The ex files – Josie in Barcelona


The ex files – Josie in BarcelonaI’d been seeing Josie for around six months when she decided to treat me to a winter break in Barcelona which was a favourite place of her and her ex husband. During one of their visits they had gone to a place that Josie described as a sex club where people were openly engaging in various sexual acts while others watched and sometimes joined in depending on what the participent’s were looking for. She said that her ex was a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing and they had left after a couple of drinks but she found it incredibly exciting and asked how i felt about giving it a try to which i eagerly agreed.We arrived in Barcelona on a Friday afternoon and Josie immediately set about making a few phone calls eventually getting us a reservation and booking a booth at the club for the very next night explaining that she’d had to grease a few palms in order to do this at such short notice so there was no chance of our leaving early and that we were in it for the long haul come what may! I couldn’t think of anything else for the rest of the day and had a permanent hard on which pleased Josie immensely!The next evening i watched Josie get ready for our night out and sat there with a huge erection as she dressed to thrill in black underwear with matching black stockings and suspender belt rounded off with stiletto heels and a tiny red dress that barely covered her stocking tops. I could hardly keep my hands off her in the taxi and she allowed to me to feel her up despite the fact that the driver was watching in his rear view mirror while she maintained eye contact with him throughout even when i slipped my hand inside her panties to feel her very wet pussy.We arrived at the club and were shown inside where we were offered masquerade style masks which we took and put on. I noticed that while some of the guests were wearing masks others were openly showing their faces but Josie insisted that we wore ours and we were shown to our booth which was quite well covered and consisted of two large leather kırıkkale escort sofas with a low table between them and a good view of the stage. A scantily dressed waitress brought us our drinks and we settled back to watch the cabaret which consisted of both male and female strippers who performed solo and in pairs simulating sex acts which got more near the mark as the show went on.Josie had positioned herself as close as possible and was leaning back on me with her legs crossed showing her stocking tops so i reached over and inched the hem of her dress even higher until the flesh above the stockings was on full show and she responded by putting her right foot on the sofa and whispering “Touch me”. I let my hand slide down until it was on her thigh and touched the exposed flesh above her stocking finally extending my fingers until it touched her pussy through her panties as she continued to watch the show which had hotted up considerably and now featured a well hung male stripper with an erection rubbing oil into a naked girl.I noticed that not everybody was watching the stage and that a couple of people were looking in our direction including an older couple who began to approach our booth. I told Josie and she quickly rearranged herself and moved away from me as the couple approached and asked if they could join us and an embarrassed Josie said that they could. They sat themselves down and called for the waitress ordering a bottle of champagne and four glasses before introducing themselves. I can’t remember their names but they were from Germany, he was about 55 and his wife was early forties, a very attractive blonde with a very nice figure, wearing a tiny white dress and thigh high boots. After the introductions they told us that they had been watching us and had been discussing how far they thought we would go with our “game” We laughed and Josie told them that we were new to this and were unsure of where the boundaries were and that we were playing it by ear when the guy said “Boundaries? There are very kırıkkale escort bayan few rules in here as long as all parties are agreeable then anything goes” He then went on to tell us that if anybody was intruding you only had to say so and they would leave. With that the champagne arrived and we all turned back to the cabaret.The next act consisted of the guy with the large cock and two girls who proceeded to have an intense threesome on the stage and at one point they were joined by a woman from the audience who sucked the strippers cock while one of the girls rubbed her pussy. This seemed to push Josie over the edge and she put her right foot on the table and the left over my lap and asked me to carry on touching her which i immediately did. The German Woman noticed this and nudged her husband who turned to watch before saying something to his wife who opened her legs revealing her bare pussy which she proceeded to rub ever so slowly. Josie was transfixed on the stage show while the older couple were watching me with my hand down the front of Jose’s panties, my fingers buried in her soaking cunt.I looked across at the opposite booth and could see a girl on her knees openly sucking a guys cock while another guy sat across from them wanking himself off. I told Josie and she looked across before turning back saying ” I suppose you want the same?” I nodded and began to unzip my fly as she turned herself around and took me in her mouth. She lay down next to me with my cock in her mouth and her arse in the air with her free hand down the front of her panties rubbing furiously. I looked across at the other couple who were both openly masturbating. By now all this activity had attracted another couple of guys who were stood at the entrance to the booth. One of them caught my eye and motioned toward Josie. The guy opposite told me he was asking if he could touch her so i quickly asked Josie who said yes.He reached out and lifted her dress exposing her from the waist down before gently rubbing her pussy through escort kırıkkale her panties and she responded by opening up even more letting him push two fingers inside her; working them in and out as she bucked around. All of a sudden she started to bite my cock and groan loudly and she started to come as i exploded into her mouth.As we began to recover the guy who had fingered her thanked us and went off to the bar while the older couple covered up and ordered more champagne. We thought about leaving when the other couple told us that the fun hadn’t even started yet so Josie insisted that we stay. As the night wore on we were treated to the site of the older woman being taken from behind on the stage while her husband watched and wanked and an imprompto show by two of the waitresses. We confined ourselves to the booth and were joined by three guys and a Woman who wanted to see Josie undressed. I reminded her of her promise that we were in it for the long haul so she stood up and removed her red dress and began to act very slutty in her black underwear, really putting on a show. By now she had really got the measure of the place and insisted that spectators showed her some flesh. The guys responded by getting their cocks out and the girl removed her panties. Josie then made a show of removing her bra revealing her breasts as the guys and I masturbated. She then stood and slowly removed her panties sliding them down her thighs and then completely off before sitting down and spreading her legs running a finger over her sopping pussy. One of the guys asked if he could touch her and she agreed letting him come closer and rub her swollen clitoris.He rubbed and pinched her gently as she started to moan and wriggle around. I moved in and began to kiss her hard as she writhed around. I pulled back to watch her come and couldn’t believe how much juice was running down the crack of her arse onto the sofa as she came wildly her head thrown back and long dark hair thrashing around. I pushed the guys hand away and went to my knees and buried my face into her cunt tasting her juice and drinking it down.When i came back up the guys had gone leaving a sticky mess on the table and floor. We took this as the signal to leave and got our stuff together before going back to the hotel and fucking until daybreak.

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