Three Colleagues


Three Colleagues
After a long night of drinking, my recollection of the previous night’s events and people were a little fuzzy, even if my pussy wasn’t any longer, shaved smooth and hairless, even if I can’t remember how right now, but flashes of how the evening unfolded and the degree of revelry began to shine through my morning-after fogginess, like a rays of a rising sun.

Whoever shaved me, did a fine job, smooth and skillfully nick-free. Evidently, I paid for the service with my pussy, which was glazed with dried cum, sealing my lips together like glue, except for a moist depression hiding my honey hole, which oozed a viscous sludge of last night’s deposits.

How many? I couldn’t recount exactly. My loins were sore but not bruised, and my nipples were tender and abraded from the tongue lashing and teeth tugging they endured. Later, I would discover a few bites marks around my nipples that were evidence of the raucousness of my encounters. If I was a dentist, I may have been able to identify the owners, but alas no, their anonymity is still assured.

Abrasions around my wrists and ankles reminded me of writhing against my restraints, my legs pulled widely apart exposing my wares, an offering to be shared with whomever was inclined to mount me, and many accepted.

The hotel room was indistinguishable from any other. How I arrived there was still in the fog of my memory. It would come to me in time, presumably after I sobered up more. I remember meeting my hubby in a bar, maybe the lobby bar of this hotel. My short, semi-sheer, dress showcasing my g-string clad assets and my freely swinging, brassiere-less boobs, which poked through the thin fabric revealingly, when aroused.

The bar was buzzing, loud and crowded, despite the AC, the heat, from the tightly backed humanity, was rising, and incidental contact and bumping by other patrons was inevitable, but usually unintentional. My hubby introduced me to his colleagues from out of town, my favorite kind.

We leaned in toward each other’s ears to hear over the din, which from afar, looked like a delicate and familiar kiss on the cheek. The drinks flowed liberally as did the stories and laughter. Our affinity for one another was obvious and palpable.

Each time I leaned in, the top of my dress would d**** away from my boobs, exposing them, almost entirely, to a downward glance. Unwittingly, my nipples betrayed türkçe bahis by my teasing naughtiness, hardening into little spikes, poking obviously through my sheer dress. Seemingly innocent, casual brushes by hubby’s guest’s forearm against the side of my breast, reassured him of their firmness, and heightened my growing arousal.

Excusing himself to go to the restroom, my hubby left me in the company of his colleagues. I can’t recall seeing him again that night, and he wasn’t with me in the hotel room the next morning.

I remember getting into an elevator, supposedly to go to the roof-top bar to enjoy the view, but the only view to be enjoyed from that point forward would be of my naked body, tied to a bed.

My dress offered minimal coverage, cut high on the thigh, with a plunging neckline and back. There was no way to conceal a bra, so I didn’t wear one, and panty-lines are always unflattering, interrupting my smooth contours, hence my g-string. But a gentle tug at my dress from any direction would cause it stretch and pull away. And that’s what happened.

How it happened and whether it was intentional or not, didn’t matter now, the result was me standing topless, my dress hanging from my waist, with three out of town business men gawking lecherously at my up-swept boobs. They pounced like a pack of hungry dogs, tongues lapping and teeth gnashing, sucking my nipples into their mouths and biting at my breasts, like ears of corn.

The first cock pushed my g-string aside and slipped into me to its hilt. I gasped at the speed and depth of its descent into my still moistening pussy. After a few deep strokes, my inner lube was dredged up from its depths and coated my pleasure tunnel, easing access and allowing for a steadily increasing cadence. His pumping was fast and furious, deep and full, bottoming out in me after reaching the limits of my anatomy. His weight pressed me into the bed, almost disappearing from view under his enveloping size.

My arms and legs flailing wildly at my sides underneath him as he bored down into me, until his colleagues secured each one to a corner of the bed with straps from an attaché case, they had come prepared.

The first load was hot and thick. A second waiting cock filled the void and resumed the pumping cadence, almost without perceptible interruption, like a relay racer handing off a baton.

After the third colleague added his deposit to the mixture of fluids flooding my pussy, I was overflowing güvenilir bahis siteleri with creamy goo, a river of cum draining from me and pooling underneath my ass, soaking the bedding.

