THE LADY’S DOCTORHi friends..This is a real story penned from my experience. Pls. read.I heard stories about this new “Lady’s Doctor” in our locality from many of my friends and decided to experince his treatment myself. Oh! by the way the doctor is a ‘HE’, ‘Lady’s Doctor’ is his nick-name(some satisfied ladies must have named him like this).I took a good bath in hot water, washed my body with care especially my ass and genitals. Wearing an attractive outfit, I started to his clinic at about the morning (15mn. earlier than my real appointment). I reached the front door, pressed the door-bell and waited…I was expecting the doctor to receive me but instead a young and sexy looking nurse opened the door. She took me to the visitor’s room and asked me to sit there. Afrer 15mn; she came back and asked me to follow her to the doctor’s room. There he is this middle aged well-built handsome doctor with his shining sexy eyes shook my hands and guided me to a chair near him. Good morning miss. Can I ask you what is bothering you?I just told him that sometimes when in siting position kuşadası escort bayan my hip joints aces a bit. I applied ointments and it doesn’t help much.He looked at the nurse and she took me to an examination table and helped me to kneel down. Spreading my legs she slowly lifted my half skirt and started removing my tiny panties exposing my bare ass. She spread my legs a bit more and exhibited my wet cunt for the doctor to examine.I felt his warm breath gushing into my opened vagina. I felt so horny!! He slowly inserted his fingers into my pussy and started moving up and down like a big cock fucking a cunt. I felt so good and couldn’t stop moaning!! Then I heard what I was longing him to say; ‘nothing wrong with you baby’, what you need is a good fuck and you will be fine. ‘Prepare her’he ordered the nurse.She helped me to climb-down and undressed me. I could see the doctor also undressing himself. I was surprised to see his long and thick cock dancing and throbing already. To my surprise, the nurse also took off her uniform. A lovely lady with an exiting escort kuşadası body with a big ass and firm boobs. She kissed my and we started patting each other’s body as if we were too lesbians in love. At this time, the doctor came to us and hugged and kissed both of us. The nurse started patting his cock, kissed it and guided it to my mouth. With a gasp, I took it inside my mouth, licked and sucked it as if it is an ice-cream stick. I could feeel the salty taste of his pilot-cum in my mouth. Five min. later he removed his cock from my mouth and took me to a nearby sofa where the nurse was already lying down with her legs apart. He made me bent over her, caught my ass cheeks, spread it apart and slowly started licking my wet cunt and ass-hole. He then guided his throbbing 7 inch cock inside my cunt and started fucking me heavily. Trust me friends, nobody fucked me like this ever. I was moaning and screaming with pleasure like anything… He fucked me about a while in this position and removed his cock and started fucking the hot nurse lying beneath me. She kuşadası escort sucked my hardend nipples and started moving her hips backward & forward in unison with his fucking. Her hissing and moaning made me even more horny…Then to my surprise, he inserted his big cock into my ass-hole – bit tight at first – but regained smoothness afterwards. I felt so good. The nurse kissed my lips and sucked my boobs to encourage me. Now I could feel half of his cock in my ass moving very fast with a hissing & jerking sound. Fuck…fuck..fuck..fuck…Ooooh..haaaa…. suddenly with a lound scream he exploded inside my ass.He removed his cock from my ass-hole and started patting my cum oozing ass cheeks. Oooh… that was so nice!!! he said with a sigh of relief. The nurse spread the seeping cum allover my ass and hips. Massaged my back with his cum as if it is oil. A hot “cum massage”; That was so fulfilling…The doctor told me to visit him again whenever I needed this. I kissed him and the nurse. She wiped my ass and pussy with a clean towel and helped me to put on my dress. Thats it!! Now I know why women call him ‘Lady’s Doctor’. Hummmmmm… so nice…I decided to leave the place for to come back soon.Good-bye doctor…bye honey…thanks for the treatment, I cried out with a sigh and took off relived and satisfied ….(An Original story by BabesTV)

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