THE THAI WIFEOur story begins in 1981. My name is Jeff. I was running a retail store in San Antonio, Texas, when a long-time acquaintance of my ex-wife came in the store. She and I had always gotten along so I was happily surprised after not seeing her for 4 years.She came quickly to the point that her daughter needed a job. I handed her an application and told her to have Shawn (not her real name) to fill it out. Shawn was to return it personally and an interview would be given at that time.A week later I was deep into preparing a report at the counter when I heard, in a slight Asian accent say “Excuse me”. Looking up into mystifying round almost black eyes, I found myself almost speechless.Now is a good time to describe us. Shawn is tall for a Thai girl almost 5’6″, then 19 years old with long silky black hair. Her complexion is light during the cooler months and becomes bronze colored in the hotter months. She was then about 120 lbs with long scrumptious legs going all up to her perpetually tight round ass. She measured 34B-26-34. It was love at first sight for me. I was 28, handsome with full almost black hair, light brown eyes, 5’9″, and 175lbs with a muscular physique. I could tell she was also attracted to me.I looked over the application and saw nothing that would be useful in the type business I was in, I told her I could not use her and in the same breath asked her out. She told me I was an asshole, then smiled slightly and asked if I was serious. Oh yeah I was. Three days later we had our first date.When I went to pick her up, this other angel opened the door. It was Connie, Shawn’s 21 year old sister. I hadn’t seen her since she was about 15. She had the same looks as her sister with a rounder face and slightly thicker legs. She said “I remember you, where’s your wife?”That ended 4 years ago, is Shawn home?”Aren’t you too old for my sister?” she said.”Am I too old for you?” I said laughing.”Hell no, I don’t like young guys” She retorted “Come on in.” Connie was and still is a very foxy woman.I’ve got to tell you these girls had been in Texas for 15 years and spoke “yall” with a slight Texas-asian accent .I walked in and sat down to wait. When Shawn walked into the room I stood up and my jaw dropped. Here was this phenomenal looked oriental goddess in a short form-fitting light purple knit dress. I developed an instant hard-on that was easily seen through my light pants. The girls laughed and speaking Thai to her sister Connie said “he’s got a big dick; you are going to have a good time” During that comment, Pranee, the mother, entered the room. She smiled and chastised her daughters for speaking like that. Turning to me Pranee began speaking Thai. Unknown to the daughters I am fluent in their native language, having lived there for 5 years and having a Thai ex-wife of 7 years that spoke very little English. Both Shawn and Connie become very pink in the face. HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!! We’d been going out for about 2 months and became close, with Connie spending a lot of time with us. Shawn and I had been fucking whenever we could get together, of course everything we did, the sisters talked about. The three of us had taken a ride around the block, smoked a couple of joints and returned to their parents’ house. The folks had just left on a weekend trip to Houston, so the girls would have the house to themselves. Connie turned on the stereo and started dancing pretty sensuously by herself. Shawn and I were laid back on the couch just watching Connie. “You should be a dancer, Connie”, Shawn said.”Yeah you should, you’re fucking foxy” I said.Connie smiled and started playing like she was stripping. “Go ahead Connie, take it off, Jeff likes it, look at his pants. His dick is hard.” Connie danced a few more songs and the asked me “should I?” I just nodded yes, meanwhile Shawn is rubbing my cock outside my pants. Connie started removing her blouse, with her eyes following her sister’s hand on me. Pot is a great inhibition eraser. “Do you want to see his cock, Connie? You can touch it, if you want.”It was then I knew Connie was a bit of an exhibitionist. She dropped the blouse to the floor exposing her sweet tits and started shimmying out of her jeans. “Take it out”, she said. I’m not overly large, a touch over 7 inches and pretty thick, and definitely not bashful. Shawn unzipped my pants and told (not asked) Connie to help her pull them off. An exhibitionist and a submissive too! This became a part of our relationship to this day. The girls knelt in front of me, and slid my pants off. My cotton boxers were tented with a wet spot over the head of my cock. I stopped them to pull off Shawn’s dress while pulling her to her feet. . Shawn never wore panties. Her pussy lips were swollen with excitement, the pubic hair thin and fanned out. With her pussy in front of my face, I licked up and down her sweet pussy while caressing and pulling on her tawny nipples. As I ate her I turned her so Connie could watch. Connie’s eyes kept switching from my boxers to her sisters pussy. Shawn tasted so good and I love eating pussy.Shawn let me eat her for about 5 minutes, knowing how much I love the taste of pussy, before telling Connie to take off her panties. Connie rotated onto her butt and slid them down and off her legs. “Show him your pussy while he tongues me!” Shawn demanded. Connie slowly spread her legs watching me, her eyes riveted to my tongue on and in her sister. I wanted to reach out and touch Connie’s wispy-haired pussy, but this was going too good letting Shawn set the pace. “Spread that pussy, let him see all of it”. Meanwhile my dime sized wet spot became silver dollar sized, you could see that my pre-cum had saturated the cloth and was seeping through it. Shawn reached down and rubbed her index finger over it, when she pulled her finger away it was slimy. