The Phone Call – True Story


The Phone Call – True StoryThe room was hot and our bodies were slick with sweat as we moved against each other, him rising up to meet my thrusts me driving down in to his slick, hot, tight hole. The room smelled of sex, sweat and poppers. And the sounds of sex too. I could barely believe that this almost boy was so raunchy, so sexual and so predatory in his passivity.I was on holidays in Los Angeles visiting friends and family. I’d been there before a number of times so I wasn’t hitting the usual tourist traps. I was mainly spending time visiting with people, good friends I hadn’t seen in too long and reconnecting with family instead of nevşehir escort the usual emails and phone calls. I was staying in a hotel in West Hollywood. Why there? Well it was about halfway between my family and my friends (I didn’t stay with the family though they had room as I like to have my own space and time) and I knew the area.I’d been out for a nice meal in a small Italian place just down the road. There is little that is as relaxing as having a leisurely dinner with friends, a few glasses of wine and being able to sit outside in the warm summers evening, especially coming from the chill, rain damped nights in Dublin. escort nevşehir After they left citing babysitters and work responsibilities I strolled back towards my hotel, stopping in a bar for a couple of slow drinks, enjoying watching all the people pass and the other customers flirt with each other. Soon I’d had enough though and I walked the short distance back to the hotel determined to get a reasonably early night. I had promised to take my niece to the aquarium the next day in return for her promising to pet a shark. She was a barrel of energy and I really didn’t need a hangover since keeping up with her would be hard nevşehir escort bayan enough. My hotel was nothing special, just the usual anonymous glass and concrete building but it was comfortable, the air conditioning worked (a blessing in the heat of the night) and the bed was good and big and the mattress good and firm. I stripped off and showered, opened a cold bottle of beer (my last of the night I promised myself) and sat down with my book. The book wasn’t good but it was all I had left to read and I really didn’t feel like cranking up my laptop so soon I was bored and the beer was finished. Finish the chapter then get some sleep that was the plan. Then the phone rang.I jumped, startled at the sound, terrible thoughts running through my head as they do late at night when the phone rings before I realised anyone ringing me would have rung my mobile (cell phone to my American friends).

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