feel better as well.Eventually, the thunder subsided.Marge caressed Benny’s cheek. “I think it’s time you returned to your own bed.”Benny gazed into his Mother’s eyes. He gave her a small kiss on the lips. “What if I want to stay here?””Baby, it would be wrong for you to stay here. Karen wouldn’t be happy if you abandoned her, to be with me.”Benny pressed his lips against Marge’s illegal bahis siteleri soft mouth. “Who do you think sent me in here?”Marge’s eyes grew wide in shock. “Karen sent you in here to make love to me?”Benny suddenly rolled his Mother onto her back, easing his legs between hers as he turned her. He drew her left arm above her head.”Benny, what are you doing?” Marge felt her body begin to tremble. Benny produced the fur-lined cuffs he’d hidden under the pillow and locked one cuff around her left wrist.”Benny, please,” Marge feebly exclaimed.Benny took hold of her right wrist and pulled it up next to her left wrist.Marge gasped as the cuff locked around her slender wrist. “Baby, you can’t-do this to me,” she said huskily. “Please take the cuffs off.”The truth is Marge loves bondage. The idea of being helpless and at her lover’s mercy is the most exciting experience to the forty-year-old woman.The young man slid down his mother’s body until the head of his cock slipped between her legs. He took his Mother’s left nipple between his teeth, and gently bit down.Marge moaned and tugged against the cuffs as her Son’s teeth sank into her nipple. Benny eased up to his Mom’s face. He pressed his lips to hers, and then slipped his tongue between his Mother’s lips. He began to explore her oral cavity.Marge whimpered as her Son explored her mouth with his tongue. She knew she had to stop this before it went too far, but she wasn’t sure what to do. With her wrists cuffed together, she couldn’t put up much of a struggle.Benny broke the kiss. He leaned over his Mother and gripped the shaft of his cock. Easing the head between her vaginal lips, Benny began to rub his cock head up and down through her labia.”Benny, we can’t. I’m your Mother. This is i****t. If you fuck me it will forever change the nature of our relationship.” She spoke the words, but there was no conviction in her tone.The young man lined the head of his cock up with his Mother’s vaginal opening and pushed forward.Marge’s eyes grew wide as she felt the head of her Son’s cock stretch her open. “Oh shit, I don’t think it’ll fit.”Benny ignored his Mother’s protests and continued to work his cock head against her opening.”Baby, you’re going to split Mommy open.”Benny’s cock head finally popped into his Mother’s vaginal walls.Marge moaned. It was a low, guttural moan that came from the bowels of her tummy.Using short strokes, Benny began to sink his dick into his Mother’s pussy a little at a time. Soon he had over half his cock buried deep in her depths”This is wrong,” Marge whimpered. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” Benny’s dick spread his Mother’s pussy even more.Marge whimpered in pleasure. “Oh baby, your cock feels so good inside me.””I love fucking you, Mom.””Oh, it feels so good. But we shouldn’t be doing this. Please, you’ve got to stop.”Benny pushed his cock deeper into his mother’s pussy. Gazing into her eyes, he asked, “Do you really want me to stop?” Looking back at her Son, Marge shuddered. A tear ran down her cheek as she gazed deeply into his eyes. “No, Baby, Mommy doesn’t want you to stop. Mommy wants you to make love to her.”Benny leaned over and kissed his mother. He began thrusting into her again, letting his cock sink deeper into her with each thrust.As Mother and Son fucked, the bedroom door quietly opened.Karen slipped into the room and approached the bed. She stood and watched Mother and Son fuck like rutting a****ls. Karen knew that her sister would resist at first. But she knew that Marge would give in to her desires.Marge’s ex-husband had thrown her out for a younger woman. She needed to feel young and sexy again.And nothing makes a woman feel young and sexy like a hard young cock buried in her receptive pussy. With each thrust, Benny stretched his Mother’s vaginal cavity a little more. Soon the tip of his cock was bumping against the entrance of her fertile womb.Marge wrapped her long legs around her son’s hips and squeezed. “Oh fuck, you’re filling me up.”Benny continued to pound his mother’s pussy. He rammed his cock into her again