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” she told her sister. Connie immediately complied and Shawn put the finger on her sister’s tongue rolling it over the surface of it. We could see the silkiness of it on her tongue. Shawn repeated her action 3 times before sucking her finger clean herself. Connie had begun rubbing her pussy at the first taste and I could see her pussy juice running from her vaginal opening and over her dark puckered asshole. “Now swallow it, s*s” This was her first taste of cock juice. Connie’s eyes closed and we could tell she was savoring this experience. She looked up at me and said, “mmmm, I like it.” I about lost it, I could feel the pre-cum running down my shaft. At that moment Shawn legs weakened as a strong flow of her cunt-cream washed over my tongue.”Connie, put your finger in his mouth. I know he wants to taste you.” I sucked her finger clean. I knew sooner or later I would eat Connie’s pussy. “Now kiss him!”My mouth and chin were covered with girl juice. We kissed and and she licked my face clean like a kitten. It was so fucking sensual feeling. Up to this point they had only felt each other’s breasts. I knew how much they both wanted to taste each other.Shawn sat down beside me a leaned into my arms. We shared a long a probing kiss. Connie was still squatted between my legs watching us. This 21 year old Venus exuded heat.”Pull his underwear off.” Connie shook as she reached for the elastic around my waist and slowly drew them down and off. Shawn held out her hand , “give them to me.” Not looking at her sister, Connie gave them to her as she stared at my cock pulsing on my stomach with each heartbeat.”It’s so wet, can I suck it?”, she asked in a quivering voice. “No, that’s mine. Here” , Shawn said as she pushed the pre-cum soaked area of the boxers into her sister’s mouth. “Lick it and suck it clean.” We could hear Connie sucking as her eyes drooped in lust.My cock was still lying on my stomach, the head rising up with each pulse of my blood. “You can hold it, while I go down on him”, Shawn said giggling. Connie gingerly wrapped her hand around the base and held it up, some juice running over the clenched hand. “Now watch me and I’ll show you how Jeff likes me to do it. You can rub his balls, but not too hard.”Shawn looked at me with sexy grin. “Are you enjoying this?” “Fuck yeah, but I want her to lick my balls while you suck me”, I replied. I whispered in my girl’s ear, “but first wet both of your nipples with my sperm and make her lick and suck them. Both of you better have hard nipples or no one gets the sauce.””Do you want to taste my pussy on her nipples, too”, she whispered back hopefully.”oh, hell yes”.”That can be arranged”, she said laughing. She held both breasts and ran the nipples across the seeping hole until droplets collected on their dusky hard tips. “I know you want to taste his cock , Connie. We can smell your pussy and Jeff wants to taste you.”I laid Shawn back and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. “Connie, get between her legs.” She looked at me hesitantly. “You’re not going to eat her pussy…..yet. But you will when I want you to someday. You understand me? And when you do, I’m going to be fucking you.” As soon as I said it, she buried two fingers in her pussy and shuddered in a small orgasm.”I want you to rub your nipples into Shawn’s pussy, and they had better be soaked when I suck them. While you’re nipple fucking her, suck her tits clean” I pulled her hand from my cock and stood above Shawn’s face. I watched Connie slurping up my juice from her sister’s sweet tits while looking she looked at my cock as it dripped what I stroked out into my girlfriend’s open mouth. “Bite and suck her tits, fuck her pussy good. I better see four hard wet nipples or both of you will get a spanking” I swear they both moaned in harmony.”How does that feel, baby? Is she doing a good job on your tits? Is she fucking you good?”MMM…so good. Her nipple feels like a tongue in my pussy. My breasts are going to explode. When you make her eat my pussy I want to eat her, too. Is that okay?””Yeah baby, but you my special one. You get to eat her pussy after I fill it with cum. Connie take you fingers out and let your sister lick them clean” As she raised her hand to Shawn’s face we could see it was soaked down to her wrist. Shawn sucked on the extended fingers while I licked up all I could find. Then we shared a deep tongue-filled kiss as she reached her peak and curled up a little.I laid down against the arm of the couch slowly stroking. I couldn’t last much longer with all this visual fucking, ” Connie, come sit of my stomach and feed me those hard nipples.” As I paid homage to her pussy-slicked tits, she was rubbing her cunt on my stomach leaving a trail of fragrant aroma. When I finally fuck her I know it will be monumental. “Jeff, bite them ’til it hurts so bad I can’t stand it.” I held one between by teeth and bit down until I swear my teeth together. I felt her pussy snapping against me, the wetness running down to my balls. Her arms curled around my head as she shook uncontrollably.”Okay you two. First lick me clean then start giving me a happy ending. I want both of you to make me come….””Shawn suck my cock…Connie suck my balls””You heard him, lick his nuts, girl!”Connie started licking around my balls and the juice running over her hand. Shawn’s tongue was licking from above her sister’s hand up the head of my cock keeping a constant lock with my eyes. I couldn’t last much longer. My gal started sucking the head, while flicking her tongue over the juice outlet. “In the past two months I had turned her from lick my dick as foreplay to a cum junkie. She pushed my cock to the back of her mouth, trying to deep throat it. The thickness of my cock prevented that feat. It would be another few years until she could do it without gagging.Connie gasped out “Fuck her mouth, make her take your cum.” Shawn picked up my hand and placed it on the back of her own head. I pushed and pulled her head, my legs straightening for leverage. Damn it was good. Connie’s actions faltered. I looked around her to see her hand flying up and down that sweet pussy. I felt my balls swell to capacity as my cum surged in her cotton candy mouth. She swallowed each jet, her tongue constantly moving wanting another one.I was toast. Falling back into the couch with a shit-eating grin on my face. Shawn and I shared a deep kiss. Then we watched Connie licking up all that had run down to my balls. Shawn would not let her suck my cock, that would come months later when Connie begged Shawn to teach her how to please me.I would be the guinea pig. The things a guy does for his woman, gotta love it. Hi, Jeff here again. Shawn