The Party Continues, Its Debbies Turn


The Party Continues, Its Debbies Turnthe story continues, Ethan and Pam’s sexcapades and adventures (part 10)Debbie danced with the first guy who asked, a cute black guy with a gold tooth and twisty locks of hair. The noise of the music pounded through her body. He had his arm around her waist, holding her tight to his body, pressing his groin into her crotch. Debbie rocked her hips, grinding herself on his hard lump. She held the beer bottle in one hand and some of it spilled out, but what did she care? It wasn’t her carpet.The guy leaned close and shouted something in her ear. She didn’t understand what he said but nodded anyway. He was pretty cute. She wished she could remember his name.He took her hand and dragged her through the crowd of dancing people. They stopped at a group standing in front of a closet door. He said something to one of the girls, and she said something back. He turned to Debbie and put his hands on her hips.”What are we doing?” Debbie said. Her breasts flattened against his hard chest.”You ever play Seven Minutes In Heaven?”Debbie shook her head. “What is it?”He pointed to the closet door with his thumb.”You go in the closet and you get to do whatever you want for seven minutes.”Debbie grinned. “Sounds like fun.””It is.”One of the girls yanked the closet door open. A guy and a girl came out. He was grinning and she was pulling her halter top down. Some of the people standing in the group laughed.”Hey, we’re next,” Debbie’s guy shouted.He jerked her arm and she went with him into the closet. The door closed and they were suddenly in the dark. The loud music outside was muffled.”This is kinda nice,” Debbie said. She felt in the darkness for … Damn, what was his name?”Yeah, real nice. Come here,” he said.His big hands closed around her waist and pulled her against his body. His mouth planted over hers. Debbie tensed and resisted for a moment, but this was what she wanted, what she came to the party for. She let out a deep breath and relaxed in his grip. His tongue pushed deep into her mouth. His hand moved up and squeezed her breast.”You don’t waste much time, do you?” Debbie said.”I don’t got much time to waste.” He pushed down on her shoulders with both hands. “So why don’t you show me what you can do.”His thumbs dug into her shoulders and she winced. He forced her to her knees.”Ow. You don’t have to hurt me,” she said. She rubbed the sore spots on her shoulders and heard a zipper.”Why don’t you suck on this?”Debbie reached up, feeling in the darkness. She found his cock and gasped. It was a lot bigger than she expected. She put her hand around it. God, he was so big, and so hot.”We can go upstairs and I can finish you right, you know,” she said.He grabbed her head. “Put it in your mouth.”He jerked her head toward him and his dick hit her lips before she could get her mouth open. She opened wide and it went straight in and almost straight down her throat.”Now do your thing,” he said, and released her head.Debbie took a moment to swallow and catch her breath. For a second, it looked like he was going to choke her on his cock. She sucked a lot of them, but never anything that thick or that long. Her jaw was stretched and her tongue was flattened under it. She put her hand around the base. Only a few inches were in her mouth. What if he manhandled her again and made her take it all the way down her throat? She heard of girls doing that with guys who were really long. Could she handle that? Just the thought of a cock going down her throat gave her chills.Debbie moved her head back and forth a few times. The guy, whatever his name was, moaned. His hips started moving, working the end of his cock in and out of her mouth. She could just barely move her tongue and licked as much as she could.”You got it. You got it now.”Debbie sucked in her cheeks. With his cock in her mouth there wasn’t much she could do. She licked and sucked the sides of the shaft, and even sucked on his balls, but with the end in her mouth, all she could do was move her head back and forth a little bit. Was that good enough for him? Was he getting into it? They’d been in there a long time. Was she going to finish him before they ran out of time?She sucked in her cheeks and moved her head faster. Above, the guy sighed. His hands tightened on her head and he pumped with his hips. Debbie tensed. It was close. Guys always did that kind of stuff when they were close.”Oh shit yeah,” he said with a deep groan.The first shot of hot cum splashed on Debbie’s tongue. She swallowed, and more hot cum quickly flooded her mouth. The door opened, flooding the closet with light.”Time’s up,” someone shouted.Debbie squealed, but her voice was muffled by the thick