the rainy night


the rainy nightI ve been working at the tennis club for 2 yearsMike and christopher the only 2 player risking playing that nightbut really just sit near the court watching the rain poor down drinking them beeri endup getting offered one and join em since there was no job to doboth telling me they came just to get away from them bitchy wives laughting all togetheri went to buy more beer after my shiftgetting the soccer match on and we stayed under the covered area eatching the game on the big screen that usually showed the scored at eventthe match ended and we walk to the locker where our stuff was”man is there some beer left i thik im gonna lay low under the water and drink one before going””thats a good idea, we can do this right boy?”then they got naked both 20 years older than me bigger and showing off 2 magneficient dark chocolate treat , swinging between em legs as they both pick a beer and walk to the shower telling me i shoud come refresh it was steamyas i got in the big showerboth daddy sat on the side bench water pouring down as they relax and drank both spread bbc haf hard between them legsi gulped down trying not to wartch themgetting under the water stream and washing myselfboth black married guy cock getting bigger and bigger maltepe escort i was certain as i glance at em , washing off with shower gelit went so fast as i rince face uneder the water rinsing the soap awayi felt one behing me kissing me on my kneckpulling me on him and the other infront kissing me his bbc resting on my smooth this belly the other on my ass rubbed slowly all over and kissed under the warm water feeling small between em and hornyboth my hands help on their bbcrubbing up and down on both big cock back helping me agaisnt the wallslowly pushed down until my back is sliding agaisnt the wet shower wallsit to the floor both rubbing on my face taking turn in my mouth open up as i ook up at them trying my mouthfeed the 2 big cock one after the other , lovely sliding om then out in then out both sharing my happy little mouth under the water streamboth rubbing me like a pet all over my head , gently making me stay mouth open for themmaking me love this in no time, both hot cock making me shiver as they play in my mouth in successionsit on the floor back to the waqll both cool guy teaching me to suck on the cocks”you like this boy”nodding on his cockone guy sit near mekissing me not understanding until they pull me over escort maltepe him like a doll , sit on his bbc poking at my bare pink hole i just washed not even trying to stop him, my lil cherry spit being rub open as i get help to sucj on the otherslowly taking it inbouncing slowly in his big hand helping me up and down slowly but surely made into taking him allsit on his bbc called a good boy sucking away on the otherfelling full and moaning as he moved me up and down , both having fun bouncing me between the big cocksit was so hoti coudnt believe iti let em slowly fuck me into loving thisboth helping me doggy switching position , turning me into wet fuck holes and loving itmoaning of joy looking up at these two big guy having their way with mei coudnt believe how easy i was getting fuck , how good it was feeling , big and warm taking from both sidelistening to them calling me sweat little nicknames, making me feel proud and luckyin the shower of the tennis club closed for the last 2 hours, alone with 2 horny bbchaving fun both taking a seat on the side like at the beggining fishing them beer emptying one in the back of my throat making me swallow it all then do do same again to the second , wiggling on the floor taking place between maltepe escort bayan his legs for another big loadswallowing him off happy and proud of myself sucking away cleaning them both before we got up and leave the showergetting out dressing back both admitting this was very good and i need to keep it a secretlooking at them with a smile aditting i dont want no one to know eitherthe next day i got a call from one saying he was near in his suv i was closing soon and when i get out , the big ford suv was in the parkingi got inside stupid enought to believe him he was alonethe sliding door opened and i got pulled in the back3 other tall black older guy getting around me cock out as the door closed and mike drove awayleaving me gropped and undress every cock shoved in my mouth in turnMike baseball buddies all happy to see mike new bitch boythe suv driving in the dark road , help from one cock to the othermy lil ass up taking in turnmoaning in the back of the van, unable to stop em from showing me i love thisgently taking me in turn, slowly shoving cock deep in me all wet and open in no timeand smilling at every guy who just wanted to have fun in meall big and tasty , feeling overwelmed and sluttysucking them all and feeling em slide in me , wet by my mouth in turn and taking me in my lovely wet pink holei endup at one guy homedress like a maid and made to service all night taking my role as a slutty white maid loosing sight of the time, dolled up for all them 5 all night

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