The Sex Club


The Sex ClubMy wife and I went to a house a few miles away. We knew the couple who lived there, but nobody else. I was nervous about what would happen, but excited as well.When we got there, the place was full, and they were already hard at it – straight and gay, couples and groups, even one guy in the corner wanking. A tall black man approached us. His long thick cock was erect, as stiff as a poker. My wife walked up to him, and grasped his cock. He moaned quietly, then as she knelt down and began sucking it he moaned louder. She sucked greedily, as if she was possessed, and he enjoyed it greatly. Soon he was gasping, and then his whole body tensed – I knew he was about to release his spunk into her mouth. He let out a roar, and his body jerked spasmodically as he pumped his jizz into her maw.I knew we had agreed to swapping, but I could not suppress a pang of jealousy that it was his cock that had enjoyed her attention and not mine. But she had obviously got much pleasure from the encounter.Just then a woman beckoned to me. I went over to her. She kissed me, and whispered “Welcome to the pleasure dome! I said “Thanks very much!”. She was wearing a tight black dress, which she proceeded to remove, revealing her sexy body with illegal bahis firm breasts tipped with long nipples. She smiled at my obvious delight. Then she undid my belt, and opened my fly, so my trousers fell to the ground. She pulled down my pants, and stroked my cock, which was hard but getting harder. She caressed my balls, causing me to moan with pleasure. ” Do you like that?” she asked? “Oh yes!” I replied, in a hoarse voice. She pointed to a vacant bed, and I lay down on it. She applied some oil to my throbbing cock, and stroked it slowly, as I grunted and gasped with pleasure. Then she wanked me faster and firmer, and I knew I was about to come. My back arched and I cried out. She milked me of my spunk with five powerful spurts. As I lay there gasping, she cleaned me up with some tissue. Then she kissed me lightly on the lips, and walked away. And I didn’t even know her name!My wife and I were at an orgy. The action was well under way, when an old man of about 80 tottered into the room, supported by two female nurses. One of the nurses announced that he wanted to be sucked off, and asked for a volunteer. My wife immediately stepped forward, and got to work right away. She took down his trousers and pants, and sat illegal bahis siteleri him in a chair. She knelt in front of him, and began to play with his cock and balls.His cock was still limp, so she had to work hard on him. He was holding her head, and moaning quietly. At last she took his cock in her mouth, and started to suck it. She rolled her tongue around the head of his cock like an expert, and then deep-throated it.While this was going on, the nurses had been joined by two big black guys. After some kissing and fondling, the guys removed the nurses blue uniforms, revealing that they were naked underneath. Soon they were both being ass-fucked by the black studs. The blonde nurse squealed like a sow on heat, while the brunette ordered the guy to push his big black cock deeper into her. Eventually the guys unleashed their loads of thick cum into the girls asses, and then they went off for some refreshment.My wife had been working like a Trojan on the old man, and in the end she got her reward. With a hoarse cry, he finally reached his orgasm, and pumped his jism into her mouth. The nurses attended to him, giving him tea and monkey gland biscuits to revive him.When I entered the dungeon, he was already tied up canlı bahis siteleri with his hands above his head and his wrists chained to the ceiling. Now for the chastisement. I selected a cane from the rack. I flexed my arm, and then began to use the cane on his buttocks. He whimpered quietly.Then I picked up a cat o’nine tails, a genuine 18th century model. I applied hard strokes, and he cried out.Next I turned my attention to his arsehole. Firstly I greased it carefully. I selected the first dildo, and inserted it. He squealed and squirmed. His cock grew hard. I took a longer dildo, and worked it in. His cock jerked violently, and he came in five spurts. At this point I left the room, went upstairs and had a drink, and then went home.A week later we repeated the performance, but this time I used a longer cane, with a split end. He cried out louder than before, which of course increased my pleasure as well as his. I struck him until my arm ached, but it was worth it.Our sessions continued over a long period. At one point I acquired an electric shock device. It was exciting to watch him squirm as I increased the voltage, until the stimulation caused him to ejaculate. The first time I became so aroused that I fucked his arse hard all through the night, until I was so exhausted that I had to sleep.I was amazed by how much punishment and degradation he could take, but it seemed churlish not to supply what he needed. And of course I got some pleasure from it too.

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