The first time my wife fucked another man.


The first time my wife fucked another man.So we going to need to talk later, I’m going to have something to tell you x was the text I received about an hour after work one Tuesday.What’s up? I replied.Nothing yet, got to go I’ll text you later xxxAbout 12:30 I got another text, I’ve done it, I’ve cheated on you, I’ve been fucked all morning and it was amazing! I looked at my phone and reread the message several times, I had no idea how to respond, and before I could my phone beeped again, In the hall, on the stairs, in the living room and in our bed and he’s still here, we’re going out for a date 🙂 xxx if there’s time I might fuck him when he drops me off lolMy cock was rock hard, we’d been talking for months about her finding a guy, but She said she didn’t want to fuck anyone else. She’d only have sex with someone she really liked, and she was sure that would be a good idea. But we agreed that if she did find someone the first I’d know is when they were going to do it. But that was months ago and this had come out of the blue, she’d not mentioned anything at all about her new man. I couldn’t wait to get home and as soon as work finished I got home asap. Beth was in the kitchen when I walked in, she turned and smiled at me. We kissed, had a good day baby I asked. Amazing, she replied. He’s only just left. We fucked all day like teenagers. She grinned.She rubbed my throbbing cock through my trousers. So you ok with it then? She asked.Of course, I replied.Good, he’s left you a present in me, He told me to make you lick my pussy, and I can’t wait to see you eat his cum. We went upstairs and I laid on the bed Beth moved over me and held herself just above my face. Her pussy was swollen and covered in cum, she held the back of my head. That’s right lick your cheating wife’s pussy clean, she said as she pulled my face close to her, soaking my face in this guys cum. It turns out, he is a teacher at the local school. He is in an open relationship with a TA, and they’d been swinging for about 2 years. Beth and Chris had met when she was on the Governors and he had asked her out. She had said yes straight away, without a thought, but she didn’t know why. He was a few years younger than her, tall and good looking. They had been seeing each other at least once a week for the past 4 months, Chris had told Beth about his relationship straight away and Beth was a little reticent to talk about it at first but the more he told her the more she wanted to know. She had told him she was married, but we’d talked about swinging a while ago but that’s as far as it had gone. Both he and his girlfriend were bi, which only made it more interesting as one of Beth’s fantasies was to watch me be fucked by another man, I’d had a couple of experiences with guys before we’d met, and her to be with a girl for the first time. As the weeks went past they flirted a lot more, Chris often joked that it had never taken this long to get a bornova escort woman into bed. The fact that he had been very open about wanting to get her in bed had turned her on, but she still wasn’t sure. The last time they had gone out, as they parted, he moved in and kissed her. She had not protested and as he pulled her close to him, she had felt his erected cock against her pussy. As soon as she got home she had stripped off and played with herself imagining Chris fucking her. As she laid there after, still naked she had text him to ask if he was free the following day, and if it was ok if he picked her up from home. He texted back saying and and of course he could. She fucked herself again before going out to buy some new underwear for the following day.She was ready about half an hour before he was due to arrive, and her heart was in her mouth the whole time, and she still wasn’t sure if she was going to go through with it. There was a knock on the door and she quickly let him in, she knew what she was going to do, and so it seemed did Chris, as soon as the door was shut they were kissing, his hands exploring her body. She leaned against the wall as she unbuttoned his shirt. His hand lifted her skirt and he slipped into her knickers and his finger slid easily into to her already soaking pussy. She nibbled his ear as he pinned her against the wall and fingered her. Was it worth the wait? she whispered to him. Yes he replied inserting another finger into her. There faces inches apart, are you sure? He asked. She just smiled and just licked his lips. It only took a couple of minutes until she came for the first new man in 12 years. Her knees gave way and she dropped, she pulled his cock out and took it in her mouth. He moaned as she worked up and down his shaft, sucking and licking as she looked up at him. She loved to feel and taste of new cock. He held the back of her head as she took his entire length in her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth, as she watched him the entire time. After a few minutes he pulled out lifted her up, ripped her top off and spun her round, she bent over putting her hands on the stairs. He lifted her skirt and moved her knickers to the side before pushing his cock deep inside her. She came straight away at the thought of what she was doing, he thrust into her hard with his nice thick cock. She begged him to fuck her harder, she was so turned on and just want to be so dirty. She reached under herself and stroked his balls as they slapped against her pussy, she stood up and removed her bra. Chris reached round and grabbed her tits and she put her hands over his as he squeezed her tits and he kissed her neck. After a few minutes she pulled off him and took him into the living room. She removed her skirt and knickers and sat on the sofa, she spread her legs and fingered herself as Chris stripped, he dropped to his knees and gently licked her pussy as she carried escort bornova on playing with herself. They carried on until Beth came again, very loudly this