The Widow (Concluding Part).


The Widow (Concluding Part).That whole next week I was in a pretty bad mood. I stayed away from people outside of work. At the office I tried to be my cheerful, smiling self, but people could tell I was unhappy. Nneka, my assistant as well as a confidant, talked to me about it on two different days.”It’s obvious something is bothering you,” she told me in private.”I’m okay,” I told her. “Just a lot of things hitting me at once, but I’ll be fine.””We should talk. You’d feel better if you got it off your chest,” Nneka responded.”No, I really don’t think so. I’d rather not talk about it. It’ll be better in a few days.”She was a good friend and didn’t force me to talk. She knew we would talk when I felt like it. What I didn’t know at the time was that Tochukwu was concerned as well, and had spoken to Nneka about me. On Friday he finally confronted me.”Sochima, this week has been strange. Something has been eating at you, and I want to know what it is.” He didn’t want to give me a choice.”I’ll be okay, Tochukwu,” I started, but he interrupted.”After work, we’ll go get a drink. Someplace quiet. We can talk.” He looked at me to see if I would object. When I didn’t say anything, he turned and left.We both stayed after work until everyone else had left. We could have talked there, but we didn’t. A neutral, non-work environment would be better. I left with Tochukwu, not talking much, and we drove together to a small, out-of-the way bar. It didn’t seem easy to find a quiet bar in the suburban town of Mgbakwu on a Friday night, especially one where we wouldn’t know anyone, but we did.We got settled in a back booth and ordered our drinks. Tochukwu looked at me, held my hand across the table, and said, “How have you been?”I felt the tears well up in my eyes, and before I could say anything they started rolling down my cheeks. I just looked at him helplessly, not able to speak. Tochukwu got up and came over to sit closer to me. He slipped an arm around me, mostly hidden by the booth, and held me tight while I settled down. Our drinks came and I took a big gulp.”What is it, Sochi?” He didn’t use my office name – Sochima – and that little thing made me feel better.”I … had a bad few days,” I managed to say.”Was it something I did?” he asked.He was such a sweet man. What could he have done? We had a great couple days of sex, then decided to cool off for a while. He had been wonderful, and now he was concerned that my breakdown was somehow his fault. “No, Tochukwu,” I told him, looking into his eyes sweetly. “What could you have done?” Then what is it that has made you so miserable?”Tears rolled over my cheeks again as I muttered, “I was just so bad. So stupid!” I sniffed.”Was it work or personal?” he asked.”Personal,” I said. “Sex.”Whoops. I let that out without thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to admit what I had done to anyone. Especially Tochukwu. I definitely had feelings for him. How can I share my illicit sex life with a man I was interested in?”You had sex with someone?” he asked, knowing the answer. “Nothing wrong with that.” He paused, thinking, I suppose. “With someone you didn’t like? You’re ashamed of?”That was pretty close. Tochukwu seemed to know me so well, I mumbled, “I didn’t know him.”He was thinking. “You didn’t know him? Had you just met him?”I put my head on his shoulder, too embarrassed to be seen. “There was a party. Just singles. Drinking. Everyone seemed to… I didn’t realize it was that kind of party.””It’s okay,” he said patting my shoulder. “I think I understand. You just met the guy, you were drinking, and you had sex?”I nodded my head and started sobbing.”Sochi, it’s okay. A lot of people have sex when they first meet. It’s okay.””I’m such a slut,” I said. I was also thinking of Kene, the teenaged neighbor, but I wasn’t going to tell Tochukwu about him.”You are not a slut!” Tochukwu said with authority.I lifted my head off his shoulder and looked at him for the first time in a long time. “How do you know?” I asked, sounding angry, feeling angry at myself, finally letting it out. “How do you know I’m not a slut? I sure felt like it last weekend! And I was pretty easy for you, wasn’t I? Right in your office, no preliminaries, just BANG!” I was getting wound up. “And what about the trip. I was sure easy then. I certainly acted like a slut on that trip!””Sochi,”Sochi” He said, holding me, patting me,calming me down. When I settled down he continued. “I don’t know what you did last weekend, but it doesn’t sound too bad. As for the times with me… ” He quit talking in mid-sentence. I looked up to see a strange emotion on kaş