The ultimate pleasure – 3

Alex Kingston

The ultimate pleasure – 3The ultimate pleasure – Part 3We slept cuddling each other. Jane was so soft and was so easy to sleep with. The night was warm but with the aircon going at full speed the room was nice and cool.I felt something move between my legs. I opened my eyes and saw Jane sucking on my dick. I was half asleep, and it felt so good. I usually have a massive hard-on in the morning and her mouth felt so nice against my hardness. She was so good at giving blow jobs. With lot of spit and suction she had my cock throbbing. She looked at me as I woke up and smiled. She ran her tongue over my cock.“I am sorry I woke you up but it was very tempting” she said winking at me. I smiled and closed my eyes feeling her tongue dance on my cock and her lips kissing the head. She held my cock with one hand and sucked on the head. She moved down and started licking my balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking on it while wanking my dick. She was gentle but form sucking my balls. She opened my legs and I folded them back. She went down and started rimming me, licking my arse with her tongue, teasing it, I was in heaven and just closed my eyes and let her work. Moved back to my cock and took it in her mouth deep throating me all the way down her throat. She started playing with my arse with her finger and put it in and started massaging my prostate while sucking my cock deep and hard. I could feel her teeth on my cock and two fingers up my arse. I was in ecstasy with pleasurable pain. She kept on sucking my cock and fingering my ass till I could take no longer canlı bahis şirketleri and I came deep down her throat. She sucked every drop of my cum till my cock started getting limp. She moved and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cum on her lips. We kissed for a while and got up.We had a shower and headed out to the pool area where breakfast was served. The lesbian couple, Mary and Rebecca were sitting together talking and laughing. Juan and Wayne were cooking breakfast and talking about the girls and the resort. As we got to the pool area Rebecca came up to us and kissed Jane and I. It was a lovely bright day. She took Jane with her to the girls while I went to the boys cooking breakfast. I poured coffee for myself and joined the two gents frying bacon and eggs. We could hear the girls giggling. Mary was kissing the female part of the lesbian couple while Rebecca and Jane were playing with the other lesbian partner. Soon all 5 of them were kissing and fondling each other. We called them for the breakfast and they came over. We all sat down on the table and had breakfast while talking about sex and swinging in general. After breakfast Mary and Juan put away the dishes and the rest of us sat around talking. The male part of the lesbian couple was Louise and her partner was Wendy. They were new as a couple and this was their first outing together. They were very much into each other but liked to share themselves with other girls.Rebecca by default became the leader of the pack, as she was older and much more experienced. She was very open minded canlı kaçak iddaa and liked girls more than the guys. Jane seemed to be very comfortable around the girls and it gave her the opportunity to explore her bi side. Mary came back and joined the girls while Juan came up and started talking to us. The girls soon got into kissing and caressing each other sitting by the pool. Soon Rebecca was licking Mary’s young pussy while Louise and Wendy started playing with Jane. Louise sucked Jane’s boobs while Wendy started licking her. We were watching them and getting horny. Jane got up from between the two lesbians and came up to Juan, dropped to her knees and started sucking him. She had his cock bobbing in and out of her mouth while she held her ass and pulled him in her mouth. She was having a hard time sucking on Juan’s fat cock.Mary and Rebecca also came up to us and Mary started sucking my cock while Rebecca got Wayne to lick her pussy. Everyone was pleasing the others oblivious of each other but from time to time taking a look what others were doing. Jane sucked Juan and looked up at me as if saying “mmmmm thanks for bringing me here”.Wayne was lying down on the pool chair and Mary sat on his cock while still sucking me while Rebecca sat on Wayne face rubbing her pussy on his mouth. Juan turned jane around and put his fat cock in her pussy and was fucking her hard. I could hear Jane’s moans and cries as she pushed back on Juan’s cock receiving every stroke deep in her. Juan took his cock out and Rebecca sucked on it and made it wet with her canlı kaçak bahis spit and guided it to Janes ass. Juan pushed his fat cock in Jane’s ass with one stroke and I could hear Jane gasp on the bold intrusion. Mary got up off Wayne’s cock and switched sides and sat on my cock while Rebecca sucked Wayne. He was the first to cum as Rebecca lapped all his cum. I was nearing my climax when Mary suddenly stopped and got off my cock. Rebecca put my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard while I came and she drank every drop of it. She then went over to Jane and Juan who were fucking like crazy. She pulled Juan out of Jane’s ass and started sucking him ferociously making him cum and lapping up all his cum. We all laughed as cum from three guys ran down out of Rebecca’s mouth down on her boobs. Mary and Jane licked all the cum off her chest.Louise and Wendy also had their orgasm and were cuddling each other on the pool side. After cuming all of us went into the pool and just had a nice swim and float. Jane seemed to have a very satisfied smile on her face.We got out and went to our room. We packed, put on our clothes and went to the reception to check out. We thanked Mary and Juan for the lovely hospitality and promised them to come back.We said our good byes to Wayne and Rebecca and exchanged our numbers. We sat in the car and drove back to the town where I picked Jane up. All through the 1 hour drive we talked about what we thought about the resort and our experience. Jane like Juan while I admitted that Mary had the tightest and warmest pussy and we both agreed that we would like to come back another time and stay a bit longer.I dropped Jane at her hotel and drove off back to my town, with a promise to see her again as soon as I can and when she can get away. Who can help but not fall in love with Jane.

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