The Old Pervert


The Old PervertThis happened to me quite some time ago and i would like to share this experince with you.Firstly i was back then a gangly teenager,with what i would call an average size cock,around where we lived at the top of our road used to be situated houses that were divided into 2 flats one up one down,for the older generation il call it,my friends and i were always playing football around the streets, and one particular evening the ball was kicked half way up the road,so i went to fetch it upon reaching the ball it had settled next to a gate where an old man of about late 50s was leaning up against,i picked up the ball and said good evening to the gentleman when he replied, hello there young man did you know your shorts are ripped up the back, to which i felt round and sure enough a big split had appeared showing off my near naked arse, i felt my face flushing red and said,i better go and change these before they fall apart, the man then said, i see your good at football you should pop round some time i have a stack of old programmes you can have a look at if you want they are good ones going way back, to which i replied ok i will ,not even thinking about it, and never really contemplating that anything sinister would happen.It was a couple of days later that i was getting bored as the summer holidays were drawing to a close and it would be time to go back to college, when i suddenly thought il pop over and have a look at them programmes, so off i went and knocked on the old mans door,the door opened and the man stood there in a dressing gown saying, hello young man come in come in,when i got inside it smelled of stale cigarettes and the walls and ceilings were a bit smoke stained but on the whole not to bad.The man introduced himself as Ken and asked if i would like a drink, which i had some juice,i told him my name and we started chatting about this and that family stuff, how old i was (18)and just things in general.He went and fetched the programmes and passed them to me and he went and sat down back in his chair,as i looked up to say there are loads here, his dressing gown must have come open as i was looking at the biggest cock i have ever seen long with a big purple head at the end just staring at me.I must have gone red when Ken said, im sorry i have just got out the bath you have caught on the hop il just go and put some clothes on, my mind was racing i couldnt get that image out of my mind,he came back in the room and i said, ive got to go Ken as my dinner will be ready and rushed to get up and leave, Ken said no problem young man come back whenever you want i dont go anywhere, then i was running home, straight in and up to batman escort the bathroom as no one was home and i wanked my now stiffening cock til i spurted spunk over my belly thinking about that long cock i had just seen.For the next few weeks that image was at the for font of my mind i couldnt concentrate at college i was in another world, a world that i never thought about let alone done anything about,but it was still on my mind all the time.On the particular evening in question i had just got off the bus at the top of the road from college and was walking down the road when i saw Ken leaning on the gate again, a lump appeared in my throat when i approached him and he said, hello young man just finished college, yes i said to which he answered why dont you pop over later if your not busy and have a drink,i didnt know what to say but my mouth just blurted out ok what time,his face lit up and he said about 9ish, ok i said and walked on home.I had my dinner and mum said we are going to your aunts tonight so will probably be back late so dont wait up love, ok no problem im going to a friends anyway so il see you tomorrow and up to the shower i went.About 9ish i walked up the road to Kens flat and stopped at the gate and thought to myself, what are you doing do you really want to go in there as i had a strange stirring in my stomach, you know them feelings that you know something was going to happen a very strange but also a very good feeling.I knocked on the door and Ken answered it in the same dressing gown as before which straight away had me staring at his groin, come in young man, i went in and made my way to the lounge and sat down, Ken came in with 2 glasses and gave me one, thanks i said, come on then Ken said what have you been up to ive not seen you for a couple of weeks, oh nothing much just college stuff really,ive not seen you with any girls,do you have a girlfriend, no i replied dont have much time really with all my studies,oh ok he said would you like me to get them programmes for you to read, ok i said, and he went off to get them, i had a sip of my drink and thought this tastes like vodka but thought what the hec its Friday night not much else to do.Ken came back in with the programmes and set them on my lap and went and sat down, same again the dressing gown had come open and he was sitting there with his legs slightly apart and his long cock was there in all its glory just hanging there,i started to flick through the programmes and every now and again would look up when i took a drink to look at that big cock but not once did he try to cover himself up.He then got up and said would you like another ,to which i thought escort batman why not as i was feeling a little relaxed by now and gulped down the remainder of my