THE WRONG GIRLI got in from the job early Friday morning, unloaded my stuff, got a shower, and a nap. Now I was getting ready to go out and party a little. It had been a long job, almost five weeks in the middle of nowhere. My mind had wandered to Maggie, a good friend and part time lover of mine, from time to time since I had been home. With a grin, I picked up the phone and dialed her work number. She answered the phone and I said, “Hey sexy, don’t pay the ransom; I finally escaped.”She chuckled and replied, “You’ve been gone so long, I thought I’d just let them keep you.” She paused a second and then added, “On second thought, maybe not. The pickings are real slim lately for us horny girls, all the good ones are getting married or leaving town. At least you do come back and you do have a job. How long are you in for?””A couple of weeks, at least I hope so. I need some time off and a little R and R.” I said. “I was headed out to the club tonight; care to join me after you get off work.””Hmmmm, such a timely offer. I happen to have a small opening on my calendar this weekend, among other things.” She replied with a deep chuckle. “I’ll see you after work. It might be late though, I’m the manager now, and they’re trying to get their moneys worth.””You know you’re welcome anytime and you know where the spare key is, if it’s too late.” I told her.She chuckled again and I could see her shaking her pretty red head as she said, “Spare key? I didn’t even know your house had locks on the door. You never use them if they do.””I can’t help it if I’m a trusting soul.” I told her with a chuckle of my own. “I’ll see you later.””See you tonight.” She said before she hung up.The club was the same as it always was. The same people sitting in damn near the same place, drinking the same drinks, talking about the same old things. Nothing ever changes and never will. I made my rounds and talk to almost everyone there before the night was over. Since I had been gone, then I must have something new to talk about. Well, that was their thinking anyway. I ended up closing the place at midnight and Maggie hadn’t showed up. The place she worked didn’t close until ten thirty, so she may have just went on to my house, if she was running late. At least that’s what I hoped had happened.When I pulled into the driveway at home, there was a small dark blue car sitting over near the right edge of the carport. With a grin, I got out of the truck and headed for the back door. I slipped off my boots just inside gümüşhane escort the door and padded softly into the bedroom. The only light in here was the soft glow of my blue electric dolphin sitting on a shelf over in the corner. I could see a small form under the covers of my bed and grinned again as I went into the bathroom to undress and brush my teeth.My mind was already wandering over Maggie’s sexy body and my manhood was rising like a big thumbs up. She’s five, five in her stocking feet and redheaded as a woodpecker. It’s a natural red as the small vee of hair on her mound attests. She has very small boobs but boy are they sensitive and the nipples are long and get as hard as a pencil erasure. She jokes about the A in her bra size, standing for almost boobs. For my money, her best feature is on the flips side. Her ass is a major work of art. I was grinning as I climbed on the bed and slipped under the covers. My mind was already enjoying the sensation of my hard hot manhood slipping into the cleft of her cool smooth ass. I wasn’t disappointed as I snuggled up behind her spoon fashion. She gave out with a soft sleepy murmur and snuggled back against me tighter, wiggling her ass slowly and sensuously. My manhood slipped deeper into the crevice of her ass and I flexed my hips slowly, feeling myself move just a little back and forth. She murmured again and moved her hips just a little in time with me. She was as horny as I was, my mind said.As we slowly moved against each other, I stroked her stomach with my left hand. My hand wandered lower to stroke my fingers across her mound. I grinned to myself as I realized that the little vee of hair was now a racing stripe up the middle of it. A glide path for my tongue on its way to breakfast was more like it.My hand moved back up to cup and caress her baby breast, with its rock hard nipple rubbing across my palm. The soft sleepy murmur was back as her hips moved a little more urgently and she pressed her ass back even harder. I rolled the long hard nipple gently between my fingertips as I kissed the nape of her neck. The smell of her perfume was soft and sweet.My hips moved down and hers up; I felt my shaft slip down between her thighs and when I moved back up, it rubbed across the wet slick opening of her sex deeper between her thighs and up along her slit in the front. I felt her give a little shiver and the soft murmur was back, deeper and longer. Where her ass had been cold and dry earlier, this was warm and escort gümüşhane slippery. I continued to move my hips slowly and gently as hers matched mine, stroke for stroke. Her body