The Taste of Ass


The Taste of AssAfter a great Saturday, the wife and I relaxed, watched some TV, and as normal did a little work on the laptops. My wife has been getting extra fit so has of late been drinking less. Tonight however she had not one, not two, but three glasses of wine. After winding down we went to bed. I am usually in bed first. (Outside of a piss and brushing and flossing what else is there for a guy?) Tonight I hoped in, in my t-shirt and shorts. I go commando almost year round. I watched as my wife slipped out of her comfy clothes and into some thing panties and a loose shirt.We said our goodnights and I sneakily took off my shorts and shirt. I snuggled up close to spoon and my wife felt my hot growing cock on the back of her thighs and ass. türkçe bahis She giggled and I reached around and started playing with her tits. She rolled to me and we kissed passionately. Our tongues twisting and turning about each other. I rolled onto my back and my wife climbed over me as we kissed more. I tugged at her panties and she rose up enough for me to pull them off. She then stripped off her top. We kissed more. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter and I felt the moisture on my thighs. She began reaching back to play with my cock. I know when she does thatch wants to impale herself on it and start riding. I had other plans though.I pick her up just enough to start wiggling underneath her. Then I let her pussy down on my face. I dive youwin right in and begin lapping at her twat. I love living pussy. Freshly showered, sweaty, musky, used and full of cum I don’t care I just love it. Before long she is writhing on top of me enjoying herself. Eventually she falls over and starts licking my cock. Not too long after that her head is bobbing up and down on it. I decide since I’ma dirty perv to take it up a notch. I then begin taking long licks from her clit to her asshole. Wet spitty licks. Both of her holes are glistening and dripping with spit and her natural juices. This makes her really go to town on my cock. It’s awesome. After a while I lick the fingers of one hand and insert my index and middle finger youwin giriş in her cunt and my pinkie in her asshole. My wife loves sassily and loves getting the tip of my cock on her asshole every chance she gets. I work the three fingers in and out of her until she is moaning and creaming. I pause and lick them all clean and then go back in for more.After a while of this I decided to finish up this tailgating with more ass and pussy licking which she loves. I worship this holes for another 10 minutes or so. My tongue going in as deep and I can stuff until I finally crawl out from under her and sink my cock into her doggy style. I pound her like that for a god while and then she falls over on her stomach and I put my full weigh ton her and go balls deep as she is p*nned to the bed. Finally after five or ten more minutes and a few orgasms from her I dump a huge load in her.She wants to sleep so my dream of getting my own sloppy seconds has to wait for another day.

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