escort his face. He was attempting to keep himself in check.”That hurts me,” he continued. “I have strong feelings for you, and I thought you did, too. I never did anything like that in my office before. It all came out in a flurry of emotion. Everything with you was… genuine emotion. I hope you don’t think that I used you.”The emotion in the man’s voice was incredible. It made me forget all of the horrible feelings that I had about myself. It sounded like he was hurting. How did that happen? I looked deeply into his eyes. “No, Tochukwu, no, I never felt cheap at all when we were together. Everything was wonderful with you.” I was rubbing his arm, and his chest. “But after this other thing, then thinking how easy I was for you, I started wondering if I was just a slut.””If you were a slut, you wouldn’t be feeling so guilty,” he replied. “And our time together was totally different. At least, if your feelings for me are half of what mine are for you.””Your feelings,” I started to say. What was he saying? I replayed his sentence again in my head. “What are you saying?””Sochi, I’m trying to say I have strong feelings for you. Very strong. I have been miserable this past week. You wanted to end our relationship…””Just cool it off,” I corrected him quickly.”Cool it, end it, I didn’t know what you were thinking. Then all week you acted strange, like you didn’t care.””Oh, no, Tochukwu. I do care,” I interrupted again.”Do you?””Yes, I do. I really do.” I was suddenly feeling good again. “I was concerned that I cared for you too much. I guess I was afraid that I was just another in your long list of women.”Tochukwu laughed. “My long list of women? Is that what people think?” He laughed again.I nodded. That’s what I thought, too.”There’s no long list of women. There’s a very short list. I flirt a lot, I enjoy it. I date a good bit, but seldom more than a couple dates with anyone.” He laughed again. “Maybe that’s where the stories came from. But they were really tame dates.” “What do you call a short list of women?” I asked, since the subject had come up. I was genuinely interested. “Two or three dozen?”He looked at me with a serious, solemn, soulful expression. “Sochi, there hasn’t even been one dozen. And most of my exploits were when I was quite young. There have only been two women in the past…” he seemed to be silently counting. “…In the past nine years.”I was surprised. Actually shocked. “I could totally ruin your reputation with that information.”Another laugh, then he got serious. “And I never felt anything special for a woman – until you.”Tears started down my cheeks again, but this time they were happy ones. I looked deeply into his eyes again, thinking how much I cared for him, and he obviously cared for me. How hard was it for him to have said what he had said? He must truly care a lot. “Oh, Tochukwu, do you really mean it?” I asked, stupidly.”Yes,” he said, “Every word. But I still don’t know how you feel.””Oh, Tochukwu, I lo…” I stopped. Did I want to say I love him? Is that going too far? I really believed I did, but should I say that word yet?He said, “Go ahead, you can say it – however you really feel.””I love you,” I said softly. “I love you, I do.””I love you, too,” He said. Oh, my God! My stomach seemed to drop out of my body, my blood drained as well. It was a feeling like riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World, or The Phantom at Kennywood. My whole body was just drained hearing him say those words to me. “Music to my ears?’ No, the feeling was so much stronger than that.Our lips came together into a long, deep kiss. Afterwards I looked around, afraid of who saw us and what they thought. It had been that good of a kiss! He asked, “Do you think we could go to your place? Or my place?””Sure,” I said eagerly. “Let’s go”He laid some money on the table, not waiting for the check. We scrambled out of there quickly, cursing the traffic all the way to my place.At my place we went straight for the bedroom. We kissed deeply and passionately, and we ripped our clothes off. We fell onto the bed in a strong embrace, kissing, hands all over each other, but not stopping them long at any one spot.He stopped our reckless passion. He was laying on top of me, basically, when he rose up, looked down on me, and said, “I do love you, Sochi.”I smile, my heart leaped, and his lips met mine in a soft, loving kiss. We gradually melted into each other. We continued kissing and touching, but we were now more in control of ourselves. Sort of.My hands were roaming all over his back, and escort kaş his butt. His hands were on my breasts, rubbing them and my nipples. His mouth went