The Saga of Middleton Pt. 06a

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Norma had been working in the women’s shoe department at McCloskey’s for 10 years. And in all that time, she’d never gotten a civil word from the hunks in men’s sport shoes. There were 3 of them working there at the moment, each one hotter and more athletic than the next. But the one that pissed her off the most — who was also the hottest — was this 19 year old beauty named Marc.

Marc was about average height, but very athletic looking — he had dark hair and eyes with long, thick lashes — just a beauty. She had really started getting turned on by him when she became aware of how much he liked to show off his very hot body — wore snug-fitting pants that showed off his full, muscular ass — white shirts made of thin cotton that emphasized his big pecs and revealed his big dark nipples. He wasn’t quite so explicit about his crotch, but from what she could see, he wore jockeys and they made a pretty big bulge in the front of his pants. Unless he stuffed it, he was hung well above average.

She had tried to be nice — she always greeted him at the beginning and end of the work day, and tried once in a while to engage him in conversation. But it seems like 19 year old hotties aren’t much interested in well-dressed 40 year old professional women.

When the word got out about the bagboy union, she’d been intrigued. Just to see if all the stories were true, she stopped in at her local supermarket that same night — just to see if it was just the kind of hot air that such rumors usually were. Just as she reached the entrance, she saw young Rick Turner — the son of a neighbor of hers. She wasn’t surprised to see him — she knew he worked here — but she was dumfounded to see that he was wearing a very short pair of gym shorts. In fact, if she wasn’t mistaken (and she wasn’t), it looked like she could see the head of what looked to be a very large cock hanging out one leg of the shorts.

He was carrying groceries for Mrs. Preble — another neighbor of hers. Mrs. Preble was walking behind him — so focussed on his asscheeks, which were half exposed below the shorts, that she didn’t even notice Norma until she almost ran into her.

“Oh, hi, Norm! Such fun, eh?” she giggled as she continued in hot pursuit of her designated bagboy.

Inside the store, when she looked down the line of checkout counters, she was floored. Diligently bagging up groceries were 4 half-naked boys — young men, really. Just like Rick, they were hanging out of their shorts — in front and in back.

She’d never seen so many shoppers, either. Every line had at least half a dozen people waiting to pay — and enjoying the wait, too. There was none of that usual annoyance when the lines were that long — everybody looked to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Later, when she checked out, she got to see one of the boys — stark naked — getting spanked by a union representative. As she understood it, he’d been wearing his girlfriend’s class ring on a chain around his neck — not part of the uniform. Punishable by spanking.

As she watched the teenager bouncing and squirming over the man’s knee, she realized he was definitelya young man — not a boy. She hadn’t been with many men in her life, but that was easily the biggest cock she had ever seen — or even imagined. At the end of the spanking, when he stood up, she was amazed to see that the young man had gotten hard during his punishment. His enormous cock was bouncing and flopping around as he danced from one foot to the other, rubbing his sore ass. Finally, he pulled himself together, blushing, and got back into his shorts and T-shirt. He tucked his hardon into his waistband and went right back to work — several inches of his rock-hard meat in full view of his customers.

Norma got a little thrill when she realized that by the luck of the line, she was going to get him to carry her groceries. Close-up, he was even more gorgeous than she’d thought. She realized she’d hardly noticed his face before. As she followed him to the car, she began to understand Mrs. Preble’s unwillingness to stop and talk. Those red asscheeks, half-visible below the shorts, were just too fascinating as they flexed and jiggled their way to her car. When he bent over to start arranging the bags in the trunk of her car, she noticed the cute pocket over each of his big asscheeks — the word TIPS in big letters on each of them.

She quickly dug around in her purse until she found a dollar bill. But then she thought about it and decided — tight as she was with her money — this deserved something more. She finally tucked a five into his pocket — slowly, so she could get a good feel of his gorgeous ass. Finished with the packing, he turned around. She was so lost in thought, she didn’t pull her hand back in time, and suddenly she found several inches of bare cock pressed against it. Without conscious thought, her fingers wrapped themselves around it and squeezed his big teenage hardon.

