The #SwirlMovement: With Taylor Swift


The #SwirlMovement: With Taylor SwiftThe Swirl Movement: With Taylor SwiftChapter 1By:Satoshi88Codes: Intro, Interracial, RaceplayDisclaimer: This is completely fictional (unfortunately). This is just some idea that popped into my head that seemed like a bit of fun. Comments are more than welcome, just be constructive if you have any advice/suggestionsTaylor takes a deep breath as she peeks through the curtain, feeling anxious as she sees the huge crowd gathered in the auditorium. Taylor was no stranger to singing, let alone speaking, in front of a large audience, but this was so much different. What she was about to go out and say was gonna stop this spinning blue ball in its tracks, and she was starting to get cold feet, when a muscular black hand placed itself on her shoulder reassuringly. After her initial startle, she smiled as she spun around and looked into the face of her beloved new beau. “You got this babe, we’re more than ready.”, De’andre says holding her hands in his as she leans up and plants a loving kiss on his lips.Taylor pulls back nodding, “I know that we’re ready, my love. It’s everyone else I’m worried about…” She says as her assistant on her in ear mic announces, “Taylor, 45 seconds til you’re on.” she says making Taylor slightly hyperventilate. “Baby, keep calm, just let what is on your mind fly…” De’andre says, giving her another quick hug before stepping back as Taylor takes a step forward, going through the curtains onto the stage as she is announced.“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the TED Talks stage, Taylor Alison Swift!” Taylor walks out smiling, the crowd cheering for the America’s most beautiful, graceful, and purest popstar. “Well, guess we’ll see how long that reputation lasts…” Taylor thinks to herself as the crowd quiets down and she clears her throat. “Do you know what’s one lie, we’ve all come to accept without even thinking it through in the slightest?… It’s that nothing is faster than light…” Taylor starts as the crowd listens eagerly. “But Is light really this all power force in the universe? I would say, no it isn’t because.” She says pausing for a moment. “What can reign in this ‘all powerful light’?… It is the even more powerful, even more beautiful, even more eternal darkness…For example, what’s one casino siteleri thing light can’t escape? A black hole. ” She says as the crowd begins to murmur. “Now, I bring up that idea to bring up this one… is the idea of eugenics as bad as we all were taught to think?” Taylor asks, already anticipating the gasps. “Now here me out! I know that people here eugenics and can already see the train tracks leading to factories encased in barb wire, but I assure you I am not advocating forced execution…” Taylor says as the crown hushes. “No, what I am talking about is a natural selection of, what I believe is the true superior genes being consciously upheld in the light they should, while the inferior slowly fades out.” “Some of you may be asking yourselves, ‘Well Taylor, what good can come of eugenics? Blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t make someone any better than someone else!” She says, pausing before giving a sly grin. “That’s because white, fair skin isn’t the superior race… It’s black skin that is superior.” She says as a few people audibly choke. “Yes, I know, how can I, Taylor Swift, who am the epitome, the poster c***d for the beauty the white race can produce going to say I have inferior genes? Well, I just had to be honest with myself…” She says, before going on.“We all know that we are descendants of Africans, no matter what your race. ‘As it is in Heaven, so shall it let it be on Earth, and out of eternal darkness, let there be light’” She quotes, as the audience thinks it over. “We know that African cultures were the first to erect…”She inwardly giggles at that, as do a few other immature attendants, “great empires, that lasted for ages and gave invaluable knowledge to mankind.” Taylor tone shifts, “We know that our ‘superior’ western world was built with the stolen goods, and on the backs of Black slaves… by the incapable and weak White male.” She said as the crowd went silent .“That’s right, we all know that it’s true. White men couldn’t have accomplished any of their advances without Black men doing all the work for them, and notice I said men. My fellow white women, we may have been in on the heist, but we damn sure didn’t see any of the profits. Yet we still continue to support and uphold White men!