cock and all the cum in her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw all the people outside staring at them, their faces shocked, some laughing. She tried to get up, but the guy held her down, still pumping cum into her mouth.It gushed out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin before she could swallow all of it. The cock jerked out of her mouth, spilling more down her cheeks and chin.”Thanks for the head job, girl,” the guy said, and walked out of the closet with his hands stuffing his dick back in his pants.Debbie rose to her feet, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her face burned. How could she face all those people when they saw her with a strange guy’s cock in her mouth, with his cum all over her face?”Hey, that was pretty cool,” a girl said.Debbie turned around. It was the girl who opened the door. She took Debbie’s hand and pulled her out of the closet.”I never saw anyone do that in this game before. Hey, you wanna go in with the next guy?”Debbie shrugged. “Sure, I guess. Who’s the next guy?”The girl pointed to a guy talking with someone a few feet away.”Joe Molino,” she said.Debbie grinned. “I’d love to.””Ok, cool. You wait here. canlı bahis I’ll get him.”She walked over to Joey and said something. She pointed at Debbie. Joey looked right at her and she felt a tingling between her legs. She licked her lips. This was going to be so good.She brought Joey over, dragging him by his arm.”You’re Debbie Holtz, right?” the girl said.”Right,” Debbie said. How did she know her name?”This is Joe Molino.””Hi,” he said. His words were a little slurred.”We’ve met, right Joey?” Debbie said.”We have?””Yeah, you just don’t remember.”Debbie smiled. Joey looked confused for a second, then smiled back.”Ok, you guys are next,” the girl said, and shoved them into the closet.Suddenly, Debbie was alone with Joey Molino in the dark. So what if he didn’t remember her? He’d never forget her once she had his dick in her mouth.”So what do you wanna do?” Joey said.Debbie shivered. He was so cute. She didn’t even have to see his face. Just his voice gave her chills.”I don’t know. You wanna make out?””Yeah, I guess so,” Joey said.His hand touched her arm and moved up to her shoulder. How could he see her so well in the dark? Then his other hand touched her boob.”Sorry,” he said.”It’s all right. I don’t mind.”His lips pressed against hers, and his tongue poked into her mouth. Joey smacked his lips.”Your mouth tastes funny. What have you been drinking?” he said.Debbie held her breath. Should she tell him she was drinking another guy’s cum? She’d love to see his face when he heard that. But not yet.”I think somebody put something in my beer,” she said.”Really? You should be careful about that shit,” he said, and kissed her again.Debbie let him roll his tongue around in her mouth, but she was getting impatient. She took his hand off her shoulder and put it back on her breast.”Making out is fun and all, but do you wanna do something else now?” Debbie said.Joey was quiet for a second. His hand was on her boob, but it wasn’t squeezing.”Like what?”Debbie let her hand slip down his front to the hard lump at his crotch, and she squeezed it through his jeans.”I don’t know. I got a real nice ass. Wanna fuck it?”Joey laughed softly, like a nervous chuckle. His hand pulled away from her boob.”What’s funny?” Debbie said.”I don’t think I can do that.”Debbie rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.”What are you talking about? Of course you can.”He pushed her hand away. “No, you don’t understand. I just can’t.”Debbie slipped her hands around his waist and pulled herself close, so his hard lump pressed into her crotch.”Please. Come on. We can do it quick, I swear. No one out there will know.””I can’t.”Debbie stopped rubbing herself on him. “Why not?”Joey pushed her away. “I just can’t. I don’t wanna fuck you.””Jesus, what am I, not good enough for you? People are gonna think you’re gay.””I don’t care what people think.””Well, I do,” Debbie said. She pulled her shirt up over her breasts, and tangled her fingers through her hair.”Wh-What are you doing?” Joey said.Debbie unfastened the front of her jeans and pushed them low on her hips.”Just ’cause you’re a fag, I’m not gonna let them think you wouldn’t fuck me.””You’re a real bitch, you know that?” Joey said.”Fuck you,” Debbie said.The door swung open. Everyone shouted and screamed and pointed. Debbie smirked and walked out of the closet.”Wow. You are so cool. What did you say your name is?” the girl said.Debbie held her head high and thrust her chin out. As she walked by the people standing in front of the closet, she heard someone say, “Did you see that? Joe Molino fucked her”, and her grin grew wider.But