The Halloween Party


The Halloween PartyThis is a true story of what happened a few months after the ” Sex on the Patio “story . Kind of …the next installment or what developed . Maybe you should read that one first to see how this developed…It was time for the annual Halloween party and my wife had come up with an interesting costume idea for us . A native , kind of Hawaiian theme , with the grass skirt thing . I convinced her that a nice little thong under the skirt would be the most realistic way to do it and she agreed .A friend of ours showed up with his girlfriend and they were dressed as Tarzan and Jane . Their costumes were pretty good too . As the night wore on they weren’t getting along very well since his girlfriend thought he was a bit too much and flirting with my wife too much . My wife was enjoying her champagne , which always makes her horny , a little too much as well . His girlfriend got pissed and left so he drank more and when it came time to leave I convinced him he should ride home with us since he’d already had a DUI .I was driving a two seat Buick Reatta at the time although it was a very roomy it limited the seating arrangements . The three of us piled inside with my wife sitting on his lap and me , being the only one sober enough to drive , behind the wheel . Pretty soon she’s squirming around on his lap and says ” I think Tarzan has a banana in his shorts ” and proceeds , while giggling to reach around into his lap and make him squirm too . She kept her hand there longer than it would take for effect so I asked ” You like his banana ? ” Her answer was to squirm around some more bahis firmaları and make an almost low growl kind of sound while keeping her hand in his lap . I said ” I’m glad you two are having such good time over there “.It’s quiet in the car so I’m hearing what sounds like a wet pussy while it’s being stirred and she’s still squirming and making that sound although it’s turned into more of a low moan of sorts . For the longest time I thought the sound was from him finger fucking her but later she informed me that he was rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy lips at the same time he was fingering her ! Again I said ” I’m glad you two are having so much fun”. She just did that growl again and he said kind of breathlessly ” yeah thanks “. I just said ” Have at it pal she’s really enjoying herself “. She’s all over the place wiggling and humping on his lap with the sounds getting even more squishy and her moans getting louder until she gives it up and starts cumming big time . No hiding that !She relaxes and leans back into him . Soon she leans over and whispers into my ear that she want’s to return the favor since he won’t be getting any relief tonight since his girlfriend left mad . I told her to give it her best and enjoy herself being as I’d always wanted to show off her talents with my buddies . Watching wouldn’t hurt my feelings either !She turns around and pulls his hard cock out in the open and he about shit since she’s not being sneaky about it and I could see everything by the lights of the dashboard . I said ” Relax and enjoy the ride pal , I am ” and he settled kaçak iddaa down a little. She couldn’t get comfortable and kind of laid her ass across my lap and was on one elbow and started giving him a nice hand job .While she was jacking him off I’d slipped a finger or two into her very slippery pussy and was making her even hornier and even more into it than before if that’s possible . As she started to cum for the second time in a short while she looked back at me while making that purring sound in her throat and leaned down and took the head of his cock into her hot mouth ! Well two of us in the car were really surprised and he almost jumped out right then . He looked at me , eyes as big as silver dollars , not knowing what I’d do . I just smiled and once again said ” Hey pal ,like I said relax and enjoy it because I always do and she’s really good at it and she enjoys it too . Beside I’ve never watched her suck a cock other than mine “. He finally did relax and I was enjoying the sounds of her sucking him off and my fingers in her juicy pussy .It’s a good thing that the party was a ways from town because the two of them were taking their time with their fun . I don’t know which of them was enjoying themselves more because she was giving him the whole royal treatment and I as well was giving her the best i could while still driving . As with most women I’ve known when she starts cumming while sucking a cock she gets very animated and all the more into it trying to swallow the whole thing . From what I saw in the light of the car she wasn’t going to get it all down her throat kaçak bahis . I couldn’t tell how thick he was but it looked every bit as long as my 7 1/2 inches. She was giving it her best attempt though , It was his turn to start moaning and humping up into her face . I was still getting off on the sounds of her slurping his cock , seeing her head working up around and down his cock and the scent and sound from her steaming hot pussy filling the car . Soon they are both moaning , hers muffled by his cock in her mouth and both were humping like crazy people so I knew a big climax was fast approaching . He let out a groan and said ” I’m cumming “. She’s moaning and her ass is all over the place while he’s pumping shot after shot of his load into her sucking lips . She’s swallowing as fast as she can and he keeps cumming . He must have been saving that load up for a while because it seemed like he gave her 5 or 6 blasts of cum , each punctuated by another groan and thrust . She didn’t miss a drop slurping it all down .When she was satisfied that she’d gotten all the cream he could offer she sat up , wiped her lips and said ” Wow , that was nice . Tasty ” She then helped him put his well used limp cock away and we arrived at his place to drop him off . He got out and she moved into his seat, still with her bare ass and pussy visible to us all , so he leaned in and stroked her a few times . I told him we’d pick him up tomorrow to go get his car . ” Same seating arrangement ?” he asked….” Don’t count on it ” she replied with a huge grin . She smiled and turned to me , leaned over , whipped my rock hard cock out and proceeded to give me the treatment she’d just finished giving him and it was his turn to watch ! He just shook his head stroked her pussy a few more times , turned away and went inside .Jeez I love that girl !!!

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