and giresun escort I were laying back after a torrid fuck. This was about a the week following our first playtime with her sister, Connie. We had just had some quick 5 minute damn I miss you type of sex. You all know what I mean. I digressOn the drive over to pick her up my cock kept throbbing, I had to rub the length of it through my jeans. The anticipation was just too great to ignore. As I drove up to her house I saw that her mom’s car was in the driveway. I light a cigarette trying to will down my erection. Half way through it, I thought ‘fuck it’ and stubbed it out. Slowing I walked to the door doing deep breathing exercises to quell my excitement, I arrived at the portal. And who should open the door but Connie. She didn’t even say hello, but looked hard at my crotch.”Gaw Jeff, are you always horny? You’re hard aren’t you?” “Damn, not so loud. Your mom might hear you.”She laughed and said, “It’s OK, she knows already.” My cock dropped 15 degrees in pitch over that. “What does she know? Shit, this sucks.” You have to remember, I had known Pranee (the mom) a long time. In my ex-wife and her circle of friends I was known as a horn-dog because I openly admired all their friends’ bodies, but only when the hubbies weren’t around (Pranee included). I didn’t want Pranee to think I was a player where her daughter was concerned. “Where’s your mom?””In the backyard watering her plants. Go talk to her. She’ll probably spray you down with cold water,” the bitch said laughing. “Don’t worry she only knows about Shawn and you.””And where is Shawn?””Taking a shower, washing her pussy for you.” Connie had definitely opened up quite a bit since last week.I entered threshold. Connie did not move just turned sideways allowing just enough space to slide by her. As I went go her, she reached out and cupped my balls and I her pussy. Then we both spoke like a synchronized swim team.” Gaw Jeff.” “Gaw Connie.” We couldn’t contain a chuckle.”I’ll be out back talking to you mom. Tell Shawn when she gets out.”———–“Sawasdee, Pranee.” “Sawasdee, Jeff.””Shawn likes you a lot, and I think you feel same-same.””Yeah, I do. I want you to know I won’t hurt her.””I know. You like to fuck, she like to fuck. You are not k**s, I know what you do together. She tell me everything. I’m so glad she is with you, not a young boy.””What’s Ivan (the step-dad) think?””He don’t like you. He thinks you too old for her. But I think he don’t like you because you fuck his daughter,” she said laughing covering her mouth. “All the Thai women know you and know you like to fuck. Try everything you want with her, just make sure she enjoy . Thai woman like to fuck too.”Thai women are world class gossipers. I knew Pranee knew my dick size and sexual quirks even before she and Shawn talked. And believe me; you can’t shock a Thai woman with any sexual request. In their culture sexual release is thought to be the****utic and important to able to function peacefully, except in the case of my ex.Pranee’s husband was quite a bit older than her and it was no secret he could not perform sexually. I also knew Pranee has had a boyfriend on the side for many years. Hell, I even knew and liked him. I also knew his libido was dwindling. I listened in a lot to the gossip when the ladies were at my former house. At this time Pranee was 39 or 40, and you could tell when the daughters got their looks. She was pretty foxy. I almost asked her if she needed a fuck too when she continued speaking.”I know Connie like you too. You can play with two, but only have one. You can have good time with her too. Shawn tell me already about when me and my husband go Houston. You gonna fuck Connie too?””Only if Shawn lets me. I want to fuck her, but it will only be if Shawn is there. Hell I want to fuck the mommy too,” I added laughing. “You crazy for Thai woman.”I glanced into the living room. There was Shawn and Connie sitting on the couch with their backs to us practically reclining over the back trying to hear what was being said.”Not all, just some. What did you hear about last week?””Shawn tell me Connie plenty horny. You like eat pussy, mahk-mahk (a lot). Shawn suck your dick, Connie lick your eggs. My daughters both taste you, but only Shawn eat it all. She tell me Connie not happy because Shawn know more than her. You have fun too, I know Nit (my ex) not like eat it, she tell me.””That didn’t stop Nit from putting her pussy in my face,” I said smiling. “Besides Shawn is sweeter.” I looked over the girls and back to Pranee, who just happened to be looking at my cock bulging in my jeans.”Where you go tonight? You need to fuck, your pants too tight.” Calling out to the girls she said laughing, “Shawn come take care of your boyfriend, Connie, come help me water the plants. Take him to your room, before Daddy gets home.”Shawn came out, gave me a quick peck on lips, and pulled me into her room, shutting the door behind us. We pulled into other and shared a deep kiss. Her hand flew to my zipper as I pulled her tube top to her waist. I loved caressing and pulling on her nipples. She extracted my cock forcefully yanking it out. I cringed as it sc****d the teeth my zipper.”Ouch. Easy girl,” I said as she dropped to her knees licking and kissing the head of cock.”Look your dick is crying too. You horny ’cause of my mom?”I thought I was horny on the drive over, but after taking with her mom my juice was running freely.”I wanted you all week that’s why I’m horny. Your mom didn’t help that any,” I said as I gently pulled out of her mouth, rubbing the shaft over her smooth face, leaving a slick trail of pre-cum over her lips, nose, and both cheeks. “Suck my balls.””You want Connie to?””No, I want you to.” I kept the shaft against her skin. I hadn’t seen her in a week and wanted us to see fireworks at the same time. My balls are normally very large. Right now my scrotum was full and pulled into my body. She fought to get one into her mouth as her tongue lapped at the underside. I felt the tip of her tongue on my asshole. Damn I loved to be rimmed. Holy shit! Pulling away from her abruptly. Too close too close!! “Open up!”She smiled and moved to my cock as I held it out to her. I eased back as she tried to suck it in. “No!! Stick out your tongue and don’t move.” With the swollen head just over tongue, I gripped