The fuck of his life.


The fuck of his life.This story was inspired by a message from cigardad4dad. I hope all who read this enjoy. And as always keep the comments and suggestions cumming.Eddie is a small but well toned man in his mid-thirties. He never had any luck with the ladys however. So one nite he decided to go around town looking for a good time, when he came accross Veronica, a lady of the evening. Her long lushious legs, heart shaped ass, and breast that poured out of her shirt appealed to him.She leaned over into the car window and in a sultry smooth voice says “So you ready for the fuck of your life?” “Got a place we can go? Cause I like what I see.” He says back softly. She gets in and directs him to run down house that looks abandoned. When they arrive she gets out while he stays seated like he is scared. She opens his door grabs him by the shirt and says “Come on if you real want çankırı escort it. At least we don’t have to pay for here.” Veronica lead him into a bedroom of the house and pushes him back onto the bed. She unleashes his cock from his pants and starts licking and sucking on it. He moans in pleasure. “You like this I see.” She says between gulps. “Perhaps you would like this then.” Veronica removes all of Eddie’s clothesand her shirt, ties him down to the post, and blindfolds him. She begins sucking him some more. Eddie gasp and moans uncontrolably.”Let me eat you out. I want to lick your pussy.” She slaps her tits in his face and ask, “You want to do what now?” As she is removing the blindfold he says again, “I want to eat you out!” She stands on the bed over his face and dances removing her pants to show a black thong. As she has her ass facing him he says “Let me escort çankırı see that pussy I am going to eat!” She slowly pulls the thong down and while grining says “If it is pussy you want, then it is pussy your not going to get!” By this time she has faced him and placed herself on top of his face. Instead of it being pussy in his mouth she shoved her thick dick inside.Veronica grabs Eddie by the back of the head and makes him suck her dick as he tries to free himself from her grasp. She grabs a bottle of lube from her purse that she left near by and places some on her hand, reaches back and starts to play with his asshole. Eddie gets another suprise as he is struggling, it caused 2 of her fingers to go inside his tight ass. He let out a loud but muffled scream. Veronica pulls her cock out of his mouth and puts her panties in there instead. She plays with his ass çankırı escort bayan a little more and shoves in her cock. Eddie starts to cry out in pain at first, but it then turns to pleasure with a hint of fear inside it. He is still tied down and trying to get out of it. “Relax.” She grunts between thrust. “You know there is no escape.” She Keeps pounding his ass harder and faster with each cry from him until he cums. Eddies shot was so powerful it hit him on the face from his chin to just below his eye. Some even got onto the panties still in his mouth. This turned Veronica on so much she spilled her load deep inside Eddie’s virgin ass. She slides out of his ass with ease, and starts sucking on his cock again. “But wait there’s more.” She says with a sadistic tone to her voice. “Have you ever heard of the Dick Snatching Bandit?” Eddies eyes widen with fear and screams in pain as just then Veronica bits his dick completely off. As he screams with agony, she gets up grabs his wallet and keys then sets the bed on fire. “I love how stupid men are. Now where to find my next victom?” She laughs as she walks off.

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