The Swing Series 4


The Swing Series 4This will be Part IV of the series. Hope everyone is enjoying the stories of my wife’s and my experiences. Sue is helping me write these, we are both enjoying sharing our personal experiences with everyone. Being anonymous allows us to really open up and reveal what is going on across this country in many more bedrooms than you think. Your neighbor could be having an orgy right now. Just think what you could be missing! Naturally the names here have been changed to protect the “guilty.” It was mid-January, and the usual January thaw was happening. The temperature was all the way up to 45 degrees! I pulled into my driveway about 8:30 p.m. It was Friday night and I was getting back from a very successful three-day sales trip in another state. I had been driving all day but was feeling really good thinking about how much money I had made in the last three days. I was really looking forward to getting home to my wife, Sue. I had called Sue every night since I left and each timewe had gotten carried away talking about sex and what wewere going to do to each other when I returned. Theconversations we had would have made anyone think I hadbeen gone three months instead of three days! We eachmasturbated over the phone, describing in great detailwhat our hands were doing to our bodies. We both hadsome great orgasms-phone sex is really great. Eachperson can say anything they want and also tell theother what they would like them to do to themselves. Try it sometime; it really makes being away much morebearable. You just have to be uninhibited and able tosay absolutely anything to your phone sex partner. Ofcourse maybe Sue and I are the only people that actuallymasturbate! I was supposed to be home two hours ago but had gotten delayed because of a lot of construction on the highway. I had pulled off for a while to let some of the traffic clear. Sue had been expecting me and I knew that by now she would be wondering where I was. She had told me that my favorite dinner would be ready when I got home.When I was walking up to the front door, I noticed that Pam’s station wagon was parked in front of the house, by the curb. I was wondering if maybe Sue had meant that Pam and she would be my “favorite dinner.” I licked my lips, I began to look forward to supper, hoping that I was right. I hadn’t seen Pam since the last time we had her, Jane, Anh and Pat over. I remembered her body, those fabulous huge tits, that tight pussy, that innocent but curious mind. I walked into the front door and into the kitchen. Sue was standing at the counter pouring some wine into three glasses. She jumped when she felt me behind her. Sue turned and hugged me, kissing me deeply in greeting. I asked if Pam was here and if she had poured the wine for the three of us.Sue said she had waited for a long time for me to get home. She said she had dressed up in her skimpiest and sexiest outfit for me and had wanted to greet me at the door when I got home. At about 8:00 p.m. the door bell had rung and Sue said she went to the door after putting on her full length silk housecoat. Shehad thought that I was home but there was Pam standing there with some man. Pam introduced her HUSBAND to Sue and Sue had invited them in. Pam said they needed to talk to Sue and I. Sue told me that she had gotten nervous, thinking that maybe Pam’s husband had found out about our “party” when Pam was supposed to be at the movies. Sue was worried that Phil was mad and wanted revenge or something. She said that her fears were somewhat calmed when Phil said that he was glad to finally meet Pam’s friend that Pam had talked so much about. Sue said she was wondering just how much Pam had “talked about,” saying she had seated them in the living room and offered them a drink. So here she was getting them when I got home. I needed a shower after the long drive that day. Maybe it would wake me up some, too. I told Sue toserve our guests and tell them I was now home andwould join everyone shortly.I entered the living room about 20 minutes later, feeling very refreshed. Sue was sitting across from Phil and Pam, who were sitting on the couch. Sue was in her housecoat and I could only guess what she might have on under it. My cock gave a stir with that thought. Phil rose and we shook hands. He seemed like a friendly type of guy. He was about five-foot-six, shorter than Pam by around four inches. He was balding slightly and had a slight paunch, but don’t we all ?We did a lot of small talk and then Phil said the real reason they had stopped over that night was to discuss something Pam had been discussing with him. He said he was a bit upset if what Pam had told him was true. Sue and I looked at each other with an “oh-oh” look on our faces. Phil told us he was not mad at us, and not really mad at Pam. He said that if