The shock of my first paddling


The shock of my first paddlingI was working on something else last night and my mind started to wander a little. I was thinking about the first time I was really punished – my first time being paddled by my father.I’d been spanked more than a few times before this. The first paddling was when I was between twelve and thirteen.Other than being just disobedient; some of the spankings were because I was a sissy, loved sucking cock and being fucked, and he did hear some rumors about me being with other boys. My sister and I knew that our mother was punished on occasion and…that the family paddle had been made [in the beginning, about a year before] to discipline her. I had witnessed her being given at least two spankings and one paddling. I knew that the paddle, like the razor strop, was an instrument of pure pain. I’d heard her cries of pain, watched her reaction and listened to her howl then, seen the damage done to her backside. I’d been in a secluded spot n the barn, I could clearly see what was going on but was hidden from them. When my father finished, he just left. My mother was bent over two bales of hay, like I was about to be, she just stayed there for a while; sobbing and gently rubbing her bruised backside. Her dress was bunched up around her waist, panties down around her ankles, backside on fire. After a while, she slipped off her panties and used them to blow her nose and wipe tears.I’d also seen her walk, from the barn to the house, after something like fifteen good hard whacks. I realized that she had trouble sitting for a while and, made up my mind that I wanted to avoid being paddled at any cost!My turn came when my father heard a rumor giresun escort about me. Someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut and I bore the welts from that.The story he was told was that, I was picked up by two older boys while hitch hiking back from town – about fifteen miles from the farm. According to the rumor; the boys knew about me and took me to a secluded area for sex. It did happen, I’d enjoyed it as much as they had and, I went home after being filled in both ends. They’d spent about two hours, trying to fuck my brains out, in the back seat of the car. I had loved it!Something like two weeks later, after dinner one night, my father took me to his den and we had a talk. I didn’t lie when confronted with it so we talked a little longer. In the end, he was angry and I was prepared for another damned good blistering spanking. What I was told was…“Ok, you get the paddle and go to the barn. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”That was something I wasn’t prepared for; the complete shock of it sent a chill through me and I started to tremble all over. I was told to move my ass and obeyed him. I was terrified, just totally terrified. My mother and sister were in the kitchen, doing the clean up after dinner, when I went to the basement door, took the paddle from its hook and left, to walk to the barn. The waiting seemed to go on forever. I sat on a bale of hay trembling – probably the same way my mother would – before being paddled. When he finally joined me, I was told to take off my jeans and underpants. As I obeyed he stacked up two bales of hay then put an old horse blanket over the top of them. I was then told to bend over them and, to keep giresun escort bayan my hands away from my ass. “Grab something and hang on tight until I tell you it’s over.”Just like when he’d spanked me in the past; as I bent over the bales I saw that my father had an erection. There was a nice bulge in his pants that gave this away. I didn’t dare say anything about it. What he didn’t know was, at that moment, I would have done anything to get out of that paddling. I would have gladly sucked his cock or taken him in my willing cunt…I’d have taken any kind of sex rather than that paddle. As I lay there waiting I was aware of the goose bumps that covered my young backside and thighs, I was scared to death and trembling like hell. When I’d stripped I had an erection of my own but it didn’t last long.The first whack was across both cheeks, right at about the center of them. I can clearly remember the shock of the paddle. At the same instant that it cracked across my little ass the pain shot up to my brain! It did take my breath away! It was a combination of a very sharp searing pain and a very bad stinging sensation all at once. I’d closed my eyes just before the paddle made contact – spots exploded behind my closed eyelids. The pain didn’t go away; it seemed to build as I waited for the second whack. I suddenly realized why my mother had bawled so hard…the sting and burn was hard to believe!After the first few whacks the pain was just too intense for words. I started to cry, I was yelling my head off after each one and it felt like my entire backside was on fire! Like my mother, I kicked like hell and simply howled as the paddling went escort giresun on. I have no idea how many whacks I was given. I do remember that there was a little pause between each one, a few seconds then another searing explosion of pure pain. It seemed to wrap my entire backside as well as spread up my back and down my thighs. I emptied my bladder into the horse blanket.I bawled, I screamed, my tears flowed; my nose was running after a while and I was drooling.When it was finally over my father left. I lay there, trying to get my breath, sobbing like hell and in intense pain. When I could – which took a while – I pushed myself into a kneeling position. Reaching back, to gently rub my backside [you can’t rub the pain away – it’s just a reaction to it] I found some VERY painful areas, bruises and, I could feel the marks left by the holes in the paddle. These were tender little bumps that covered both of my throbbing, burning cheeks!God was I ever sore!I didn’t bother putting my underpants on – I actually used them as I’d seen my mother use her panties – my nose was running as I continued to cry. I did – very carefully – put my jeans back on…that was pretty painful. I then found out that it was, indeed, uncomfortable to walk. Not only did my backside ache when I took a step but, my cheeks [as they rubbed together] hurt like hell.He’d taken the paddle with him; all I had to do was make that slow painful walk to the house then, up to my bedroom. I got out of the jeans as fast as I could and flopped on the bed to continue crying.I was right about not sitting comfortably. Thank god we were on summer vacation. For the next few days it would have been absolute hell sitting in a classroom. I had chores to do every day but, I could take my time with them. I could take my time walking and I could wear the most comfortable shorts I had…with no underpants. This made things a little easier to take…that time.

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