“Well, thanks for the tip, Miss Jardaine,” he grinned amiably at her. “I really appreciate it.” He slid his hips forward kocaeli escort and back a couple of times, pumping his big dick into her palm, before finally pulling his cock back and returning to the store.

Now, as she walked past the hot young salesjerks in the men’s sports shoe department, that memory began to give her an idea. Hmm — two could play at that game. She stopped at a pay phone and made an appointment to meet with the head of the local 363.

A couple of days later, after reviewing the experience of the 363, she had come up with a plan of her own. The mall she worked in had an employee organization — it was nowhere near a union, but it served some of the same functions. Every salesclerk in the place had to belong.

She followed up with a meeting with the heads of the organization (it was called Mallworks) and presented her plan. She had included everything from the specifics of the 363 regulations to the sales reports from Middleton’s supermarkets for the past week compared to a month ago. They were impressed. They were amazed. They loved it.

They set up a task force to implement her suggestions in the shortest possible amount of time, with Norma heading it up. They catalogued and reviewed every member of Mallworks, reclassifying them according to Norma’s plan. At the next meeting of the organization, two days later, the full plan was unveiled and put into effect.

The focus of the plan was on Employee Category X, for (X)traordinary service. This category came under the direct control of a newly-formed task force, and their purpose was to improve sales overall in the mall.

Each designated X man was required to work two shifts a week (a total of 16 hours) on their X duties. Whether they wanted to shorten their regular work hours or treat this as overtime was up to them. (All the mall businesses had agreed to give individuals the choice with no penalty.) While there was some grumbling among the X’s about the — anticipated — extra work, they were pleased at the potential compensatory pay increase — especially when they were told they could keep their tips.

Every Category X was a young male of outstanding good looks and hot body, ranging in age from late teens to early 20’s. Besides the young hunks in sales positions (including Marc from shoes), the dragnet had pulled in quite a few direct mall employees, who just happened to meet the criteria — junior execs, maintenance, security staff, etc.

Since they were going to be wearing special uniforms for their actitivities as X-men (the mall was checking to make sure there wouldn’t be any trademark problems if they used that term), a separate Category X locker room had been set up on the lower level, so they’d have someplace to store them. The locker room also included showers, a steam room, and a Jacuzzi. They loved it.

They were measured at one of the mall tailor shops for the uniforms, which would be delivered by end of day Friday, in time for the Saturday morning unveiling of the new mall service.

Word of mouth in the community was excellent — Norma had the women let out a few hints of the possibilities.

Saturday morning at 9 am — an hour before opening — the X men assembled in the locker room to be issued their uniforms. Jack, their trainer, had been going over all their duties — everything from the functions they might be called upon to fulfill to what would be an appropriate tip. As each young hunk arrived, Jack gave him instructions — to begin with, each one was each ordered to head straight for his locker, strip down and store his clothing in the locker — neatly. He was then to stand and wait until everybody was assembled. The guys spent the time chatting with each other — all stark naked — waiting to be told what to do next.

In the meantime, Norma and the other task force women were in the video room, sipping Chardonnay and having one hell of a good time discussing the raw material that was coming into view. There were hidden cameras everywhere in the locker room — all equipped with limited movement, zoom capability, and every one taping at all times. (This was information only available to the task force leaders, of course — no need to make the X guys self-conscious.)

Norma showed the other women how to operate the controls. She took one camera that was aimed generally at the area where Marc was just pulling down his briefs. She angled the camera until it was aimed directly at him, at the same time zooming in closer and closer — first, for a tight close-up of his gorgeous face and animated expression as he chatted with one of his buddies. Next, panning down over his smooth chest and 6-pack abs and focussing closely on what looked to her (and to all the other women in the room) like the biggest non-erect cock she’d ever seen. It was big and fat and thick — but soft, draped over his equally king-size balls. As it flopped and swayed in the camera field, there was not a sound in the room — well, maybe a little lip-licking and a few panties being creamed.

“OK, kocaeli escort bayan everybody. Take control of one of the cameras. Let’s make these tapes as valuable as we can.”

At 9:01, back in the locker room, the guys were all ordered to take a quick shower. Their uniforms were just arriving and would be ready to put on by the time they were done.