all of this was true, he just wasn’t sure what to think. I asked Phil to tell us just what Pam had been saying. I didn’t want to volunteer any information yet, just in case we were thinking or talking about two different things. He said he felt a little strange talking about it with strangers, but continued, saying that lately Pam’s sex drive has been very different. He said Pam had been wanting to do a lot of new things and had begun talking different when they made love. He got a little suspicious and asked her right out where she had learned all of these things.Sue jumped in and seemed a bit embarrassed. She said she had told Phil about most of what we all had done that night. She had been having guilty feelings about it she said, not because of it being wrong, but rather because it had been so GOOD! She said Phil did not believe her at all at first. Pam had explained about the other girls and about how I had fucked her to blinding orgasms. Phil had started to believe her when she had told him about eating another woman’s pussy. He figured there was no way his innocent wife could make all of this up on her own. He demanded proof, Pam told him about our filming of almost the whole party. Phil said he really didn’t know what to think, he was believing her all the more now, since she was talking about all of this in front of my wife and I. I mean, WE weren’t denying anything! He asked if we really had an explicit film of his wife having sex with not only another man but a few women, also. I said we did have film of the event, but it was for our personal collection and he need not worry about anyone else seeing it. I said that if he thought he could handle it, he was welcome to watch some or all of it. He hesitated for a long time, looking at his wife. Pam did not look like the sex goddess that she had that night. Of course now she was fully dressed, and I do mean fully. She had on a long black skirt and a plain white blouse that she had buttoned to the top. It was still impossible to hide those big breasts of hers, though. How could anyone hide 40Ds? He turned to me again and said he thought he MUST see the film. He did not want to pass judgment on his wife, or us, until he had seen it with his own eyes. I warned him it would be VERY graphic. He said he still wanted to see it. Pam, I noticed, was a bit nervous. She had her fingers crossed as I loaded the VCR with the tape. I started the tape and sat back down next to Sue. We both saw the movie start and saw the five naked women and myself burst onto the screen. Sue, Pam, and I were all looking at Phil for his reaction. His eyes were glued to the screen as he watched his wife hanging her tits into my face, saw me suck one of his wife’s nipples into my mouth and then bite her tit until she moaned in pleasure. He could see the other woman, Jane, fucking up and down on my cock, and saw little Anh eating Jane’s pussy at the same time. The way Phil looked, it seemed quite obvious that he had never seen anything like this. Sue poked me and pointed to Phil’s crotch. Sue whispered that Phil had a hard-on! Pam noticed us noticing Phil’s tent in his pants as he watched the movie. When she saw his hard-on she reached over and began rubbing his cock through his pants. She looked back at Sue and I and winked, a smile forming on her lips. We heard Pam whisper to Phil, softly, but she made sure that we could hear. Pam said, “Phil, I’m sorry I felt I had to do that behind your back. I needed sex very bad and you were always too busy or too tired. Doesn’t that look like fun, my love? Wouldn’t you like to feel what it would be like to fuck another woman, ramming this big cock of yours up another girls cunt, squirting your cum deep into her? I would love to see you make it with another woman. I want you to watch me get laid, too. Watch this film closely honey. You are going to see me do many things we never thought of. I can feel that this is turning you on, your cock is very hard. Would you like to fuck me with it later?” Then Pam stopped talking to let all of what she had said sink in for a few minutes. Sue and I were back to watching the movie again. Sue had loosened the front of her housecoat. She took my left hand and put it around her and inside her housecoat. I caressed her left breast, feeling it come alive in my hand. All of this was obviously having quite an effect on my wife too. Sue opened the robe further and spread her legs apart. She was staring into Phil’s eyes! He was watching my wife expose herself completely to his gaze. I pulled her robe off to the side, Phil could clearly see my wife’s open, pink pussy in her crotchless panties.I think we knew all was okay when Phil bent to kissPam hard on the mouth, telling her how bad he neededher. He begged her to forgive him for neglecting herneeds. casino siteleri He told Pam