The Hot Tub


The Hot TubMy dad left my mom and I when I was still young. Mom got the house in the divorce, it is a huge house that has a massive back yard and deck. And on the deck outside my window is a big hot tub. This was great because I could go to bed and peak out my window and watch all that was going on in the hot tub and no one could tell I watching. Most of the time it was the neighbors and I would spy Mrs. Roberts in her tiny bikini and run my wanker. Sometimes though, Mom’s best friend would come over and stay the night. They would get pretty drunk and skinny dip. Neither mom or Sally were anything to write home about but they were naked women right in front of me. Once in a blue moon they would some guys out there with them, but that was rare. Any way, I grew up thinking about Sally and mom and wondered just how good of friends they really were. Sally was married and lived the next city over, about three hours away. She would have to come work her and would always stay with us, and sleep with mom in mom’s room. Sometimes they would kiss and stuff. Neither woman seemed too worried about what I thought or being naked in front of me. I hit puberty a little early and fast. It seemed that I grew a foot in height almost over night. And grew hair on my balls and chest just as fast. I had hit six foot tall and had balls full of thick jizz at fifteen. That is when all this happened. It was summer time and Sally showed up at our door to stay for the week as she had work to do in the city. Sally and mom started drinking almost as soon as Sally walked in the door. They soon got a good buzz pinbahis going and got naked and jumped in the hot tub. I came home from hanging with friends, and they invited me in. I peeled off my clothes and jumped in. Sally immediately noticed how much I had “grown” and my commented on my “man bush”. Sally got out of the tub to make us all some more drinks. She said I should have one now that I am all grown up. Sally slurred her words as she spoke, mom did too, that’s how I knew they were pretty snookered. We all chugged our drinks rather quickly and Sally got up to make some more. My pecker got hard from me looking at her dark bush and nice tits. Mom got up to help Sally. I had never really noticed how hot mom could be when she was naked, her tits swinging around and her bush between her chubby legs. The bar is right there so I could watch both women as they fixed the drinks. They seemed to be flirting with each other and acting like school girls. They came back and gave me my drink. Sally went into talking about how good looking and grown up I had become. She begged me to stand up so she could look at my body again. I was embarrassed because of my boner, and being seen naked but I stood up for just a second. But it was long enough for Sally to see my rock hard dong which she teased me about. Well, maybe she was flirting. She commented on how big my wanker was and how the girls must love riding that thing. Then she started on mom and asking is she had partook of the “inhouse” young dong. Mom just blushed and replied that she had thought about it. Sally said pinbahis giriş she might have to jump on it here in a minute. I could not believe these women were talking about sex with me. It made me feel really good and manly, along with the drinks. So I started to flirt back. Soon Sally sat on the side of the tub with her beaver just inches from my face. Mom got up beside her. My cock was so hard it was hurting now. Sally asked me to stand so she could “get her hands” on me. She fondled my rock hard cock like a doctor would examine it. Then she asked mom if mom had been hitting this. Mom said no. Sally then said she would like to break me in if mom was okay with that. Mom told her to go for it and they kissed, Sally still had my balls in her hand. Sally then pulled me between her legs, my cock pressed against her cunt. Then Sally reached down and opened her pussy lips with one hand and put her other on my ass and pulled me towards her, my cock slid easily into her cunt. Mom sat right there the whole time watching! My cock disappeared into Sally’s cunt. It was an amazing feeling but a little weird with mom right there. I pulled back out and then back in again. Sally was enjoying this as much as I was. I picked up some speed, not knowing what else to do. I started thinking about how good this pussy felt and that I was fucking this woman, then I exploded, I pushed deep inside her and exploded a massive load of cum deep inside Sally. Sally exclaimed how good it felt as she grabbed both of my butt checks and pulled me deeper inside her. Sally said she came along pinbahis güvenilir mi with me. Mom and Sally both giggled as I pulled my cock from Sally’s now cum filled cunt. My cock was still hard and covered with white cum. I was going to sit in the water to clean off, but mom grabbed me and pulled me to her, right between her legs. My hard, slimy cock slid easily into mom’s wet cunt. I just started to bang away on her. I was not thinking about this being my mom, but just another woman I was fucking. Sally played with mom’s clit as I continued to pummel her. Mom orgasimed and I drained my balls deep inside filling her womb with my cum. We sat in the tub for awhile, then the ladies begged me to come to there room for the night. I followed them and got my brains fucked out. The next morning came and I figured I would be in trouble as they would have sobered up and would not be happy about me fucking and cumming inside them. But I was wrong, mom and Sally woke and started fucking me again. We fucked none stop the rest of the week, that is when the ladies did not have to work. Sally then had to get home to her husband. But Sally said she would be back the week after next. Mom and continued to fuck like rabbits for the next week then Sally returned and the three of us went at it some more. Those two ladies ended up loving having a young man like me around, I had a constant boner and they both wanted to be fucked, all the time. Mom and Sally even had a couple of friends that would stop by every now and then. I became a fucking post, that is what they called me. Because any time they wanted to fuck. my cock would get hard and I always had huge loads. It did not other me to be fucking my mom and I loved fucking her friends. Fucking mom to me was just like fucking any other woman. It was some good pussy and a good place to drain my balls.

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