The Love Dolls Chapter 2


The Love Dolls Chapter 2The man known only as Max leaned back in his executive chair and regarded the Director of Marketing with patience. The office had a minimalist ambiance, with glass and chrome and various high-tech communication equipment. A large-screen television stood turned off at one side of the room; at the other side was a empty pedestal backlit with concealed stage lamps, as if any moment Max expected somebody to bring in a piece of art for display there.“We’re backlogged for orders, and I’m beginning to get complaints from some of our best clients,” said Marketing. “You know what they’re like—getting what they want when they want it, is their mode of life. If they want to eat dinner in Paris, they fly there. If they’ve been promised a love doll of their dreams, they want it now.”Max steepled his fingers, his gold cuffs glinting on his monogrammed sleeves. “Surely they understand our difficulties,” he said. “These girls are not easy to come by. They do not just drop in our laps like overripe apples. Why, just look at Maria,” he said, tilting his head to his personal office LoveDoll. She knelt naked and submissive by his chair, the long lashes of her eyes lowered, her long dark hair brushed over her shoulders to rest on her full breasts. Her hands lay open, her lips slightly parted, her body available for immediate use as much as the computer consoles or television screens that lined the office. As if reciting the LoveDoll’s provenance to a customer, Max said, “First noticed by our scouts while she was doing standard runway work as a model in Milan. Background check to assure no entangling relationships, two months. Acquisition took four months to plan and execute, done in such a way as to suggest no foul play. Physical enhancements—” and Max’s hand reached down to strum her always-erect nipples—“two months of treatment and recuperation, then another two months for mental conditioning and programming. Each one of our LoveDolls is a work of art, not a mass-produced commodity.”“Yes,” grumbled Marketing, “try telling that to the Saudi princes, or the CEOs of those new Silicon Valley start-up tycoons, who have the money to demand instant gratification in every other facet of their lives, so why not with their LoveDoll?” He lay a stack kayseri escort of requisition orders on the glass-topped table that served as Max’s working space as if offering evidence before a judge. “Here’s an order for two blondes from that retired publisher in New York. Here, , a Japanese industrialist sent over his plane, expecting to pick one up off the shelf, apparently. This one, a banking titan in Liechtenstein in Europe—”“I know where Liechtenstein is,” interrupted Max dryly , whose accent suggested his own European origins.“—wants someone who looks like his deceased wife, God knows why, I’ve seen the woman’s picture. Now this one,” he said, fluttering a requisition order in the air, “is really interesting. Some aging film star in Hollywood who’s demanding twins—I mean, it’s endless, Max.” Marketing gave a massive shrug of despair.“What’s currently in the pipeline?” asked Max, his hand stroking the glossy hair of Maria in an absent-minded way. The LoveDoll was already breathing shallowly, her breasts rising and falling in seductive rhythm, conditioned as she was to get aroused at his merest touch.Marketing said, “f******n undergoing basic programming, eleven physical conditioning. Three in the clinic with body enhancements.”Max spun in his chair to tap the keyboard of the computer behind. He nodded in satisfaction at the information on the screen. “And eight more acquisitions as of this morning, ready to start basic indoctrination.”Marketing shook his head. “That’s what, about thirty-five subjects? We have orders for over a hundred. Ready buyers with cash in their hands, Max. Even if we doubled the price, the demand would still be there.”Max said, “Patience, my friend. I’ve already put my long-range strategy into play. Plan on a steady source of subjects in the future. In the meantime, continue to accept orders, but emphasize to our clients that we need a little time to provide them with the woman of their dreams.”Marketing looked at Max closely. “What do you mean, long-range strategy?”Max offered one of his enigmatic smiles. “Ah, leave that to me.”A buzzer sounded, and his secretary voice said, “Max, the new acquisitions have come in.”