The Interns- Jason, Rachel, and Max


The Interns- Jason, Rachel, and MaxThe names, places, and certain descriptions have been altered to protect those pleasured during this sexcapade. Any resemblance to real people living or dead is purely coincidental. As always, I enjoyed writing this story and I know you will enjoy reading it, too. Thanks to the many friends who inspired me to write this story. It was fun and I admit I got a little turned on through recollections.I trust you will enjoy this story, as it is a MFM threesome and involves some wonderfully sensual foreplay, great lovemaking, oral sex, and of course, my unique writing. Ha-ha. But more importantly it typifies my philosophy on sex that it is really about pleasing your partner or in this case partners, whether it is one or two, or more. Rachel worked last summer as a medical intern at a local hospital. She was still an undergrad but this was a great opportunity for her to get more experience in the medical field. Plus she loved it because she got to meet and hang out with some new college k**s. She became good friends with a couple of other college students in the intern program. Two of them were roommates Jason and Max.Jason was from downstate Illinois and was 6’-0” and about 170 lbs. He was a naturally good looking athletic guy with a confident and type A personality. He was the life of a party and always knew how to break the mood when it was needed. Max was from a small farming community in Iowa and was a blonde haired blue eyes good Midwestern k**. There were both 19 and a year younger than Rachel.The three of them along with another intern Sandy would do a lot of activities together. They hung out at lunch, attended Cougar baseball games, and partied at the concerts in the Square. Occasionally they would even double date. But nothing ever came out those dates. The night would end with a quick hug or a kiss. It left the girls a little frustrated. Rachel would always ask Sandy what was with that. Don’t these guys like us? Sandy proposed jokingly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that they were actually gay and that became the girls inside joke.As the summer wound down, other interns in the program slowly started leaving the program and returning to school. Sandy was one of the first to leave while Rachel, Jason, and Max were staying for an extra week.On that last weekend together, Rachel proposed that the 3 of them go out to a local club for one last night out. Max backed out so Rachel and Jason decided to go out to a bar near the hospital. At the end of the night, they headed to Jason & Max’s place, Jason didn’t give Rachel the perfunctory hug and kiss that she had grown frustrated by. Instead his kiss was filled with more intent than ever before. His hug was tighter. Rachel at first was taken aback and then she responded in kind. She pursed her lips as Jason’s tongue touched them. This was more like it, she thought.They lingered over the kiss as they stood in the apartment’s living room. His hands ran down her shoulders and back as he pulled her closer to him. Rachel’s arms were wrapped around Jason. Soon, Jason ran his hands through her hair and began kissing on her neck and earlobes. She got goose bumps and a tingle ran through her body. She was melting to the touch of his lips. She expressed her appreciation with a simple, but genuine, “That feels good.”Rachel feeling a sexy confidence gently positioned one of Jason’s hands under her cropped shirt. His hands began to room freely on her bare skin and as he continued to kiss on her soft skin. Rachel subtly moved her body closer to Jason. Soon Rachel’s shirt and bra were off on the floor and Jason’s tongue was, lovingly, exploring her upper body. Jason was a breast man and his lips and hands became entrenched on Rachel’s supple breasts. Her nipples hardened quickly and her hands ran through Jason’s hair.Rachel responded by tugging at Jason’s shirt as he mildly resisted. But perabet güvenilir mi the resistance was short-lived and Rachel ran her hands across Jason’s strong arms and upper torso. His body was solid and a turn-on. Rachel passionately began kissing his stomach with loud smooches.She kept up her aggression and pulled off Jason’s pants and began chidingly chomping on Jason’s penis through his boxers. She stopped momentarily and looked up at Jason as if to get his approval. Soon he was wearing only a smile and Rachel’s lips were mouthing Jason’s fully erect member. Her lips ran along his thighs and down past his knees and back up to his butt cheeks. Jason stopped her there and pulled her up, but only for the purpose of removing Rachel’s clothes. The two stood naked embracing each other in the middle of the room. They were so into the spirit of the moment that they didn’t hear Max return to the apartment. Max tried to walk discreetly to his room and avoid the carnal lovers in the adjoining room.What happened next none of them would have expected and neither Max nor Jason really knew how it happened. But the end result was the same- Max found himself in the same room and being welcomed. Max’s manhood immediately grew as he saw Rachel sexy naked body and to his initial embarrassment Rachel noticed and commented. She reached out and touched his bulging pants and teased it with a couple of rubs. Rachel nonchalantly pulled down Max’s pants and resumed rubbing Max, but this time it was direct contact… Max’s penis quickly reached full erection.Jason may have been a bit disappointed that he was now sharing Rachel with his roommate, but he didn’t let it stop him. He urged Max to lie on his back and Rachel positioned herself on all fours with Max’s groin in her face. Jason got down on his knees behind Rachel, marveling at her tight body and ass. He ran his fingers along Rachel’s moist pussy lips. He slowly massaged her wet vagina and Rachel moans and strokes tipobet Max’s meat. Jason eases his penis into Rachel and the her moans become deeper and louder. Rachel drops down to slide her tongue and lips up and down Max’s penis. Jason takes advantage of slides his cock into her deeper. It was a feeling every woman wanted and she had it.Rachel prided herself on her fellatio skills. She knew how to bring a guy to the cusp, stop, leave him hanging, and then resume when he could handle it. It took a lot of concentration and patience. But she wasn’t accustomed to having a pulsating penis pounding her pink pussy while mouthing Max’s male member. When she saw Max’s balls tighten she stopped and caught her breath and Jason took a quick break to catch his breath and wipe perspiration off his forehead. He spanked his lovely partner smooth ass cheeks and resumed his deep penetrations. Oh and it felt good. Something was different Jason had hit the right spot, the right rhythm, Rachel’s moans reverberated around the apartment. Jason bore down and Rachel anchored herself as each thrust was delivered. Rachel brushed her long brunette hair over her shoulder and began again on Max’s penis. She took one hand and cupped his balls and licked them gently. Next she stroked his penis and lathered pre-cum from his penis to the base of his balls.Jason grabbed her hips and with the intensity of a world class athlete he thrust his throbbing penis, let out a loud groan and let the orgasm flow from his body. Rachel so taken by Jason’s intensity lost sense of control and near savagely stroked and mouthed Max’s member. Max laying on his back, hands on the carpet could do little to control himself but grab the carpet, nearly pulling it out, but it made no difference the sights, sounds, and sexual contact were too sensational for Max to hold back. And within moments he ejaculates and showered his own tanned torso. Rachel back up on all fours just smiled and watched as the scene unfolded and Max’s balls drained.Rachel broke the silence, by saying, “Sandy left a week too early. You know she and I thought you two were gay.” Max and Jason looked at each smiled with Jason retorting with “We thought you and Sandy weren’t into us or guys.”Rachel sheepishly says, “Well know you know better.”

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