The Mother


The MotherJo’s father walked out on his mom several years ago. His mom was beautiful with a killer sexy body. She had big round tits and a firm ass. His mom also loved to fuck. She brought home a man almost every night and fucked him for hours. Jo could hear it all from his room. He would hear his mom tell the men “Lick my pussy” “kiss my ass” “suck my nipples” “let me suck that hard cock” “stick that cock in my cunt and fuck me”. She loved to fuck and loved all the foreplay.One day Jo told his mom “Since you like having the men over every night you should charge and make a lot of money. With your body and desire you will be paid well.” His mom laughed “I don’t want to be a whore. I just want to fuck. I love sex.” The next day Jo invited his mom to go to dinner with him on Friday night. He took her to the dining room in a fancy hotel. During dinner he was able to d**g her drink and when she told him she was not feeling well he took her to the room he had secretly reserved for the week end.In the room he stripped his mom naked and put her on the bed and tied her up. He bound her hands and spread her legs and then bound them. He looked at this sexy mom and knew why she was so popular with the men. She had big perky tits with huge nipples and a shaved pussy. She was still passed out when he made his call on the phone. In a few minutes a man arrived and paid Jo $200. He then took off his clothes and began to suck her tits and put his fingers down to her cunt. He ate her pussy and sucked her clit before he pushed his cock in and fucked the sleeping mom hard and filled her with cum. He got up and dressed and told Jo he would be back again as she was sexy and a great fuck even asleep.As the night passed several more men came in and fucked his mom paying each time. Between men Jo would wash his mom’s pussy and clean as much cum as he could out of her cunt so she would be fresh for the next fuck. By mid morning he had made over $2,200 and there was more to come. He had pimped his mom out all night. She then began to wake and ask him what was going on why she was tied. illegal bahis Jo told her they had earned a lot of money letting men fuck her and more men were coming. There was a knock at the door and he let in a big black guy. This guy he charged $400 because he knew the man had a 10 inch cock and it was thick.He walked to the bed and ran his hands over the mom’s tits and down to her pussy. He put two fingers in her cunt and pushed them in deep and fucked her. He then rubbed her clit between his two fingers and watched her cum. He fingered her more before he stripped naked. As he removed his pants his big cock popped out and it was big and hard. His mom just stared at this monster that was about to fuck her. He rubbed his cock across her lips and told her to lick the tip, then suck it. As she sucked he pushed more down her throat and soon had almost all of the long cock in his mom’s mouth. As she sucked and licked the big shaft Jo was amazed his mom could take that big cock. He soon filled her mouth and throat with his cum then told her to keep sucking till he was hard again. As his cock got hard he then went down to her pussy and began to play with her clit and fuck hole. He used one hand to rub the clit as his other hand had two fingers fucking her cunt.He looked at her and said “You like that don’t you? You are really going to like it when I trade my fingers for this big cock. I am going to fuck you hard and deep. I want your pussy juice all over my big cock.” he then removed his wet fingers from her cunt and began to shove his cock into her. Jo was amazed watching the big cock disappear into his mom’s fuck hole. The the guy began to really fuck the mom hard and deep. He had every inch of cock in her fucking in and out as she moaned and begged to be fucked harder. His big full balls banged against her ass as he fucked her cunt. He fucked her for quite a while before he gave her another big load of cum. He pulled his cock out and begn to dress as he told Jo “I want to come back again. She is a great fuck.”Jo cleaned his mom up by washing her illegal bahis siteleri pussy and cunt before the next group of men were to show. The rest of the night and all the next day men came and paid to fuck the mom or eat pussy or get their cocks sucked. Jo would wash her pussy and cunt between each man. Then he noticed as he was washing her cunt she began to climax for him. He then put a finger in the wash cloth and pushed it in her cunt and finger fucked her. She moaned and twisted even tho she was still tied as Jo fucked her deeper. He then spread her pussy lips and washed her clit as she continued to moan for him. Then as he was washing and feeling her she reached over and grabbed his crotch. She began to rub him making him feel so good. She then unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and told him as she stroked it “You have a nice big cock like your father. He was a great fuck every night. Put your cock in me like your father used to.” Jo was not sure but he was so turned on and so hard that he mounted her and shoved his cock into her hole. As he fucked her he could not believe how good she felt or that he was fucking his own mom. He then let his cum fill her before he pulled out. He looked at her pussy dripping with his cum and knew he needed to taste his cum in her cunt. He put his mouth to her hole and began to lick and suck then shoved his tongue into her. She began to moan and tell him “Suck my clit. Make my cunt twitch then tongue me more.” Jo went back and forth sucking the clit and tongue fucking her cunt. She was covering him with cum. She then told him to lay on her so she could suck his cock as he ate her pussy. He slid his cock deep into her mouth as she sucked him like no one ever had. She sucked his cock and played with his balls then just as he was about to cum she pushed a finger in his ass. This made him explode like he never had. And he sucked her clit and pushed his tongue deep in her and sucked her cum. He then got up but stayed naked and began to wash her cunt again. He played with her clit and cunt and asshole canlı bahis siteleri as she moaned and told him how good it felt. Jo let five more men fuck his mom that day. He cleaned her between each one and then either fucked her or let her suck his cock as he ate her pussy. She loved all the cock she was getting and especially loved her son’s big cock fucking her or letting her suck it. Then as Jo was getting ready to fuck her he slid his cock in her ass and ass fucked her till he filled her with cum. He loved the feel of her tight ass against his hard cock. He ass fucked her a couple more times that day. She also told him to slide his cock between her large tits and tit fuck her. As he felt the tits surround his cock it felt so smooth and so good. He tit fucked her till his cum covered her face. She fingered fucked his ass and got two fingers in him and told him when they got home she would get out her strap on and fuck his ass good and hard till he screamed and blasted cum.The men and Jo fucked the mom all day and all the night and the next morning when they checked out they headed home as his mom sucked his cock all the way. She also fingered his ass as she jerked his cock. Then she put his hand between her legs and let him finger fuck her and she would suck his fingers clean. When they got home he drove in the garage and shut the door and ripped her top off and began to suck her nipples and kiss her tits. He then sucked on her big tits till he left bruises there. Next he pulled her dress up above her wasit and ripped off her panties. He pushed fingers in her cunt and ass as he sucked on her hard nipples. He then pulled her out of the car and bent her over the hood and fucked her ass till she screamed. Then he pushed her down to suck his cock. They finally got in the house and he stripped them both naked. He grabbed her tits and began squeezing them and sucking them. He loved how huge her nipples were and how good they felt in his mouth. He sucked and chewed them as his fingers ****d her cunt and ass. He then icked her up and shoved his cock in her cunt as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he bounced her on his cock as he walked to the bedroom. He fucked her till they both were exhausted. But they both knew it was just the start of the men paying for sex and her son fucking her any time he wanted.

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