The Teachers Tale Part Two


The Teachers Tale Part TwoThe Teachers Tale Part TwoAfter that amazing night with Harriet, James was so looking forward to their next meeting. She had explained to him that once she had left the Sixth Form she would be going away with the family for a week or so but “Please please James, wait for me I very much want to see you again?” As did he want to see her, in fact he had had more than one sleepless less thinking about her dressed as she had done, and once had woken early to find himself sticky and damp, his first wet dream since mid teens. She had kept in touch with him via text and from those it was clear that she was as horny as he was. She had said that her knickers were always wet and how she wished he was on hand to do something about that. She had also interrogated him about his favourite clothes, woman’s clothes that is, especially underwear. Of course she knew he was keen on black seamed stockings and white cotton pants but she wasn’t a schoolgirl anymore so what did he fancy that was more grown up?Well, what a thing to ask, his thing, fetish perhaps, was for old fashioned underwear, nylons suspenders, French knickers etc. and he had felt comfortable telling Harriet about it. Her reply seemed to indicate she was excited and that maybe, or hopefully, he might be treated when she came home from holiday.School was now in the summer recess, and though he had a ton of work to get through before the autumn term he had determined to have a break before he made a start on that, also he knew that Harriet was going on a gap year in mid September and wanted to spend a load of time with her before then. The text message interrupted his chain of thought and made his spirits soar. She was coming home! she would be here at the weekend and would text him a time when they could meet. A few more days of this torment then, wow…..was he looking forward to it?The text came the next day, Wednesday, could they meet on Saturday at the Archers, where else?, and have a meal there? If so she would have a really special surprise for him. That’s was three days to worry himself to death about the nature of the surprise. What on earth could she planning? Whatever is might be he had better spend the time usefully and ensure the house was properly sorted out. James wasn’t a person that lived in squalor but like most bachelors his housecleaning was done in blitzes. Give it a few days then when he began to notice the dust he cleaned up. Anyway this would give him something to concentrate on and take his mind off sex.On Saturday he walked into the Archers just before 7 and to his amazement saw Harriet at a table chatting to an unusually attractive and slightly older girl. He wasn’t sure whether to interrupt them as they seemed utterly absorbed with their conversation and was loathe to disturb. As he walked through the pub Harriet looked up and flashed him the most wonderful smile.”James my love come on over and meet Julie.” Reaching over to the two seated girls he extended his hand to Julie “It’s a real pleasure to meet you Julie, you are the first of Harriet’s girlfriends I have met so far.” “Thank James, she has told me so much about you, especially how much you helped her at school.” As she said this Julie flashed him the most amazing smile, an unusual one and full of what? Knowledge, whimsy, promise perhaps? Totally unlike the one he’d received from Harriet, but then again Julie’s facial features were utterly dissimilar from Harriet’s. She had quite an angular face and when she smiled, with her eyes as much as her mouth, the whole character of her face changed, both attractive and unsettling at the same time.”Now James” Harriet said, “Please join us but before you do I think we would both like drinks, perhaps a glass of Chablis apiece and then I hope you will buy us dinner later? Please sweetie?” The food in the pub wasn’t spectacular but certainly well cooked and the service and prices were pretty good. So by the time they had eaten and settled back for some more drinks all three of them felt well satisfied, the cognac was helping of course. All throughout the meal he had been thinking of ‘Harriet’s surprise’ but hadn’t dared mention it, then suddenly she brought it up. “James you know I have a surprise for you remember? Well are we going back to your place so I can give it to you. and give you the surprise as well of course?” This last remark was accompanied by the most mischievous look and smile. James had a feeling he might be in for an interesting bursa escort night. It was only a short walk from the pub to his home and Harriet clung tightly to James whilst Julie had her arm through Harriet’s free one. “I have missed you so James and later I shall show you just how much. The holiday with the family was just great but my mum was quite suspicious at the amount of underwear I was getting through. Just thinking about that night just kept me wetting my pants. And James, I want you know it’s not just the sex, though that was incredible, but I really have fancied you for a long time. You are a very desirable man,tremendously empathetic and kind as well as having a delicious cock.”He would have been embarrassed had he been alone with Harriet but with Julie there he was doubly so, though a quick glance at her showed an impassive expression that didn’t show any emotion. Just why was she here anyway?In moments they were home, he ushering the girls into the house, though Harriet was of course familiar with its layout. He had already offered coffee which they both accepted and then while they went to the bathroom he sorted out some music he figured they might like, he chose some vintage blues by Robert Johnson, music he loved and though might be sufficiently different to elicit some interest. As they walked into the lounge and were framed in the doorway, he noted that had both refreshed their makeup and how strikingly beautiful, yet strikingly different they were were. What on earth was going to happen this evening?”I just love this music