The Weekend Part 2


The Weekend Part 2Belinda followed Michelle down the corridor to Peter’s room where Michelle stopped and waited without hesitation Belinda opened the door and entered. Looking around the room she not see Peter, entering the room she beckoned Michelle to follow.Michelle shook her head, “not without his permission.” A grunt caught Belinda’s attention, turning she saw a chair turned away from the door. As she approached she heard more groans and then saw Peters legs and open in his left hand a porno magazine with a blond woman taking 2 cocks one in her ass and the other in her cunt, but her face had been replaced with Belinda’s picture.”God I wish I could fuck your ass and cunt like that he told the picture.” Belinda could not help herself as her lust swept over her and seeing his huge glistening purple helmet. “You could if you asked me.”Peter startled jumped up out of the chair with his cock in his hand and magazine falling to the floor. Belinda strode forward grabbed his cock with one hand and kissed him. Their passions taking over Belinda kissed him hard and deep whilst playing with his cock. Peter’s hands sought her top and tried to pull it up. Belinda stepped back and eryaman escort pulled her top off revealing her silkiest skimpiest bra. Before Peter could grab her she rushed back to the door, opening it.”Get in her Michelle and tell your Master what I did to you.”Hesitantly Michelle entered and approached with both fear and lust in her eyes. Her eyes never left his cock as she told how she had found Belinda on the floor and the seduced her and had her finger her pussy and lick ass hole out and flooded her face with her cunt juices.Peter’s face did not change from the blank stare that he gather to Michelle then back to Belinda, who stood defiantly with the door open. Finally he spoke “Shut the door and lock it. Mistress, because we need to teach this slut a lesson.”Belinda closed the door and locked it. Turning she saw Michelle had Peter’s cock in her mouth trying to swallow it all. Watching she pulled her skirt off and showed Peter her body for the first time. Peter beckoned her forward and noticed what he first at thought was a pair of skimpy G string knickers was actually crotch less knickers.Peter took Michelle’s head in his hands and forced his cock further into escort eryaman her mouth until she was gagging and then she relaxed and Belinda was amazed to watch her push his cock further into her throat. Belinda dropped to her knees and looked up “Teach me master how to do that”.Peter smiled “You are not my slut but equal and anyone in this houses’s Mistress and they will obey your command.”Michelle pulled his cock from her throat and her spit covered his cock. Belinda dropped to her knees holding her soon to lovers cock and licked the end tasting his pre cum Michelle started licking and sucking his balls, then her fingers started to slip hesitantly up towards his ass. Peter nodded and Michelle sucked one thing and slowly pushed into his ass. Belinda was in heaven her mouth could barely stretch to take Peter’s cock. She tried to deep throat him like Michelle but gagged and spit went Peter looked and smiled, as Belinda saw Michelle moving around to his ass.”Bend over”. Peter did without hesitation and both girls pulled at his ass cheeks revealing his starfish shaped ass hole that was completely hairless and shaved fresh as Belinda could smell the shaving foam. Offering eryaman escort bayan her fingers to Michelle she sucked them and pulled them out and without waiting forced to fingers into his ass. Peter grunted in pain and pleasure as her fingers went deeper final finding his prostrate which she teased mercilessly.Peter groaned and moaned as his first ever ass orgasm hit him and he turned to see Belinda offer her fingers to Michelle who sucked them clean. “Now its your turn!”Peter bent and picked up Belinda like she was a feather and laid her on the bed, without hesitation he caressed her stocking legs until he got to her thighs which he licked and nibbled. Not wanting to be left out Michelle positioned herself above Belinda’s face offering her both her ass and cunt to lick whilst she freeing her tits so that Peter or her could suck on.Peter spead Belinda’s legs wide so he could use both hands to open her cunt to him. As his tongue flicked over her outer lips Belinda shivered, a powerful orgasm building quickly. Her head was lost and she licked eagerly at Michelle’s dripping pussy again whlist trying to free her tits. Once they were free Michelle pinched and pulled the nipples to squeals of delight from Belinda. Suddenly Peter’s tongue flicked her clit and the heavens opened. Her juices shot from her cunt all over his face and kept coming. Peter kept licking which kept up the pleasure even more.Cont .3

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