The look on her face.


The look on her face.My wife Sue is so shy its unreal, we have been together for 28 years and to this day she is still shy? I keep telling her she is beautiful and not to be putting herself down all the time, she is a big girl size 20 but she carry’s it well, she has big tits big ass but she is tight! she is now 46 and still only been with 3 men until now!here goes. one day I came home and told my wife she has to open up and let people in, she was like how? easy just relax around people and talk and have a few drinks and relax. I told her we were going out to the pub in town and getting pissed and dance the night away. so we did that and she loved it she was dancing with strangers and we spoke to a few couples and single guys and ladies and she was fine with them all she really enjoyed the night and she said we should do it more often. about bloody time I said. I told you now the c***dren have moved out its our time. whilst Sue is at work or if i’m working away I love to have a wank and watch porn, Sue knows this she doesn’t mind she said its better than me playing away! I tell her jokingly I wouldn’t mind if she did it whilst I was away she could facetime me and show me but she just laughs and says stop being an arse. but I really mean it, I watch this channel called cuckolding and it really turns me on especially those black men and their huge cocks! when home this time I was in bed and I put the telly on and I got the internet on the screen and put Xhamster on and shouted Sue, fancy watching telly with me upstairs, Ok won’t be long. I put some cuckolding on and was ready for her reaction? Sue walked into the room and I was bollock naked waiting for her, she looked at me and said really, come on watch this with me and lets have some fun! ok. i’ll get a shower. Sue got into bed and she started to watch the porn with me, she was playing with me and I was stroking her body, Sue was liking what she seen on the telly she said how come yours isn’t that size? I said they are blessed some of them, she was like they really are! I asked her would she like one inside her? she replied I wonder what it would feel like? I was like we should try one day, shut up she told me.I continued to play with her and she was dripping wet without me really touching her, I said you really are turned on aren’t you, she laughed but a dirty laugh. we had some great sex that night.our lives went on as usual and I was working away but whilst away I was in a bar one night and there was a few black boys/men in and I was at the bar and one was stood near me waiting to be served and I said hi, he was like you ok mate, yes just chilling and here alone having a pint after work so won’t be here long, he was sound with me and he said join us mate we are only having a few then we are off, cheers mate I will. I sat with them and we had a laugh and they asked where I was from and where was I working, I told them and they were like that’s great are you here long I said 2 months then on to the next job, 1 lad asked are you married I said yes mate, doesn’t she mind you being away I replied she’s used to it by now, he jokingly said she’s probably getting it at home whilst your away, they all laughed and I said your’e probably right mate and we all laughed. we finished our drinks and the lads said see you in here again mate if you fancy a pint, cheers will do.I met the lads a few times and we got on really well, I rang Sue every night and we sometimes facetime on facebook, I was telling Sue about the lads and she said its good you get on with them down there it gives you something to do on a night. so for weeks we met up and I got on really pendik escort well with a lad called Marcus he was cheeky and he was always winding me up about Sue, this one night in the pub she rang me and said where are you you haven’t rang yet? I said sorry we went out for food and Marcus said go back to his for nightcap so we did, Marcus grabbed my phone and said hello Sue are you good, she giggled and said yes thanks, Marcus was chatting Sue up but he was playing!! he said. Sue was loving him telling her I bet you are really sexy and good looking and that she was to good for me, Sue said she was the cheek of it. I told Marcus come on give me the phone i’m going to go now or I will knackered for work tomorrow. he said goodnight to Sue and said I hope to see you soon night.the next day I was shattered and I rang Sue and said I was pissed last night and i’m feeling it now, serves you right you are an old man playing a young mans game, I said I know, I will stay in for a while now so I did. it must have been 4 days since I went out and I thought 1 pint won’t hurt, I walked in to the pub and the lads were like here is k**s belly, shut up and get me a pint I told Marcus. I sat down and they said Marcus told us Sue was coming down one weekend to see you and she couldn’t wait to meet