from kissing my mouth to my neck and on down my chest, ending up at my breasts. He licked around a nipple, flicked his tongue over it, finally sucking it into his mouth. The hand that was freed up slid over my stomach, over my mound, and between my legs. He cupped my whole region. The heel of his hand pushed on my clit, his fingers feeling my labia, pulling, pressing, rubbing all over. His middle finger pushed in between my nether lips, finding my vagina and pushing into it. I came before I realized I was ready, a sudden, strong, eruption that I wasn’t ready for but I enjoyed!He stopped to get a condom and put it on. I felt a tinge of regret. I wanted to tell him not to bother, as we had already done it without one. But that was before I had turned slutty and had sex with two more guys. I didn’t think there was a problem, but I made a note to see a doctor.After he had secured his condom he laid on top of me, pinning me down. He raised my arms high above my head and held them there with one strong hand while the other guided his erection into my soaking wet vagina. It had been nearly two weeks since we had made love. Again, I felt like a slut, because I had had two men in that time. Tochukwu, probably no one. Though evidently he had been longing for me greatly. The look in his eyes was as lustful as I had ever seen.His long, hard shaft buried itself in me completely on the first stroke, Then he held it in deep, enjoying the feeling of my pussy enveloping him. He stroked a couple more times and held it inside. I could do little as his strong hand held both of mine above my head, my body stretched out beneath him. I raised my hips, helping to drive him as deep into me as he could go. His other hand was now pulling and pinching my sensitive nipple, while his penis rubbed against my clit when it stroked in and out. I felt dominated in this position, and I liked it. My body erupted again in a strong orgasm, and I shuddered all over. My pussy must have gripped his shaft as he held it deep inside and moaned along with me. After waiting inside me for a few moments, he withdrew his penis nearly the whole way, then plowed back in forcefully. He drove deep inside me, over and over, lust having taken over. His hands took hold of my legs and raised them both straight up in the air, not spread, he held them together as he continued to drive into my defenseless pussy. I could feel his balls slapping me with each thrust. I wanted to grab them, to squeeze his ass, to hold him tight, but my arms stayed stretched out above me as if he was still holding them. Somehow they didn’t want to move.He raised up on his knees, pulling my lower body up with him, and thrust his hips hard into me, still holding my legs tight. Driving from his knees now he could thrust into me even harder than before. Suddenly his cum erupted as he drove into me, over and over, and was still driving after he had finished climaxing. He gradually calmed down and let my legs down. I spread them allowing him to lay on me, sucking on my breasts, biting my nipples. One hand rubbed my clit, his deflating penis still inside me as he brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. I finally erupted with my legs wrapped around him, and even my arms came down to hold him tight.”I love you,” I whispered in his ear as I came down off my high. He rolled off me – and out of me – and I rolled onto my side, cuddling close to this muscular man that I didn’t ever want to let go of again.I awoke hours later. It was morning. Tochukwu had gotten up and was using the bathroom. I got up and followed him in, creeping up behind him as he stood at the sink. I snuck my hand in between his legs from behind and firmly grabbed his sack above his balls. He seemed surprised, but pleasantly.”Morning, Hon,” he said.”Good morning, Sweetie,” I replied. We both used standard, silly endearments, but they sounded so good.Our eyes stayed locked on each other in the mirror as I remained kneeling behind him, pulling his ball sack down, trying to give him a thrill without too much pain. It must have been working. I laughed as I watched his penis in the mirror. Each time I pulled his sack down, his erection got a little stiffer. It looked like I was pumping up a bicycle tire. Up and up it went with each pull, until it was finally at full erection.I reached around his leg with my other hand and gripped his erection, rubbing one finger over the engorged head then pumping the shaft. Every kaş escort bayan few strokes I worked my whole hand over the tip and changed the angle I was using to pump his dick. He started to turn, to embrace me or haul me off to the bed, but