The Scandalous Stewardess 3


The Scandalous Stewardess 3″The Scandalous Stewardess”Chapter 3The day dawned predictably golden on the island of Eleuthera. Lavender fingers of light were reaching up into the sky when RandyFerris cautiously opened the door of the bungalow he had shared with hissister the night before and made his way to the red MG parked down theroad. He had to work today. But he would be back at French Leavetonight . . . in time to get acquainted with Davie Knight! Then,tomorrow . . . tomorrow would be the beginning of a glorious weekendand–if Trish knew what she was talking about–a glorious fuck with thedelectable virgin schoolgirl! Hell, it just might be the beginning of aten-day orgy with the k**! Trish’s plan was risky–Knight was a toughnut to crack. But if she pulled it off (and if anyone could pull itoff, she could) he’d be in cunt heaven in less than thirty-six hours!His thoughts, and the delicious anticipation of the lay that lay instore for him–oh, please!–gave him a huge erection on the way to thecar. Down, boy, he commanded the willful instrument, you’ll get yourchance to dance . . . in her pants!In another part of the compound, Peter Knight awoke at hiscustomary time: 5:30 A.M., sporting a huge erection. He had beendreaming, and his dreams were blurred but erotic. He had slept badlythe night before, tortured by the remembrance of what Davie had told himabout her mother and the shocking things that went on at school. Butthe sordid expose had also led his sexual fantasies as he lay awaketossing fitfully, his beleaguered mind giving him repetitive instantreplays of the conversation with his darling daughter. In moments ofsurcease he was badgered with questions, and spent the rest of hisinsomniacal moments trying to devise a scheme for successfully keepingDavie at his side.He tried to force the intruding fantasies from his mind, but they persisted maddeningly. His pulse quickened and his breathing became abbreviated. His mouth was dry and the tingling in his loinsincreased. Goddammit! he swore under his breath, what’s the matter withme? I’m a civilized man, not an a****l. I can’t allow myself to gethot–not now. Not with Davie in the next room!He looked across the room and beyond, to the enclosed lanai wherehis daughter lay asleep on the long, broad daybed that also served as acouch. It was customarily adorned with huge, floppy cushions and was afavorite place of his for reading or just having a drink and looking atthe beach and sea. Now his lovely daughter adorned it. She had kickedoff the light covers and was sprawled on her back, one arm above herhead and the opposing knee drawn up to her waist, exposing the crotch ofthe pale blue nylon pajama panties that she wore under her sleeveless,shortie gown. Even at a distance of fifteen feet, Knight could see afew wisps of delicate dark pubic curls escaping from beneath the elasticband. The saucy mounds of Davie’s firm, young breasts were welldelineated by the supple fabric, too, and they rose and fell as she breathed rhythmicallyduring her deep and innocent slumber.He closed his eyes, trying to blink away the forbidden desire thatengulfed him. No! I can’t think such thoughts! She’s a c***d, aninnocent c***d. She’s my daughter, for chrissakes! No!He threw off the sheet and stumbled across the room, reaching forhis shorts as he clumsily made his way to the bathroom. He turned theknob with a sweaty palm and darted in, closing the door softly behindhim. He leaned against it, panting now, clutching his underwear in hishand. Sweat dripped from his brow and beaded in the crease at hiswaistline. He shook his head like a fighter who’s been decked, tryingto rid himself of his forbidden thoughts. God, he must be sick to thinkwhat he thought . . . his own daughter!He gave a quiet moan and shakily raised his leg in an attempt tostep into his shorts. But he fell against the shower door and had tosteady himself. He reached inside and turned on the faucets. Then hetossed his shorts on the floor and got into the shower, his penis largerand harder than before. He had to have release.Almost mindless with desire, Peter Knight planted his feet wideapart on the cool the of the shower stall floor and let the warmfountain of water cascade over his naked body as he took hisgranite-like cock in his hand and began to stroke the hot, petal-softskin lightly. His other handreached for his pendulous balls and cuppedthem. His