he would do ANYTHING to make up for it. Phil told all of us that the tape was turninghim on, not making him mad! He actually enjoyed watchinghis wife having sex with other people. Gee, what apervert. Pam told him that what she really wanted was to fuck me while he watched. It would be the ULTIMATE turn-on for her, she said, to have her husband watch another man ramming his cock into her hot pussy. Pam asked if Sue and I were in the mood for some sex games. How could we refuse? Sue was masturbating her pussy while Phil watched intently. He had unbuttoned most of Pam’s blouse and had his hand inside her bra, fondling her right tit. Phil asked if I minded if he watched me fuck his wife. He thought he could handle it, even though this was coming at him pretty fast, it seemed. I told him I would gladly fuck Pam and that if he wanted, he could join in at any time.Phil asked if HE could tape us having sex. The idea was turning this guy on real bad! Sue got the camcorder for him, loaded it and showed him how to point and shoot it. I saw Sue whisper into Phil’s ear. She later told me that she had told Phil that after I fucked Pam he was very welcome to fuck her in front of Pam. Then she could see how it feels to have your spouse fucking another person in front of you. Now I knew why Phil had a big smile on his face as he watched Sue drop her robe to the floor and sit back onto the couch. He was staring at my wife in her “skimps” and she was enjoying teasing him.I got up and undressed. When I stood before Pam, totally naked, my cock stretched out in front of me in anticipation, she leaned forward. As she took my cock into her mouth, her eyes were staring at her husband, who was intently watching her every move. He began taping, not wanting to miss a thing. While Pam was licking and sucking my cock for her husband’s visual pleasure, she was removing her blouse and then her bra. Her large tits sprang free and she pushed them up and around my cock. I fucked her between her tits. Pam licked my cock head each time I fucked forward. Phil had one hand down, rubbing his cock through his pants. Sue couldn’t resist and went over to Phil, knelt down and unzipped his pants. She reached inside anddrew his cock out and said, “Phil, you have such abeautiful cock! Would you like me to put your cockinto my mouth and suck you off while you watch myhusband fuck your wife?” Sue unbuttoned Phil’s pantscompletely and dropped them to the floor, he steppedout of them and stood naked from the waist down, stillfilming his wife and I. As Sue took ALL of his cockdown her throat I could see that he was getting wobblyknees. Pam stood and took the rest of her clothes off. Her body was all I remembered. Her tits were sooo big, her bush wet and ready to be fucked. Pam laid back on the couch, sort of hanging her ass over the edge. I knelt between her legs and she reached down, grabbed my cock, and rubbed it up and down her wet pussy lips. I could see her clit standing up, a hard little button. Pam said, “Phil, watch me close, now. I am going to take John’s cock and put it in my cunt-yes, my cunt! I like to talk dirty when I am getting fucked and you should get used to it. Look at his cock sliding into your wife’s pussy! Look, my love, another man has his big cock buried inside me. I am going to fuck John until he sprays my pussy with his cum. If you want to, you can watch Sue eat his cum from my pussy when he finishes fucking me. Or you could suck my pussy dry, if you would like. OH PHIL! I am so stuffed with John’s big cock! I just love fucking! I’m CUMMMMING! AHHHH! OH, YES! FUCK ME, JOHN! SLAM THAT ROD INTO MY CUNT!”Pam was really getting into putting on this show for her husband. Phil was taking it all quite well, actually. Of course, what could he say? There he stood, filming his wife getting fucked while my wife was swallowing his cock like a sword swallower. Phil told my wife that she had better stop, as he was so close to cumming. He didn’t want to UPSET her by cumming in her mouth. Sue told him she wanted him to fill her stomach with his cum, she wanted to taste his spunk. Sue told him she loved sucking a man to orgasm and swallowing his cum. Phil leaned forward and I could see he was starting to blast his load into my wife’s throat. Sue was trying very hard to catch ALL of his cum. She got most of it, but used her fingers to catch the rest. Phil watched my wife lick his cum from her fingers with a smile. Sue said that his cum was very sweet-tasting.Pam started another orgasm when she saw her husband cum in Sue’s mouth. She yelled for me to join her and fill her womb with my sperm. Phil watched as I slammed into his wife and came deep inside her body. I was squeezing both of her tits in my hands, leaving red marks on them. Pam was bucking against me, milking my cum into herself. When I finished, Phil