The Last Family Vacation Pt 9


The Last Family Vacation Pt 9That night, Tim and Tammy showered in the upstairs master bedroom where their parents usually slept when they visited. David and Diane joined Anne in the basement where she had her “Cave” where she slept far too often by herself in her king sized bed. As all three of the older generation showered in her large walk-in shower with its multiple shower heads, Anne could not help but wonder if any of them had the strength left to explore some of her other pleasures that normally were only shared with strangers and people she met in bars… She smiled. The six soapy hands moving over the three bodies might be enough without it, she thought contentedly as she kissed her sister and felt David run his hands over her shoulders…..Upstairs, Tim and Tammy had showered quickly and now lay in bed quietly giggling and excitedly comparing notes about all that had happened that day. Tim wanted to hear all about their father’s conquest of Tammy’s tight pussy in the pool while she had to know every gory detail of what Aunt Anne had done with him and his boner in the house!“I don’t know about you, but I am still too wound up to sleep. Why don’t we go grab a bottle or two of Anne’s booze and go out and relax by the pool?” Tammy said as they both lay in the dark room, hands moving languorously over one another. Tim was out of the bed in an affirmative answer, and still naked the two quietly gathered two glasses and a few bottles of alcohol and headed out to the pool.It was well after midnight and the light of the full moon was all they needed. There were no houses close to Aunt Anne’s and even if there were, her privacy fence would have kept prying eyes from spying upon them. The only bottle they opened was a flask shaped bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon. They tried to do it in shots, but quickly discovered it went down much better in sips…and that was how half of the bottle soon disappeared as they wondered about what the next day might yet bring!“Have you ever … played with your ass? You know, like fucked your own ass?” Tim asked his sister. His tongue felt thick from the alcohol and he thought she might not have understood his question at first because she just sat there for a moment, sipping her glass of bourbon.“No. Sometimes when I am in the shower or … masturbating I slip the tip of a finger in, but… I guess I have always been afraid I might like it more than …. You know. Normal fucking.” Then both sat there with their buzz fuzzing their minds. “Have you?” She asked without looking at Tim. She giggled as the image of her father standing behind her brother, fucking him silly filled her mind. Then she realized he had not answered. “Tim? Oh my God! You have! Tell me, God you have to tell me!”Tim was thankful that the light of the moon washed away most colors. His bahis şirketleri face was hot, but he also felt his cock rising as he thought about telling his sister his dirty little secret. “Yeah, I have. When I was still taking baths and not showers I found that if I stuck a finger in my butt, my pee pee jumped up. I showed Mom one night when she came in to get me out before I turned into a prune. I remember it shocked her and she told me not to do it anymore. But of course I did.”“At first it was just my finger, but I found a plastic tube thing in the bathroom closet one day and used that for a couple of months whenever I wanted to masturbate. When I realized it was something Mom used to put her contraceptive foam into her pussy, I stopped. But it made me horny.”“You used Mom’s applicator as a butt toy?!?!? Oh my God!! Did she ever catch you?”“No, I stopped after only a couple of weeks or a months… But recently, when I have been showering I have been … you know… been pushing and cleaning back there more than is necessary and… Yeah, if you had a strap on, I think I’d let you fuck me. ““Tam, please don’t tell anyone. I’d die! I swear to God…. I am trying to figure out, … does it make me gay if I like things in my butt?”Tammy stared at her brother. He was as open, honest and vulnerable to her as he had ever been and with the alcohol clouding her mind, she still knew she did not want to hurt him now. “Tim, you aren’t gay. Trust me. You like looking at me and Mom and Aunt Anne waaaayy too much to be gay. And just because your ass turns you on, doesn’t make you gay.”“So you aren’t freaked out?”Tammy did laugh now, in spite of herself. “After everything that has gone on this week, you think that anything sexual is going to make you seem weird to anyone in our family?!?!?” She could see him smile at her in genuine relief. “Would it make you feel better if I made a confession about my butt fetish too?”Tim laughed. “You think you can top me?”“I don’t know. What would you say if I told you I have always wanted to lick a guy’s ‘furburger’ and stick my tongue up his ass?”