The Teacher – Part 02 – The Party –


The Teacher – Part 02 – The Party -After a week or two the teacher invited me to a party at her house. i was the youngest in the party. there were other teachers at the school. at once i wanted to have a drink. i went to get a drink. i watched the party from a corner. i saw the teacher who had sex with me is going to the bathroom with another teacher of our school.the other teacher is a bit taller than the teacher who had sex with me. and had a round ass. her tits were about to jump out of the dress. they are bouncing when she walks.i wanted to know what is going in there. i walked slowly towards the bathroom door and looked around. there was no one looking so i went in side the bathroom. the image that i saw was awesome. both of them were naked. the teacher who had sex with me is sitting on the sink and the other teacher is licking her pussy. (the teacher who had sex with me is Gayani, and the other teacher is Deepika )both of them were scared. Gayani told to Deepika “it is ok. we can trust him.” and hugged her. after about a min deepika came towards me and started touching my cock from the out side and said “are you ready to join us?” i waved my head up and down to say yes. Gayani got off from the sink and came towards me while i was locking the bathroom boor. Gayani came to my right side and Deepiks to the left. Gayani started kissing me on the lips and Deepika started kissing me on the neck. i got rock hard in a second. two pretty women are on my each arm. i kissed Gayani for 5 mins then i started to kiss Deepiks. then Gayani started to kiss me on the neck. after some time i went to lick the tits of my teachers. they were big and round. i started to suck one nipple and took two tits to my hands. both of them started mumming. after about çorum escort 3 mins i did not heard the mumming so i looked up. i saw Gayani and Deepiks are kissing each other on the lips, touching each others face. i saw how much horney they were. they were kissing each other like a****ls. i let go of the tits of my hands but i still suck the nipples. i took my hands to each pussy. they were wet. i started to put one finger on each pussy. Gayani started mumming and caught a tit from deepiks and held it hard. i putted two fingers. both of them started to mum and held each others tits hard. so i left the tits and started to lick there pussy. after 10 mins both of them started to yell “i am going to cumm. ohhhhh. i am….ohhhhh” then i finger fucked them hard. both of them started shaking and yelled ” i want to cum so badddd. ohhhh i am cumming. i am cumming. ohhhhhhhhh ” Gayani started to cum first. i licked her and her juice was so sweet. i wanted to taste Deepikas juice. i have drank Gayanis’ juice before. so i left Gayanis’ pussy and started to lick Deepikas’ pussy but i finger fucked Gayani. Deepiks was already cummed but there were lot to come. i started sucking her pussy. she she held my head and pushed it in to her pussy. i putted my tongue as far as i could in her pussy. she cummed. it was sweeter than Gayanis’. i licked it all out her pussy.I got up. they started to kiss me. both of them at once. then Deepika said “it is our turn now” actually i got a bit scared. what will they do to me. will they hurt me. i got thousand questions like that. then Gayani took of my shirt and Deepiks took of my trouser. both of them kneeled down in front of me and started to play with my cock. Gayani started to suck my cock and Deepika sucked my balls. escort çorum i was in heaven. words cannot explain the feeling i got. i was so amazing. after few mins Gayani started to suck my balls and Deepiks started to suck my cock. they did it rapidly. after about 10-15 mins i wanted to cum. i yelled “i am going to cum”. then they took my cock and balls out of there mouths and started to jurkoff. “cum on my tits yess dont you wanna cum on my tits” i cumed in there tits. i shot a load of cum in there tits. “oh my god. there are lot of cum. it is sooo hot.” then both of them sucked my cock and made sure there was nothing left. they got up. Gayani started to lick the cum on Deepikas tits and Deepiks did the same. they washed there faces and tits. i washed my hands and my face. we wore the clothes and went to the party like nothing happened.After Three Hours…….it was about 10 pm. everyone left. i called mom and said “i am going to stay over here the night i will come tomorrow”. mom said ok. then i went to watching tv. i thought i could fuck Gayani tonight and have so much fum from here. suddenly Gayani yelled “come here i want to tell you something. i am in my room” i went to the room. i saw Gayani and Deepika are naked and sitting on the bed i said “i thought everyone left”. then Deepiks said “how can i leave we have a unfinished business.” then Gayani said “she is staying here tonight”. Deepika got up from the bed and came to me. she took my hand and dragged me to the bed. she pushed me i was in the middle of the two naked women. i got hard. they could see my cock from my trouser. both of them started to touch it and kiss me. i got up and took off my clothes. i reached my cock to Deepikas’ mouth and she started to suck it. i took çorum escort bayan it and put it in Gayanis’ mouth. both of them were muming. i pushed Gayani to the bed and pulled from her legs so i could lineup my cock with her pussy. Gayani was facing up in the bed and Deepika sat on Gayanis’ face. i licked her pussy a bit and lined up my cock with her pussy. i could hear she mumming but she cannot mum aloud because Deepica is sitting on her face. after a min or two i pulled Deepika to my self but she did not broke the bond with the pussy and mouth. i started to kiss her neck and touching her tits. after a while Gayani cummed. so i stopped fucking her but my dick was inside her pussy. Deepika started to yell “i am going to cum now ohh i cannot hold it ohhhhhh.” she cummed on Gayanis face. i wanted to fuck Deepika. i pulled her close to me. she was in doggy style. so i had to climb to the bed. i pulled her close to me and started to lineup my cock with her pussy. Gayani was laying on the bed. She was weak. then Deepika pulled Gayni and started to lick her pussy. she mummed. her sound was weak. i fucked Deepika hard. her pussy was so wet and so tight. i fucked as fast as i can. her tits start to swing. so i caught them hard and used them to pull her to my self. after a while i wanted to cum. i smacked Deepikas’ ass and said “i am going to cum”. i stud up on the bed and they kneeled down. Deepika started to rub her pussy on my leg and sucked my cock. Gayani started to suck my balls. after a while i cummed on there faces. they enjoyed it and started to lick the cum out of each others face. Gayani said “i am so tired today. had to work a lot because of the party and got fucked hard.”. we laughed. i laid on the bed. the lovely naked women came to me and laid on my body. Gayani was in my left side and Deepika was in my right side. they held my cock and balls. i wanted to know who is holding my cock but i was so tired fucking two women and i fall asleep.To Be Continued……

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