put the camera on the tripod and watched as I rolled away from his wife. Sue crawled over to Pam and buried her face in her cunt. Sue sure loved cum! She was sucking Pam’s pussy, cleaning all of my cum from her that she could get. Sue told Phil to get completely naked and join her at his wife’s pussy. He was naked in seconds and lifted Pam’s legs up and around his shoulders. He buried his mouth and tongue in her cunt. He said he could taste me in his wife’s pussy. He was so turned on, he didn’t seem to care that he was eating another man’s cum from his wife’s cunt. I reached over and played with Pam’s big tits as her husband worked her over pussy. I got into position and let Pam take my semi-hard cock into her mouth. I was hard again in no time. I began fucking Pam’s mouth and Phil had a close-up view. Pam came AGAIN! When Phil finally pulled away from her cunt, his face was covered in pussy juice. Sue bent over and licked it from his face and lips, planting a deep tongue kiss on him. We all sat up and laughed as we all looked over atthe TV again, there was Pam in the “69” positionwith Sue. Phil asked Pam if she enjoyed lesbian lovemaking. Pam said that the orgasms that she got from another woman were very intense-not better than with a man, but different. Sue asked if Philand I would like to watch her and Pam together. Suewas really getting hooked on eating pussy and having another woman eat her pussy. Phil said he would love to see two women together. As long as they had gone this far, what possible difference could one more new sex act have? He seemed to have gotten used to this open-sex stuff and I knew we would be getting together more. Pam was on her back. Sue crawled between her legs. Phil and I watched as Sue opened Pam’s pussy lips with her fingers. Sue pulled the skin down and around Pam’s clit and bent to suck it into her mouth. Pam began humping with her ass and moaning in pleasure. Sue started licking Pam in real earnest, now. She was slurping and making sucking noises, knowing that she was turning on both of us men. Pam lifted her head and asked Phil if he would like to fuck Sue while he watched her eat her. Phil looked at me, as if for approval, and when I nodded my okay, he positioned himself on his knees behind my wife. He moved forward and lifted her ass until she was on her knees. Phil could see her open pussy staring at him. Pam said, “My darling Phil, I want to watch you fuck into Sue. I want you to feel how GOOD sex with others can be. Don’t ever worry about losing me-I am yours forever. We can always have sex with others and still love each other forever. Go ahead, honey, stick your beautiful cock in her, fuck her hard, blast your load into her. Her pussy will squeeze your cum from your balls!”I saw Sue reach under herself and place Phil’s cock at the opening to her drenched pussy. Sue told him to ram it in and he slammed forward, burying himself in one stroke. Sue let out a roar as she was filled with his cock. Phil wasn’t quite as long as I was, but his cock was bigger around than even Joe’s! I could tell from my wife’s face that she really felt stuffed! He began a steady fucking in and out of Sue and she was bucking back into him. Sue continued licking Pam’s pussy and Pam reached for my cock, saying she wanted it in her mouth again. With my cock in Pam’s mouth I could feel how hard Phil was slamming into Sue from behind. Sue was grunting like an a****l as she was getting loaded with cock. Phil didn’t last more than a couple of minutes. Who could blame him? This was the first new pussy for him; he had to be overly excited. Sue didn’t mind. She started her own orgasm when she felt the first blast of Phil’s cum shoot into her. I think Phil was enjoying himself.We decided to take a break. We had more wine and talked about relationships. Pam mentioned her fantasy to fuck a really large cock, reminding us about what we had told her about Joe. Phil’s curiosity showed as he asked Pam who and what she was talking about. Pam told him, “Joe is one of the boyfriends of Sue’s sister, Pat. Pat and Sue have told me that Joe is avery big, handsome black man. Sue says his cock is 12 inches long and as big around as my wrist! Pat wants to share him with us other girls and thinks Joe would be available any time. My darling husband, how would you like to see your `innocent’ white wife being fucked by this big, good-looking black man? If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to have him join us sometime. It would be such a turn-on to see his big, black cock enter my pink and white pussy; knowing that you were watching me would make it a REAL turn-on.”Phil looked at bit shocked at his wife’s suggestionof going to bed with canlı casino a black man. Phil said, “Honey,I never would have believed that you would want to fuck another man, and never would’ve