the base and milked it toward the head. I was halfway there as a flourish of juice spilled onto her tongue. It was thicker than before. Her hands went her sweet tits and squeezed the mounds. I could see the pressure she put into it. I knew she was almost ready to cum. I had learned she liked me to maul her tits into her orgasm. I rubbed my cock head through the juice pooled on her tongue moving it around. “Don’t swallow,” I commanded. Her eyebrows knit in question. I lowered myself to my knees and kissed her fiercely, my tongue laving in my juice trying to push it down her throat. We spent a full minute without breaking the kiss.”Jeff, that was so hot. Why did you do that, not that I’m complaining.””Look honey, I came out a marriage that everything had to be clean. She cleaned herself before sex, during sex, after sex. It was always jump up right after sex, no cuddling. As long as she got off and I got off, we should be happy. That’s bullshit. I don’t want us to be too shy to taste each other and ourselves. Know what I mean? I love your cum and I see you love mine. You show me that. I want us to cuddle afterward with my cum running out of you and my cock still sticky against your leg. That’s how it should be. If I feel like going down you after we have sex, I want you to accept and enjoy it. Nothing is more intimate than tasting yourself on the other.” I needed this breather but the talk was keeping me in heightened state.”You mean you want me to suck your cock when it’s covered with our cum? That is so hot and nasty. I wanted to do that before, you might think it was too nasty. You know what, my mom likes to do that too. She said it makes her so wet she has to touch herself.””Are there any secrets between the women in this family?” I asked with a grin pasted on my face.”Nope, so don’t try to fuck my mother or she’ll tell me. Promise me.””You have my word. What about Connie?”We’re both going to fuck her. I mean totally fuck her, but not until I kiss her when her mouth is full of your cum.” Oh man, my woman turns me on. Whore in bed, lady in public.”You gotta fuck me right now!” I said.”You mean you gotta to fuck ME right now?””I said what I meant to say. Get those shorts off,” I said pulling off my shirt, dropping onto my ass and dragging my jeans and boxers off. I rolled onto my back on the floor as she stood to remove the cute little red shorts she had on. Her pussy was swollen with want, her clit peeking up from under its hood. What a sweet picture. She had thin straight black pubic hair that that fanned out away from her cleft. There was no hair naturally except above her pussy, the lips were bare and wet. I held my cock pointing straight up. “Fuck me honey. Climb on and fuck us silly.”She looked sexy as hell naked with that little pink halter looped around her stomach. She straddled me and lowered herself slowly. Just before our genitals met a drop of her pussy juice fell onto the head of my cock.”Wait, stop right there,” I shouted. She froze her legs quivering. I swiped the drop off my cock and sucked the finger. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and stated slowly pumping them in and out. When I felt the juice in the palm if my hand, I sucked the fingers cleaned and returned them to her vagina. I needed more. I curled my finger and searched the forward part of the canal for the rough spot. There it was. I beckoned her with the fingertips and could feel her pussy clench on me. I kept it up for just a few minutes. Feeling her clench and unclench, the low moans were music. Her legs were giving out so moved my hands and cupped that sweet ass, drawing that pussy to my face. She fell forward, catching herself on her arms. He pussy was on my face. My tongue stretched to swab her inner walls as she looked down her body watching me.”Eat my pussy. Ohh so good. Oh yes eat it.” She was juicing heavily, her syrup coating my mouth. A long swipe of my tongue toward her clit, now swollen and exposed. I sucked it hard, circling it, round and round.”Fuck me, fuck me now or I’ll pass out …. please fuck me,” she begged.I pushed her downward off my face onto my waiting cock. It felt like a vise on my cock as she dropped and took the full length. I pumped up into her a few strokes.”No, let me,” she begged. My cock was buried to hilt when she started a circular motion without any in or out movement. Fuck it was good. I could feel her kissing the tip of my cock with her womb. I let her go wild. She was close and I was with her. “Oh fuck I’m cumming, let me do this, oh shit! Fuck!” she moaned. She was scouring her clit on the coarse hair above my cock. I felt a wash of warm juice on my balls and knew she was having a deep orgasm. That set me off, and I shot what felt like a quart of cum leave my balls and hose her insides. She lay on my chest still impaled, breathing against me neck. She rose slightly and gave me a hot deep kiss.”MMM, is that what I taste like? I could get used to that. Teach me lick my own pussy,” she sighed smiling. “You think Connie would let us eat her together, she’s my sister so she probably tastes like me.””Don’t know, but I bet we’re going to find out. Only after I watch you suck my cum from her lips.”We got up and fell into her bed cuddling. This where we came in…..”Let’s go get something to eat, I’m starved. Maybe have a little Connie for dessert.””This is bingo night. My folks will leave at 6, if Daddy doesn’t go to Officers Club by himself,” she said doing a Groucho Marx eyebrow thing.”Connie!!! Come in here…..we’re going out to eat.”