The love of being a “Sissy.” The final step.

Big Tits

The love of being a “Sissy.” The final step.Saturday morning arrived and I was at my school’s parking lot, waiting for Coach, like we had talked about. When he pulled up, I couldn’t help but be nervous, but also excited. Not only was this going to be our first time together away from school, not only our first time together that we would not be rushed, but also perhaps the first time I would have him inside me. The first time I ever had someone inside me. The nights before, dreaming of this moment, I had put my fingers inside myself. My little asshole was so tight, knowing his cock was so big, I tried to open myself up.I got in his car and almost immediately bent down into his lap. Coach patted my back and said, “Let’s just wait until we get to my place.” The thought of being alone with him in his house was thrilling, I wanted him so bad. I guess I was nervous too though, I was very young and knew very little about him. But the thoughts of pleasuring that big cock was way more over powering than and concerns.Inside his place, my heart was racing. I wanted him to know I would be his and to erase any doubts as to what I wanted to happen, I began to undress. Coach stood there and watched and I without speaking, I pulled off my shirt, then lowered my pants. I felt so exposed, but also so excited as his eyes poured over me. I could see the lust internet casino in his eyes and it was such a huge turn on. I moved towards him and leaned against him, feeling his big arms embrace me. I ran my hands under his shirt and felt his big, manly belly and ran my fingers through his chest hair. He pulled off his shirt and I pulled on his waist band. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. I could feel the heat of his manhood against me. The soft skin of his thick shaft and pubic hair. “Where’s your bedroom” I asked, embarrassed by my blatant lust. I dreamed about being in his bed. I stood before him, both totally nude. I had never seen his big, beautiful, manly body before. He was so hairy, nothing like the boys I had known before. I wanted him so bad, I moved to my knees and rubbed my face along his hairy cock. I had always heard about how girls didn’t like sucking cock, I didn’t get it. I could think of nothing better. Coach turned around, his big hairy ass now directly in front of my face. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t have too, I instinctively knew what he wanted. I ran my hands over his cheeks. His ass much bigger than my hands, I had to move them in circles to be able to rub it all. He moved back towards me, pushing his big ass even closer to my face. Curious, I spread his cheeks open, exposing his hair canlı poker oyna covered hole. “Lick me.” he said. His voice breaking the silence. I moved my face into his crack, his ass engulfing my face, and began to tongue his hairy crack. I wanted to please him, but was also surprised at what a turn on it was, for both of us. Coach turned back around, his semi hard cock now beautifully swollen and thick as it swung side to side with his movements. Driven by my lust, I kissed it passionately before he picked me up with his big, strong hands and layed me down on his bed. He needed this.First I felt his hands on my cheeks, rubbing, squeezing, exploring. Then his bearded face, his tongue finding my virgin asshole and licked it, first soft and gentle, then fast and hard. Even better than how he was making me feel was the excitement of being wanted and being taken. Then he pressed a lubed finger into me. I had felt this slightly painful but wonderful feeling before, only with my own fingers and moaned softly, letting him know to continue, and moved back against it. Soon another finger entered me, opening me up even more. My hole felt streched to its limit. I began to doubt if I could even take his cock inside me.He moved behind me and soon I felt the soft but firm head of his cock. Slippery and lubed, he popped the head inside me and poker oyna I screamed out. It was too big, it was too painful, I begged him to take it out. “Don’t clench, don’t clench. just relax” he said softly, his voice calming and reassuring. I pushed back against him, like I had my fingers, and he slid inside me. It was only the head of his cock, but that was enough. He rocked back and forth, just barely moving, but he grunted in pleasure. He ran his hands over my back and ass, I began to enjoy his passion, to enjoy being fucked. I could think of nothing better than to feel him cum inside me. To have his manly seed inside me. Asking him to cum inside me must have been a huge turn on, his breathing increased and his movements inside me quicken. Then he froze, let out an “awwwww” sound and I felt his sperm flood into me. Warm and wonderful, his cum quickly filed me up and he pulled his cock out while it continued to spit and spurt cum down my crack and across my back. I felt soooo wonderfully used and just layed there, lost in the moment. He wiped his jizz off me with a towel as I continued just to lay there. My ass pulsed in pain. “You ok?” he asked. “Yes” I said with a smile as I rolled onto my back. Maybe in shock from the pain, my cock was soft and limp, but soaked in my own pre cum. Without saying anything, he began to kiss around my cock, making me almost instantly hard. He took my hard cock into his, big wet mouth making us both moan. I came within seconds and he swallowed every drop of my jizz. My body trembled, spent and exhausted. Then he asked if I wanted to fuck again!

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