The Watcher

Booty Shake

The WatcherHe loved to watch his wife have sex with other men. He had been doing this for several years. He found men and brought them to their house just to watch them fuck his wife any way they wanted. But now his daughter was a young adult and very sexy and it was time for her to be his entertainment. He started by getting her a job at the local strip club. He went every night to watch her strip and how the men got off seeing her young sexy body. She had a sexy hot body made for stripping. Nice full tits and a sweet round ass. Her pussy was shaved and she loved to spread her legs and show the men sitting around the stage as she fingered herself for their entertainment. She was always busy giving lap dances after her strip show. Her dad would watch from the connecting room as the daughter danced and turned these men on.The father then decided he wanted to see the men have sex with her so he set up a special room and the men were freaky and had no problem fucking his daughter as he watched. He chose men who were sexy and hung to fuck the daughter. He wanted to see huge cocks fuck her any way they desired. He had a special chair in the corner and he sat there naked and enjoyed the show. The room had a bed a desk and a table and a bench to give a variety in positions. There was a shower just behind a door so she could clean up between men.The first man that night came to the room and saw the father sitting naked in his chair with a good view to watch. The daughter was dressed in just a sheer robe. This man was selected because he had a thick ten inch cock. The dad wanted to see the long rod enter the daughter’s mouth and pussy and maybe her ass. The man walked over to the daughter and grabbed her and kissed her deep. As he kissed her he kütahya escort bayan removed her robe and then looked at her huge firm tits. She had large full tits with nice big nipples and she loved them sucked and licked. He ran his hands over her tits and then began to suck them changing between each one. As he sucked the tit his hand slipped down to her pussy. She spread her legs so he could caress all of the shaved pussy and find her fuck hole.He then began to undress. As he took his pants off his huge cock was already hard and erect. He laid her on the bed with her head hanging over the side and then straddled her face to put his cock in her mouth. It was a great angle to slide the huge cock deep into her mouth and let her suck him. He leaned over her and as she sucked his cock he spread her legs and found her clit and rubbed it between two fingers. His ass bounced up and down as he fucked her mouth with his cock deep in her and his fingers then found her fuck hole and as he fucked her mouth with his cock he finger fucked her cunt. As the father watched his cock got hard and he spread his legs to let his cock stick straight up in the air. As the man fucked his daughter he pushed all of the cock deep into her throat and fucked her mouth hard. “Suck my cock hard baby. Make me cum” he stammered to the girl. and as his fingers fucked her cunt he then filled her mouth with his load of cum and did not pull out his cock till she swallowed every drop.With the man still leaning over her and his fingers in her cunt he told her “Lick my balls then suck them and make me hard so I can fuck your cunt.” She licked each ball before she started to suck them. She pulled the big round globed into her mouth sucking and licking escort kütahya and it was not long before the huge cock was rock hard again.He then pulled her on the bed and spread her legs and got between them. He looked at her pussy which was waiting for the big cock to fuck her. He spread her pussy lips and played with the clit rubbing and pinching it before he was ready to fuck her hole. He then told her “See my big cock? I am going to ram every inch deep in that sweet pussy and fuck you till you scream.” He then put the cock to her cunt hole and started to push in. This man was long and thick and had a huge cock. He showed no mercy as he rammed into her hole. She winced as the big rod invaded her opening but soon he was in her with every inch and he started to fuck her. That huge cock pounded her hole as he fucked in and out of the daughter. The big thick rod felt good in the girl and she began to cum multi times. Each time she pulsed he could feel the cunt walls grab onto his cock. This was a major turn on for the large man. He moaned to her, “You fuck good girl. That pussy can grab my cock and squeeze. I am going to make you cum again and again just to feel you grip my cock.”The man had great stamina and he fucked the daughter for over forty minutes before he was ready to cum once again. The father watched the man fuck his daughter and saw the daughter multi climax on that huge cock and as he watched his cock was ready to cum and he jacked himself and shot his cum into the air. He was going to fuck two of the other strippers before he went home tonight. When the man filled the daughter’s cunt with cum he then stayed in her to rest for a moment. As he rested, he sucked her tits and bit lightly on them. “Next time I kütahya escort am going to fuck those tits and that round ass of yours. I want to see my huge cock go into that sweet ass and stretch it as I fill it with my hot cum.” He then pulled out of her cunt and dressed and was ready to leave. “I will be back tomorrow and give your daddy a good show.” he told her.After the man left the dad walked to the daughter and told her, “on your hands and knees.” As she got on her hands and knees the father got behind her and grabbed her hips and pushed his cock to her ass. “You made me so hot watching that man fuck you that I need to get some release so I am going to fuck your ass and cum in you.” he spread her ass and pushed his cock into her. He went slow to not hurt her as he had no small cock but soon had all the cock into her ass. As he started to fuck her, he told her “you have a great ass to fuck. I am going to fill you with daddy’s cum.” He then began to fuck her ass hard and rough ramming almost out then back in deep. As he pulled almost out he looked at her round ass and was amazed how big he had stretched it. It felt so good to be inside the ass of his daughter fucking her. He then began to spank her ass as he fucked her. As he watched his hand prints on her ass it turned him on more. He spanked till her ass was beet red. He then felt down to her pussy and stroked her clit as he fucked hard and soon had her screaming and cumming fast and often. Then he exploded inside her ass and filled her with a huge load of cum. “Don’t think this was a one time fuck. I am going to ass fuck you every chance I get. I like my cock in that tight little ass of yours.” he told her.He then pulled out and told her to go shower and clean up as she had another man waiting to fuck her. Then he was going to fuck her ass again and then once more when he got her home. And many times he ass fucked her at their house after he put her over his naked lap and spanked that ass till it was beet red and they were both turned ion.

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