. Connie opened the door and stuck her head into the room, her eyes zeroing onto my semi-hard tower of power. Easing herself into the room, she leaned against the door to shutting it quietly.”Can you help him get clean?” Shawn said as she held my sticky cock upright. Connie moved toward the bed as she chewed her lower lip. As she approached, she picked up a damp towel from the back of the chair. Moving to the side I was on, she started to d**** the towel over my cock.”Before you do that, we want to see your tits,” I said. She froze with her hand still outstretched. “No, mom’s right outside and Daddy will be home soon. Let’s just go eat,” she said.”Then you better esco hurry up and do it.,” Shawn retorted. “And what the hell is the towel for? You’ve already licked his balls and tasted his cum. You even said you liked it.””Yeah, but he’s been in your pussy. I can’t do that. You’re my sister, it’s too weird.”Shawn nudged me toward Connie and whispered, “Make her do what you want.” The wheels were spinning in my head. Their mom had just told me that she knew about every fucking detail of last week. But she also said as long as her daughters enjoyed it, she was cool with it. I didn’t think forcing either daughter to do something would get the stamp of approval. I’m sure Pranee would come busting through the door if she heard any screams of “no”. I had a stinking suspicion she was listening in.Sensing my reluctance, Shawn gripped Connie by the hair. “If you don’t do it, you can just leave. You’ll never be taught anything by us again. Go find your own dick, ’cause I won’t let you watch us or play with us … ever.”The five second lull seamed like five minutes. Connie dropped the towel on the bed, and I actually thought she would pull away and exit the door. Man, was I ever wrong. Her eyes picked up a gleam as she said, “make me”.It didn’t take much pressure for Shawn to pull Connie’s face over my cock, which had softened a bit. With Connie’s’ face hovering, Shawn ran my slick cock head over her sister’s mouth like lipstick. Connie nose crinkled but she didn’t move. Raising her sister’s head a few inches, Shawn told her to lick her lips”. Connie’s tongue moved over and around her lips and then retreated back into her mouth. She had a look on her face like she was trying to decide who to elect president. Her nose wrinkles smoothed as she sucked on her lips. She extended her tongue trying to lap at my penis, but Shawn held fast. “Ask his permission first.””Jeff, can I suck your dick? I’ll make it nice for you.””Sorry Connie, only Shawn get to suck it. You can use your tongue on me. But you better get it all off, or she’ll never let you do it again. It’s her choice.”Connie’s eyed rolled up to Shawn pleadingly as her sister quipped, “if you do a good job, I’ll consider letting you do it sometime, but not now. Daddy should be on his way home and we’ve got to get out here.” Connie pushed her sister’s hand off my cock and said emphatically, “If I have to lick it, then I get to hold it.” Shawn smiled her consent as the Connie’s hand slathered over my balls moving to grip the shaft at the base. My cock got harder than it ever had that day. I watched as she licked up our mutual cream, pausing time and time again to savor the essence. It was her first taste of pussy other than her own.Her gumdrop nipples were hard and swollen. I couldn’t take it. I needed to play with them. I cupped them fully, squeezing and relaxing slowly while running the palm over them in mini concentric circles. I wanted to share her sister’s tits with my girlfriend. Shawn started sucking on my earlobe. I felt her breath as she whispered, “you want to fuck us both right now, don’t you? I want to suck your cum from her pussy.” Fuck!! We were running out of time. I was going to be left with a hard-on until later, but I knew my girlfriend would take care of both our needs as soon as possible. I wanted a preview to jack off to later. My hand wanted to squeeze Connie’s nipples hard as consolation for my soon to be unsatisfied cock. I could feel the tongue flickering under the corona. She deserved a reward. Her sister was sampling Shawn’s pussy on my cock and loving it. I turned my head and attacked Shawn’s mouth with my own, trying to deep throat with my tongue. She has the hottest sweetest mouth I’ve ever experienced. I can lose myself in her. She parried into my mouth, I sucked her softly then nipped it with my teeth. She pulled back slightly and I turned and sucked her neck under the ear. That’s her sweet spot. The suction increased with fervor; I had the need to mark her as my own. I released the pressure and saw the bright crimson mark. I whispered, “Suck her tits for me, finger her pussy. I want her as horny as we are.”Shawn had a very devious look as she slid down until her face was under the breast adjacent to my hand. She cupped Connie’s tit and sucked the nipple in, her other hand disappearing into her sister’s loose shorts. Shawn was in a blind spot and I couldn’t see Connie’s sweet quim. When I was sure that Shawn’s fingers were buried the pussy, Connie drove her mouth onto my cock taking the first four inches. Whoa …. breaking the rules!! I forced her off my cock , but before I could say anything there was a sharp rap on the door as it flew open.”Daddy’s here!!” Pranee said as she was halfway into the room. She just stopped taking our arrangement in, then laughed. “God damn, is everybody horny here?”We quickly separated and scrambled for our clothes. Speed dressing under pressure sucks. I had pulled on my pants, and was reaching for my shirt, but Pranee had already thrown it along with the rest of my gear out the chest high window into the backyard. “Out the window,” she said almost losing it laughing. Out I went. Thank goodness for privacy fences. I sat below the window pulling on my shoes and socks, and then made my way to gate as I donned my shirt. Once out the gate, I realized what the fuck! Ivan had to know I was there ’cause my car was parked in front of his house.I ran my hand through my hair trying to give it some semblance of order and knocked on the front door. Ivan opened it and said point blank, “where were you?””I walked to the ice house (Texan for convenience store) for cigarettes.” I could see Pranee behind him stifling a laugh. Ivan walked out past me as he exclaimed to whoever was listening, “Dammit, I’m going to be late for my club meeting, be home at 8.” That’s his code for I’m meeting my friends for happy hour. Eight o’clock hell, he’d be out until after the Club closed at 2AM.”Have a good time,” I said. I know I will, I thought as I entered and closed the door behind me.Pranee went to the front window and watched as her husband drove away, then locked the front door. The girls came out of the room and all four of us burst out laughing. “Anyone want iced tea?” Shawn inquired. We all said yes and sat in the living room intermittently laughing. She passed out the drinks, then said, “Honey I have something for you.” She placed her fingers under my nose and rubbed them on my lips. I could smell