James, Robert Johnson isn’t it?” Then Harriet piped up,”I didn’t know who it was but I just love it, somehow it sounds both quite old yet new in spirit at the same time” As if James’ ego wasn’t already flying high these comments about the music were making it so. Also now that they were inside the house the presence of the two girls was making him quite aroused. Harriet’s conversation on the way had started this off and he was increasingly thinking about Julie being naked in front of him, if indeed that was going to happen.Now he had never considered Robert Johnson’s Blues as being appropriate for dancing but these two were swaying and moving very much with the music and very sexily. Both were wearing very short skirts and watching them he was sure Harriet was wearing stockings, the black band of the tops being occasionally visible as she danced. Julie was also wearing dark nylons probably sheer tights. Either way he was quite excited by the thought of exploring the legs of at least one of them. As one track finished he suggested some drinks and they both chose to have more brandy, so pouring out three measures he sat back on the sofa between them. They sat for a while sipping their brandy when Harriet leapt up stood in front of him and announced that she had something to show him. Slowly lifting her skirt she confirmed that indeed she was wearing black stockings, sheer but without seams and held up by six wide suspender straps. His heart leapt and his cock twitched, this is what he had anticipated since her text message earlier in the week. As her skirt inched higher he could see some creamy coloured fabric appearing, a slip? Surely not and indeed it was wasn’t. Was this his surprise at last? She was wearing a pair of loose French knickers that sat invitingly over her taught stockings the suspender straps disappearing inside the silky fabric. Her skirt up around her hips now Harriet was slowly stroking her thighs and tantalisingly hovering one hand over the crotch of her knickers. He looked at Julie who was staring straight at Harriet, her eyes wide and licking her lips slowly her small tongue flicking in and out of her mouth. My god this was getting steamy and his cock was becoming quite uncomfortable under his tight jeans.Harriet by now was standing very close to him legs wide apart and rubbing her silky pants very hard over her crotch. He could feel Julie squirming beside him clearly as turned on as Harriet and myself.Out of the corner of his eyes he saw that Julie was fondling a breast with one hand and had the other between her legs up her skirt. Harriet stood up straight and announced ,”Now I want to suck some cock, I want one in my mouth and to feel it’s wet end with my tongue.” Jesus, thought James, that’s just what I want, I am so fucking hard now.What happened next totally astonished and, to an extent, dismayed him. Harriet moved, pushed open Julie’s legs and her skirt up. bursa escort bayan Yes she was wearing black tights but suspender tights that showed off her white thighs. She was wearing the tiniest black thong that Harriet roughly pulled aside. What he then made him realise that this was the actual surprise, Julie was a transsexual, he wasn’t sure what amazed him most, that such an attractive girl was now sporting a large and very hard cock or Harriet’s hunger to take it so readily into her mouth? He felt Julie leaning into him then take his right hand and slide inside her or maybe his? (He was already confused and was to become more so as things developed) already open blouse. The breast he was guided to was naked, no bra, with a fiercely erect nipple that was begging to be licked and sucked. Could he do it though? Julie leaned further towards him.”Don’t fight it James, I don’t, I am totally at ease with my sexuality, after all I can chose from a larger palette of experiences than you, and Harriet just loves it. Your hand feels wonderful caressing my nipple and just you wait to I wrap my lips around your cock, you will be ecstatic.”His emotions were in utter turmoil. This was an experience that he would never have dreamed he would be faced with. His sexual anticipation over the last few days was as high as it had ever been. He was so sexually charged it was almost causing him physical pain, and inside he was hurting and not a little resentful that Harriet had led him into confronting a sexual experience that he was unsure he wanted. Had Harriet meant all those honeyed words she had spoken to him or was that just a ploy to help satisfy her own sexual desire with Julie? Snapping out of this reverie he realised that the nipple under his hand was really hard now and somehow he was actually enjoying the sensation of it growing under his touch. He also realised that Harriet had stopped sucking Julie’s cock and was now stroking it gently while staring intently at him. “Are you alright James? You seem disturbed, perhaps I assumed to much, maybe I should have discussed Julia with you first but I wanted so much to surprise you with a new experience that I just felt you would enjoy. Just believe that it was intended as an expression of love for you and submerge yourself in the experience, my love you will enjoy it I will guarantee that.”Harriet wondered whether this would be enough to persuade him. She was utterly at a sexual ease and wanted him to be there with her, Julie as well. Maybe she had gone too far too quickly, but fuck it, too late now, now she just wanted to give him the most amazing threesome experience and she was determined to have him fuck her and have Julie as well.James felt the hand sliding over his pants and gripping the bulge under them then felt his zip being pulled down. He hardly dared look down to see whose hand it was almost afraid of who it might belong to. It was Julie’s and he then realised he was not longer apprehensive. Maybe he was doing what Harriet suggested and submerging himself in the experience. Julie’s hand went inside his pants and boxers and started to fondle his cock. At the same she, he had