mouth was open and his breathing was coarse and spastic.Responding to the pleasure sensations that were building in his loins, he increased the tempo of his stroking and tightened his grip onhis enormous prick. The head was purple with lust, and the veins bulgedon the upthrust underside. Damn! It was a truncheon all right!His balls grew taut, taking up the slack in his scrotum. His chestheaved as his breathing grew snore labored. He kept increasing the paceof his stroking. Faster and faster, harder and harder. God, it feltgood. He was getting closer and closer.The little devils of desire led lurid and forbidden fantasies tohim as rapidly as he stroked his heated cock. They shoveled the fuelfor his tortured fire of i****tuous lust . . . faster and faster, harderand harder . . . until . . .His body stiffened and his muscles tensed perceptibly. His barefeet gripped the tile floor as he gasped loudly. “Ahhhhharrrraaaannngghh!” he cried and shoved the back of his free fistinto his mouth to muffle the sound that accompanied the release of semenfrom his balls. “Ooooohhhhh!” he cried niğde escort again as the fiery load of cumescaped from the mouth of his glans in a creamy eruption of pent-upjism. He thought it would never stop. He threw his head back andswayed like a sapling in a strong wind until his balls gave out the lastof their cargo and he was free to take his fist from between his teeth.He braced himself against the back of the stall then, heaving aheavy sigh and allowing the descending jets of water to wash the last ofhis foamy cum down the drain. The handsome man was suddenly seized witha feeling of sadness. Sadness, longing, and anxiety. God, this isterrible! I can’t allow myself to lose control like this. I can’tallow those thoughts to overtake me. That would ruin everything forDavie and me. I’ve got to keep things under control! I’ve simply gotto!He grabbed a pair of swim trunks and hastily pulled them on. Thenhe went out of the bathroom and out of the house, jogging along thebeach for over a mile. Afterwards, he plunged into the tepid water andswam far out to sea and back, asking the beneficent Caribbean to cleansehim of his unholy thoughts.It was 7:40 by the time he got back, and Davie was up and dressedand preparing a simple breakfast of toast and dry cereal. The smell offreshly brewed coffee wafted into his nostril.”Daddy, you’re back!” she cried, running up to him and grabbing himaround the neck in an uninhibited hug. She crushed her breasts againsthis chest and planted harmless kisses on his cheeks–harmless by intent,not by effect. The devils cackled within him, and he pulled away fromher so abruptly he noted a momentary look of bewilderment on her freshface.’Good morning, sunshine. How did you sleep?” he asked cheerily.”Super. Better than I can remember since the last time you tuckedme in bed when I was a little girl,” she beamed. “It’s so peacefulhere, so quiet and warm. No wonder you love it. So do I. I never wantto leave this place, Daddy.””I knew you’d love it, sweetheart.” He noted the table with thefood awaiting them. “My, doesn’t that look attractive. And coffee,too. I didn’t know you could cook.””I can’t, really. It doesn’t take brains to put cereal in a bowl,”she grinned.”Sorry I don’t have much food in the house, sweetie. I usually eatup at the big dining room. They have great, gargantuan spreads for allthe meals. It’s the one thing about French Leave your daddy can taketotal credit for. All the other attractions have been thoughtfullyprovided by Mother Nature.”Davie giggled. “You’re just being modest, Daddy.” She was relaxedand carefree and obviously very happy. He couldn’t let her down. Hewouldn’t fail her this time . . .She noticed that his cup was half empty. Without waiting for himto finish it, she got up and went to fetch the coffee pot, giving him anunrestricted view at her long, lean legs and her high molded buttocksthat bounced ever so slightly as she gingerly walked over to the stove. When she turned around, he could see her sculptured young bosom standingproudly beneath the revealing pink and white striped seersucker shorts. She was an adorable little girl . . . his adorable little girl. But anevil voice inside his head piped up. “Who are you trying to k**,wiseguy? She’s adorable, all right. But she sure as hell isn’t alittle girl! She’s a young woman–a beautiful, sexy young woman . . .even if she is your daughter! Now what are you going to do about it?”Davie was straightening things up around the house after her fatherleft for the lodge when she heard a persistent knock on the door. Shelooked up at the kitchen wall clock. 