us? what? did I miss something here. hasn’t she told you, NO wait till I ring her tonight, lol. they couldn’t wait to meet Sue they said. I went for a piss and whilst in there I rang Sue and she said sorry yes I forgot to say Marcus asked me down and I said I would come down and see you and have a drink with them. so that’s what she did one weekend.Sue came down and she met the lads and they took her in and made her really welcome I never spent a penny that night they bought our drinks and food and we had a great night they even took us to a nightclub and we were out till God knows, but whilst I was pissed and sat down Sue was dancing away with the lads and Marcus was all over her like a rash, I never thought anything of it, it didn’t bother me 1 bit but Sue was loving the grinding and rubbing up she was getting, she had never had this much attention in her life. the next day she was feeling it she said God what did we drink, I know and you dancing like a porn queen, shut up she said I was not! you bloody where, you were grinding! she just laughed, I said I thought you were shy? only without drink she said. what to do today then on my weekend off, shop food drink sleep in that order, sounds good to me she said. we did what we had to do and whilst out my phone rings its Marcus, where you at? we are just out mate, can I join yous for a drink, I asked Sue and she said if you want its up to you, Ok. we are in the Queens having food. Ok i’ll be 10 mins.Marcus joined us and he sat next to Sue and he was talking to her but not me really? they were laughing and talking about last night and he kept touching her leg and rubbing it, Sue did nothing I was like not bothered but he was really into Sue, the day passed and i said to Marcus, mate we are off now and we are calling it a night so we will see you tomorrow Ok. yea yea that’s sound ring me when you are up and i’ll meet yous out, Ok. Sue and i got back to the hotel where we where and Sue said did you see him rubbing my leg, i did, he was working his way up and he was nudging my boobs with his elbow, i seen that but you didn’t react, i thought you were going to say something, i told her it didn’t bother me i enjoyed seeing him do it to you i don’t know why?. we laid in bed and Sue said put your ipad on and lets watch that porn you put on before, Ok. so i put the BBC fucks escort pendik BBW on and she was watching it and said i could imagine it hurts and i wonder what it feels like getting something that big inside you, i said try it? try what, that. Sue never replied, we just made love and she was like a demon! i knew what she was thinking whilst fucking me.the next day Sue had to get the train home early cos work had text her and said they had a problem and could she come back and help them out and Sue is very hi up in her job so it was a must she went. i walked Sue to the Train and we kissed goodbye and i said not long and i will be home, love you. i was walking back and my phone went off, are you and Sue about today? sorry Marcus Sue has gone home early cos of work so i will be just chilling today in the hotel and having a swim, i’ll come over and join you if i’m allowed i’m bored mate, yes you are allowed you would be my guest, give me 15 mins i’ll be there. i was in the lobby waiting and Marcus walked in shorts on towel under his arm ready for a swim, bloody hell mate they have towels here, sorry he said laughing. we went into the changing rooms and i was getting changed and Marcus was changing his shorts to trunks, fuck me i had never seen one in real life close up but fuck me he was hung, he seen me look and said i know. i said do you need a float for that, we both pissed ourselves laughing. we had a good swim some food and a few pints, we were sat in the hotel bar talking and i had to say something about it, Marcus are all black men hung like you or is it the few? he said its the few but most are bigger than average, Ok! i said mate i will have to call it a day as work tomorrow, that’s sound Dave he said tell Sue i was asking for her and send her a kiss, i will mate, see you soon.i couldn’t wait to tell Sue about what i had seen, i facetimed her and i told her she was like really that big, i said yes on the slack. Sue gulped i said i know imagine you taking that? Sue didn’t hesitate she said i know imagine him fucking me, that was me ready with my reply you should ask him next time you are here to do it, i will watch like in the videos, shut up she said i’m way to shy to ask anything like that, you ask, i said i’m not asking it would be wrong coming from me, well what could we do? i’ll research what to do, Ok. i said night love i will ring you tomorrow. i went on Xhamster and i read stories of what couples did and how they go about it and what to wear? so the next day i rang Sue, its sorted i know what to do, next time you come down i will have everything ready, when can you