glass, off he went and came back and put the glass down on the unit next to me, but this time he never sat in his seat he sat on the arm of my chair and started talking about the programmes i was looking through, still his dressing gown was open even further this time and that big cock was getting a little bigger every time i took a glance at it, my god this cant be happening to me im not gay and i certainly have done nothing to lead this man on what was happening to me i thought.Suddenly i felt a stirring in my groin an all to familiar stirring my cock was starting to harden the more i thought about that big cock staring at me, i tried not think about it and gulped down my second drink when get said another young man, yes please Ken i said and off he went, whilst out of the room i tried to adjust myself through my tracksuit bottoms, just the Ken came back into the room and caught me,are you ok young man he said, yes in a muffled voice i said as i looked up at him. this tome his dressing gown had come right open as he walked towards me and that cock was now semi hard and staring straight at me, i didnt know where to look or what to say but Ken just said, oh this damned dressing gown could you do it up for me as my hands are full.Dont ask me why because i dont know why i just said ok and leaned forward, by now his cock was fully erect and was at least 9 inches long and it looked angry whilst i tried to pull the cords together, and Ken just stood there looking down at me whiole i tried my best to cover him up.I looked up at him and said it wont tie up Ken and he said oh dont worry young man just take it off for me, to which i did, he was now standing naked in front of me when he put the drink in my hand and i just gulped it straight down and said i think i ought to be going Ken, nonsence he said the evenings still young and came and sat on the arm of the chair again, i know what why dont you put them programmes down, to which i did and then out of the blue he said, i know you had been staring at my cock all evening why dont you take a closer look young man you know you want to.My mind was racing, yes i did want to but i was so scared then Ken put his hand on the back of my head all nice and gentle and was pushing it forward, so here i was staring at the biggest cock id ever seen only inches from my face not knowing what to do.I put my hand around it and it felt so big and started to wank it, while ken just sat there talking to me, telling me thats it young man wank daddies cock batman escort bayan for him and bring my spunk out,his talk was really turning me on like never before, then he said lets go to the bedroom young man and he led me like a lamb to the slaughter, upon reaching the bedroom he told me to undress fully so he could look at my young hard cock, i undressed and stood ther with my 7 inch cock by now rock hard, sit on that chair he said, i did, and spread your legs, i did, he knealt down and got between my legs, im gonna suck your young cock until im satified young man ok, ok i said my mind in over drive and he knealt forward and took my throbbing cock in his mouth and sucked and licked me like id never had before off any girl, god you taste so good i love young boy cock.He sucked me for what seemed like ages until i knew i was going to come then he just stopped, shhhhhhhitttt i thought whats happening, he then got up and pulled me up to, he got behind me and put his hand around me and started to pull at my cock which was leaking spunk and he was just massaging it in when he whispered in my ear, look over there, i looked and saw a dirty mattress on the floor,go and lay down over there young man you are mine from now on and when i say come over you will ok, ok i said i wanted nothing else than to please this dirty old man with the big cock.I went and sat on the mattress and watched as he followed and stood at the edge, he then started to pull at his cock pulling it backwards and forwards still looking at me, then he said open that pretty little boy mouth, i opened my mouth in antisipation of what was to come and he leaned forward and pushed that big cock between my lips, i thought i was going to gagg but he pulled back out and then said lick all around my cock my dirty little come slut, i leaned forward and put my tongue out and started to lick that cock as if i would never lick a cock again, all thge while he was talking to me saying, oh yes what a good cock sucker you are im gonna have some fun with you young man and proceeded to fuck my mouth very hard calling me names like boy slut and cum bucket.That did turn me on and for the rest of the night i was his boy slut and he did spunk in my mouth twice that night and did do for the next 3 years.I became infactuated with him, he used my mouth and eventually used my arse for his pleasure, he also got another friend of his round without me knowing, another dirty old man and they used me spit roasting me and both cumming in my arse and mouth,the other man used to say be round my flat tomorrow night im gonna use your boy mouth to get my cock off,and do you know what i did.I would never change what happened in those 3 years as it was a great experince for me, im married now with a family and often think back to that time and it just gets me going and i have a slow wank to take away the urge to persue another adventure like this.

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