The little special pill 5


The little special pill 5As an older gentleman in my sunset years things are never easy, and after living by myself for so many years I finally had to get some help in when I took a fall and had trouble moving about.Nurse Brenda was a wonderful mature nurse with a full plump figure, long black hair, and a cleavage that you could fall in and never been seen again.For the first couple of weeks she would come round once a week, by herself, to check my vitals and help give me a bath, now bathing in the nude in front of what was basically a stranger, was a little weird but Nurse Brenda soon relaxed me with some kind gentle words, and a quick hand job.”It’s all part of the job Mr Smith” she said smiling after the first time “We can’t have old horny men like you wandering around worrying younger women, can we?”So after that, I looked forward to my weekly bath and hand job, but soon began to wish I could last just a few minutes longer than the couple of minutes I usually did.Then while chatting with a couple of old mates who had popped round for a visit and a beer, I casually mentioned the desire to last a bit longer in that department, and Bill one of my mates said he had the solution for me.So the next day he dropped off a small plastic pot full of purple little pills.”Just take one, about five minutes before your bath and I promise you, you won’t have to worry about lasting just two minutes” he grinned before leaving.So for the rest of the day I waited patiently, casually looking at the bottle, and wondering what it would do to me, hopefully not kill me, after all I was fairly old now.Then around five O’clock Brenda arrived as usual in her tight blue nurses uniform and her bag of things she used to check my vitals, and to my surprise a young blonde haired chubby teen in a similar nurses outfit as well.”Mr Smith this is my daughter Natalie, she’s training to be a nurse and is now working with me for the next few weeks to see how house calls are done” said Brenda introducing me to her.”Oh hello there” I said with smile.”Hello Mrs Smith” she keenly replied back.”I hope your okay with this?” Brenda then asked.”Sure” I replied realising I probably didn’t have a choice, and even though she seemed very young, the girl needed to learn, so why not.So Brenda proceeded with my examination, and Natalie carefully watched every test, and then afterwards Brenda stepped into my bathroom and started my bath.”Okay sweetie, if you could help Mr Smith out of his clothes while I check his tablets that would be helpful” Brenda called out from the other room, and with a cheerful smile Natalie began removing my shirt, and then my socks, and then she undid my trousers and pulled them off as well, and I stood there in my bedroom in just my pants with this hot little young nurse in training.Then Brenda stepped back into the room “I’ve got to go get another bottle of pain killers for him, from the car, so if you can help him into the bath i’ll be back in a minute” “Okay mum!” Natalie replied back before holding my arm to help me move towards the bathroom.”And take off his pants dear, your supposed to be a professional nurse now, you have to get use to seeing the human body in all it’s glory!” Brenda then added before walking out of the room.Natalie looked at me for a moment unsure what to say, and I just smiled back and replied “It’s okay young lady, don’t be shy your the nurse here, and I really can’t manage it to well myself”So the young hot blonde chubby teen reached over and took hold of my pants and glancing up at me she then slowly pulled them down revealing my soft old cock and balls.”Thank you dear” I said as I stepped out of them, it was then I remembered the little pill, and guessing the young girl didn’t know that much about medication yet asked if she could hand me the bottle on the side draw there.She quickly handed me it and opening it up, I took one pill out just like Bill had said, and proceeded to swallow it, then I handed the bottle back to Natalie, and after she had put it on my side draw she helped me into the bathroom.Very carefully, with the young girl doing her best to help me, I sat down in my hot freshly drawn bath and proceeded to clean myself with a sponge.”I’ll leave you to it then” said Natalie nervously.”Oh wait! your mother usually helps me with my legs and lower areas” I replied”Oh right!” replied Natalie nervously still and slowly she approached the bath again and taking the sponge from me, began to wash my feet.It was then I began to feel a tingle in my lower body, in my crotch area, and to my surprise I began to feel my old boy begin grow.”Oh!” gasped Natali seeing it raise up out of the water.”Don’t worry dear, this sometimes happens during bath time” illegal