would shiver from time to time and I’d roll her nipple and kiss her neck when it did. When her hips gave a little flutter, I moved back father and felt the head of my dick touch her opening. Slowly, I entered her. The flutter and shivering got even stronger and the murmur of pleasure was almost continuous. When I was all the way in, I paused, savoring the hot velvety feel of her wrapped tightly around my manhood. I flexed the muscles in my ass, causing my manhood to jerk and move slightly inside her and a responding squeeze from her.Both our hips started to move at the same time and I made a long full slow stroke out and back in. She made a whimpering moaning sighing sound and wiggled her hips slowly as I paused again. I took this as my cue and started to fuck her with full slow strokes; she rocked her hips in perfect time with mine. I knew I wouldn’t last long, she felt so good, and it had been two months since we had last done this and it had been one of those fast and furious deals, just before I left for work.I kept my pace slow and tried to hold my orgasm back as long as possible but it wasn’t long before I lost the battle and came hard, deep inside her. That seemed to trigger her orgasm as she started to shake and groaned deeply as her ass pressed even tighter to me and flexed in short fast movements, driving me even deeper into her. As our orgasms slowly faded, I kissed her neck and hugged her to me. She murmured once more and then she sighed deeply as she snuggled back against me. I kissed her hair and snuggled up; thinking that if we were still in this position in the morning, we could start all over again. I was smiling as I drifted off to sleep.Around nine thirty, I woke up alone in bed. I lay there for a moment and wondered if I had had a wet dream or something. I rolled over and sniffed at the pillow next to mine and grinned as I smelled the same perfume that I had smell last night. Nope, it wasn’t a wet dream. Maggie probably had to go into work early or something. I’d give her a call after I got a shower. Maybe I could meet her for lunch, if she could get away.After my shower, I went to make coffee in the kitchen. While I was doing that, I noticed a wine glass and an empty wine bottle in the dish drainer next to the sink. With a smile I now understood why Maggie gümüşhane escort bayan was so sleepy last night, wine did that to her. It also made her hornier than normal and put her in a cuddly mood. That was the reason I kept a bottle or two around.It was nearly eleven by the time I rang Maggie’s place of work. When she answered the phone, I said, “Hello, you beautiful woman, you.”She laughed and replied, “Ok, I’m sorry I stood you up last night but I had to work late and then open up this morning. I had one girl quit and another called in sick. Anyway, I left you a message.”I hadn’t checked my messages and only now glanced over at the answer machine. The light wasn’t blinking. “It’s not on my machine.” I said in a puzzled voice.”No silly, I left it with your daughter in law.” Maggie told me.”What!” I almost yelled.”Yeah, she said she was in town for business and was leaving early this morning.” Don’t tell me you didn’t even know she was there.” Maggie said with a laugh. “That’s just like you not to check the house before you went to bed.”My mind was in a terrible whirl. I felt dizzy and disoriented. ‘My daughter in law was here, Lynn was here;’ kept spinning around in my brain. ‘Oh shit’ was also mixed in there from time to time. “Hey, are you still there.” I heard Maggie say from my right ear. That snapped me part ways out of my mind lock; enough to tell her yeah. She laughed and asked, “You want to do lunch? I’m free in about an hour.””Ok, I’ll see you then.” I replied as I absently hung up the phone; my brain resumed its whirl of implications at last night.Luckily my brain had registered the lunch date but I had to hurry to keep it. I had called Florida where my daughter in law lived and talked to her older sister, Kaye. Yes, she had been in this area on business and yes, she was on a plane, flying home. “I thought she said she stayed there last night.” Kaye said at one point.”I went to the bar and went straight to bed when I came in around midnight.” I told her. “She may have been in the other bedroom and I didn’t notice. There was a wine glass in the dish drainer and a friend said she spoke to her here last night. So, I guess she was here and left before I got up.””Yeah, she had an early flight out this morning.” Kaye said.”Well, I’m sorry I missed her. Have her call me later if she has some free time.” I said and then wondered if that was a good idea.”We’ll all be up there in about two weeks to visit the family over the Easter holiday. Maybe you’ll be sober enough or at least awake enough to see her then.” Kaye said.”I keep that in mind.” I replied. Shortly after that we said our goodbyes.Now all I had to worry about was being here come Easter. Well, it sure should be an interesting holiday this year, to say the least.

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