The Perils Of Cyber Sex


The Perils Of Cyber SexTHE PERILS OF CYBER SEXThis story just highlights the perils of online chats. I’m a 65 year old single guy and I live in a small block of sheltered accommodation in Bangor, North Wales. It was 2-00 in the morning and, being unable to sleep, I was lying on my bed with my lap top, surfing some of the porn sites. The pictures and videos were having the expected effect on me and I was laying there stroking my cock. Suddenly a message popped onto the screen, blocking out the video I was watching. This how the conversation wentBlue Lace — “Hi,” I was about to knock the computer off when a second message popped up.Blue Lace — “Female, 60’s North Wales.” I checked the profile name. It didn’t ring any bells but I replied. Welshwriter— “Male, 60’s North Wales.” The screen went quiet for a moment then another message popped up.Blue Lace — “Married?” I Welshwriter — “No,” Blue Lace – “What are you doing?” Welshwriter — “Just messing around on the computer.”Blue Lace — “Me too. I bet you’re looking at porn aren’t you?”I was a bit shocked at her forwardness but replied that yes eryaman escort I was. Blue Lace — “Me too.” Now I was even more shocked, but turned on by the thought of this woman sitting watching porn and talking to me. The screen flicked again. Blue Lace — “Are you hard?” Now I was really getting excited. Welshwriter – “Yes, why do you want to do something about it.” Blue Lace — “Mmm sounds like a plan, what would you like me to do about it?” Now things were really getting hot. Welshwriter — “Do you suck cock?”. Blue Lace — “Mmm. Oh yes. How big are you?” Welshwriter — “Eight inches.”Blue Lace — “Mmm. Cut or uncut?”Horny4 U — “Cut.”Blue Lace — “Oh I love a nice cut cock. Would you like me to suck it for you?”Welshwriter — “Yes please. Is your cunt shaved?”Blue Lace — “No, trimmed.”Welshwriter –- “Mmm just how I like them. Do you like it licked?”Blue Lace — “Oh yes.”Welshwriter — “Would you like me to lick it for you?”Blue Lace — “Oh yes please.”Welshwriter — “Play with your cunt and I’ll stroke my cock and we can pretend.”Blue Lace — “Mmm. Oh yes, I can feel your escort eryaman tongue on my clit. Mmm. That feels nice. Does my mouth feel nice on your cock?” I’d put some baby oil on my hand and was stroking my eight inch hard on.Welshwriter — “Oh yes it feels wonderful.”Blue Lace — “Can you feel me playing with your balls?”I moved my free hand and began to do what she was thinking about.Welshwriter — “Yes, it feels great. Can you feel my fingers in your cunt and my tongue on your clit?”Blue Lace — “Ohhh yes, yes. Finger me harder.”Welshwriter — “Are you wet?”Blue Lace — “Ohhh, yes my pussy is soaked.”Welshwriter — “Wish I could be there to taste it.”Blue Lace — “Me too. My fingers are covered in my pussy juice. Would you like to suck it off them?”Welshwriter — “Oh yes please, I bet your cunt tastes wonderful.”Blue Lace — “I’d love you to find out. Is your cock weeping pre-cum?”I looked down and saw that it was.Welshwriter — “Yes it is.”Blue Lace — “Mmm I’d love to suck it off you.”This was getting hot and my fist was flying up and down my shaft.Welshwriter — “Are you close eryaman escort bayan to coming?”Blue Lace — “Ohhh yes, Are you?”Welshwriter — “Yes, very close.” I could feel my balls tightening as my cum built up in them.Blue Lace — “My pussy is pouring I don’t think I’m going to last much longer.”Welshwriter — “That’s it cum for me and I’ll drink your lovely cunt juices.”Blue Lace — “Ohhh my God I’m coming.” The screen went dead and I lay there imagining her fingering herself to orgasm. My own cumm spurted towards the ceiling as my cock erupted. As I lay there breathing heavily, I became aware of a the sounds of a woman in the throws of an orgasm. I thought it was my imagination but it began to dawn on me that I could actually hear it. I lay and concentrated on the direction of the sound and realised that it was actually coming from the flat above mine. A flat occupied by Hazel, a single lady in her sixties. Surely it couldn’t be? The screen flicked into life again.Blue Lace — “Thank you I think I should be able to sleep now.” With that the message page disappeared and I was left wondering if it really was my neighbour I’d been indulging in cyber sex with. The following morning I was putting some rubbish out, when I saw Hazel crossing the car park. “Good morning Blue Lace,” I said. The look on her face told the whole story.

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