and again.Marge wrapped her cuffed arms around canlı bahis siteleri his neck and held onto him tightly. As Benny’s head settled in next to hers, Marge spotted her pregnant sister standing over them.Karen gave her sister a wink and a smile.Marge mouthed the words, “I love you,” to her younger sister.Mother and son fucked for what seemed like hours.Benny kept ramming his rock hard cock into his Mother’s willing body. His dick began to fill with more blood as he prepared to cum.Marge felt her Son’s cock begin to expand inside her. She also felt her own orgasm building. She knew they would cum soon. Their orgasms would be violent. As she lay beneath her Son, her eyes locked onto her sister, the sight of Karen’s pregnant belly reminded Marge that her Son was about to spill his seed in her still functioning womb. “Benny, if you cum in Mommy, you could end up making a baby inside me.”The young man slid his hands under his Mom’s butt cheeks and lifted her hips higher.Karen smiled down at her older sister. She gently rubbed her pregnant belly.Marge got the message. Benny intended to knock his Mother up. And Karen was all for the idea.Benny continued to pound away at Marge’s fertile body. His cock swelled another half inch thicker.The stretching of her pussy sent a new wave of pleasure through Marge’s lower body. She whimpered in pleasure, and once again tugged against the fur-lined cuffs. “Oh fuck, sweetheart. Fill Mommy with your sperm. Please, baby, knock Mommy up.”The words coming from his Mother caused Benny’s cock to twitch. His balls exploded, sending life creating sperm into his Mother’s pussy.Marge cried out as she felt the first batch of sperm fill her body. She was being fucked and impregnated by her Son. The fact was too much for her.Marge screamed at the top of her lungs her orgasm began to rip her apart.Karen slipped her hand between her own legs and began to rub her clit. Her Nephew and lover who had knocked her up nine months earlier was now knocking up his Mother, Karen’s sister, as she watched.Marge writhed and twitched beneath her Son’s body as he pumped load after a load of cum into her receptive hole.As Karen watched her sister and Nephew succumb to orgasmic bliss, water suddenly gushed out of her pussy, and all over her fingertips. The pregnant woman gasped in surprise. Her water had broken.Three days later, Benny drove his lover and Daughter Allison home from the hospital. Karen had stayed at the ranch that day to feed the cattle. The heifers had started giving birth to calves right on time, so it was important that they be fed on time.Marge was moved into Karen and Benny’s bedroom. It wasn’t long before Mother, Aunt, and Son were all making love every night. When Benny was out in the fields working, Karen would handcuff her sister to the bed and lick her nipples and pussy until she screamed for mercy. Of course, Karen never showed Marge any mercy, only pleasure.Marge would lie in the bed, moaning and whimpering; her hands cuffed to the headboard as her younger sister tortured her clit and labia with her tongue.Karen would lick, chew, and suck on her sister’s pussy until she exploded in orgasmic rapture.A few weeks after Allison’s birth, Karen was able to return to working the ranch along with her lover.Marge would stay at the house and take care of her Niece/Granddaughter.One afternoon, Benny and Karen came in from the fields, having checked on the calves.Marge was sitting in a recliner, holding Allison in her arms. She had a strange expression on her face. “How are the calves doing?””They are doing great,” Benny replied as he gently kissed his Mother’s lips. “The bull calves will be ready to be sold at auction in another month.”Karen leaned over and kissed her sister. “We are selling the male calves as stud bulls. When they grow up, they will make fine breeders.”As Karen took Allison in her arms, she noticed something lying on the end table next to the recliner. Looking at it, she realized it was a pregnancy test strip. She turned to her sister. Marge’s face was lit up with excitement.”Marge, do you have something you want to tell us?”Benny’s Mother directed her gaze to her Son. “I know you have been trying to make me pregnant ever since that night you handcuffed me, and ravaged my body with your wonderful cock. Congratulations Darling, you’ve succeeded. Mommy is pregnant.”

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