“Excellent,” said Max. Then, to Marketing: “Shall we see our new guests? Let’s bring escort kayseri Maria. He pressed the “Follow” command on his wrist console, and Maria rose gracefully and fell into step behind the two men as they strode to the reception room.Standing in row, some teary-eyed and all of them, naked, the seven k**naped girls stared at them in trepidation. Cuffs held the girls’ wrists securely behind them, and hobble-chains on their ankles prevented any thought of escape. Bright red ball-gags kept their voices to mere helpless mewing. Max nodded to the grinning “officers” who stood guard. “Good job, gentlemen,” he said. Then he gave the women his horse-trader’s appraisal, looking them up and down and judging the potential of each new recruit.Max smoothed his elegant-cut suit and said, “Welcome to all of you. I’m sure you all feel rather anxious and distressed at what has happened. But rest assured nobody means you any harm. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you’ll find the days ahead to be quite exciting and even pleasurable.”Samantha struggled and hissed behind her gag, her beautiful brown eyes blazing. With a short inclination of his head, Max indicated to the guards to release the gag. Samantha immediately shrilled, “What are you doing to us? And who the hell are you? I demand to talk to whatever jerk is in charge of this place.” One of the guards made a move toward her, but Max shook his head.He said to her in a calm voice, “I’m called Max. And I am the one who is in charge here.”“Then you’d better let us go!” spat Samantha. “Or my daddy, when he finds out, is going to just killlll you!”Max smiled. “I don’t think your father will find you. And to tell you the truth, young lady, even if he did, I rather doubt he would very much miss you, to tell you the truth, after reviewing your record. But be that as it may, you must all accept that fact that nobody knows you are here, that events have been arranged to prove that you all died in a rather tragic accident involving your vehicle being driven off the road and into the sea. A terrible tragedy, the result of too much partying.” One of the girls, Brittany, whose still-damp t-shirt displayed her marvelous chest, began weeping behind her gag, her large breasts heaving up and down with each little kayseri escort bayan sob. “There, there,” said Max, patting her shoulder. “Things aren’t that bad. You’re all going to be well cared for, pampered, even. First, perhaps, a demonstration. . .? And Max’s fingers tapped the “Stand” command on his wrist console.Maria rose. The captives stared at the beautiful girl, standing in almost sculpted perfection in shimmering bodysuit that seemed to accentuate her every curve and contour, so thin its smoothness looked line a second skin—even the nipples on her perfectly rounded breasts were fully defined. Her eyes had a look of serene calm, like twin still pools of water. Max ran his hand over her flanks in a fond, proprietary way.“When Maria came to us, she was just as nervous as you all of you, surely,” he said. “But after completing a full program, you see her now. And who is to say she is not as happy as she’s ever been?” He cupped one of her breasts and ran his fingers over her nipples. Maria gave little shudder of pleasure.Samantha tore her eyes off that blatant display of carnality, and Maria’s compliant response to it. “What do you mean, a full program?” she snapped. “What is this place?”Max said, “We’re . .an employment agency. We select candidates such as yourselves, train them, then place them with clients who desire their services. Along the way, we help the candidates make certain psychological adjustments to their situation, and usually include some physical conditioning and beauty enhancement as well.” He continued to stroke Maria as he spoke.Samantha snarled, “Well get this, mister—we don’t want your friggin’ program, and we don’t care about your clients, and you’d better let us go right now before—mmmmph!” Her outburst was cut off as one of the guards jammed the gag back in place.Max eyed her carefully. Hmmm, he thought, lots of spirit in that one. He thought of a special request from one of the clients, a big-game hunter. “Sorry to bring our little dialogue to a close, my dear,” he said, “but we really ought to get started.” He turned to the guards. “Gentlemen, if you could escort these ladies to the examination room. Tell Dr. Chacornac to visit with me about this one”—he gestured to the struggling Samantha—“and this one too,” he said, pointing now to the large-bosomed Brittany.As the girls were being forcibly escorted out of the room and into their new lives, Marketing said glumly. “Eight girls. Not nearly enough to fill demand.”Max said, “Leave that to me. It’s well in hand.”

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