bahis I said reassuring her “You just keep washing me!” I added enjoying the feeling that was beginning to pulse in my now hard ready penis.A moment later I heard some footsteps outside the room, and then nurse Brenda came strolling back in “How are we doing then?” she asked cheerfully.”I’m just washing Mr Smiths legs” replied Natalie “I see, and oh my Mr Smith you seem to be enjoying it!” Brenda said on seeing my now fully hard cock bobbing up out of the hot water.”I’m sorry about that, it has a mind of it’s own” I replied trying not to smile to much as I knew what was coming next.”Yes well, let’s do something about this then!” Brenda then replied and she then promptly knelt down beside her daughter who was still washing my legs, and reaching into the bath, took hold of my hard throbbing cock and began to rub it.I groaned in satisfaction as her chubby fingers wrapped around my hot shaft and began to move up and down, and it was then Natalie gasped in disbelief at what her mother was doing.”Oh don’t be shocked Natalie, it’s part of the job they don’t talk about, and besides I’ve done worse with your father!” Brenda said as she eagerly tugged away at my cock.”Oh my Mr Smith, it seems you feel fuller and more with it today!” Brenda then said after a minute or so which was now longer than I usually lasted.”Must be the new diet the doctor put me on!” I replied with a smile.Then for the first time ever Brenda reached over with her second hand, and gripped my lower shaft and began massaging it and my balls.Now as this was happening, young Natalie had stopped washing me and was just watching intensely as her mother tugged off an old man in the bath, and for several more minutes all you could hear was the noise of Brenda’s fists sliding up and down my glorious hard cock and hitting the hot water occasionally.Then Brenda glanced at her daughter “Okay young lady time to get your hands wet!” she said and she paused and offered my cock towards her daughter.”What?” gasped Natalie in shock “Mum no!””Come on young lady, you want to be a nurse, well this is part of the job!” replied Brenda, and then watched eagerly as Natalie with a sigh, reached over and placed her soft chubby hand onto my shaft.”It’s so hard and hot!” she gasped.”Yes it’s very impressive cock today, but we have other things to be doing, so get on with it and tug that cock off! we can’t leave till Mr Smith is done!” said Brenda moving over slightly so her daughter could get a better angle at my cock.Natalie then began rubbing her hand up and down my wet shaft, and after a minute her other hand joined in and just like her mother she rapidly tugged on my hard purple cock.After another few minutes it was clear I still wasn’t close to cumming and Brenda could see it too.”Well, this is impressive” she said looking at me suspiciously.”Has someone been taking something that perhaps shouldn’t have had?” she then asked”I might have taken some sort of vitamin or something” I replied back.Brenda chuckled, now knowing what I had done, and with that she began unbuttoning her blue tunic.”This is going to take a little more than a quick hand job then!” she said as I watched her in pop all the buttons down the front before she then removed it completely and hung it up on a peg and now stood in front of me in just her white bra, knickers and thigh length black stockings, I instantly thrust up into Natalie’s warm hands as I stared at her semi naked mother and the ample white flesh that was trying to spill out of her underwear.Then Brenda re-joined her daughter on the floor beside my bath and nudging her over took over my cock again.”Let’s do this then!” she said smiling at me, and then holding my cock steady she leant into the bath and I watched her chubby open mouth engulf my hard wet cock.I groaned in delight again as she began sucking my cock and bobbing her head up and down on my old shaft, enjoying the first blowjob I had had in over a decade.Young Natalie again stared in amazement as she watched her mother giving head to a man who wasn’t her father, and then clearly eager to learn as you go, she reached over and began fondling my old balls before trying to reach in and suck them.”Get your tunic off girl, you don’t want a wet uniform for the ride home!” said her mother stopping her before she fell in with me.So as Brenda continued to suck and lick my hard throbbing cock, I watched eagerly as young Natalie quickly began unbuttoning her uniform, and then just like her mother she took it off and popped it up on one of the hooks on the wall.I stared in amazement at this young teens body, she was slightly chubby, with a big cleavage held in by her small illegal bahis siteleri white bra just like her mother, a pair of small white panties covered her