9:30. I wonder who that could be,she thought.It was Trish, in all her suntanned glory, wearing the briefestbikini Davie had ever seen and carrying a large straw tote bag. Hereyes were hidden under enormous glasses with smoky brown lenses. “Hi,”she said cheerily, “remember me?””Hi, Trish!” Davie answered enthusiastically. “Gee, you’re upearly. You look smashing! Come on in.””Well, where’s that bikini you were telling me about? I thought you’d be down at the beaching getting toasted by this time,” the blondestewardess said through a full smile.”It’s only 9:30, Trish. I was just getting the place prepared formy absence!” Davie grinned back at her.”It’s perfect right now. Looks like you just had a cleaningservice in. Let’s go, huh? You’ve got a lot of sunning to do, youknow. Right?””For sure! I won’t be a minute,” Davie said as she hurried intothe other room to change.They walked a long way along the beach, away from the resort. Thewhite sand felt like sugar under Davie’s feet. It was already quitewarm. Trish had a lunch for the two of them packed in her tote bag. She explained that the resort provides them for its guests on advancenotice, so people won’t have to come back to the dining room at midday,if they don’t wish to. And of course, she had no intention of breakingup her day with Davie by appearing in the dining room during lunch,where Peter Knight would see the two of them together and possibly takea dim view of the situation. Of course, she intended to justify anydisapproval that might be forthcoming from that hard-to-get hunk ofman–and then some! But by the time he found out, he would be in noposition to protest!Trish stole surreptitious glances at her young protege, noting withgrowing relish that Davie was even more promising than she anticipated. In her brief, crocheted bikini, the young girl was more enticing thanever, her firmly rounded breasts plumped escort niğde like pillows in the low-cut bratop. Her skin was creamy and unmarred. It looked as soft as satin. Her young buttocks were two mounds of softly muscled flesh, and she hada trim, flat tummy and a perfect little navel that Trish wanted to stickher tongue into. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing she wanted tostick her tongue in! She could imagine how sweet that little pussy musttaste, how fragrant it would be. Her own pussy was beginning to twitchwith desire, and she felt her clitoris swell and throb with pervertedlonging for the teenager. The hardest thing she would have to do thatday would be play the lady, the sympathetic friend . . . to keep herhands off of Davie’s body and her tongue out of Davie’s cunt! Geezus,what a test!They found a secluded spot about three quarters of a mile down thebeach and spread their beach towels out on the warm sand. It was fairlyhot by this time, and Trish wasted no time in stripping off her bikini,being as casual and offhanded about it as she could.”I hope you don’t mind, honey,” she explained, “I just can’t standto wear these things when I don’t have to. Besides, I’m the vaintype–can’t bear to have strap marks and patches of white.””Sure, I know what you mean. Don’t worry about it. You have a beautiful tan, Trish. I can’t stand the way I look next to you. I feellike Snow White!””Well, then, join the club!” Trish coaxed. She said no more thenbut lay on her stomach with her face turned away, giving Davie a chanceto decide on her own what to do. She smiled to herself when she heardthe sounds of a bikini being removed. She had to walk on glass, now. Every word, every gesture had to be positioned just right.It wasn’t long before she stretched out a languid arm and reached into her tote bag, fumbling for something inside. She soon produced a large bottle of sun tan oil in an amber bottle. It had a French label. “Here,” she said, reaching behind her back, “use this stuff. It’s thebest I’ve ever tried. It’s got a tanning booster in it too, to turn youa golden brown.”Davie took the bottle. “Don’t you want to put some on, Trish?””After you, honey,” the stewardess offered.”I’ll put it on your back, if you’d like me to,” Davie said innocently.”Hey, that would be great.” She still hadn’t turned around to lookat the young girl’s naked body. She