when she got clear of the crowd gathered in front of the closet, her grin fell. She had been at that party for how long, and still she hadn’t found anyone to fuck her. Having one guy’s cock in her mouth didn’t count. She had to have one in her pussy. But who? She wasn’t going home before she found a guy to fuck her.The kitchen was empty, and the beer was gone. Debbie wandered through the house, looking for anyone she knew, or at least a guy who might go to bed with her. No one caught her eye.Between the kitchen and the living room was a short hallway that led to the laundry. On top of the washer and dryer were some bottles of liquor and pop, plastic cups, and a bucket of ice. Debbie poured some vodka and ice in a cup.As she took a sip, she heard something, voices nearby. She looked around, but there was no one in the laundry or the short hallway, only out in the kitchen and living room. But there was a door off the laundry, and it was open a few inches. She peeked through the gap.It was the door to the garage. Neil was on the other side, standing next to a shiny black car, with Jim. Debbie grinned. Finally, she found him. He would fuck her for sure.They were talking car stuff and stopped when the door opened. They looked at Debbie at the same time.”Hi guys. What ya doin?” she said.”Just talking about my brother’s car,” Jim said.Neil took his eyes off her and tilted his bottle of beer to his lips. Debbie turned her back on him, facing Jim.”That’s a nice car. Does he let you drive it?”Jim shook his head. Behind her, Neil snorted. She rolled her eyes.”No, he never let’s anyone drive it. He’d kick my ass if I took it out,” Jim said.”Yeah, you’re such a pussy,” Neil said.”Fuck you. I am not,” Jim said, and took a drink of his beer. Neil snorted again.”How long have you been here?” Jim said.Debbie shrugged. “I don’t know. Not long.””Where’s your friend at?””Who?””The cute one you said you were bringing over.””I don’t know,” Debbie said, and shrugged again.”She’s probably upstairs getting her brains fucked out,” Neil said. “I bet Eddie and Marco found her and they’re doing her at the same time.”Jim smirked. “Yeah. Everyone came here to get fucked.””Isn’t that why you had this party?” Debbie said.”No. I just wanted a few guys over to play cards bahis siteleri and drink beer.””That was until you lost all your money and we drank all the beer,” Neil said.”Oh. Does that mean you don’t want to do it with me?” Debbie said. She looked up at Jim with wide eyes and blinked.Jim and Neil looked at each other.”No, that’s not what that means at all. I mean, if that’s all you’re looking for,” Jim said.Debbie stuck her lower lip out. “It might be.”Jim nodded to her cup.”What have you been drinking?” he said.”Just a little vodka, I think. It makes me feel all … I don’t know.”Jim took the plastic cup and set it on the workbench.”Why don’t you come here and I’ll see how you feel,” he said.Debbie glanced over her shoulder at Neil. He had a mean smirk and a dirty look in his eye. Whatever he was thinking, she didn’t want to know. She stepped toward Jim. His hands opened to receive her and closed on her hips. His thumbs touched her bare skin above the loose waistband of her jeans. He pulled her firmly against his body. She put her hands on his chest. Below, she felt his hard dick poking her belly.”You feel fine to me. Why don’t you give me a kiss and I’ll see how you feel inside,” Jim said.”Ok.”Debbie closed her eyes, leaned forward and kissed him. He leaned forward as well, bending her backward, and forced his tongue deep into her mouth. She squealed. The hard thing poking her belly got harder.”You feel fine there, too. Now why don’t you show me what you can do with this.”Jim unzipped the front of his jeans and reached in. Debbie watched his hand. What was it with guys and sucking their dicks? She already blew one guy that night. How many times was she going to have to put a dick in her mouth before she got one put in her pussy?”Right here?” Debbie said, glancing at Neil.”Can you think of a better place?” Jim said.Debbie hesitated. She had no answer. But Neil was right there, watching. Jim pulled his hard dick out of his jeans.Neil put his hand on Debbie’s shoulder.”Don’t make me wait. I want some of that, too, girl,” he said. He was squeezing a fat lump in the front of his jeans.Debbie turned to face him with her hands on her hips.”What makes you think you’re getting a turn?” she snapped.Neil looked startled for a second. Then his face became black with anger.”You better believe I’m getting a turn, bitch, and you better like it,” he said, with a deep snarl.”Forget about it, Neil. Go find your own pussy,” Jim said.His voice was even and calm. They stared at each other for a long time, and Debbie