The taboo sisters


The taboo sistersBefore I had met Dawn I was fucking around with her sister Julie and Julie was about 5’5″ around 130 lb and she wasn’t fat by any means but built just like her mom who was thick with huge tits and Dawn was very thin what’s a nice little booty and smaller tits and a thick bush just like her mom. So the three of us we’re hanging out at the house and Julie who was studying to be a bartender had made us some Long Island teas, while we were sitting around bullshiting I reached over and grabbed an empty Coke bottle and started spinning it and after a few times Don had said are we playing spin the bottle or something? I said yeah it’s strip spin the bottle and I spun it and it landed on Julie and I said okay do you have to take something off so she took off a sock and then the bottle landed on me and I did the same and about then their brother walked in and asked what’s up in which I said we are playing spin the bottle and to sit down because this is going to get interesting and he said I’m in, after a while we had finally gotten down to her underwear and the girls were sitting there in their bras and panties and me and her brother were in our underwear and the bottle landed on Julie and of course we were all like come on take something off and although she was reluctant she finally took off her bra and exposed those huge tits and her brother’s job just about hit the floor and then the bottle landed on him and he had to take off his underwear and he wouldn’t do it but Julie convinced him to take them off and that she seen his dick already many times so it was no big deal, the bottle landed on Dawn and her bra came off the bottle landed on me and my underwear came off then Julie and we were all naked, then the bottle landed on Dawn and Julie said okay you have to kiss Joe and me and Dawn had not kissed yet and she bent over and kissed me on the lips and I reached my hand to the back of her head in which our tongues entered each other’s mouth and we went at it for a few moments. This game of spin the bottle was beginning to get way out of control it finally landed on Julie and Don told her to kiss her brother and without hesitation she did which to me was kind of weird but it was hot and then it landed on Dawn and I told Don to kiss her sister and which now she was reluctant but me and her brother where come on you got to do it and so she did, as the game continued it landed on her brother in which I told bursa escort him to suck Julie’s tits and she let him and me well we were both getting hard watching this. When the bottle landed on Dawn her brother told Dawn to lick Julie’s pussy in which Dawn had said no fucking way and me and her brother where light come on do it just do it and get it over with but she would not do it and Julie had said if she does it you guys got to suck each other’s cocks and what your brother said yeah that’s something dad would do but I’ll do it. Obviously they had seen their dad suck dick before so it was nothing out of the ordinary and Dawn finally agreed and Julie opened up her legs and Don began licking her pussy. Julie put her hand on the back of Dawn’s head and the both of us guys could tell she was liking it. My dick was so throbbing watching this and finally Dawn got up and said there I did it. When the bottle landed on me they made me suck her brother’s dick and I did it willingly and I could tell he was beginning to enjoy it too in which I heard him say I’ve never had a dude suck my dick before, the bottle landed on him in which he had to suck my dick as well but not before the bottle had landed on me again and they both said okay you need to fuck Dawn so we all got up and walked over to the couch and my dick was hard as a rock, Dawn had never hesitated to walk over to the couch and she laid down and open up her legs and I got on top of her and we can fucking her and her arms went around me and we began to kiss with our tongues going wild in each other’s mouth,. I knew I was about to cum inside her so I pulled out and began licking her pussy while her brother and Julie was standing there watching,Well I was licking her pussy I looked up at Julie and told her to come down here and lick her pussy with me and without hesitation she did and while we were both licking her pussy I looked up and their I seen her brother grab Dawn’s head and stick his dick in her mouth and I was thinking this is some crazy shit right here, this is brother and sister ship going on. This was totally taboo but her brother had a pretty big dick just like his dad and I know I enjoyed sucking his dick and I could tell Dawn was getting into it. I told him go ahead you fuck her now and he pulled his dick out of her mouth and began fucking her and Julie continue to lick her clit while he was fucking her and I stuck my dick in Dawn’s mouth and she began bursa escort bayan sucking my dick. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth and the whole time I could hear her moaning while she was sucking my dick I’m getting fucked and licked. At times well getting my dick sucked I would grab her small tits and squeeze them in which she got louder and I would pinch your nipples and which she got even louder but continue to suck my dick until finally I told her I was going to cum but she wouldn’t stop sucking my dick and I finally pulled her head all the way to me until my balls were touching her chin and I shot a pretty big load down her throat and when I pulled my dick out of her mouth she smiled and asked me if I like that and I said yes that was awesome. Just then Julie and her brother got up and laid down on the floor and she began sucking his dick and I went down to help her suck his dick and I looked over at dawn and she sat right down on his face and 69ed him in which all three of us were taking turns sucking his dick and balls.Julie had got up and said God I want to fuck this dick and sat down on his dick and began to ride him I went over to him and grabbed his head and stuck my dick in his mouth and made him suck my dick, while I was getting my dick sucked Don came over to me and stuck her tongue in my mouth as we began to kiss some more and I got to squeeze on those little titties again and she tilted her head back and I grabbed her tits and began sucking them while getting my dick sucked and after a moment she kind of pushed me off her brother and sat back down on his face and began to 69 him and she began licking Julie’s pussy while she was riding her brother’s cock so while she was getting her pussy licked and licking her sister’s pussy I stuck my dick in her pussy from behind and began to fuck Dawn from behind while her brother was licking her pussy. She then set up and grabbed a handful of Julie’s tits and began sucking them and they were both so into it with Julie’s hands behind her sister’s head has she got her big tits sucked on. No sooner did I look up again and Julie and Dawn we’re in a full lip lock and I could tell their tongues were going wild and it didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot my load again and I couldn’t pull my dick out of dawn so I shot a big load inside her and as I stopped her brother continued licking her pussy and as I pulled my cock out of her pussy he escort bursa was licking my shaft and I stopped for a moment with the head of my dick still inside her pussy and still he continued to lick my shaft and fondle my balls with his tongue. Finally I pulled the rest of my dick out of her pussy and to my disbelief her brother began sucking my dick with my cum all over it, holy fuck did that feel good and my dick was throbbing hard even after shooting a load.We all dismounted and I began fucking Julie and her brother began fucking Dawn and while I was playing and sucking with those big giant tits of Julie’s I shot my third load inside of her, at that very moment I could hear her brother getting ready to shoot his load and he pulled his dick out and shot a huge load all over Dawn’s stomach tits and face. He wasn’t done yet he turned it over and began fucking her from behind with his cum all over her so I did the same to Julie being that my dick was still hard and knowing where the lube was from fucking her mom in the living room I reached in the drawer of the end table and grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up my dick and began fucking Julie in the ass. She got Extremely Loud as I fucked her tight little ass all she kept saying oh fuck, fuck yeah OMG fuck me oh yeah I looked over at her brother and said go ahead and try this and we switched, he loved his cock up and began fucking Julie’s ass and I loved my dick up and slowly began fucking Dawn’s ass and both the girls we’re very loud while getting their asses fucked finally I heard Kim shoot his load inside Julie’s ass and Dawn kept saying cum in my ass baby cum in my ass, cum inside me and finally I did and I could hear her say OMG I can feel you throb.We pulled our dicks out of the girls asses and sat back on the couch while both the girls roll over on their backs on the floor both continuing to say how hot that was and telling their brother he had an awesome cock both of them saying I’m going to do that again. From that point on Dawn continuously called me and came over to my house to get fucked in which we finally became a couple and began dating and she let me take pictures of her hot little body. This family was a very highly sexual family being that both the parents we’re extremely sexual and had zero limitations so I guess at this point it wasn’t hard to understand why the brother and sisters we’re so easily convinced to do this. Being that we were 19,19 & 20 we were all still pretty wild and out-of-control young adults and the three of us we’re always getting in trouble for something and this wasn’t the last of our little sex escapades in which there was more to come.

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