the scent of pussy on them, so I sucked them in. “Taste good?””Uh huh, she does. Next time I want to taste it right from her.” My cock was rising again and her mom was taking all this in with her head tilted like a puppy dog.Connie tuned red as I asked her, “And do you have something for me?” Her eyes went wide as I planted a kiss on her, my tongue furtively asking admission into her mouth. The kissed deepened as we both got into it. As we separated she just gawked at me as I said, “See I don’t mind tasting myself.””Gaw Jeff. Mom’s sitting right here.”Pranee smiled. “Don’t act like a little girl, I saw you all being nasty. Too late to be shy.””Yeah, Connie,” Shawn said as she placed her hand on my cloth covered cock and stroked it up and down. I looked around the room and scoped out Pranee and Connie staring unabashedly at Shawn’s caress. “You got hard fast honey.”I stretched out my legs, allowing the rise to be more prominent and allowing it to lengthen comfortably. I know I’m into exhibitionism. “What do you expect? You’re playing with my penis with three good looking women in the room.””You like it too, don’t you?” I just nodded and laid back even farther.”Mom, Connie, and I went to this male strip club in Houston for my eighteenth birthday. We had lots of fun jacking off the stripper they got for me.””You all jacked him off?””Yeah, but he never even got real hard. I think he was gay.””Pranee, you too?” I said in a k**ding tone. “You couldn’t get him hard?””No, I try hard too, but he never get big.””Mom, he was big alright, just not hard,” came from Connie.”Jeff, you like p*o-ying (girl) jack you off?” “Of course I do. I like women to do everything, like your daughter, Shawn does.”We had all been sitting in a circle. Shawn and I were on the four sectional couch, while Connie and Pranee were sitting in recliners. I was checking out the ladies. Connie’s legs were rubbing against the other. I couldn’t see her small nipples in the dark tee shirt, but still imagined them as I saw them earlier. “I think mom’s getting horny, don’t you Connie?” When Shawn said that, I gazed, no stared at Pranee’s chest. I could see the dark areolas through the light sundress she had on. Her nipples were pushing out about half an inch. My cock grew even longer under my wife’s hand.”Jeff, are you checking out my mom’s tits?” Connie said.”I know Jeff long time, he always like to look at my tits,” Prance said grinning.”Did you ever see them, honey? Mom has real pretty tits.””Nope, unfortunately not. I have jacked off before thinking of them though.””Really? You are a horny man, that’s one reason I love you……Connie change places with me” Shawn got up and pulled Connie out of the recliner and plopped down in her place. Connie came to the couch and sat down one seat cushion distance from me. “That’s not my place, sit next to him.” Connie slid closer to me until our legs were touching. “Now stroke his cock like I was.”No urging was necessary, she rubbed it lightly stroking up and down its full length. On about the fourth stroke, she lightly pinched the head. It felt great, soft enough to arouse, but not hard enough to hurt. Shawn was caressing her nipple as she took this in. Pranee was leaning slightly forward, her eyes never leaving Connie’s exploring hand.”What do you want, honey? Tell us what you want?”I want her to jack me off. I want all of you to watch me shoot my load. I want to cum in all of your hands. I want to watch you lick my cum from your mother’s hands, and I want her to lick it from yours. I want to see three sets of tits right now.”Connie tried to remove her shirt without taking her hand away, so being the gentleman I am, I helped her. As the shirt cleared her sweet little breasts, I leaned over and snake slithered my tongue over the nipple closest to me. She moaned. “Get my pants off, Connie!” She looked over at her younger sister, who while was unbuttoning her shirt, nodded her assent. Connie struggled to get my pants off, but her position was too awkward so she slid to the floor. She pulled them to down but could not get them over my shoes. “Forget the shoes!!”When the pants had cleared the crotch, my cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box. She wrapped her fist around me and for a second I though she was going to give me head. She turned to my wife with a questioning look, who shook her head in reply.Shawn moved to sit beside me with her shirt completely open. I gave her equal time on her breast as I had with her sister, but ended it with a long hard suck. “Come over here with us, Mom. You’re going to like seeing this. ” With that Prancee sat down gently slightly turned to me. “Show us your beautiful tits, Mom”.I could see that Prancee was afraid it would go further than she wished. So to put her at ease I told her, “Pranee, I’ve been trying to see your tits for almost six years now, I know they’re gorgeous. I can’t have all of you, so I’ll have to be happy with them.” She was watching my cock quivering in her eldest daughter’s hand. “I won’t let her start jacking my cock until I get them to see them. You will feel my hands and mouth on your breasts, but only if Shawn allows it. Honey, is it OK for your mom to share her tits with me?”Shawn reached over and hooked a finger into the elasticized neck of Prahnee’s sundress. “Do you want show him, mom? I’ll help you. Connie and I want you to be comfortable here. Do you want to show him? If you do it, he’s going to do the same as he’s doing to ours.” She looked into her daughter’s face and said, “I want to do it, too. I like to be nasty. You know what we talk about before. You say I can do anything with him, but no fuck. Jeff promise you too.”All the while Connie was holding the shaft tightly as the fingers on her other hand were rubbing along the underside up to head. I usually don’t produce a lot of pre-cum unless I’m in the state I was in. Connie now had her fingertip on my pee-hole playing at stretching out a sticky strand.Shawn pulled the neckline down and under both of her mother’s breasts. Damn they were beautiful. They belonged on a woman of twenty-five. They are about giresun escort bayan 34C, slightly upturned, naturally tanned, with half-dollar slightly darker areolas, and half-inch nipples as thick as the tip of the proverbial little finger. Textbook