thought you would want to be fucked by a black man. I don’t know what gave me that impression, really, I guess I just thought you were too straight to handleinterracial sex. “If only I would have known about six months ago. There is a black guy at work, a pretty good friend of mine. One day he and I were talking at lunch and telling each other stories about our sexual escapades in years gone by. He said he used to know four couples that liked to get together with him regularly. He is 30 years old now, and said that since he moved here, he hadn’t met any other couples that liked to share with another man. He wished he knew someone around here that would like to share his wife with him. He said he really got into threesomes. Todd, that’s his name, said he even had a foxy girlfriend with coffee-colored skin who had always wanted to fuck a white man and make it with a woman. I told him I would LOVE to share you with him and also fuck his friend but that there was NO WAY that you would go along with having sex with another man, and certainly not a woman! Since you are looking forward so much to being with this Joe guy, why don’t we try and get hold of him and arrange something? Maybe another time we could invite Todd and his girlfriend over.”Sue said she had Joe’s number and would try to set something up within the next couple of weeks. Sue told Pam that she and I wanted to be there, also, as Sue wanted to fuck Joe again and was drooling at the prospect. Sue called Joe at home, apologizing for calling so late (it was around 11:30 p.m.). It sounded like Joe was glad to hear from her. She explained what we all had in mind. Sue and Joe talked for about 10 minutes and then she hung up and sat down next to Phil on the floor. We all wanted to know what Joe had said and when we were to get together. Sue said that Joe would BE OVER IN 20 MINUTES! She said Joe had an old girlfriend over at his place and they were just getting heated up and ready for an evening of wild sex. He had asked his friend, Cassandra, if she was up for any games tonight and I guess she had hesitantly agreed to come along to our house. Joe told Sue that Cassy was 19 years old, six feet tall, about 155 pounds and had BLACK, BLACK skin. He let Sue know that NO ONE would NOT appreciate a chance at burying a cock or tongue in Cassy, that she was a stone FOX. Supposedly Cassy had never been involved in group sex, never had a white man, and had never made it with a woman. He added that he wasn’t so sure that she would be comfortable touching another woman or being touched by one. As Sue was telling her eager listeners, she reached over and was fondling Phil’s cock. She asked him if he minded the chance to fulfill his two fantasies of seeing his wife with a black man and also fucking a beautiful black woman on such short notice. He said he was a bit nervous, but if Pam and the rest of us didn’t mind, he was game! We sat around talking for about 25 minutes and then the doorbell rang.Sue slipped into her housecoat and went to let Joe and Cassy in. She led them to the living room and when Cassy saw Phil, Pam, and I sitting around the fire naked, she stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway. Joe told her to “lighten up” and led her into the room. Joe’s eyes lit up when he saw Pam. He seemed amazed at the size of her melons. Everyone was introduced and by the time I had served a round of wine, everyone seemed to be at ease and getting along just fine. Cassy seemed to be enjoying herself, laughing loudly at something Sue had said. We talked for another fifteen minutes or so and Sue begged Joe and Cassy to “get comfortable.” Cassy asked if she could undress in another room. She was being modest. Sue pointed the way to the bedroom and Joe led Cassy to it. After about five minutes, which seemed like hours, the bedroom door opened and in walked Joe and Cassy, naked as the day they were born.The girls were staring at Joe’s huge cock, which wasn’t even hard yet. Each of them had her mouth hanging open in awe of the size of Joe’s weapon. Phil was really stunned when he saw Joe’s size but got totally distracted when Cassy stepped out of the bedroom behind Joe. “Stone fox” did not come close to doing this woman justice. She was a magnificent Amazon! This woman was, without a doubt, into keeping in shape. She had managed to look like every muscle in her body was in perfect tone without looking muscular. Every curve was smooth and soft-looking. Her skin was even darker that Joe’s, more the coal-black color of Joe’s cock. Her tits were not large, but by no means small. They were perfectly shaped, the aureoles almost indistinguishable because of the beautiful dark skin color she had. Her pussy was covered with short, curly hair. I could see her big pussy lips between her legs. If she had not have been so dark-skinned, I