The Wife’s Wild Ass Chapter 4


The Wife’s Wild Ass Chapter 4Chapter 4The new neighbor, Helen Ramsey, lived on one side of the Stephenses and the house on the other side was occupied by Tom and Darleen Jarvis. They had been there longer and were about the same age as Caroline and Jonathon, and it was natural that the two young couples should become friends. Tom and Jonathon played golf and tennis together. Caroline and Darleen went shopping together. They visited one another’s home frequently and once a week or so went out together to a show or a movie or a nightclub. The Jarvis couple seemed to have a happy marriage and an upwardly mobile lifestyle.One morning, however, Darleen had admitted to Caroline that she was frustrated a great deal of the time.Their husbands had gone to work and Caroline had phoned and invited Darleen over for coffee and a chat. They sat on the terrace. The two couples had been out together the night before and both were suffering from mild hangovers, comforting each other and making jokes about how inefficient the men were likely to be at work that day.They were both very pretty young ladies.Caroline had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her body seemed to have no angles but to have been constructed of soft ovals and curves. Her tits were as round as inflated balls, topped by big nipples which might have been the valves by which those spheres had been inflated. Her belly was gently rounded, her thighs lush and her ass, as if to counterweight her tits, was also round.Darleen was smaller and wore her dark hair cut short, with a fringe across her brow. She had brown eyes and an upturned nose with a s**ttering of freckles across her cheeks. Her body was not at all like Caroline’s. Her tummy was flat and lean, her legs slender and her tits were small, thrusting mounds. She liked to wear cotton tee-shirts around the house, and they clung to the outline of her tits and displayed the fact that her nipples were large and usually stiff.They were both in their mid-twenties, had been married roughly the same length of time, had a great deal in common–more than they knew, in fact–and got along well.Neither of them were heavy drinkers, but on this memorable, hungover morning, it seemed a good idea to see if a little hairs of the dog might do the trick so, when their coffee was finished, Caroline fetched a bottle of gin and some tonic.They each had a couple drinks.Not accustomed to drinking much, and certainly not in the morning, the gin soon had them giggling. They weren’t exactly drunk, but their hangovers had vanished and they were in high spirits. They felt that they were being risque and naughty.”We’ll be into the cooking sherry, next,” Caroline joked.”The trouble with booze is–with me–it makes me randy,” Darleen said as she sipped her drink.”Me, too.””Boy, was I ever horny last night,” Darleen stated.Caroline anamur escort grinned with lascivious interest.”Me, too,” she said again. “But so was Jonathon, so it was great, really great. I–” She paused, seeing that her friend looked unhappy or annoyed.”What’s wrong, honey?” she asked.”Umm? Oh, nothing. I was just remembering last night. That damned husband of mine is useless when he’s had a few drinks. I was so damned hot I was incandescent–and he rolled over and went to sleep. I tried everything I could to get him interested, too. I wore my sexiest nighty, but he didn’t even notice. Then I started playing with his prick, but it wouldn’t get hard. Usually it’s pretty big, but last night it was about the size of a thimble.” She paused, looking impish. “I even tried giving it a suck, to see if that would make it hard. No way! There wasn’t enough there to fill a tooth, let alone my mouth, and the drunken swine just kept snoring away.””Gee–that’s too bad,” Caroline agreed.The two girls had never shared confidences of this nature before and Caroline was a bit taken aback when Darleen talked so openly about sucking her husband’s cock. But she knew that it was because the alcohol had relaxed her friend.She was feeling pretty relaxed herself.Darleen, looking sheepish now, said, “In the end, I had to give myself a handjob! Isn’t that awful? Lying there in bed beside my husband, and all I could get was my own hand!”She blushed suddenly.”Gee, I don’t know why I told you that,” she said.Caroline wanted to put Darleen at her ease. Anyway, she was finding this erotic conversation sort of exciting. She said, “Oh, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, Darleen–I frig myself off a whole lot.””You do? I always thought that Jonathon took good care of you in that way, Caroline.””Oh, he does. At night. But he’s useless in the morning–and that’s when I’m at my horniest.””I am, too, sometimes. I fingerfuck myself after Tom goes to work. Oh, two or three times a week, I guess.””I do it almost every day,” Caroline countered.The two young wives gazed at each other, neither knowing how to proceed from that point and both wondering if they should have admitted such things to each other. They weren’t exactly embarrassed, since both had confessed to the same thing, but still it was a delicate situation. They didn’t know how to end it or change the conversation.Caroline covered up her confusion by pouring them both another drink.Darleen said, “I don’t need this.”But she took it and grinned and took a sip. The ice clinked against her white teeth.”Naw, this ain’t what I need,” she added. “What I need is some stiff cock–but gin helps.”Caroline laughed.”I thought it made you randier!””Yeah, that, too,” Darleen sighed. “It’s kind of hard, isn’t it? Being a faithful wife and akyazı escort all, I mean. Sitting home alone all day, doing the fucking housework, washing the dishes and getting hotter and hotter until you have to frig off.””Think we should get jobs?” Caroline asked.”Naw. Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t want a career or anything, I don’t hold with that women’s lib crap. Still, a job wouldn’t be as boring as housework.” She paused, her eyebrows tilting. “Or would it?” she added. “It might be worse. What if I was working–in an office, say–and I still got horny during the day? I’d just have to suffer. At least when I’m at home I can fingerfuck myself whenever I want.”Falling in with the mood of this talk, Caroline said, “Well, you might meet some handsome guy at work and–“”Oh, no! I wouldn’t cheat on Tom!””Gee, it was only a joke, Darleen,” Caroline hastily said. “I’ve never cheated on Jonathon, either. And I don’t intend to.””Yeah, we just got to suffer, I guess,” Darleen sighed.Both girls seemed to be getting the taste for the gin and tonics. They were rapidly lowering the level in their glasses.Down went the gin.It took their inhibitions down with it.”What I’d like to meet is an impotent guy,” Darleen said.Caroline frowned, puzzled.”What good would that be?” she asked.Darleen gave a little giggle and fluttered her eyelashes. She said, “Well, if the guy couldn’t get a hard on, then I wouldn’t be able to cheat on my husband, right? No matter how hot and horny I got, this guy couldn’t screw me.””Yeah, but what’s the point in that?””Why, I’d make him eat me out!” Darleen said, sounding heartily enthusiastic about the idea.”Darleen! How naughty of you!””Well, it’s a pretty good idea, at that,” Darleen persisted. “I mean, getting some head off a guy ain’t like fucking him. It ain’t committing adultery or anything, it’s just fooling around. Like at a party, when everybody’s a little tipsy and you let some guy cop a feel of tit, or give him a juicy kiss, you know? It’s harmless enough, as long as they don’t go sticking a prick in you.””I never thought of that,” Caroline said.”It seems like a damned good idea!””The trouble is how can you tell, beforehand, if a guy is impotent? You can’t put an ad in the fucking newspaper for a eunuch. And if you leveled with some man, told him what you wanted–well, he might lie. He might pretend he was impotent and then when he got your pussy tongued up nice and hot and creamy–wham! He slams his hard cock up it!””Yeah, that’s true,” Caroline agreed. “As long as a guy’s got a prick, he’s dangerous.”She reached for the gin bottle once more.As she leaned forward, one fat tit slipped out of her halter and flopped free. She giggled and started to tuck it back. Then she saw that Darleen was staring at her, staring at serdivan escort her bare tit. Caroline had her hand cupped under the tit globe but, for some reason, she did not push it back out of sight. It was strangely exciting to feel her friend staring at her tit. It was as if Darleen’s gaze was caressing her physically. It made her feel warm and wanted. Instead of tucking her tit away, she held it out.Her nipple had stiffened, standing out like a little rocketship ready to be launched.”Gee–you have great tits,” Darleen whispered.”I–why, thank you,” stammered Caroline.Darleen raised one eyebrow, lifting her gaze from Caroline’s tit to her face, speculatively.”I used to look at the girls in gym class,” Darleen said. “In the locker room and the showers. I never had very big titties, myself, and I used to envy them so much. And sometimes I used to wonder what it would be like to touch them or to kiss them.”Caroline was holding her breath.What was Darleen getting at?For some reason, Caroline had a sudden remembrance of the time that she had tried to go down on herself. How she had wanted to eat her own cunt–and not just because it would make her cunt feel so good, either, but because she was curious to see what it would be like to tongue a cunt. Not just her own cunt but any cunt. What would a pussy feel like and taste like? Best of all would be the thrill she would have when a cunt creamed and she knew she had brought it to the peak of sensation and the foaming pussy nectar came bubbling onto her tongue and over her lips.Caroline shuddered and forced that thought from her fevered mind.Surely she had misunderstood her friend’s interest, her intentions, the hint in her voice and the glow in her eyes. Caroline told herself to be careful. She must not do or say anything that she might regret, anything that might prove embarrassing.Caroline and Darleen were gazing into each other’s eyes across the table now. Caroline’s tit was still cupped in her hand. She suddenly realized that she was moving the edge of her thumb back and forth over the nipple, causing it to expand and tighten and tingle. She forced herself to stop the self-caress.Darleen’s voice was quavering when she spoke.”You know what we were just talking about–about how you couldn’t trust a man to eat your pussy out without fucking you, too?” she whispered, her tone uncertain but hopeful, her gaze challenging.My God! thought Caroline.She nodded.She was concentrating on Darleen now. Her thumb had begun to rub her nipple again, although she wasn’t aware of it. It was an automatic action when she had a handful of tit.”But you could trust a woman,” said Darleen.”What–what are you thinking of?” gasped Caroline, although by this time she knew damned well what Darleen was getting at. Darleen didn’t reply for a moment.They gazed across the gin bottle. Without the uninhibiting nature of that gin, neither of them would have ever gotten around to this nor even have realized they wanted to get around to such a thing.”We could suck each other off, if you want to,” said Darleen.Caroline was not totally surprised to realize that that was, indeed, just what she wanted to do.

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