The Weekend – Chapter 4 (Dinner Companion)


“What the hell is it?!” Sinead asked as she gazed at the open box, which revealed a long, luminous pink device, seemingly made of rubber. It was bulbous and round at one end, before tapering to what looked like an antenna at the other end. “Well…” Connor whispered with a devilish look in his eye, “this will give me control over you at dinner this evening.”“What? How the hell will you ‘control’ me?” Sinead chuckled, both bemused and intrigued. “You slide this inside you and leave the antenna poking out. Then, I activate it using my phone and I can make it vibrate while it’s inside you. I can make it pulse. I can make it and you silently hum. I can bring you to a screaming orgasm in the middle of a crowded restaurant, just by turning up the dial on my phone. Your challenge is to maintain your demeanour, to stay calm whilst wanting nothing more than to shake and tremble and scream that you are cumming hard while everyone watches. They will be oblivious to the quaking orgasm which is ripping through you while they slurp on their soup.I will have total control and you are at my mercy. There is no safeword. If I want you to cum, I’ll turn it up so high and for so long you’ll be squirming and biting hard on your fist whilst wave after wave courses through you. Now, before we go out, we need to get this inside you, but first, you are going to get on your knees and suck my cock until I shoot my hot, creamy load into your mouth, and then you are going to say thank you, lay back on the bed and let me slide this inside you. At that point, you will be at my mercy.” Connor’s devilish look had hardened to a cold stare and a direct, dominating tone. Sinead couldn’t help but feel excited at being instructed what to do. The almost dismissive nature of the instruction enticed her, made her want to be obedient and discover what hedonistic punishment awaited her throughout the evening ahead. Silence echoed through the room. Connor held a steely stare as if to command her to do as she was told, and he wouldn’t wait any longer. Where an excited smile had illuminated Sinead’s face, an emotionless, submissive and coy expression had replaced it as she obeyed, dropping slowly to her knees in front of her master. “Well, what are you waiting for? Undo my belt and do as you have been told,” Connor barked at her. She gazed up at him almost apologetically from his waist, before pulling on the black leather belt to unclasp it. The button and zip were next as she edged his trousers down to the floor, quickly followed by the tight black boxer briefs. As she peeled them down, Connors rigid cock sprang upwards as it was freed.Clearly, the role of master had also excited Connor, his shaft twitching and pulsing as blood continued to flood the vessels to capacity and the smooth, deep pink head already glistened with pre-cum. Despite their very recent exploits in the shower, Connor knew that Sinead’s supreme expertise in sucking his cock and his obvious excitement at this gearshift in the atmosphere meant that he probably wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long. As Sinead wrapped her right hand around the veined shaft, Connor released a sudden and unexpected gasp, which only deepened as she ran her tongue from his scrotum, up the middle line of his pole and circled around the pulsing head, before engulfing him fully from tip to base in her warm, wet and willing mouth. Holding him at the very back of her throat, Sinead eased him in just that little bit further so that she could feel his balls resting on her bottom lip and she could feel her throat constrict, her gag reflex kicking in as she released him. A rope of spittle trailed from her lips to the tip of his shining cock, which Sinead used to further lubricate the pumping she had quickly introduced.She revelled in making Connor squirm and she knew that even in this submissive role, the power still lay with her and the powers she possessed in her wanton hands and full, enthusiastic lips, which she pursed, spitting directly onto the head of Connors sodden dick. The sounds which rang around the room were wet, vigorous and followed by slurps as mouth was joined by hand before one or the other took centre stage. Connor, a willing observer, stared down at the locks of blond hair which bobbed up and down at speed, occasionally glimpsing her wet hand taking in long, deep strokes and gripping him hard. His shaft was so wet that it made it difficult to get any purchase on her grip, but Sinead knew that this was a particular kink of Connors, so she gripped with all of her might and watched eagerly as his helmet turned from deep pink to a bluish purple. Connor groaned at the strength of the grip, momentarily forgetting his dominant role and begging for more, for an even tighter grip and for Sinead to slap his aching member. she did as she was instructed, trying hard to return them both to their respective places in the sexual hierarchy, slapping him hard across the shaft from one side. As she made contact, it sprang back and hit her in the cheek and keen to reassert himself, Connor reached down and took a firm grip at the base and slapped it repeatedly on her tongue, which she had willingly offered.“Please cum for me master. I want you to fill my dirty little mouth with your hot cum. Please. Do it.” Sinead begged as she rose slightly from her knees. Connor, taking control once more, pushed the back of her head back onto him, fucking her mouth with rapid thrusts of his hips. Her tongue really was special; even at this pace, she knew to stretch her tongue out and just allow it to flick at his balls as he filled her mouth, and then again as he was withdrawing. After being circumcised at a young age, Connor had been left with what was essentially a male clitoris just under the head of his penis and this was ultimately where the majority of his stimulation came from, a fact which Sinead knew all too well and exploited to her advantage as well as his. 

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