The peeping tom’s ‘cum’-uppance


The peeping tom’s ‘cum’-uppanceThe Peeping Tom’s ‘Cum’-uppanceBy Steady BowAbstract: Carl is caught watching two girls in his class shower through the keyhole. They blackmail him into agreeing to be humiliated and punished as a price for their silence. Chapter 1 – The Peeping TomCarl was a shy boy. An outsider. At 16, he had never seen a girl naked, or got anywhere close to having a girlfriend. He was seen as a bookworm, a bit of a nerd, someone whom it would have been uncool to be friendly to, let alone be friends with. He was not bad looking. Just socially awkward. When his Latin language class went on a trip to Rome, he was looking forward to the cultural experience, but was dreading having to share a room with a number of his classmates. The youth hostel in Rome was of the ‘basic’ variety. Carl shared a room with five other boys, sleeping in bunk beds. Three rooms, one of which was occupied by the girls, shared one small bathroom, with just one shower. As Carl was showering on the first morning in Rome, he realised that the door was locked by a slide bolt, in other words, the door was locked but there was no key in the keyhole. It was possible to look through the keyhole and see whomever was showering (although there was a rail for a shower curtain, the curtain itself was missing). As Carl left the shower, dressed in his pyjamas, Astrid, one of the girls from his class, was waiting her turn outside. She was a small, reasonably good looking girl, but nothing special. Still, Carl saw his chance to see a real girl naked, and he did not return to his room, but waited for Astrid to turn on the water. Then, his heart pounding in his chest, blood rushing through his ears, he put his eye to the key hole. Astrid was in the shower, naked, but facing away from him. A sound from behind made him start, and jerking himself upright pretended to be waiting his turn outside the shower, as Rolf, one of the boys he shared a room with, joined him in the corridor. Rolf, seeing the shower was occupied, decided to go back to bed. Alone in the corridor again, Carl bent down to have another look. Glory be! There was Astrid, turned towards him, soaping herself, all over her body, her breasts, the bush between her legs, under her arms. Another noise from behind. Dr Grant, the Latin teacher, appeared and joined the line outside the bathroom. A bit of a dilemma for Carl – he had meant to slink away back to his room, but what would the teacher think he’d been doing there? So he stayed. Astrid was now done showering, the shower had been turned off. The latch was undone, the door opened and Astrid came out. She greeted the teacher, and glanced at Carl in a little surprise. What was he still doing here? Had he not just showered? Carl got into the bathroom, locked the door. Though worried that Astrid suspected something, he really needed privacy. He got under the shower again and had the (so far) best wank of his life. He then dried himself and went back to his room. After a day taking in the sights of Rome, a sweaty group of teenagers made their way back to their rooms. Supper wasn’t going to be for another half hour, and most of them just stretched out on their beds to rest a bit. Carl needed the toilet, but found the door locked; he could hear water running in the shower. Again, his inquisitive eye fixed on Astrid, obviously a girl who valued cleanliness! She seemed to be particularly interested in keeping her private parts clean – at least she was pointing the shower head there, while her face looked rather concentrated, eyes closed, lips pursed … Carl, in his innocence, did not immediately realise what it was she was doing, but it now dawned on him. He dared not look any longer, and straightened up. The door behind him opened, and Nicole emerged, carrying a bath towel. Nicole was the class beauty – any model agency would have been lucky to have her on their books. And she spoke to him, Carl, asking how he had enjoyed the day! While Carl was stuttering, trying to concentrate on getting out a coherent(ish) answer, Astrid came out of the bathroom. She threw him a suspicious glance, but he did not really notice. Carl went in, peed, then went to his room to get a towel. The plan was to stand outside the bathroom, pretending to wait for a shower, and take a peek at Nicole. The corridor was deserted. He bent down, and there she was in all her beauty! From the side, but he could see the upturned left breast, the taut thighs … if she would only turn a little bit more, facing him … A faint giggle from behind got him out of his reverie … turning, he was faced by Astrid (who looked grim) and two other girls, Christine and Barbara (who had been doing the giggling, but now tried to look solemn). He blushed dark red. Christine took the initiative: ‘Please be in our room at 9pm tonight. We will discuss what to do then. Be punctual.’ They turned back into their room and he slunk back to his. Chapter 2: The DecisionHis heart beating hard he knocked on the girls’ door at the appointed time. All six were there, sitting in a semicircle on chairs: apart from Astrid, Christine, Nicole and Barbara there were the pendik escort little Rebecca and the rather heavy Judith. He stood facing them. Christine said: “We know for a fact that you were peeping at Nicole earlier tonight, and we are pretty sure that you did the same to Astrid this morning and tonight. Do you deny it?” He didn’t. In fact, he could not say anything. Christine went on: “We cannot be sure that you have not seen more of us, after all, we have all used that shower. You will understand that we cannot let this pass. There have to be consequences. We are planning to tell Dr Grant and, indeed, the headmaster of our school back home. We will also tell all our friends, everyone will know. Alternatively, you can explain why you did it and apologise to Astrid, Nicole and all of us, agreeing to abide by whatever we decide will be an appropriate punishment afterwards. The matter shall then remain between the seven of us. We will give you ten minutes to decide which it is going to be … so leave us now and come back in ten minutes with your decision!” Carl pretty much knew straight away that he had to throw himself at their mercy. He just wouldn’t be able to stand everyone knowing, not to mention the ‘official’ consequences from the school and his teachers. So ten minutes later, he entered the girls’ room full of trepidation. “I was totally out of line and I apologise. It is just that I had never seen a naked girl before, and temptation got the better of me. I invaded your privacy, Astrid, and I hope you will be able to forgive me.” “Now apologise to Nicole”, urged Christine. “Nicole, I had not planned to look at you, but you are such a beauty, and it had been so easy looking at Astrid, I just couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me!” “Forgiveness comes at a price”, said Christine. “And here’s what it is: You will now take off all your clothes and neatly fold them. Once you are naked, we will decide what other punishments we will inflict on you. Now strip!” Carl slowly slid out of his t-shirt, and then pulled down his jeans. One or two girls gasped when they saw that his penis had turned his boxers into a tent. He took off his socks and hesitated. “Do carry on, please”, demanded Christine. Down came the boxers, and his penis stood proud, gasps from the girls. “It’s a stiffy!”, shouted Rebecca, the youngest girl of the class (she had been invited to skip a year on account of her academic ability and was just f******n). Christine read from a piece of paper: “The ‘four avengers’ (that’s me, Barbara, Rebecca and Judith) have decided that punishment shall include physical pain and humiliation in equal measure. Physical pain is to be inflicted on the bottom, unless Carl (known as the ‘Peeping Tom’ or ‘PT’ from now on) has an erection, in which case it shall be inflicted on the erect shaft of his penis. Each avenger has drawn lots to determine the number of swats she is entitled to administer. It is for the PT to select two avengers and a suitable implement, namely a mobile phone charging wire, a wooden spoon or a slipper. Afterwards, the other two avengers will then decide humiliating tasks to be carried out. The final part of the punishment shall consist of Astrid and Nicole inflicting pain on any part of the PT’s body, including (and focusing on) his testicles.” She went on: “Given your obvious erection, we shall punish your shaft to start with. Should you lose your erection, we will start again on your bottom. Another rule is that, should you then go erect again, we will dispense the strokes remaining on your shaft. Select the first avenger!” Chapter 3: Two punishment sessionsCarl thought quickly. When it came to the physical pain part, the smaller the girl, the weaker she was likely to be. So he chose Rebecca, to her great delight, and handed her the wooden spoon. With a wide grin, Rebecca pulled out a piece of paper with the number ‘22’ written on it. Carl knew that his penis would now receive 22 swats with the spoon. ‘Step forward, facing the circle’. He obeyed. Twelve eager eyes were drinking in his naked body, with his penis proudly standing out, pointing slightly upwards. Rebecca, holding the spoon, took a step forward. Christine asked him if he would prefer to be blindfolded. He shook his head. ‘Let the punishment begin. 22 strokes.’ Small body, great strength. Rebecca wielded the spoon with power, precision and aplomb. The first stroke landed right in the middle of his shaft, the pain made him cry out. Second stroke in exactly the same spot. The third, too. He was now getting used to the pain, but his penis was throbbing. How to bear another 19? After ten strokes, all more or less in the same spot, Rebecca shifted her aim to his glans. Though uncircumcised, this was, when Carl’s penis was erect, normally unprotected by foreskin, and this erection was no exception. The pain was unbearable. After four strokes his erection had gone down quite a bit, and Christine called for Rebecca to stop. She ordered Carl to bend forward, his bottom facing the group. She further ordered him to spread his bottom, exposing his anus, and stay in that position while she escort pendik told him what would happen next. ‘As you have lost your erection, punishment will recommence, but now on your bottom. This time, Rebecca will administer all 22 strokes, come what may. If at the end you have an erection, the remaining strokes on your penis will also be administered. Grab your ankles!’ The 22 strokes were painful, his bottom bright red and bruised badly in one spot in the end, but he got through it. Towards the end, he tried to keep his mind off his situation, bent down with 5 girls staring at his butt, while a sixth was beating him with a wooden spoon. The more he tried not to think about it, the more he could feel the blood flow to his penis increase. Still, when he got up, his beginning erection was a far cry from what it had been when he had first dropped his boxers, and Christine pronounced that punishment would continue on his bottom. ‘Choose an avenger!’. This time, he chose Christine herself. For some reason he thought that putting her in charge of devising humiliating punishments for him would not be such a good idea, and this way he was avoiding this. He handed her the slipper, and she revealed her piece of paper: 6. He breathed a sigh of relief and bent over. The slipper connected with his bottom, but the pain was nothing compared to the spoon. At the end, Christine ordered him to spread his cheeks again, and asked the other five to approach and have a closer look at his bum hole. He realised too late that she was hoping to revitalise his erection, and, sure enough, when he got up again his member was standing proud. Christine turned to Rebecca: ‘Becca, you’re up! Finish your 22 strokes with the spoon, I think there were another 8? Rebecca took the spoon but, in an attempt to keep the erection going, did not hit very hard – the last four strokes she aimed onto the underside of the penis, where the skin was still relatively unblemished. Carl’s erection was still prominent when Rebecca was done. Chapter 4: Two humiliation sessionsChristine now announced that there would be two humiliation sessions each lasting 30 minutes, followed by a further punishment session and another humiliation session, leading up to the grand finale. ‘Choose an avenger, PT!’ Carl picked Barbara, planning to leave the final punishment session to Nicole. Barbara looked grave. She spoke quietly. ‘I have thought long and hard about what I would ask. Here it is. I want you to get dressed, get into the shower, get undressed again and stand in the middle of the room, naked, erect, with the door unlocked. You are to stay in that position until somebody enters the bathroom, at which point you can get dressed and return here. Carl obeyed. As it happened, the unlucky person to need the bathroom, after Carl had been waiting for about five minutes, was Dr Grant. It was difficult to say who was more embarrassed. Dr Grant made a quick escape, and Carl, covering himself with his clothes, rushed back into the girls’ room. ‘Now’, said Barbara, ‘I have another twenty minutes or so. This is your own electric toothbrush. You left it in the bathroom when you went in to brush your teeth before coming here. I want you to lie on your back, please. Each of us will get two minutes to use it anywhere on your body, and you will then get the rest of my time to use it yourself, in accordance with my instructions.’ Each girl first went through the motions of massaging Carl’s torso and legs with the switched-on toothbrush, the little brush head vibrating on his skin, but they all quickly ended up moving it up and down his shaft, over his balls, and circling his glans with it. This last was quite painful, and Carl had to suppress quite a few gasps of pain. When they had all had their go, Astrid handed the brush to Carl. ‘Now, I want you to brush the tip of your penis, then slowly move down the underside, over your balls, and onto your anus.’ Carl obeyed. ‘Insert it!’ The girls gasped. So did Carl. But he had no choice, he slowly inserted the vibrating, rotating brush head into his butt hole. ‘Deeper! Deeper! Leave it there! Wriggle it about! How does that feel?’ Carl did not answer. ‘That was not a rhetorical question! Answer me!’ ‘Quite painful, but good at the same time.’ ‘Ok, switch it off. Pull it out. Get on your knees and hold the brush in front of yourself.’ All the girls had looked in disgust at the now brownish brush. ‘Now, put it in your mouth and brush your teeth with it for two minutes!’. The brush had its own timer, and switched itself off after that time. Carl was mortified – he had never been as humiliated in his life. A high price to pay for having seen Astrid pleasure herself with the shower head! It was over to Christine again: ‘Ok, time to put your toothbrush away. Over to Judith, for the next half hour of humiliation!’ Judith was a large girl, quite a lot overweight. But she had a pretty face. Judith blushed and found it hard to get anything out. Then she said, stammering: ‘I want you to lie back and put on this blindfold.’ Carl did. He could not see a thing. He heard giggling, shuffling. He felt something pendik escort bayan cold and squidgy being squirted onto his penis. And then a hand! Up to that point, none of the girls had touched him ‘down there’ – and, although Judith was not exactly his dream girl, being touched by a girl, any girl, on his penis sent his heart racing. The hand now started massaging his shaft, the lubricant was now releasing heat. This was good! Carl was surprised that Judith, whom he had dismissed as a girl who had never kissed a boy, let alone touched a penis, was such an expert. This was almost as good as if he was wanking himself, regular, powerful. His breath was getting quicker, his stomach muscles started to contract – the blindfold was suddenly pulled off. To Carl’s horror, not Judith was wanking him, but Roger, their openly gay class mate. But Carl was now past the point of no return, his cum spurted out, all over his body and onto his face. Roger, in his pyjamas, also sported a sizeable erection. ‘One good turn deserves another’, said Judith. But I will be fair: you can choose if you want to give him a hand job or head!!’This was excruciating to Carl, who feebly protested that the deal had been that nobody but the six girls would ever find out about what he had done. ‘Roger hasn’t’, said Christine. ‘We just asked him if he fancied trading hand jobs with you, and he was actually very keen! Who knows, maybe you should give up on finding a girlfriend and settle for a boyfriend!’ Roger dropped his pyjama bottoms – his erection was actually quite a bit longer and thicker than Carl’s (which, to his embarrassment, still obstinately refused to shrink). Carl did not move. He just couldn’t. This was too gross, touching another boy’s penis! ‘Ok’, said Judith, ‘you are not obeying, which deserves to be punished. Your last chance. If you do not do exactly as instructed, we will not only tell Dr Grant about what you did; we will also post a video we shot of you being jerked off by a man on WhatsApp. So think before you refuse!’ Carl nodded. ‘Ok, the new deal is this: you have exactly two minutes to get Roger off. If you fail, you will continue with your mouth. And you will swallow every drop! Your time starts NOW’ Carl took hold of Roger’s penis and started jerking him off. Christine was calling time. One minute left. Carl was putting all his strength into the job. Now Roger was breathing harder … his hands began to shake … he was going to cum … ‘Time!’ shouted Christine, stop right now. Roger groaned in frustration at his ruined orgasm. ‘Ok,’ said Judith, ‘you know what to do!’ In utter disgust, Carl knelt down in front of Roger and, closing his eyes, took Roger’s large penis into his mouth. ‘Sorry, mate, this might take a while’, whispered Roger under his breath. And it did. Carl had plenty of experience jerking, but no experience giving head. It did not help that he saw Astrid video the scene on her phone … and his penis was still hard! How embarrassing was this! And now a hand, Roger’s hand, grabbed Carl’s penis, before both his hands grabbed his head and started pushing it forward and backward, feeding him the right rhythm. He could feel the pulsating movements of Roger’s penis before his mouth was flooded with sperm. He tried to swallow, but had to retch, so that quite a lot of it dribbled down his body, where it mixed with his own sperm. ‘Ok, well done.’ This was Judith again. ‘Now lick Roger clean, and then clean yourself up, using your tongue wherever possible’. Once clean, Roger asked if he could stay to watch the rest of ‘the show’, and Christine said that she didn’t see why not. Chapter 5: The final chapter‘Now’, said Christine, ‘it is Nicole and Astrid’s privilege to exact the most painful, and also humiliating, revenge. They will together torture the PT’s cock and balls for the next fifteen minutes. What position do you want him in?’ Nicole asks Carl to lie on his back and spread his legs – Judith and Barbara take hold of one foot each and pull them in opposite directions. ‘We will take turns – starting with our hands, then fists, then bare feet, then shoes. Prepare to be in pain!’ Nicole takes Carl’s penis and bends it downwards, between his legs, the tension is terrible, Carl thinks his tendons are going to snap. Nicole keeps pushing until she physically cannot push any further, keeps it there, and then releases. It is now Astrid’s turn. She is proud of her long fingernails, and uses them to pinch first his ball sack, then the skin of his shaft, then his glans. The pain is excruciating. She finally lets off. Finally, Carl’s erection has lost some of its poise! Back to Nicole. She forms a fist and holds it close to Carl’s face. Then she punches him in the balls. He screams. He begs. Another punch. Now punches in quick succession. Without a break, Astrid takes over, punch, punch, punch, punch. Then a break. Cheering from the other girls. Nicole steps up again, raises her foot to Carl’s face and lets him have a good look. ‘Kiss it!’ she demands. He does. ‘Ask me to kick you hard in the balls!’ ‘Please, Nicole, kick me hard in the balls!’. Wham! Wham! Erection gone, pain unbearable. He is close to losing consciousness, but now Astrid seems to be kicking him. Nicole is putting on her stilettos. They drag him onto the floor. The heel comes down between his balls. The sole steps on his balls. He passes out …

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