tits. Her daughters’ breasts ,while certainly very sexy and appealing, could not compare with them.”Connie, start jacking me. Do it slow, I want lots and lots of juice pouring out of it before I even think of cumming. Yeah just like that. This is better than any fantasy I’ve ever had.” Mom and daughter leaned over and against my chest; my arm d****d over each their shoulders and cupping and caressing a breast. Connie was moving her hand delicately and deliberately up and down gathering the pre-cum and curling it around the shaft. Shawn and Pranee simultaneously sat up and drew my shirt off, then resumed lying against me. I played with their nipples, pulling and gently twisting them, teasing them to hardness. It was Pranee who started to suck on my left nipple. She held it between her teeth as her tongue flitted on the tip. It was awesome. Shawn watched her as she teased my other nipple with her fingertips.In the meantime, Connie was experimenting with my reactions to different things. She was jacking me as she licked under my nuts. She was looking up at us, watching our interaction, when she slid a little lower while licking.She had been pressing hard under my nuts with the tip her tongue, but when she slid lower with the same action, her tongue probed my asshole. It surprised both of us. She stopped and started apologizing; she was so naïve back then. I asked if she ok and she said she didn’t mean to be so dirty. Shawn and Pranee wanted to know what she did. I told them she had stuck her tongue in my ass. Pranee said she did that to her boyfriend all the time just out of shower. Shawn asked her mom if her boyfriend did the same for her. “No, I want him to, but he won’t. I like how its feels.”Shawn then told them , “Jeff does it to me and it feels great because it’s so nasty.”That put Connie at ease and she asked me if I wanted her to do it again. I nodded and she happily commenced to play. She licked up the shaft gathering juice on her tongue and moved it to my asshole. She moved lower and started fucking my ass with her tongue. I can’t wait until the time I can return the favor, but not now.Shawn told her mom to stop sucking my nipple for a second. Much like she had fed Connie my pre-cum the first time, she gathered my weeping juice and rubbed on my nipple. “Suck, mom.” Pranee latched onto it and sucked it clean. “Now do it for me, mom.” Pranee played with my weeping hole coating her fingertips with my gooey treat. She rubbed them over my nipple then sucked her fingers clean. My cock juice was flowing heavier than I had ever experienced.”I can’t last much longer. Connie, grip it hard and move your hand faster. Prahnee, let me suck you.” She moved up and pushed her nipple into my open mouth. It was perfect. I was being jacked-off, my asshole being tongue fucked, my nipple being sucked and a hard sexy nipple in my mouth. I wanted to make this an experience for Shawn, too. I pulled her up by stretching her nipple hard. She followed the pressure until we were cheek to cheek. I know it excited her to see me suck her mother’s tit. “Suck her other tittie, baby”. She latched on to it sucking it hard then pulling back off it with a pop. “Chew on them. Bite them. Don’t be easy on me,” Pranee purred. I let her feel my teeth as I sucked. I watched Shawn gnash her teeth on the tit. Pranee’s nipples were so rough, rubbery, and chewy. I was almost to a point of cumming when Pranee start shaking uncontrollably. Her hips went spastic while her orgasm rolled through her. I would have loved to been eating her pussy at that moment. Later Shawn told me she thought the same thing.I pushed Shawn and Pranee away from me and stood up, my pelvis thrown forward into Connie’s strokes. “Jack it hard..oh fuck..get your hands ready. Connie open your mouth, you want some cum?” Pushing Connie’s hands off, I gripped my cock and started seriously stroking it, no longer to wanting this to go on. I wanted to feed them my cockcream and be their alpha male. I felt the dam break in my balls, the molten energy pushing up through my piss tube. The first shot was delivered onto my honey’s hand, the next to her mom’s, the third and fourth directly onto Connie’s tongue. I placed a weaker but heavy rope into each of the hands. The last large jet went into Connie’s mouth along with a few lesser jets. “Connie, don’t get up or swallow yet.”I didn’t milk it completely ’cause I had plans for the orts. I figured this was probably a one time thing. I wanted to see their mom sucking my cock, knowing if she did some cum would ooze out into her mouth.Pranee cupped Shawn’s hand in her own and drew to her lips. Shawn returned the gesture. Hearing and seeing Shawn slurp up my gism from her mom’s hands with all watching her was pretty fucking wild. Pranee looked me in the eye as she took the first lick of my treat. When she retracted her tongue a droplet stayed on her lower lip, her tongue searched it out and took it into her oral cavern. We all watched her and heard a delicious moan. Pranee was a seasoned cum lover. She licked the hand clean, while wrapping her own around my shaft. Connie meanwhile still was on her knees, sperm coated tongue hanging out, finger banging her own pussy under her shorts..I stood on the couch offering my cock to Pranee. Shawn cheered as her mom sucked it deeply. She pulled back and to showed what she had coerced out, then swallowed. She lowered her body, straightening her throat. Shawn’s hands on my ass pushed me into her mom’s throat until her nose was mashed into my stomach. I had only been deep throated once before. It was so good I wish I had another load just for her. I thought she was done as did Shawn, but not so. I felt Shawn’s hands drop, only to be replaced by her mom’s. Pranee pulled me back into her throat repetitively until a vein was popping out on her forehead and her color was crimson. She physically pushed me out of that wonderful mouth. It was soaked with frothy spittle as was her chin and breasts. From then on, when I told Shawn I wanted a wet blowjob, she didn’t care if it was sloppy. Before that when she gave me head, my cock would be wet, but didn’t give the same sensations and sounds as all that extra spit.I asked Shawn if she wanted some more. The little cumslut rocked her head up and down. “Maybe Connie would share it with