was sure they were going to fight. But Neil’s face softened.”I’m gonna get another beer,” he said, and walked out.Debbie turned back to Jim. He was looking at her with the same passive expression, and a lock of blonde hair that hung out of place over his forehead. She let out her breath. Jim’s dick was still hanging from his jeans, rigid and red.”You still want me to blow you?” she said.”Unless you got something better in mind.”Debbie stared at his eyes. What did that mean? Was he saying he wanted her to fuck him? But he was still standing there, like he wanted her to give him a blow job. She lowered herself to her knees.”Maybe in a few minutes.”She put her hand around Jim’s dick and licked her lips. She still had the taste of cum on her tongue from the first blowjob. She moved her hand back and forth. Jim had a nice dick, although it wasn’t as big as she was hoping, and it wasn’t as big as the first one she sucked, but she would suck it anyway.She pumped her hand slowly, watching the way the warm skin moved over the hard shaft. Jim pulled her hand away.”Quit screwing around and put it in your mouth,” he said.”Ok, ok. Jesus, what’s your rush?” Debbie said.She adjusted her position on her knees. The concrete floor was hard and cold. Why was she always the one who wound up on her knees, getting rug burns and bruises all the time?She opened her mouth and put the head of his cock in. If that was what he wanted, that was what he was going to get. What did she care? Every guy was different. They all did different stuff when she had their dicks between her lips, and they all liked her to do it different ways. She licked the head, clamped her lips tight around the shaft and sucked it slowly to the back of her mouth. If only there was a way she could know what a guy was going to like before she got started. Why couldn’t they just tell her up front how they wanted it? She could be like a waitress and take their orders.Debbie moved her head back and forth, sliding her lips farther down Jim’s cock. He groaned. He felt just about the right size and she let it slide all the way to the back of her mouth, where it tickled the back of her tongue. She giggled. It always felt so funny when she could get a guy’s cock to touch her there just right.Jim groaned and squeezed his hands around the sides of her head. His hips bucked, jamming his cock deeper than she really liked, but what the hell. If that was what he wanted. She sucked her cheeks in and fucked him hard with her mouth. Jim groaned again and grabbed a handful of hair.”Goddamn it Debbie, you’re gonna make me cum.”She let his cock slide from her mouth.”What’s wrong with that?””What’s wrong with it? Nothing. It’s just not where I wanna put it.”Debbie considered this for a second. He had a good point. He hooked his hand under her arm and pulled her to her feet.”So, are you gonna do me now? Where do you wanna go?” she said.Jim put his hands on her chest.”You got pretty big tits. How old are you?” he said. He pulled her shirt up.”Nineteen. Almost twenty.”He unhooked her bra and rubbed her boobs in his palms. Debbie’s eyelids drooped. His hands were warm and made her nipples tingle.”They’re really beautiful,” he said in a whisper.His left hand slipped down her waist to the front of her jeans and rubbed her crotch. Debbie parted her thighs.”Thanks,” bahis şirketleri she said.The wet tip of his cock touched her bare belly, and she gasped. It was so close, right where she wanted. A chill ran down her spine and she shivered. He wanted it there, too.Jim’s fingers rubbed her slit through her jeans. Her knees trembled. She grabbed his shoulder to hold herself up. Her eyes closed. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. One moment she was about to cum, the next moment his finger was gone and she opened her eyes.”Let’s get in here,” Jim said. He opened the door of his brother’s car.”Are you sure?” Debbie said. She was standing there with her boobs hanging out and it felt kind of sexy. But Jim’s dick was hanging out of his jeans, and that was even more sexy.Jim folded the seat forward. “Yeah, I’m sure. Get in.”Debbie shrugged and climbed into the back seat. Jim got in behind her. Debbie watched his dick hanging long and heavy in front of him, swaying from side to side like a big piece of fleshy rubber, but she tried to make it look like she wasn’t staring.”I want you to lay down,” he said.He picked her feet up off the floor and turned her so she was laying across the seat. She propped herself up on her elbows, with her legs spread. The air was cool and her exposed nipples hardened to points. Jim crawled between her legs.”Do you want me to take my pants off?” Debbie said?”I’ll get it.”His big thumbs and fingers tugged at the button on