crotch and her white stockings clung to her chubby tanned legs.Then she joined us again beside the bath and in seconds was leaning over and licking at my balls.It was heaven, and I enjoyed every minute as this mother and daughter naughty nurse team licked and sucked at my old privates trying to get me to cum.”Anything yet Mr Smith?” asked Brenda after a few more minutes.”Not yet” I repliedBrenda returned to sucking my cock and Natalie slowly joined her, running her tongue up my shaft until they both virtually fighting over shaft, and their tongues licked and tickled my cock as I watched their large cleavages dangling inches over me.Then Brenda pulled away and stood up “Well, this clearly isn’t working, so I guess it’s the next step for you!” she said before to my amazement once again, she reached down and pulled off her stockings, and then her big white knickers to reveal a perfectly shaved bald pussy.”Move out the way love, mummy’s got a proper job to do!” she then said and I excitedly watched as she climbed into the bath, straddled me, and then slowly lowered herself onto my hard waiting cock.Her big chubby pussy touched my cockhead and I let out a groan and then an even bigger one as she slowly sunk herself onto my rigid pole “Oh Christ! this things enormous!” she groaned as I slowly slipped into her warm wet cunt.”God it’s like a full cucumber!” she then gasped.Then she began riding my cock, and I lay back and enjoyed her pink wet pussy sliding up and down my shaft as her big round white ass splashed in the water.”Oh fuck yes! oh fuck yes! oh fuck yes!” she groaned over and over.As I lay there letting Brenda do all the work, I glanced over at Natalie who was stood watching and rubbing her own little chubby pussy through her cotton panties, and for some reason just naturally beckoned her over.Natalie didn’t even hesitate, she moved towards me, and in seconds I had slipped a couple of fingers into her panties and was soon rubbing and fingering her little wet pussy.She moaned softly at my touch and began rubbing her big nipples through her bra as she watched her mother riding my hard cock.”This doesn’t normally happen, but on occasion it does, you have to be prepared to do what ever it takes to look after your patients!” said Brenda looking up at her daughter with a couple of old man fingers buried in her pussy.”Uh huh!” moaned her daughter as I plunged deeper up her wet pussy.Brenda continued to bounce up and down on my shaft making the bath water go everywhere, and her big large tits began to fight there way out their encasings.Finally I reached over with my spare hand and began tugging on a big fat nipple that was pointing out at me.”Oh fuck yes!” gasped Brenda on feeling me playing with her tits.She then leant forwards, pulled her bra down more and big round breasts tumbled out into my face, and I quickly began sucking on her tits.”Yes! yes! yes!” she groaned as I did.It was much longer after that when she was really riding my still hard eager cock, and groaning madly, she plunged down hard on my cock taking my entire full length and screamed “MOTHER FUCKER! YES!”and for several seconds she lay on top of me catching her breath.”Are you okay?” I asked”Fucking excellent!” she replied with a grin.Then she pulled herself up off me, and helped me get out of the bath.My hard cock was still flapping about in front of me, and getting Natalie to lay a towel on the floor she helped me lay down, and then looked at her daughter.”Okay, i’m probably going to regret this later, but it’s your turn now!””Really?” gasped Natalie.”Well, you’ve got to learn sometime!” replied her mother, and with that I watched from the floor, as Natalie pulled off her little white panties revealing a similar completely bald pussy as her mother had, and then she moved herself over me, and began slowly to sink onto my cock.It had been a really long time since I had had a young teen pussy ride my cock, but now here I was an old man about to have it happen again and I honestly thought my heart would give out before she could get there, but finally her soft warm moist pussy lips touched my old cockhead and we both groaned loud as she sunk down taking several inches of my hard shaft deep inside of her young cunt.”Oh fuck mummy, it’s so big and hard!” she gasped”I know dear, but you’ll get use to it!” replied Brenda.Then steadily Natalie began riding my cock, her tight little wet pussy slid up and down as best as it could, and after a few minutes she was taking nearly half of my hard fat shaft inside of her.As the young girl canlı bahis siteleri groaned and cursed and gripped her plump tits through her bra, her mother clearly felt the need to join in, and in moments was straddling my face.”Eat me Mr Smith, it’ll enhance your