decided that that’s how he would think of her, was had come closer to him and was licking his ear probing her tongue into his mouth and whispering to him. “Please, please James I want both of you so badly please let me suck your cock?”James didn’t respond he just moaned as he felt his belt being undone and his pants being wriggled down his legs, he obligingly lifted his bottom and with the moans this was taken as complete submission to anything the two girls wanted to do. Indeed it was, he realised that he wanted this he wanted Julie’s mouth around his cock, he wanted to her cock inside Harriet’s cunt. He wanted to feel Harriet sucking his cock while Julie fucked her. Fuck it he now wanted it all. Submerge she had said and damn it that what’s he was going to do.Harriet stood up shrugged out of her skirt and blouse to,reveal a full view of those gorgeous cream knickers sitting over a waspie suspender belt and a retro style conical bra holding up her full tits, well barely holding them up anyway. Julie now followed suit showing her slim nylon encased legs with the sight of her cock and balls dangling from the open gusset of her tights, he’d realised he was comfortable seeing her cock and was actually looking forward to touching a cock for the first time since boarding school. As he knew she wasn’t wearing a bra escort bursa and he saw how her very slim waist accentuated the size of her breasts. I want those in my mouth he thought, or at least whatever would fit in his his mouth. His desire for Julie was growing and he was surprised as to how easily he had come to terms with what was happening. “James have you any champagne or something similar?, a glass or two would be appropriate right now wouldn’t it Julie?” There was an unopened bottle of Cava in the fridge, best he could do, which he brought back to the lounge. The two of them were cuddling on the sofa kissing and with Harriet’s hand around Julie’s cock gently frigging it. His cock instantly leapt erect , what a sight, his first urge was to take pictures, his second to sit between them them and experiment with that other cock while Harriet took care of his, or did he want Julie’s mouth around it first?He didn’t really have a choice, putting the tray with wine and glasses on the table he was dragged onto the sofa between them and while Harriet stuck her tongue down his throat Julie wrapped her mouth around his cock and began to suck it greedily. It felt wonderful, by goodness she was good at this. She kept withdrawing her mouth from over his cock licking the wetness from its end then plunging back over it and ramming it as far down her throat as she could. Harriet was now fondling his balls and the joint sensations were exquisite. His hands were busy too, caressing Julie’s bare tits and Harriet’s over that stiff bra she was still wearing. She took the hint though reaching behind her back and unhooking it, releasing her large firm tits for his hand to play with. All three of them were now totally immersed with each other, rubbing and fondling whatever area of flesh came near their hands. Using their hands and mouths to lick suck, arouse and fondle the body parts that they could reach. Coming up for air from his cock Julie announced two things, she was thirsty for some some wine and could she please fuck one of them?The wine was easy, it was right there, but did she seriously want to fuck James? And did he want her to? Pouring the wine gave his thoughts a respite. Then Harriet said gently.”James darling, I have let her fuck me in my cunt and my arse and believe me if you like a finger in your bum, and most men do, you will just love her cock in there, c’mon sweetie, you have come so far finish the course with me?”Harriet took his hands and pushed it under her knickers, she was soaking wet, “See that’s how much this has got me going we can all sleep together tonight and do all sorts of lovely things to each other but please please let her fuck you while you bang my brains out?”Feeling Harriet’s wet creamy cunt was what slid him over the edge, he had to have her and now, he grabbed her close put both his hands down her knickers and began to slide them down her legs feeling those suspender straps and nylons as he did so. Yes yes Harriet moaned, “I want that cock in me and quickly”As they slide onto the floor things were a blur and almost without them realised he was deep inside with Harriet bucking underneath him. Both of them were making whimpering moaning noises and their kisses were just short of them eating each other. He could never recall being quite so passionate and she was totally absorbed in himIt was then a surprise to realise that Julie had insert a very wet finger into his arsehole and was kneeling behind him pushing her cock into his arse crack as well. Harriet was perfectly aware of what Julie was doing and pulled him tighter to her whispering in his ear.”James just relax you will love it I am sure, concentrate in fucking my cunt and you be amazed how good it will become. I have been told by Julie that men shoot buckets when they are relaxed”It then he felt it slide up his bum, and it seemed much easier and less intrusive than he expected, and not at all painful. Perhaps the encouragement Harriet was given him and the sensation from her pussy were distracting him from the actuality that he was been fucked in the arse by a cock. It seemed over so quickly, Harriet was screaming now and she reached up pst his body and pulled Julie onto his back. He could feel her hard nipples forcing into him and all of them tensed . Julie began to moan and spasm and suddenly all of them came together. He just seemed to pump for ages and he could feel Harriet’s cunt clinching hard around his cock while it was clear his arse had done the same to Julie. They lay were they were, close to each other and touching, The looks on their faces made it clear that all had orgasmed but that far from being exhausted considered this the start of a sexual marathon.

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