The Sex Adeventures Of Pavi Part 1


The Sex Adeventures Of Pavi Part 1deleteddeletedA little about me – I have been gifted with a beautiful face and a great body with all the right curves in the right places. To the outside world, I am a normal person working a normal job. This is the part of my life which very few people know.I belong to a lower middle-class family and it was really tough while growing up. But I was an ambitious girl and always aimed high. I managed to study until high school in our village but graduation was a distant dream. We couldn’t afford it. I fought with my father and ran away to Mumbai. I thought about getting a job to support my education, but destiny had different plans for me.The money I was earning was barely enough to buy food. At this rate, I would never achieve my dreams. I realized that I needed to earn more money and earn fast. I shared my concerns with my roommate Saloni. Fortunately or unfortunately, she had the perfect solution. Apparently, this is something she herself was doing.She was going to a fundraiser party( party for rich people ) and she was the date of a very rich man. Now the man had a friend who also needed a date and I agreed to be his date canlı kaçak iddaa for the night. It was really simple: accompany men for an evening, talk to them nicely and get paid. The pay was good too.Everything was going smoothly until one evening, a seemingly old man asked me to accompany him to his room for a glass of wine. Since I was new to this, I did not understand what he meant and went to his room. The room was huge. It must have been a presidential suite. The old man poured two glasses of wine and made small talk. He casually handed me an envelope and asked me if that was enough. It was almost five times my normal price. I was still stunned to see so much money when he slowly moved closer to me and started touching me.He then proceeded to kiss me and his hands slowly moved from my shoulders to my breasts. His hands were now squeezing my boobs. I could make it stop if I wanted to but I didn’t. His hands were firm and he knew how to kiss. He was making me wet. I had not had sex for a very long time and I was enjoying it too ( I had lost my virginity before this. That’s a story for another time). Plus the money was good.I was wearing a blouse canlı kaçak iddaa and a skirt. Now I am a woman who has been bestowed by all the curves in the right places. The moment he removed my blouse and bra, he let out an “aah” sound, appreciating my boobs. He wasted no time and started sucking on them. I loved how his tongue felt on my nipple. I was moaning and shivering with pleasure. He was so good that I had an orgasm. Now it was my turn to please him. I started rubbing on his dick over his pants. He was still sucking on my boobs and bit me. This made me even hornier and I took his dick in my hand and started jerking it. For a man who looks like 60, he had a dick of a young guy. It was about 7 inches and really thick. I couldn’t wait to service it with all my holes.I quickly kneeled down and took his manhood into my mouth. Mmmm that feeling! It filled my mouth and I was loving it. He started thrusting his cock and throat-fuck me. I could see he was really enjoying it and I was happy that I was able to please him. After a good throat fucking, I felt his body shaking, and soon he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth. Without wasting a canlı kaçak bahis drop I swallowed it all and sucked him dry. I was surprised to see him still have a hard on!I looked at him and he smiled at me and said, ” Do you think it would be so easy to finish me?”To which I said, “No dear, I plan to service it with all my holes”.” All the holes you say?”“All the holes my dear”He really got excited and lifted me in his arms. I still had my skirt on, which he quickly took off and threw me on his bed. He pounced on me like a hungry tiger. He turned me around and fucked me in doggy. He had great stamina and I enjoyed getting fucked in doggy and I came twice. I turned around and started to blow his dick again. I could taste my own juices on his dick. Now his dick was hard and ready to enter the third hole. He asked me if I wanted some lube. I was really horny and wanted it rough, so I told him to just spit in it and fuck.And fuck he did! With one thrust he inserted his dick into my ass. The spit was not enough I guess and it hurt in the beginning. But the pain was only turning me on. He kept fucking my ass hole and I begged him to fuck me harder. I loved every bit of it. And he was having a great time too. Soon he started trembling and emptied all his juice into me. I, like a dirty slut, turned around and took his dick into my mouth and cleaned it.Thanks for reading. Please let me know how you liked it in comments

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