come? this weekend work have give me it off cos of the call out last week, that’s brilliant are you excited, not really she replied she was shitting herself she said. i had bought a mini skirt in her size and an open bloused top for under her jacket and a ankle bracelet i got off a website for cuckolds it was a queen of spades what says you like black men? so here goes for Friday night.Sue arrived and we went to the hotel room and she got showered and shaved her body parts and freshened everything up, she was nervous as hell and asked do you really want to go through with this? i said try everything once! Ok. Sue would do anything for me and me for her and this was something out of the blue but we do it together. i showed her what i had bought and she was like no way i’m to big for that, shut up you are stunning and it’s only for 1 night, i rang Marcus and said Sue came down out the blue and we are going to the quiet wine bar round the corner where its dark inside and not many people drink there at that time of night, pendik escort bayan i asked did he want a drink with us, deffo mate i will be there soon. Sue put he skirt on and her bracelet and i said don’t wear knickers be risky for once plus leave your coat open a bit so it shows them off, Ok. Marcus walked in and sat next to Sue he looked down and he said to her wow a skirt, that looks good on you shows your nice legs off, see i said told you you had great legs, you do Marcus said stand and show me, Sue stood up and he noticed the bracelet, he looked at me and smiled, i said Sue walk over there and pick that beer mat up for me please i don’t have one for my glass, Sue bent over showing the bottom of her pussy, Marcus again looked at me and i mouthed YES, he knew. Sue sat down and he ran his hands up her thigh and he went under the skirt and brushed her pussy, Sue was looking at me all the time and she was loving the attention, i said should we take this back to the hotel.we got to the hotel and in the lift he had his hand up her skirt rubbing her arse cheek, Sue’s top was open and he was rubbing 1 tit and saying i can not wait to rip all that off. we entered the room and he pushed Sue towards the bed and said lay on your back, Sue was laid flat legs open, Marcus ripped her buttons off her coat and pulled her tits out and started to suck her nipples 1 by 1, he said to me are you going to video this, i am mate. Sue was just motionless she laid there whilst Marcus was seeing what she had, he slipped his finger into her pussy lips rubbing her wet clit making it pop out, he said that needs some attention that, he knelt at the end of the bed and pulled her towards his mouth, he was licking her already wet pussy but now making her cum like i had not seen Sue do before, she was shaking with excitement and cumming in his mouth, he stood up and said you want this don’t you, Dave has told you hasn’t he about it? that’s why i’m here right, tell me you want it Sue, Dave tell me to fuck your wife like you couldn’t. i held my phone close to his cock as he held it and i said please fuck her mate, Sue tell me, please fuck me Marcus. he was slapping it about and it wasn’t even hard and he shoved it inside her Sue gasped, he was going slow pulling it out and rubbing her lips and clit making Sue tremble, he shoved it in again but this time all the way in, Sue screamed loud Jesus. Marcus said he won’t save you and he was ball deep pushing right in, i was filming all this and it looked like the porn films i watched, i was hard as fuck, i had to pull it out and cum on her tits, Marcus was in the zone and he was putting Sue in all sorts of positions and she not used to this as when we do it its in out thank you mam. Marcus was going forever and at one point he told Sue he was going to go up her arse but Sue said no way its far to big. but he didn’t listen he spat on her arse he was inn, Sue this time really screamed but in pain then pleasure as he was ball deep in her ass, he was loving how tight she was and he said he was about to shoot his nut, Sue asked him if she could suck him off and cum in her mouth? i said really, she replied i want to taste him, Ok, i was now hard again watching her take this 10 inch black cock in her mouth and working his balls and sucking that pink head till he filled her mouth, Sue laid back and said WOW, i was like your’e not shy now are you? she replied never again when i’m doing this, i asked is there a 2nd time then, defiantly. it didn’t take long for it to happen again Marcus was ready in 10 minutes to again, the look on Sue’s face was like really, its a good job i charged my phone, Marcus stopped all night and we shared the bed and i woke up to Sue sucking his morning erection. this time i said WOW. after that we never seen Marcus again but we move on! i’m working away for 6 months next year?? Ankle bracelet ready.

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