The Hunky Dad 2


The Hunky Dad 2At the time of writing, my encounter with John, the hunky Dad, had been a one off. However, yesterday was the day I go swimming after work.When i got in the pool, a voice I recognised said “hi”. It was John, only this time on his own.He said “I think I owe you an apology. Last time it all ended in kind of a rush. The only time I knew I could talk to you about it was here because I knew you came here today”.I said “that’s ok, it was very nice, but not sure we did the right thing going to bed together”.John replied “I know, but i have thought about you alot, have you thought about me?”I couldn’t lie to him and just gave a wry smile. Both knowing what that meant, he said “come home with me now”.”What right now?” I replied. John said “yeh, lets make it a few hours together!”I said “but I’ve only just got in!” John moved closer and whispered in my ear “I want you Ruth, I want to taste you, kiss you all over, make love to you”. He then stepped back, and made his way to the edge of the pool where he climbed out and stood in front of me.Looking up at him, I noticed his strong thighs, the tattoo on his shin. He had lovely abs, not too overdone, and with the droplets of water on his chest, I couldn’t resist.I got out and followed him into the changing rooms, feeling self-conscious that somehow knew why I was getting out of the pool. John walked under the shower and I stood next to him. He was staring at my body and I looked down at myself and said to him “what, what is it?”John said “I have to say Ruth, that since I saw you last time swimming, I knew I wanted you”. illegal bahis I was surprised at this because as I said before, I’m a curvy size 12, with heavy breasts and a bit of a tummy, and could never get away with wearing a bikini. In fact, the swimsuit was a Speedo one and not very flattering at all, although it did make my boobs look huge, but it also holds them in place!I said “come on, lets go, meet you in reception in ten minutes”. As I got changed, I realised I had big granny knickers on that day. I thought “shit, John can’t see these!” I put them in my bag and pulled my jeans on.John was already waiting for me in reception. He smiled at me, “You ready? Want to follow in your car again?” I replied “come on, lets go”, knowing how turned on I was, not wearing knickers.Ten minutes later, we were in John’s kitchen, kissing passionately. Feeling more confident than last time, I started to go down on him, lifting his shirt as I did so, kissing his chest, his stomach, running my nails under his waist band, I pulled his joggers down and rubbed his hard cock through his boxers. Whilst doing this, I kissed his thighs and he said “Ruth, don’t tease, please suck my cock, I looked up at him and smiled. The tip of his cock was hanging out of the top of his boxers, and I pulled them free, again admiring his thick, long cock and heavy scrotum. His helmet was huge too, or maybe its because he is circumcised. I slowly wanked him, whilst flicking his halls with my tongue and sucking them. John was breathing rapidly, and said “Ruth, for fucks sake, suck me!” I took him in my illegal bahis siteleri mouth and he immediately grabbed my hair and slowly fucked my mouth. He said “mmmmm, god that’s good Ruth. You suck cock so well”.I grabbed his tight arse as I sucked him, before he pulled me up, pulling my hoodie up over my head, revealing my plain black bra. We kissed again and he undid my bra, slipping my straps down and my bra fell to the floor. He pushed against me and my big breasts squashed against his chest. John was so tall he had to kneel down to kiss my breasts and i held one to his mouth to suck. I said “bite my nipples John, I love that.” He gently did this saying, “Ruth, you have the most beautiful, natural tits, I love them…”John then started kissing my tummy, undoing my jeans and as he pulled them down, he said, “fuck Ruth, no knickers?” I laughed and said there’s no way he could have seen them. The sight of my neatly trimmed pussy spurred him on and he slipped my jeans off and i realised i was naked in his kitchen. Still on his knees, he turned me around so i was facing away from him and he started to kiss the backs of my thighs, working his way up. Instinctively, i parted my legs and he started kissing my bum cheeks before pulling them apart and he started to tongue my arse. Having never had this done to me, it felt unusual but not unpleasant and i responded by arching my back. John then started licking me from behind. I was so wet as John licked my pussy before coming up behind me, kissing my back and spine and neck. He said “how long have we got?” Looking canlı bahis siteleri at my phone, i replied, “an hour”.John pulled me into the living room and i laid down on the sofa, opened my legs and said “John, how do you want me?”He replied “Every fucking way!” John knelt between my legs, and guided his cock into me, i looked down in disbelief as he entered me, stretching me like i never had before. John started fucking me moaning “I love fucking you Ruth, I want you to be my lover”. “I love your huge cock inside me” i replied.For the next hour, John fucked me in every possible position, including me squatting on his cock on the floor, my tits bouncing as i rode him.He had me from behind, before putting me on my back again, and pulling my bum to the edge of the sofa before thrusting into me, holding my ankles and pounding me hard, which i always love. I started to cum and said “John, i love your cock fucking me, so hard and deep, im cumming John, don’t stop ever fucking me”.John halls were slapping against me as he fucked me. He said “I don’t know how much longer i can last Ruth. Its too fucking good”.I said “John, fuck me, fuck this pussy, cum in me if you want to” John said “really?”.”Come on John, cum in me, flood my pussy with your spunk, fill my womb with your sperm”.This talk drove us both over the edge and we started to cum together. I was arching my back and i moaned loudly, “Give me your hot spunk, fill me John”.He replied “fucking hell Ruth, im cumming, im cumming, in your pussy, and he let out a huge roar yelling “take my spunk Ruth” each time a jet of spunk entered me. Afterwards, he collapsed on me, and we kissed hungrily and held each other tightly. I knew from then that this wouldn’t be the last time and that its just not going to be sex with John. I think im falling for him already……

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