The women in the video room switched to the shower room cams. Incredible footage of wet, soapy flesh — a lot of horsing around — these guys were practically kids, after all.

As each X guy came out of the shower and dried off, he found his own package sitting in front of his locker. They all tore off the wrapping paper and checked out the uniform. The shorts looked great — neat and crisp — and the hi-tops were high-priced designer brands. But when they looked a little further, they all began to realize one oversight — there were no underwear. They were told that the uniforms were designed that way — that’s why the measurements had been so careful. Once they had the uniform on, they’d see — it was so designed as to fit perfectly, no undergarments needed.

Reluctantly, and with time pressing, they quickly dressed. They were shocked to realize that the shorts were several inches shorter than the prototypes they’d been shown. And the tops were no longer shirts, but little flimsy Aladdin-style vest-things that hung wide open in front, fully exposing their bare tits and abs.

Before they could start complaining or refusing, Jack jumped in, “Now, remember, guys — this is SHOW BIZ! The designers made a few adjustments from what you saw, but the whole point is — keep the customer satisfied. We did some focus groups and this is more like what they want.” He walked up and down the room, looking closely at each young stud. “You guys look GREAT! Really! GREAT! They’re gonna love you. This mall is gonna outsell every other mall in this region.” It was working — a little. Their expressions were a little more positive.

“OK, now — your assignments. Group A — over there! Group B — over here! A — you’re gonna be security today. Wander around the mall. Stay in sight — you’re not under cover — no skulking around. Watch for shoplifters, but also remember that you’re customer satisfaction today — answer questions, help people out, guide people where they’re going, that kind of thing. As you move around, talk to everybody you see — be friendly, say hello. Let them know that you care about whether they’re having a good time — and then help them have a good time. Whatever it takes.

“Group B — you’re gonna be on sale today. We’re renting you out by the hour as guides, package carriers, child-tending, whatever people want. Even if they just want company while they shop. For today, anyway, there’ll be no more than one hour per customer, though — there aren’t that many of you and we expect a big turnout. When you finish one assignment, return to the central rental desk for another.

“Now, remember, all of you. We want these people to shop — we want them to buy things. Steer them in the direction of what they’re looking for. Tell them they look great in it — if they’re buying clothes. You know the shtick — most of you are salesmen. And for opening day, it should be a little easier for you — we’ve arranged with all the stores that any purchases made with an X squad member will be 10% off. Be sure and let them know.

“Any questions?

“OK, let’s go.”

Somehow, in trying to remember all the instructions and think about what they were doing, no one ended up seriously complaining about the uniforms. But as they moved out into the store, they began to notice a few worrisome details. Despite what Jack said, these shorts were short! Several of guys were having trouble keeping their cocks out of sight.

The security team were given their areas — the rentals guys were taken over to the rental boutique in the center of the first floor — straight in from the front door. They were to wait in a holding area, jokingly called the fish bowl. It was a room made up of one-way glass. From the inside it was all mirrors. From the outside, it was transparent. That way, the customers could look them over and make their choices without embarrassment, since they knew the guys couldn’t see them. And the X guys, in turn, could act natural, since they couldn’t see the shoppers — out of sight, out of mind. As a fringe benefit, they could be sure they were looking good — that was critical for this job, especially if they wanted big tips.

Despite the fact that they knew the glass was two-way, the plan worked — the guys were soon checking themselves out — straightening hair, adjusting clothes — a few minutes in the room and it was easy to forget there was anyone outside.

From the outside — well, they couldn’t have looked hotter. That anxiety to please couldn’t be faked — they were doing their best to look good — FOR YOU. These are serious and hard-working young men who want nothing more than to MAKE YOU HAPPY! escort kocaeli The message came across loud and clear.

Of course, the area outside the room would be popular with loiterers, too — just standing there a couple of minutes, Norma herself saw at least half a dozen flashes of cock — even more if you counted the detailed outlines that were pretty much continually visible through the thin fabric of the shorts. She had prevailed on the powers that be to allow her — for this day only — to select the assignments for one of the X men (Marc, of course). Management agreed that she deserved a reward for what they believed would be an immensely profitable venture, and the stud was hers for the day.