… The very same men who **** us, casino firmalari then call us liars when we try to get justice! The same men who tell us how precious we are, then take advantage and abuse us!” She says, as the crowd is hushed. “So ladies and gentlemen, I have chosen a path, a path I think that I believe… no, I know will lead toward a better world… It will go down in history with the Feminist movement, the Civil Rights Movement. Right now we have the #TimesupMovement, the #MetooMovement… and now, to take back our power from our white male oppressors, I am proposing white females and other non black women of color everywhere to join me in the new movement, where we will worship, date, marry, mate with, and service the black male… The #SwirlMovement!” Taylor says finishing her speech with an astonishing amount of passion, as all the women in the room boomed cheering as Taylor thanks the audience for their time before walking off stage. Taylor runs backstage to her boyfriend and flies into his arms, her heart flying at a million miles an hour still before sucking his tongue into her mouth. Minutes later, she finally pulls back to catch her breathe, “How did I do babe? I felt like I should have said more, I feel like nobody is gonna take it seriously, and…” De’Andre shushes her ramblings, Taylor immediately obeys her beautiful dark king. “Baby, you did amazingly. People have heard the truth, that’s all that matters.” He says as she hugs him close, hoping that the truth she told wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.Little did Taylor know that it would fall on some deaf ears. White male users on Twitter were outraged that she could promote such a vile, stupid, and “racist” message, especially given her platform and status among the young white female community. She was among them immediately discredited as having either been paid to spout such lies, fallen into the “regressive” SJW feminist mindstyle, or had just completely lost it. Taylor was saddened as she refreshed her Twitter feed, expecting more and more hate throw her way from conservative and alt-right blog personalities and enemies who had once before actually held her in a place of reverence. However, just a few seconds later, the tears beginning to appear on her face quickly changed from güvenilir casino ones of sorrow to ones of pride, faith, and happiness. There she saw that not only were the newest and overwhelming majority of tweets defending her, they were embracing and echoing her message and sentiments. “Taylor Swift is a forward revolutionary thinking girl” A mainstream media outlet said about her. “Taylor Swift has said what every women in the world really thinks, and we’re grateful to her for it” Another wrote. “My Queen represents me #SwirlMovement” “#SwirlMovement is not just gonna trend for a week, it’s the new way” “#SwirlMovement #MeToo #Please #BBC Taylor Swift knows how we white girls really need it” Several of her Twitter Followers and fans put out into the world. The ones she found most intriguing and heartwarming however, were the ones from her fellow celebrities. Messages of love, support, and even adopting her lifestyle changes. Her best friends in her squad, fellow musicians, actresses, models, comedians, and more all said that she had convinced them that her truth was indeed THE truth. She put the phone down, the lack of bright screen darkening the room, as she went to her new favorite pastime… being nose deep in her boyfriends big black nuts. She licked gently yet with vigour, like a hungry puppy dog. She licked and sucked each ball until they were shiny and polished, dripping with her hot saliva as the now erect 10 inch black monster hovered over her head as she finally pulled back and explained the good news to De’Andre. “That’s great baby! I’m so proud, you did your thing and it all turned out fine.” he said as she straddled her black stallion ready to ride herself and him off to an orgasmic high. “Then does that mean?!?” Taylor asked excitedly, her tight white pussy still snapped snuggly around her black studs breeding tool. “Yeah baby, I think you’ve finally earned the right to get bred by a nigga…’ he says driving his dick halfway into her steamy hot and wet clam. “Fuck! I swear to you baby, I’m not gonna be the only pretty white bitch in Hollywood that’s gonna be swollen with a beautiful black baby! Every single one of them will when I’m done!” She swore between pants before he dove into her a fifth time,finally burying himself to the balls in the uber famous pop stars pink cookie, making it spasm and clutch around his still hard tool, trying desperately to milk out the all powerful and potent black seed she and the rest of the white women in the world would crave and lust after soon enough…

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