The Night With A Transgendered Angel Pt.1


The Night With A Transgendered Angel Pt.1Her name was Steph. She stood about 6’5 in her heels. She was white very mature she was 50 years young. She wore a blond wig with seductive red well manicured nails. Gorgeous for her age,tall and slender with b cup natural breasts she developed from hormones. When I thought it couldn’t get any better she had a fully functioning 7 inches cut fairly thick. She was an all bottom girl though. But I did get the privilege of sucking it. My name is John by the way I’m in my mid twenties,stocky athletic build,very handsome with a impressive uncut 8.5 inch dark black cock. So,me and Steph met at the agreed hotel being that we both were married but I was the one on the cheating end of the stick. Her and her wife and mother of two had a batman escort very understanding and open marriage. That and Steph was a raised cock whore. Her mother was a sub to her father and as she grew up she always noticed how her mother catered to her father’s needs. Steph’s parents never hid their sex life from her and her siblings. They knew their mother was a submissive cock hound and their dominate father loved every minute of it. They would hold sex parties and their mother might end up fucking and sucking more than ten to twenty cocks in one party. And Steph loved seeing her mother be such a submissive slut she picked up on it. So,when we met I was very excited. She was 420 friendly as I am too. We smoked some of the finest I have ever seen in my life. escort batman As I am toking up,I tell her to get naked and without a flinch she complied and smiled as she undressed down to her garter,stockings,and 4 inch black heels. I continued to toke,then I told her to get on her knees and take my cock out and admire what she is about to receive. She smiled,got on her knees and pulled out my throbbing 8.5 inch dark uncut cock and I seen the twinkle of glee in her eyes as she looked down the shaft of this impressive member. Next,without a hint of hesitation she gobbled the first 3 inches into her mouth sucking it hungrily as if she haven’t had a cock in awhile. I let out a slight moan from the pleasure I was receiving. By this time she had 8 inches into the back batman escort bayan of her throat and was struggling to get the last little bit down her throat,so I grasped her head and forced the rest of my dick into her throat until she started to gag. Even then I forcefully held her head their for a few more seconds to impose my dominance of this submissive slut. As she came up for air I noticed the thick coat of saliva on my cock. I ordered her to lube her ass with it and my cock as well and lay on her back with her legs in the air. She complied and did exactly as I ordered. I slowly inserted my large throbbing head into her tight pink asspussy and she let out a moan from the stretching of her tight asshole. I worked the first 4.5 inches in and out for a couple of minutes and in one motion slammed the nearly 9 inches of black cock into her fuckhole and she screamed in pain and extacy,then begged for more……..If you read this and want to read more like and/or comment. And I will right the rest..

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