Unknown to management, she had also conferred with the tailors — and Marc’s shorts were at least a couple of inches shorter than anyone else’s. This meant that he had already been forced to lower his shorts halfway down his ass in order to try to keep his cock covered. He looked very nervous as she watched him through the glass — constantly checking the mirror to see if he was hanging out (he usually was).

The first assignment she had arranged for Marc was a woman who needed someone to take care of her 13-year-old son for her while she shopped. She wanted some time to shop on her own — she needed someone to keep the kid occupied for an hour.

This assignment was, of course, a set-up. The woman was a friend of Norma’s and she agreed to let her son Jonathan (who was actually 16) participate in the scheme. Norma and Jonathan had sat up late, thinking of all the ways he could manage to embarrass and humiliate the sexy son-of-a-bitch. And then, for the grand finale…

His mother hadn’t even disappeared yet, when Jonathan asked his guardian (Marc) to let him have a closer look at his tits. Marc looked annoyed and snapped, “They’re pecs, kid. Not tits.”

“Well, they look like tits to me, with those big nipples and all.”

Marc blushed as several passers-by overheard and took a good look at his (very hot) tits. Bratty Jonathan reached up and lightly pinched a nipple with each hand. “Ooh! They’re getting hard. Do you like it when guys pinch your tits?”

Marc quickly pulled Jonathan’s fingers off his nipples. “Now, cut it out, kid. Behave. Your mother wants me to take care of you. That means seeing that you behave properly.”

“No it doesn’t!” yelled Jonathan. “That means you do what I want or I’ll put in a complaint.”

Marc was unsure about how to handle this, so he tried to finesse it. “OK, so what do you want to do?”

“I wanna go on the rides.”

Marc was relieved. That seemed innocuous enough and should take up the rest of the time he had to spend with this pain in the ass kid. “OK, great! Sounds like fun!”

As they made their way over to the amusement area in the center of the mall, Jonathan kept working on him. “How come your shorts are so little? They’re way too little for you.”

Marc blushed again, as people smiled at them. Everything Jonathan said, he seemed to say in an unnecessarily loud voice. Jonathan reached up under Marc’s shorts and felt his ass. “Why don’t you have any underpants on? My Mom always makes me wear underpants. You got a real nice ass, though. Boy, feel those muscles. I bet you play baseball, don’t you?”

“Uh… yes, I do,” Marc decided to answer the easy question. “I do a lot of running.”

“Oh. That’s probably why your legs are so strong and your ass is so big, right? I heard that runners get real big ass muscles.”

“My ass isn’t so big — come on.”

“Oh, yes, it is.” Jonathan reached inside and felt it up again. “I bet you could crack a walnut between those cheeks.” Jonathan brightened. “Wanna try?” Before Marc could stop him, the kid ran into a food store and bought a bag of walnuts. Marc tried to shut him up, but sure enough, in that foghorn voice, “Come on, Marc. I wanna see you try. Let me shove this walnut between your asscheeks and see if you can crack it.”

Several people stopped and looked over expectantly at this point. He saw Jack, his supervisor, among them. He was cooked.

“Well, all right, but keep your hands outside the shorts, OK?” Marc tried to sound tough.

Jonathan ran behind Marc and pulled his shorts-clad cheeks as wide apart as he could, then shoved the walnut deep into the crack. It took the cloth right with it and for a moment Marc was afraid the kid was going to shove it right up his asshole. He stopped short of that, but Marc could feel the walnut actually pressed right against his tiny hole. He felt a little tingle run through his cock. “Oh, no!” he thought.

Quickly, he clenched his buttcheeks, and was, frankly, as surprised as anyone when he heard a crackling sound. He unclenched and Jonathan shoved his fingers deep into the older boy’s crack to pry out the pieces. There was a round of applause from the spectators. Marc blushed pink.

Jonathan was quick off the mark. “Oh, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself. Let me make sure none of those little pieces scratched you.” He jerked down the rear of Marc’s shorts, baring his ass to the whole crowd, then spread his cheeks, delicately running his fingers over the hot hunk’s deep asscrack and hole. Well, there’s a few red spots, but no scratches. I think you’re OK.” He held the ass open and moved to one side so that everyone could see for themselves.

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