time, Chris moved up and pushed his cock back into her as he raised her legs over his shoulders. He slow slid his cock in and out of her as they kissed, Beth moved her hands to his ass pulling him into her harder and harder, until he started to moan. I’m cuming he told her and tried to pull out, but Beth pulled him deep inside her, he came hard and loud, making Beth cum to. After a few final thrusts he held himself in her and they kissed. He rolled off her his semi erected cock glistening with both there cum, she bent over sucking him, tasting his salty cum. When he was clean she smiled up at him and moved up resting her head on his chest. He put his arm round her and stoked her back, you ok? He asked Mmmmm that was amazing, she replied. You can’t believe how long I’ve wanted to do that, Chris told her. She laughed, Me too, but right until the minute I opened the door I wasn’t sure I could. She paused. But I’m so glad we did it felt amazing. She joked, who’d know you’re such a stud. They both laughed, and what about your girlfriend? She’s fine, he replied, she can’t believe we haven’t fucked yet. She says I’m loosing my touch. Beth smiled and it was silent for a few minutes. I just told her you were worth the wait, he went on. Beth kissed him, I’ll make sure I am she smiled.What now? He askedNow, since I’ve made you wait so long you should take me upstairs to bed she grinned.I didn’t mean that, but ok he grinned back.I know you didn’t, but take me to bed anyway! She lead him upstairs to the bedroom and they got in bed her laying in his arms while they talked and caressed each other’s body over the next hour or so before they made love, very slow and sensual with a lot of kissing. There faces so close they were breathing each other’s air. His firm body against hers, This had made her cum several times. The passion and tenderness was overwhelming and she had had a multiple orgasm, something she had never experienced. She laid there her whole body tingling and shaking as he continued to fuck her slowly and deliberately, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her body. She held him tight as he came deep inside her again. After they had both recovered, she joked well you better still be taking me out for our date. Of course he replied but am I ok to have a quick shower. Of course, I’ll need one as well. As soon as he had got in the shower she had text me. When they were both showered and dressed, they went out. They had coffee as usual, but this time the conversation was not so mundane. There was a lot of flirting and innuendo, he asked her about her fantasies. I didn’t really have any until I started seeing you she replied. But now I have so many, but my biggest I suppose is making Matt my cuckold and you being my bull. Gangbang, my first bornova escort bayan girl on girl, she slipped of her shoe under the table and rubbed his crotch with her foot. She could tell he was hard, she leaned in and whispered, if that’s ok with you? I think you can tell it is, he replied. I think we’ve unleashed the b**st!Don’t get me wrong Matt’s good in bed and I’ve always enjoyed it, but today was something completely different, it was so dirty, being a cheating wife, she paused, so…….you ready to take me home? He quickly paid the bill and they got back in his car, as soon as the door was closed he kissed her. God you’re a dirty girl! Aren’t you! She took hold of his hand and guided it to her pussy. You complaining? She asked. God no! He replied while pushing a finger into her. She moaned letting her legs fall open a little more for him. Give it to me hard when we get back she whispered. They were back and in the bedroom within 10 minutes. Chris pushed Beth onto the bed, She rolled over sticking her arse in the air, Chris didn’t waste any time. He pushed her knickers to the side as he dropped his jeans and pulled his cock out. He trust into her hard, holding his full length inside her for a few seconds before slamming against her arse hard. Beth gasped with pleasure as he continued to thrust into her hard, do you like my cock slut? He asked God yes! I love it!He pulled out, oh god don’t she whispered. Beg me he ordered.She turned round, he had picked up his phone and was recording her. She was on her knees, her skirt pushed up and her knickers to the side of her gaping pussy. She looked at him, please fuck me Chris! Fuck me hard like a cheating slut. He filmed his cock sliding into her as she thanked him. He dropped the phone on the bed, if you don’t do as your told I’ll sent it to your husband. She looked at him, pass me the phone she said you’ll need his number. She punched the number in as he slowly fucked her. Feel free. She dropped the phone now fuck me! He fucked her hard and it didn’t take long before Beth came again. She collapsed forward panting, she rolled over and removed her clothes. Play with yourself said Chris. Her hand moved to her pussy and she gently rubbed her clit as Chris stood and watched her. He rubbed his cock as she continued to play with herself. He picked up his phone again, You like being a dirty girl don’t you? Chris askedYes, Beth replied.How many times you cheated on your husband? He asked still rubbing himself.You’re the first. She replied. First? he asked quizzicality. Does that mean there’s going to be more now? I don’t know, I’ve had so much fun today, who knows? She smiled. If I have a bull, well I’d have to do who anything he told me wouldn’t I? What about Matt? He asked I don’t care, she smiled, anyway I texted him at lunch. Wow he grinned, as he moved on top of her pushing his stiff cock into her. I’d love to be your bull, he said before they kissed.I’d love that too! He held her arms down as he slammed into her, Beth came hard, she was so turned on and it wasn’t long before Chris came again to. As he held his cock inside her he said, make him lick your pussy when he gets home! She smiled, yes sir!

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