didn’t dare just yet.The teenager poured some of the liquid into her hand and placed iton the blonde woman’s warm back. As she rubbed it around the expanse offlesh, she noticed her older friend beginning to squirm slightly on thebeach towel. “Don’t be afraid to use it generously, honey,” the womantold her. “This island sun can be brutal, even in December.”Davie administered more of tile pleasant liquid to her friend’s flesh, which glistened with it under the sun’s glare. Finally, Trish asked her to stop.”That’s perfect. Thanks, honey. Now I’ll do yours.”She rose up and turned on her elbow before Davie had a chance tolie down on her stomach. The young girl was somewhat embarrassed to seeher older friend looking at her naked body–though she had certainlybeen naked with some of her friends at school. Perhaps the memory thoseoccasions gave her more reason for embarrassment.Quickly, Davie rolled over on her tummy, but not before heroversexed companion had taken in her ripe, luscious breasts with thesmall, pert nipples, and the soft pubic nest that marked the seat of herwomanhood. Controlling herself for the next several hours would he asgreat a challenge as she faced in a long, long time.Davie’s skin was baby soft, and she had no excess fat anywhere, norany blemishes. Trish began the application of sun tan oil in adetached, professional manner. But it wasn’t long before her strokingbecame more studied and she was caressing the girl’s flesh with herhand. If Davie noticed, she didn’t react noticeably. She passivelyallowed the blonde to apply it on her long, well-shaped legs, and to thebacks of her outstretched arms. Trish kneeled beside her and lightlypressed her bent leg next to Davie’s body. The stewardess was afraid tobreathe, lest her breathlessness give her away. Neither of them saidmuch. Finally, she gave Davie a playful whack on the rump–wishinginstead that she was kissing it with her lips and reaching between theripe ass cheeks with her finger–and said, “You’re all set, except forthe front. I think you can get that yourself.” She waited while Davieturned over, glancing quickly again at her beautiful young breasts. Then she handed her the bottle, accompanying the gesture with a warm smile, and got up.Later, she pulled a couple of magazines out of the straw bag and handed one of them to Davie; the fashion magazine. Trish thumbed idly through the VIVA copy, knowing that the sexy photographs of naked menand women would arouse the teen’s curiosity. It wasn’t curiosity thatwas aroused in Trish–it was her cunt. Lying in the hot sun, readingthe frank confessions from readers and the bold, permissive captionsunder the glossy photographs of good looking naked studs and theirgirlfriends, Trish found it impossible not to squeeze her thighstogether so that the lips of her pussy created a satisfying friction onher throbbing, distended clit. From the corner of her eye, she noticedDavie stealing furtive glances at the sexy spreads as she pretended tobe engrossed in photographs of stilted mannequins posing in high fashiongetups that were much too sophisticated for her age group.”Well niğde escort bayan . . . I’ll be darned!” she said suddenly, as she turned tothe feature spread. “He’s a dead ringer for Randy!”Davie leaned over with great interest. “Let me see,” she demanded.Trish started to show the young girl, then withdrew the magazine, pretending concern. “No, I really shouldn’t show it to you. This ragis not the sort of thing for innocent young eyes like yours, Davie.””Don’t be silly. I’ve read VIVA lots of times. There’s always anissue or two stashed in somebody’s locker at school,” she insisted. “I’m not a little girl, you know.”Trish looked at her warily. “Of course you’re not, Davie. Ididn’t mean to offend you. I just thought that it might not be theproper thing to do . . . to show you. These photos leave nothing to theimagination,” she said, giving Davie a warm and knowing smile.”Why do you think the k**s at school buy them!”Both females laughed then as Trish opened the magazine again to thesexy shots. There was a photograph of a good looking young blonde manstraddling a full breasted oriental girl with shimmering black hair downto her waist. He was feeding her g****s, and she had her tongueoutstretched and her back arched in a most provocative way as hetantalized her with the dewy fruit. It was sexy as hell. The man’smuscles were highlighted and his hard