Laying there, staring at the ceiling, my gaping pussy twitching during intermission, I tested my restraints with a half-hearted tug, resigning myself to whatever would cum next, presumably all three of them in order, after they and I rested for a moment.

But the miracle of pharmaceuticals made that a short respite. Thanks to the little blue pill, I was filled again and again and again. My pussy was so full and so slick with cum that it no longer offered any resistance or friction, just loud squishing and wet slapping sounds, as they sloshed their cocks through the cum pool.

I knew what would they would want next and I was worried given their insatiable appetites.

They untied my ankles from the corners of the bed and folded my legs back toward the head board, spreading and retying my ankles, exposing both my pussy and unsullied asshole. Bent at the waist, my contorted body, my pussy expelled giant globs of cum in laden burps that gravity pulled into the recesses of my puckered bung hole. Wasting little time, the first colleague used his cock to smear this slick mixture around and into my asshole.

Again and again and again. Again and again and again. Their stamina was unbelievable and their volume was unfathomable.

My neatly trimmed pubic hair was now a matted mess of hair and cum at various stages of drying, from freshly spewed ejaculate to caked, which is when the straight razor appeared. At first, the glint of sharp steel, hovering above my face, made my heart raced in fear, but expertly and with impressive speed and manipulations, my pussy was shaved smooth, using only human cream as protection against the bite of the blade.

Wiping away the residue of my shave with my dress, the colleagues assessed their work smugly. Cum continued to bubble up out of my pussy and asshole, like lava. Repeatedly they dragged my dress between my legs, across my gaping deposit holes, until the oozing cum abated.

The razor appeared again and skillfully removed the few remaining wayward hairs surrounding my asshole. The sharp blade tugged at my delicate folds but drew no blood. It seemed like I held my breath throughout, exhaling in relief only when the blade was folded and put away.

They released my ankles, and my legs snapped down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on the bed like they were spring-loaded. The three colleagues re-positioned themselves to encircle my face, one at each side of my head, and one kneeling above my chest, his knees tucked into my armpits, my arms still outstretched and taut, with my wrists securely tied, their cocks, unbelievably but undeniably, still hard and threatening more action.

Through the curtains, I could see daybreak, as the rising sun vanquished the darkness of night. This menagerie of sex was beginning its second day, unrelentingly.

The colleague bounced down on my chest abruptly, forcing air from lungs, popping my open mouth, which was his invitation to rise up, hinge forward, and jam his cock down my throat. Immediately, he began fucking my face, his balls slapping my chin in rhythmic succession, burying my nose in his musky pubic thatch at the bottom of each downward plunge.

The other colleague moved in between my legs behind him and inserted his swollen peg in my freshly shaved pussy. The two sawed into my pussy and throat in unison, with rapidly increasing pace, like two Olympic rowers in tandem, sprinting to the finish.

They exploded at once, drowning me in viscous pulses of man-goo. The one in my throat jumped off my chest like gymnast, as I coughed up cum, sputtering and gulping for air. The remaining colleague forcefully grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face toward his dry-cum glazed peg, and roughly fucked my side-laying head, blasting his load in my face, slapping his spent cock on my lips and cheek, shaking off the last drops of his ejaculate.

Laying motionless, in heap on the bed, like a well-used inanimate sex toy, I closed my eyes as fatigue overwhelmed me. As they dressed to leave, one of them found my crusty, wadded-up dress and wiped the ribbons on cum off my face. I was so exhausted that I didn’t notice they untied my arms and placed a pillow under my head.

Awakened by my cell phone, my hubby informed me that the business meeting had a very favorable outcum. And that his colleagues would be cumming again soon. How soon?

I rolled over on the bed and stared at the rising sun, sore from being the source of their entertainment.

I dozed off again but I was awakened by the sound of the door opening. Housekeeping needed to make up the room. I grabbed for the bedsheets and clutched up to my naked chest to cover myself, inhaling deeply in preparation to yell instructions to come back later.

My hubby stood in the doorway unzipping his pants and fishing out erect cock which protruded like bloodhound sniffing out its prey. I’m smiled with relief.

Until his three colleagues appeared in the doorway behind him.

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