I told him no.”Stay there. Just enjoy,” I said as I continued working his shaft and still pulling on his balls, squeezing them as hard as I could without inflicting too much pain. I also began pinching the head of his dick in between strokes. Soon he was moaning, breathing hard, pushing his hips toward the mirror. He was almost there.”Yes, Baby. Cum for me. Shoot your load all over the mirror. Watch it splash like it does inside me. Cum for Sochi.”Soon he did just that. With a loud moan his sperm came shooting out of his purple head, splat after splat hitting the mirror hard, making a terrific mess on it. I wondered how far it would have traveled if it was able. I let go of his balls, and when he was about done I turned him a little, reaching around him with my mouth to take the last bit of cum. I licked the head, then the shaft, cleaning it up and swallowing it. I sucked his softening dick deep into my mouth and stroked the last bit of cum out of it as he held onto the counter for balance. I rose up and gave him a a big sloppy kiss, my tongue giving him a taste of his own cum.”Is that your morning breath?” he asked teasingly.”Mmmmm, do you think that would be good to do every morning?”He groaned, then put his hands under my butt and lifted me effortlessly onto the counter. He attacked my breasts and nipples with both his hands and mouth, and with tongue and teeth. He pulled one nipple out away from body until it ripped its way free from his teeth. The pain was exciting. I wondered if he was causing me pain on purpose as I had done to his balls. I hoped so. It felt wonderful. The nerves from my nipples to my pussy were on fire. I was groaning, my hands held his head tight against my breasts, but couldn’t keep him from sliding his tongue down my body, kissing as he went, until he reached my mound.I started groaning louder as he bit my clit, then moved on to take my pussy lips in his mouth, sucking them in, biting them. His hands were still playing with my breasts as his tongue forced its way deep between my labia, sliding up and down. His found my hole and went in, fucking me like a little dick until I couldn’t take it any more. My pussy exploded. I wrapped my legs around his head, forcing his mouth even harder onto me. He didn’t let up as he lapped up all my juices, then continued his attack. His tongue slid deeply between my labia, then up to my clit, batting it back and forth. A finger found its way into my vagina and stroked my tenderest spot while his teeth gripped my clit. He pulled at it. his tongue keeping up its assault. I wasn’t able to really come down from my climax. He was keeping me close to that edge.His mouth spread wide and covered most of my pussy, sucking in the whole area, when I felt a strange feeling even deeper inside. It took a moment, in my condition, to realize that Tochukwu had a finger on my asshole. It was certainly wet with fluids leaking down from my earlier orgasm, and his finger was pushing firmly at the opening.I had never gotten into any kind of anal play, but at the moment this seemed quite exciting. I started making those squeaking sounds again as I pushed my hips toward him and pulled him ever tighter. WIth now two fingers in my pussy, Tochukwu’s mouth covering my pussy, and his tongue flicking my clit, my own fingers were pulling at my nipples with abandon. When I felt his finger push past my sphincter and slightly into my rear hole, I let loose with a scream and an orgasm that nearly made me fall off the counter. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, Tochukwu had to also hold me up so that I didn’t plunge off it onto the floor.I wasn’t thinking of that. I wasn’t thinking at all. My body convulsed, I was straining to grip his fingers with my pussy muscles, my cum was squirting and being sucked out into Tochukwu’s mouth, my squeaks had become screams, I was incoherent. As I regained my senses Tochukwu let his fingers remain in my pussy but kissed his way up my body, causing a few more little convulsions as he sucked on my nipples, and ending at my mouth. We kissed passionately. My legs wrapped around him, our arms wrapped around each other. I never wanted to stop.”I love you,” I said again when our lips parted. I loved saying that. I loved feeling that. I also loved what he said next.He looked at me with love in his eyes. “I love you, and I don’t want this to end. I want us to be a couple. Exclusively. Publicly. No exceptions, no arguments.”I was not going to argue. He was the boss, and I agreed with everything he was saying. And that’s the way it’s been ever since. The end.

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