am sure that she would have been turning 50 shades of red; she was obviously nervous about being naked in front of virtual strangers. We couldn’t help but stare. I’m sure that didn’t help her nervousness.Joe led Cassy over and sat her down between Phil and me. He sat between my wife and Pam. Phil told Cassy that she was a very beautiful woman, commenting on how hard she must work to achieve and keep this fantastic body. Cassy graciously accepted the comment and told us that she worked in a gym as a trainer and was into keeping fit. Phil and I glanced at our own “spare tires” nervously; we weren’t exactly Mr. Universes. Cassy noticed our discomfort and said she liked to keep her body hard, but loved older, more “cuddly” men. She said the male body builders at her gym were conceited and into themselves. She felt a lot more comfortable with good-looking men like us. Phil and I perked up at that. I looked over at my wife and saw that she had her right hand pumping up and down on Joe’s massive cock. Pam, sitting on the other side of Joe, had her left hand just below Sue’s on Joe’s cock and was pumping it to the same rhythm as Sue. It looked like two or three more hands had room to fit on his length yet! I reached over and began caressing Cassy’s thigh. I told her that her skin was as soft as it looked. She said that she was amazed at how white my hand was against her skin color. Phil, while intently watching his wife jack-off another man, began rubbing Cassy’s other thigh. Cassy said she had never had more than one lover at a time and that she’d only had black lovers before. This was very different for her, she said, more of a turn-on than she could have imagined. She reached out with both hands, taking my cock in one and Phil’s in the other. I told her that if size meant a lot to her, we were not going to be able to compare with Joe’s equipment. Cassy said Joe was an “exception,” that she could only take his big cock every once and a while. A steady diet of his cock made her too sore, she said. “Your beautiful white cocks are just the right size for me. I am really getting hot. I would just love it if one of you would eat my pussy for me. Joe is one of the very few of my lovers that enjoy oral sex. That’s another reason I go out with him now and then. I don’t know why, but most black men have an aversion to licking a woman-many don’t even like a woman to suck their cocks. They think that it’s dirty or perverted, I guess. Joe told me that white men are really into oral sex. That is probably one of the reasons I agreed to come along here tonight.” Cassy laid back, opening her legs to give us each a perfect view of her black pussy. I reached out and spread the lips, exposing her engorged clit. It stood up, hard as a rock. I looked at Phil and said that Ijust had to bury my tongue in Cassy’s tight cunt. I laid between her legs and slurped my tongue through her pussy lips, causing her to hump her ass off the floor and her pussy into my face. She was mumbling about how great it felt, about how sensitive her pussy and clit were. She said she just loved to have her pussy licked, begging me to lick her faster and harder. Phil knelt beside Cassy’s head and fed her his rock hard cock. She sucked it in like a vacuum, grabbing his ass and pulling his crotch tighter into her face. I could see Phil’s whole cock buried in Cassy’s mouth. She was making loud sloppy slurping noises. I reached up and grabbed her tits in my hands. I loved to see my white hands squeezing that amazing, soft, black flesh. The skin was very silky.Her tits were as hard as tits could get, though. This was definitely a 19-year-old hard-body! Phil was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. Cassy was taking every hard plunge deep in her throat, not missing a beat. It didn’t take long, Cassy moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth as she had her first orgasm of the night. I sucked and nibbled at her clit to intensify her cum. She held my head steady against her crotch and slammed her pussy into my face. I looked up and saw Phil blast his cum into Cassy’s mouth and then watched as she removed his cock from her mouth and aimed the spurting weapon at her face. She said she loved the feel of a man cumming on her face. She loved how hot white cum felt and looked on her as a man unloaded his cream onto her face. I could hear moans and sighs from behind me where my wife, Pam and Joe were, but I had other things on my mind just then. I wanted to stick my 38-year-old cock into this 19-year-old black beauty and nothing was going to stop me now. I mounted Cassy and slammed into her pussy. She let out a kaçak casino big grunt as I impaled her with my cock. Cassy’s legs flew open and up and she wrapped her ankles around my neck. She screamed, “Fuck me, white boy! I want to fell that big white