her jeans until it came loose. He ripped the zipper down, grabbed the waistband of her jeans at each hip, and yanked them down to her knees. Debbie giggled. Jim kept tugging until her jeans were bunched at her ankles, covering her shoes.”You should have taken those off first,” she said.”Yeah.”He stared at her feet like he couldn’t understand why it didn’t work. His big thumbs and fingers reached for the thin waistband of her black panties. He tugged and one side tore like paper. Debbie gasped.”Sorry,” he said.Debbie shrugged. “It’s ok. They were just in the way.”Jim held the shredded ends of the panties like a handful of loose strings, then pulled them completely from her hips. The air was cool on her bare, moist pussy. Jim stabbed two fingers inside her, and she arched her back and groaned.”Goddamn, you are one wet chick,” he said.His thick fingers wiggled inside her, rubbing her sensitive spots. Debbie closed her eyes and moaned through her squeezed lips. Not many of the guys she slept with did anything to make her feel good before they shoved their dicks inside her. At least Jim made sure she was wet first.She heard a zipper and opened one eye. Jim was pulling down his pants with his free hand. Suddenly she was frightened. Was this really what she wanted? She was taking a big chance. If she got pregnant again, Mom would kill her.He shoved his jeans down and his big dick popped out. She squeezed her eyes shut and moaned. This was what she wanted. She spread her knees wider, as wide as she could in the narrow back seat, especially when her ankles were practically tied together by her jeans.”Are you ready baby? I waited long enough for this,” Jim said. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy.”I’m ready, baby, I’m ready.”Jim raised her feet to the roof of the car, ducked his head, and pushed his shoulders between her knees.”Jim, what are you doing?” she said.”I’m gonna fuck you, that’s what I’m doing.”He pushed her hips down. Debbie winced, but he slipped himself between her legs until her knees were around his narrow waist, like she was tied around him and he was her prisoner. Her crotch grazed down the front of his shirt, leaving a streak of moisture. His long, hard cock popped up between her legs and slapped down on her belly. She groaned and bit her lower lip. The head at the end of it was fat and wide, and the tiny hole at the tip opened like the mouth of a fish breathing water. His cum would shoot from that hole, and she wanted all that he had to give, but not right there on her belly. She wanted it inside her belly.Jim pushed it down to her wet opening. The head grazed over her button, and the jolts that shot through her body made her back arch. Then it was sliding into her. She felt the head split her open, felt the insistent pressure as it made its way forward, felt the hot shaft burning her channel.”Oh God,” Debbie moaned.Her legs hung in the air, tied behind Jim at her ankles. She groaned and squirmed under the weight of the heavy cock in her body. Jim pushed slowly until it hit bottom, and he held it there while Debbie thrashed and cried out.”Do it Jim, please,” she said. Her voice was a breathless gasp.Jim pulled back and hammered her pelvis with his hips. Tied as she was to him, Debbie moved back and forth across the vinyl seat with every move he made. Her pussy closed on Jim’s shaft like a fist. She was wet and dripping with juice, but it held him inside her like glue.Jim pumped hard with his hips, and the entire car rocked on squeaky springs. His eyes were squeezed shut and his face was twisted in an ugly grimace, and he was dripping with sweat.”I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna come,” he grunted.”Do it for me baby.”Debbie dug her heels into his ass, pulling as much of his cock into her as she could. Then he groaned and his hips jerked erratically, and the sperm that was so precious spilled in her belly. She moaned and smiled. The warmth spread quickly all through her belly and made her toes tingle.Jim let out a deep breath and collapsed on top of her, pressing his damp face against her bare breast. Her legs bent up so her feet touched the car’s ceiling panel.”That was great. How come you don’t fuck me more often?” Debbie said.Jim shrugged. “I don’t know. I got other girls want me to fuck them.”They were quiet for a minute or two. The noises of the party seeped through the garage walls into the car. Debbie tangled her fingers in Jim’s hair. She moved her ass and felt a puddle on the seat.”Your brother’s gonna kill us for the mess we made in his car,” she said.Jim looked around the car and shrugged again.”Don’t worry about it, it’s vinyl, the stuff never dies,” he said.

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