“Shut up. If you’re just gonna make fun of me…”“I’m not making fun of you.” She quietly interrupted her brother. He sat there staring at her in the moonlight dumbfound. “I saw a picture on the computer a couple years ago of a girl rimming a guy’s ass and I read a couple stories and…. The idea of tonguing a guy’s butt makes me horny.”In her mind Tammy knew she would never have said that had the alcohol not lowered her filter, but it was true. She stopped short of telling Tim that she had rimmed her best friend Trish once when they were fooling around. She had squealed and jumped clear out of the bed! Somehow, she did not think that Tim was going to protest. So she stood up and reached out for her brother’s hand canlı bahis and then they walked without talking over to the Jacuzzi and they helped one another down into the warm water before turning on the jets.Tim felt Tammy’s hand slide down his belly as he tried to process not just the last three minutes but the last day and a half. Was Tammy really offering to violate his ass? Was the girl he had thought kind of hated him for being a pervert at the start of the week now offering to tongue his sensitive sphincter. As the fingers of her hand wrapped around his flaccid cock there was no doubt she had something in mind. He turned and looked into her glassy eyes and their lips met as the world around them dissolved.The jets on the tub stopped some time during their kissing. Neither one noticed. When Tammy had her brother kneel on the seat, his forearms out on the cooling concrete she could barely get the words past the excitement that filled her with desire. She bent forward and touched the tip of her tongue to the shallow indent at the bottom of his back where his ass began and slowly dragged her tongue down until she was almost to his puckered hole. She stopped and stared at her brother, ass up face down. She pushed her hand between his thighs and he opened them more when he felt her grab his cock. He groaned as she slowly jerked him.Bending forward she playfully bit each cheek before dipping down with the need to do it. Her tongue touched the soft, spongy flesh. Tammy was shocked by how much it gave as she poked her tongue at it and circled the nerve filled flesh. It gave way without opening and she pushed down but not in. His moans and the way his cock was stiffening gave the situation a note of urgency and she began again, determined she would deflower her brother.His sister’s breath across his wet ass was enough to make him hard as a rock but when her tongue first poked and circled his bung hole, Tim about fainted. He tried to relax, but his body would not cooperate. His cock felt massive in her hand and as he felt her chin entering his cleft for a second time he blew out his breath in an effort to allow her to do what they both wanted.It just happened. She pushed and her tongue opened the tight ring and she heard his gasp. She had expected a foul taste or something, but all she tasted was the chlorine of the tub. When she withdrew her tongue a little and shoved it in deeper there was a musty air that hit her senses of taste and smell and she knew she was inside her brother. But it was not enough. It was not enough for her and she knew it was probably not enough for him either. He wanted his ass fucked and she wanted to give him the fullness she had experienced from him and their father being inside of her pussy. She pushed güvenilir bahis her tongue in as far as she could and he pushed back to meet her thrust but it was not enough.Moving up behind Tim, Tammy pressed her ribs against his ass cheeks and switched her stroking hand from reaching beneath him to around his hip.. Her tits rested on that upturned ass and she wished someone else was there to photograph that moment. She would never forget it! Then she filled her mouth with spit and drooled the frothy white bubbles into his crack, just above his single brown eye.She had not said anything when she pulled her tongue out of his butt. Tim’s mind screamed in frustration. He was so close to a monumental orgasm and yet… He needed her to be in him. He wanted it more than air! He felt her rise up against him and it felt good, but… he had wanted more…. His mind began focusing on the pleasure of her hand on his cock, abandoning his dream that this might be the night…. Then her fingernail touch the sunburst ridges radiating out from the center of his asshole. He had barely thought, “Maybe…” when the nail pushed in and the blunt tip pressed firmly. He tried to relax, but he did not have to. She shoved her finger in! It felt like she had pierced him to the core!The middle finger slid into his ass up to the first knuckle and she felt his body quake and a Halloween graveyard moan came from his tortured throat. She gave him a moment to adjust to her invasion, just as her father had done for her earlier in the pool when he sank that horse thick cock of his into her tight pussy. A moment made all of the difference.Her next thrust was met with his rocking back and her finger sank clear into his butt! She curled her finger forward and down in search of the internal base of his cock and balls. With a perverted curiosity, she wondered if she could jack her brother off from the inside.Instead, Tammy felt a round, ping pong ball like obstruction that kept her from reaching his internal cock root. She pressed against it and Tim shuddered and nearly collapsed. The shaft of his cock leapt in her other hand, nearly tearing free. She smiled a truly wicked smile!Tim’s eyes crossed as his sister’s finger ran across his prostate and surveyed its dimensions and tested its substance. The feeling of her finger sliding into his ass had caused his knees to quake. Her prodding of his prostate had almost been a ball crushing poke initially. Now, as her finger stoked its surface, the pressure within him grew beyond the ability for him to control and with a sudden cry, he unleashed torrent after torrent of cum into the side of the tub as his sister leaned over his back crooning, “That’s it, little brother. Be my fuck toy bitch! Is that all the cum you have? Jesus, you’re going to break my finger! It’s worth it though! Cum for me Tim! Drain it all for your sister!”************One more chapter down…. Hope you enjoyed my tail (Yes, the wrong word… or maybe the right one…)Please take the time to leave me a vote and or a comment. It makes me happy to know I how I have.. entertained you!

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