cock of yours buried in my little black pussy! Ram it to me-don’t stop! I can’t get enough of this! FUCK ME! Slam my pussy-shove your cock right through me!” Phil was playing with her tits as I fucked her with all of the energy I could muster. I hoped Phil and I could keep up with the sex-starved 19-year-old girl tonight. Cassy told me not to cum inside her. She wanted to see the cum blast from my cock onto her black body. I felt like I would cum at any second and pulled out of her tight, clenching cunt. I knelt next to her and masturbated my cock, pointing it at her chest and face. Phil moved around and filled her empty pussy with his cock as soon as I had vacated it. Cassy commented on the wonderful thickness of Phil’s cock. I pumped my cock a little more and then shot a wad of cum right into Cassy’s forehead. The next shot caught her just above the mouth. As my cum dripped from her forehead and lips, she hurriedly lapped up the drippings with her tongue. The rest of my cum landed on her tits and she began rubbing my white cum into her skin. As I pumped the last drops from my cock onto Cassy, Phil filled her pussy with his load. He slammed into her cunt hard and held himself deeply inside of her milking cunt as he spurted stream after stream of burning juice into her. She squeezed her cunt muscles hard, getting the last of Phil’s cum from his balls. I sat back and saw my wife sitting on Joe, squatting over his massive cock. She was raising up and down on him, worming every inch of his member into her body that she could get. Sue was totally oblivious to any presence other than her pussy and that wonderful black cock stuffing it. She was rubbing her clit with one hand as she held her lips wide apart with the other to help make room for this big bat she was sitting on. I could see the moisture dripping from her exposed, open, pink, pussy. She looked like she was going to be busy for a while.Phil rolled off Cassy and was quickly replaced by Pam. Pam immediately began running her tongue inside Cassy’s pussy. She was intent on sucking her husband’s cum from this beautiful young girls pussy. She could see why Phil had seemed to enjoy fucking Cassy so much. She was so young and vibrant, her pussy so clean and fresh. Cassy began moaning, thinking that it was me sucking her pussy again. When she reached down to grab “my” head to pull it deeper and harder into her crotch, she was startled to feel a woman’s hair. She lifted her head and saw Pam slaving away on her dripping pussy. Cassy said she had thought that woman/woman sex was revolting, at least BEFORE now. She couldn’t believe how absolutely wonderful Pam’s tongue felt in her cunt! She begged Pam not to stop until she had another orgasm. Cassy told Pam that if she would make her cum with her mouth that she would GLADLY do the same for her. Pam kept licking like a woman possessed. The idea that this young black girl, newly bisexual, would be eating her pussy very soon drove her to succeed in making Cassy cum. Cassy exploded in a very intense orgasm. Her pussy seemed to pour out liquid as she slammed against Pam’s mouth. Pam was feverishly trying to slurp the girl’s cum as it poured from her young pussy. After Pam finished, she rolled over onto her back and said, “Your turn. Make me cum with your mouth. Just do to me what you would want done to you. Once you taste a woman’s pussy, believe me, you will absolutely LOVE IT!” Cassy rolled obediently between Pam’s legs and stared in fascination at the first woman’s pussy she had ever seen close up, besides her own, of course. She hesitantly reached out with her fingers and spread Pam’s lips, exposing her hard clit. Cassy’s pink tongue snaked out, flipping over the nub in flicking motions. She seemed to enjoy the response and encouragement she was getting from Pam. Here she was, sucking her first pussy, a white pussy, after being fucked silly by two handsome white men. She had decided that meeting Joe was one of the luckiest things that had happened in her life. She experienced so many “firsts” with him. As Phil watched his wife being eaten by Cassy we both got the same idea and knelt on either side of her head. We leaned forward and Pam grabbed both cocks in her hands. She took turns licking and sucking our cocks into her mouth. Once she tried to get both cocks into her mouth at once but had to settle for one at a time. Pam lifted her legs to allow Cassy easier access to her open cunt, Phil and I each grabbed one of her legs and held them straight up. Each of us could see Cassy’s beautiful black face working intently between Pam’s thighs. She alternated between sticking her tongue deep inside Pam and licking in long strokes the length of that wide open pink cunt. Pam was nearing her long-awaited orgasm. Her face was very flushed and her neck muscles tensed in anticipation of the