the song that became true


the song that became trueI woke up one sunday morning thinking about what i would do today. I was thinking while taking a bath and i decided it… i will just go out and walk in the street, maybe go to a park to lie down on the grass. So i ended up having breakfast and get dressed and i went out. I just started to walk and walk while i was listening music, i looked down to see the time on my phone and when i looked up i saw her… a Beautiful woman walking in the street perhaps aimlessly like me. When i saw her, the song of james blunt “you are beautiful” began to sound… I followed her discreetly for a while, she was walking a little fast, was admiring her until she arrived to her apartment, i dont know if she noticed my presence before entering but i was so amazed. When she entered i thought I’d never see her again so i sit down on a sidewalk and started to repeat the song “you are beautiful” and remembered her face and her body. I dont know how much time i did that but suddenly she went out. I was so happy but so confused too, i thought: “maybe she forgot something” didnt care much; she started to walk again and of course i followed her again (im not a stalker but she was so amazing) and i didnt know how to start a canlı bahis şirketleri conversation with her. While she was walking, her phone started to sound, she answered and started to talk but i didnt hear her conversation because i was a little far, i didnt want her to discover me, she hung her cel and i thought: “its my chance, im gonna talk her” and when i started to get close she hailed a taxi, i just scream in my mind: “¡¡¡No!!!” i thought: “¿what im gonna do? ¿follow her? ¿or stay here and walk again?” she was like an angel, was all or nothing so i decided to take a taxi too and follow her again. We didnt go far, the taxi driver stopped at a club, she went down and i also but i went down a little far, maybe 10 meters, we payed the taxi, and i started to get close to her again, she stopped at the entrance of the club and turned back, she was looking at me and i was like oh oh, i thought: “fuck, she discovered me and now she is going to give me a slap and call me stalker” but she just smile me, her smile was so beautiful that i fell in love, i smiled back and she entered into the club, i was so confused, but, before i decided to enter i noticed it was a gay club I was like !OMG! ¿what the hell canlı kaçak iddaa is she doing here? I didnt care and i entered too.Inside i saw a lot of women and men, some man with man, others woman with man, hmmmm woman with woman, i just walk looking for her, and then i started to think: “hmmm maybe she is… nah she is so beautiful, but all here are men and transsexuals (i know because there were some with tight panties and i could see the masculine member marked) maybe she is also” finally i found her, she was in the back sitting on a table, i saw her, she saw me, we both smile, but i was so mesmerized that i didnt noticed she was with another man, he was a big hairy guy with a beard, almost hairless and an open shirt, also robust. He had his arm around her shoulders. I was so dissapointed, while I was deep in my thoughts I realized I was still playing the same song: “james blunt- you are beautiful” and i thought: “what an irony”.I kept looking her for a while, and she was looking me too, she could see from my face that I was, fucking high, then the bear man turned back to her and give her a really big kiss, she kept looking at me while kissing the bear man, i just say goodbye with my hand and she turned canlı kaçak bahis back to the bear man. I left the club and started to walk, this time listening the song of greenday “boulevard of broken dreams” and went to a park to lie down for a while and watch the clouds and i started to think: “i fell in love with a really beautiful transsexual, i didnt even know her name, but she was very beautiful it’s true, and I don’t think that I’ll see her again, but we shared a moment that will last till the end, there must be an angel with a smile on her face, i wanted to return to the club and talk to her, i was like dam she was really really beautiful i want her to be my girlfriend, could i have a chance, im not tall but i have a good body, that bear man looked higher than me and maybe she likes a man like him, but maybe she likes a man like me too. I thought all the possibilities, but it’s time to face the truth, i will never be with her.Today im just looking for someone having the same capacity to make me falling in love with just a smile, but now i prefer a transsexual (or cd) because now i know that they can be sexy too and i have been with some women and i want to prove a new experience or maybe i want to experience what i couldnt with her, or maybe it’s a fetish, i dont really know. But now im gonna make a question for all who read this:- for ts or cds: ¿How you like a man?¿have you ever been in love with a ts or cd?¿Are cds or ts good lovers?All are invited to answer the questions

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