you.”I almost forgot Connie. She was laying very still in a fetal position on the floor. I stepped off the couch and crouched behind her. Shawn laid next to her and started French kissing her hard. The word snogging came to me as I watched. The little vixen’s shorts were pulled to the side with two fingers buried as deep as they could go. The fingers were ringed with white girl cream. I pulled the hand gently away from her snatch and licked it free of juice. I loved the taste and needed more so I laid on my side and plastered my mouth to that tiny pussy. I delved as deep as my tongue allowed and swept her walls of all I could find. I beckoned Shawn over to me and shared a pussy juice kiss with her. “Mmmm….I love her taste…its so sweet.” She told me she wanted another taste of it but off my cock. “Won’t that be fucking her?” I asked. “Not if you only push it into her once,” she replied. I didn’t know if I could stop at one stroke. I knew it was a pipedream as I was incapable of producing another erection so soon and if I was hungry before, I was famished now. It was only 6:15, so I made the decision. “Everyone get cleaned up, we’re going out to dinner. Make it quick and casual. I don’t want any of you to wear a bra. Don’t worry Pranee, we’ll go somewhere where they don’t know you. The Dry Dock sound ok, baby?”Shawn had to help her sister into the shower. Man, she was wiped out.I knew Pranee pretty well. She never went out to cocktails or dinner without wearing a bra. I wanted for all of them to be ogled and display their nipple shapes through their clothing. I knew we would eat on the patio there, and would have to walk through the small boat shaped restaurant past most of the patrons sitting at the oyster bar. I jumped into the shower for a quick two minute rinse down, redressed and sat on the couch to wait for my Asian pussy entourage. I lit a cigarette, daydreaming a bit on what had just happened. Shawn came out first, sat by me and kissed the corner of my mouth. “You ok with what we did together, honey?” I asked her. “I’m fine with it, as long as we get our alone time. I know you wanted to fuck my mom, but whatever we do, it can’t happen. That’s going too far for someone I plan on spending my life with.” “You proposing to me?””No, you’re supposed to propose to me, dumb ass. By the way, while you were showering Mom went into her room and masturbated. When she came out, she looked at us and said that we should do it too, then we wouldn’t be horny when we went out.””And did you?””No. I told Mom that I would put on real tight jeans without panties and that would get me off when I walked.” She was wearing jeans so tight, I pictured her flopping on her back trying to pull them on. Her t-shirt was very light pastel green through which dark circles of her boobs showed. “When Mom comes out say something nice to her. I’ve never seen her dressed like this even at home.”Connie walked into the living room with Pranee very close behind. I knew she was using her daughter as a shield.”Come on girls. Stand side by side so I can see how great you look.”Shawn and Connie pulled their mom between them, hooking arms with her. I was used to the girls and the way they always looked, but Pranee dominated my attention. She was wearing skin-tight stone-washed jeans (remember them?), a light yellow t-shirt (also tight) and jeweled platform sandals. Her dusky areolas could be discerned, her nipples pushing out into the material. Her toenails were painted blood red. I have a bit of a fetish for feet like this. Her shoulder length black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her face freshly scrubbed. I couldn’t tell if she wore make-up, if so she probably didn’t need it. Her lips had a natural hue. Her arms were smooth, with several matching gold bangles around each wrist. Her hands wore several expensive looking rings, with her fingernails also painted blood red. A total babe!!Connie was in pair of new dark blue skin-tight jeans with a light pink t-shirt. A blind man could see her nipples through it. She opted for carefully applied make-up. She looked smashing. She had been going to school for cosmetology for a year or so, and she must have been paying attention in class. Her nails were painted in the same blood red color as was Shawn’s.I circled behind them to check out the rear view. Three perfect asses. Then again Pranee held my gaze. All the years I’d known her, I had never seen her ass so prominently displayed. I ran my hand over her ass and couldn’t see or feel a panty line. “No panties?” Shawn answered for her. “A thong”. Holy shit, what a transition, unbelievable.I continued until I came full circle, back in front of them. I looked each over head to feet. I stepped up to each, and nuzzled them under their ears inhaling their perfumes. I stepped back and noticed they all had goose bumps on their arms. I loved that I had caused them.”I pick you, Pranee. You will act as my date tonight, walk in with me and sit where I place you. You look so sexy. I want you to be seen on my arm. You will walk proudly with your eyes looking forward, not down. Everyone will be looking at you; they will hunger for your breasts. The men wishing they were with you and the women wishing they looked like you. You’re absolutely model material, as you all are. Just remember you look hot and my cock is hard because of you. You’re gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff, ’cause looking like you, you should. Ok my sweets, let’s go.”As we walked down the long walkway to my car Shawn held my arm and we had a low conversation. “Thanks for saying what you did. It was just what she needed to hear. I’m tired of her dressing up like an old woman to please Daddy.””It’s only the truth, honey.””I know. You always say what you think. Do me a favor…let me suck you off on the drive over there.””You’ll have to ask my date,” I said smiling. She playfully punched my arm. “Connie, you’re driving. Give her the keys, baby. Mom get in the backseat with us.”At the time I had a cherry 1969 Ford LTD Brougham. Everything that car was massive, especially the back seat.We were on our way when Shawn said, “Mom, can I please suck your date’s cock?…I’ll know your answer if you pull it out and hold it for me.”

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