explosion that she knew was cumming. Pam said, “Honey watch Cassy make me cum. Isn’t she wonderful? her tongue is going to make me cum. Here I CUM-AH-MY-LOOOOORRRRRD I’mcreaming! Oh, my darling girl, it feels sooooooGOOOOOD! EAT MY CUNT! SWALLOW MY CUM! Show myhusband how his wife can cum by another woman!Phil, when Cassy is done I want you to see meload Joe’s big black cock into my wet pussy. Ineed you to watch me get fucked hard, see thathunk of a man slam his cock deep in your wife’spussy. I need to be filled-I want to feel Joe fuck me!”I looked over in time to see my glowing wife removing herself from Joe’s cock. She had screamed her orgasm about the same time Pam had. Joe was still erect, hard as ever; obviously he hadn’t cum yet. Joe rose and crawled between Pam’s legs. She lifted her legs until her ankles were beside her head. Her pussy was wide open, dripping and flexing in anticipation of her approaching adulterous act. Phil, very surprisingly, reached out and took Joe’s cock in his hand. He quickly said, “Joe, don’t get nervous-I am NOT a queer. I just thought that the first time my wife is fucked by a big black man, I should be the one to feed her the cock.” Joe relaxed and allowed Phil to grip his cock and rub it over this beautiful white woman’s pussy. Phil said, “Sweetheart, are you sure you want to try and get this big thing in you? It is so huge! I can’t even get MY hand around it.” Pam answered by raising her hips, opening her pussy wider. Phil shoved Joe’s cock into the opening of his wife’s cunt and watched as more and more of that black rod disappeared into his wife’s body. He was obviously enjoying seeing his wife fuck up against this man. Phil sat back and let Joe continue shoving his cock into Pam. Pam watched her husband’s face as her pussy swallowed up this recent stranger’s cock. Pam moaned, “My love, my husband, look at that big cock this wonderful man is shoving into your wife’s cunt. Watch my pussy swallow every inch of his black cock. I LOVE having you watch me fucking! I love you soooo much-you are so good to me. Thank you for letting me fulfill my sexual fantasies; you are so special to me. OH GOD! I AM SO FULL OF COCK! LOOK AT ME, PHIL-HE’S BURIED ALL OF HIS BIG BLACK COCK IN ME! IT FEELS LIKE NOTHING I’VE EVER FELT BEFORE! I FEEL SO STUFFED! I CAN’T WAIT TO FEEL JOE SHOOT HIS CUM INSIDE ME!”Joe began a steady rhythm of fucking into Phil’s wife. He got on his knees and we all got a perfect view of his big cock going in and out of Pam’s cunt. Joe reached and grabbed Pam’s tits in his hands. “Jeezuz woman, your tits are huge! How could a woman in good shape like you have such giant tits? My big black hands look so good on your white skinned tits and your pink nipples. Sometime I want to fuck your tits. You could lick my cock head as I fuck them.” Then Joe screamed that he was about to cum, he said he had been pretty close when fucking my wife. She had just beat him there. Pam yelled for Joe to fill her with his cum and he blasted load after load into this beautiful white woman with his giant black cock. Joe said he loved fucking white women so much because they seemed SO appreciative of and amazed at the size of his cock. He pulled his cock out of Pam with a loud plopping sound. Her pussy was flowing with his scalding cum. Cassy said she “owed” Pam one more orgasm. She dove into that white pussy and lapped up all the cum she could get her tongue on. Pam started to cum as soon as Cassy stuck her tongue deep into her pussy and sucked her boyfriend’s cum into her mouth. Cassy was swallowing the gobs of white cum she had lapped up. Before the night was over, I fucked Cassy, Pam and my wife once more. Phil and Joe did, also. By two in the morning we were ALL FUCKED OUT! Before leaving, Cassy asked Sue and I if she could “visit” us some time soon by herself. She had really enjoyed our company and the sex was THE BEST. Sue told me, later that night, that Cassy had asked if she thought that I might like to try fucking her in the ass. Cassy said she had dreamed of trying ass fucking ever since she saw a movie with Joe a year or so ago. In it they had watched a Japanese couple fucking in many, many positions-a couple of them showing the man sticking his cock into the little woman’s asshole. Sue said she’d told Cassy that she, herself, enjoyed ass fucking, as long as the man wasn’t TOO big. We invited Cassy to cum back the following Saturday night.When everyone was gone, Sue and I showered together. We soaped up each others bodies, rinsed, dried and crawled into bed. As usual, after a night of wild sex with other people, we were wiped out. We kissed passionately, telling each other how much we loved the other. Tomorrow is another day, next Saturday another orgy! I plan on resting up all week!

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