pleasure and help you to cum quicker!” Brenda said as her big wet pussy sunk onto my face “But don’t cum in my daughter, warn us when your nearly there!”Then with that Brenda began rubbing her pussy into my face, and I eagerly began licking it with my tongue tasting her lovely juices and trying to explore her inner wetness.Now both women were riding me, a sexy horny teen on my cock and a hot dirty mature on my face, and I between licking that plump wet pussy I couldn’t help but groan in pleasure which was what both women were doing as well.”Oh fuck it’s so big mommy! oh fuck it’s so big!” groaned Natalie over and over.”Keep going dear! keep fucking that hard old cock, you’ll love it if you do!” replied Brenda”I do love it mummy! I love this fat old cock! I LOVE THIS FAT OLD COCK!” cried Natalie before she slammed down hard onto my crotch and I felt her orgasm and buck on top of me.As Natalie cried out as her orgasm hit, Brenda pulled her towards her and I watched from below, for a moment, as mother and daughter kissed passionately, their tongues exploring each others mouths as they sat on top of me, almost completely naked fucking an old man together.Then Natalie began riding my cock again, and I knew I was getting close.”I’m getting there!” I groaned from beneath Brenda.”Me too!” Brenda replied rubbing her pussy harder into my face, and then as they both continued to ride me a bit longer I felt Brenda really start to rub her pussy against my tongue, and then with a cry she clenched up and jammed her pussy into my face and I felt her juices begin to flow and was forced to swallow her warm wetness or face drowning.A moment later, Brenda pulled herself off me, and as Natalie continued to ride my hard cock, I watched Brenda move around her.Then she gave her daughter a little push, and the chubby hot teen fell onto me, stuffing her big round cleavage into face, just like her mother had done in the bath, before I felt a new warm wet sensation on my balls and realised Brenda must be licking them again.Natalie now continued plunging herself on my cock and rubbing her big white bra covered breasts in my face as Brenda lay between my legs sucking and licking my balls.”I’m getting there! yes I’m getting there!” I groaned really beginning to feel the tingle in my balls.”Keep going dear! you heard the old man!” said Brenda before going back to my balls again.”I’m nearly there too! cried Natalie as her plump wet pussy was now taking my entire length inside of her just like her mother had.Then as Natalie eagerly bounced around on top of me a little more, I looked over shoulder to see what Brenda was doing as I felt her mouth disappear off my balls, and to my surprise I could just make out her tongue sliding up my shaft, and then I felt it disappear.Then Natalie screamed out in pleasure “OH FUCK MUMMY YES!”and I realised Brenda must have continued to run her tongue upwards and up into her daughters little pink asshole, and that was enough to send her over the edge.Natalie began bucking and screaming wildly on my cock and feeling that little pussy tightening around my hard old cock was too much and I cried out as well.”OH FUCK YES!” and began shooting my load deep and hard into this hot chubby teens pussy.”Oh Christ!” cried Brenda realising what I was doing, and quickly she pulled my cum blasting cock out, and quickly got drenched in my sticky load.Eagerly she lapped it up, trying to swallow every wad of my cum as I emptied my balls completely all over her face, until finally I could shoot no more.Brenda then sucked me clean before Natalie leant over and began licking her mothers face to do the same.After I had watched them kiss and share a mouthful of my cum, Brenda ordered her daughter to lay back and open her legs, and as I watched that chubby tanned teen do so, her mother crawled between them and began licking her pussy clean.”Can’t have you getting pregnant on your fist day, can we!” Brenda muttered as she licked her daughters wet pussy.I watched Natalie moan softly with every touch until Brenda was done, and then helping me up they moved back to my bedroom, before going to get dressed again.”Now Mr Smith, where’s those pills?” asked Brenda on her return now fully dressed and looking like a respectable nurse again.”over there!” I said pointing to the bottle.Brenda moved towards them and picking them looked back at me and said “These are supposed to be used in a careful controlled manner” before she slipped them into her pocket of her tunic.”So you won’t be having another one of these, until our next visit in a weeks time!” she then added with a grin.”Come on Natalie we’ve got others to see to still, so say goodbye to Mr Smith until next week dear!”

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