buttocks glistened like thehindquarters of a stallion.”Isn’t that amazing–if I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was Randy!” Trish enthused. “You saw him at the air field yesterday. Don’tyou think my brother looks like this guy?””I didn’t get a real good look, but I can see the resemblance,”Davie agreed, studying the photograph carefully. She was stirred by theprurient picture. It set her imagination to work, which was theintention of the editors–as well as the crafty blonde lying next toher.”Randy is a beautiful boy, even if he is my brother,” Trish wenton. “Perfect build. He’s a very physical kind of guy. Always doingsomething athletic. He was a star on the game field at school.” (Andhe’s a star in the bedroom, too, she felt like saying . . . as you’llsoon find out, my sweet young lamb!)Trish flipped the page. More shots of the handsome young man andhis Oriental chick. He was very well hung; a beautiful set ofequipment. God, he really did look like Randy . . . right down to hiscock and balls. Trish wanted to lick the page. She wanted to suck herbrother’s cock again. And she wanted to suck Davie Knight’s beautifulpussy!The sexy photographs were having the desired effect on the impressionable teenager. She felt a forbidden stirring of desire in herown loins as she devoured the blatant poses of the couple in variousacts of pretend lovemaking. She had never been with a boybefore–Mother had seen to that; though there were some close calls acouple of times. French kissing and feeling a boy’s hand on her coveredbreast. But there had never been the right circumstances where she hadthe privacy and the freedom to “go all the way.” Still, she had gottenvery excited during those harmless encounters, feeling an embarrassingwetness in her panties and something in her vagina that made her want tohave a boy’s thing inside. Several of her girlfriends were no longervirgins, and she had gotten an earful about some of their sessions withboys It had excited her very much. But she also felt afraid.Her thoughts turned to her father. What is he like with a woman,she wondered. She substituted her father for the man in the photographmomentarily, but her thoughts produced a feeling of guilt and anxiety inher callow mind, and she quickly blanked them out.Suddenly Trish asked her a question she didn’t expect, “Have youever made love, Davie?”The young girl’s face grew crimson and she hung her head. “No,I’ve never been with a guy,” she answered quietly. Not with a guy! herguilty thoughts reminded her. Only with other females!”You’re kind of young, I guess,” said Trish. “No rush . . .although I was about your age–maybe a year younger–when I did it thefirst time. I never realized anything could be so beautiful . . .”Was it really, Trish?” Davie asked eagerly. She was dying to hearmore. Desire for forbidden fruit was building rapidly in her youngbody.”Oh yes! So beautiful. Naturally, I was scared to death atfirst. But I was lucky . . . he was a few years older; about 19 or 20,I think. He’d already had a lot of experience, so he knew what I wasgoing through in my head. He was very gentle.””Didn’t it hurt, Trish?” Davie inquired intently.”Oh sure, at first. But then, pretty soon it felt so wonderfulthat the pain went away and it was nothing but rainbows and lollipopsfrom then on.””But how did you feel afterwards? I mean, didn’t you feel guiltyor anything? Weren’t you afraid that he’d lose respect for you?””Honey, I guess I’m the type who doesn’t let guilt trips spoil my fun. No, I can’t honestly say that I felt any way except absolutely marvelous and eager to be with him again. But that’s just me. Everybody has to march to his own drummer. My little drummer boy says,”Come and get it!”Davie laughed. They both did. But her mind was churning with a thousand unresolved questions.”Hey, don’t mind me, Davie. I guess I really shouldn’t be talkingto you like this woman to woman,” Trish apologized.”No, Trish, you’re mistaken. I need to talk to another woman; someone who’s experienced and mature. I can’t talk to my mother–noway! And my friends at school, well, they’re a bunch of braggarts andgossips. You never know what to believe with them. Besides. I wasn’tborn yesterday!”Trish gave her young friend a wry smile. “Sure, honey. I understand. You’ve got a friend in me, Davie–I hope you know that. Sofeel free to let it all hang out!”

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