The Return


The ReturnSo if you read the last post this will make sense.I was out at the gym and I receive a txt asking me to come over. SO after my work out, swim, sauna and shower I made my way to her city apartment.She opened the door in her gorgeous back lacy lingerie and invited me to sit on her couch. We chatted, touched and opened up a bottle of champagne. After a few minutes of caressing, the kissing started. Tongues were all out and we were getting a good feel of each other. The gentle moans of kissing is such a turn on!She then pushed me back and said “I remember what you said last time”. She pulled out a chair in the middle of the lounge and pushed me on there and started to undress me.She pulled me tshirt over my head and kissed me all over my chest then went straight for the eskişehir escort belt and whipped it off. My jeans were completely off and before I even knew it she had my bulging cock in her mouth.Gently licking and teasing she raised herself up so her ample breasts caught my cock inbetween them and went back to suck it a little.Once she got it nice and hard she undid her lingerie and sat right on top of my cock and squeezed close to me for some more kissing.I could feel her nipples pushing against my chest and she gently rocked her hips backwards and forwards. Knowing her nipples were there I pushed her back a bit to take a mouthful of breast. But she then pushed back and started to bounce up and down on my cock. Which each forceful bounce she would moan and escort eskişehir each time you could hear our thighs slap together.The cold steel of the chair is marking my back as she fucks me harder. The sound of the chair rocking gets louder as she does.She slows down and reverses her position and reaches down as her arse up and then down on my cock. She grinds away and moves back upright where I reach around and grope her breasts then slowly caress my way down to her clit where I start to rub and feel her juices flow out.She started to shudder then quickly pulled off of me and grab my cock and led me through the corridor and stopped outside her bedroom and went on all fours.Knowing what she wanted i knelt down and guided my cock in her and quickly pounded away eskişehir escort bayan at her pussy with a bit of spanking and hair pulling.After a bout of fucking on the floor we returned to the sofa where she laid back and I stood by her head for her to take my cock once more in her mouth. This time taking my balls in her mouth too.I see an opening in her legs so I oblige to lick her wet pussy. Still standing. I use my hands to to rub her beautiful clit without entering her.She starts to cum and I dont stop even when she’s screaming loud, I want her to scream louder. She can no longer suck my cock and she writhes in pleasure but she still holds onto it with one hand.She begs for my cum so I turn around and urge towards her wanking my cock really fast and I explode a hot stream of cum on her face, just missing eye with drips of cum dropping onto her breasts. I then push my cock towards her mouth for her to clean up.Of course, I help clean up her face with a wipe. We then lay there side by side on her couch until we caught breath back.

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