The Education Of Darla


The Education Of DarlaDarla lay on the bed just dressed in a pair of black lace panties. Her pussy was smooth as silk after being shaved. She was horny from the shave but told not to touch herself.Darla reached down to feel the front of her panties just as the bedroom door opened.”I told you not to touch yourself. ” he said.” I wasn’t just wanted to see how wet I was.” she replied.” Doesn’t matter no touching.”Standing next to him was a tall Asian woman. She was dressed in a black camisole top, no panties and seamed black stocking.He turned to the woman and whispered in her ear ” Have fun.” With that he left the room closing the door on the two women.” I’m to teach you how to make love to a woman I’ve been told.” the Asian woman announced.”Have you ever been with another woman?”” No I haven’t.” Darla replied.” So I will be your first?”” Yes.”” So you never ate a woman, or be eaten by a woman.”” No.”The Asian woman climbs onto the bed and lays down next to Darla.Running her hand through Darla’s hair she tells her” Kiss me.” Darla moves over and kisses her on the lips. The woman’s tongue slips into Darla’s mouth giving her a deep soulful kiss.Darla responds in return.The amasya escort two women kiss for a while.The woman reaches up and starts to caress Darla’s breast gently pulling on her nipple. Darla starts to moan.” You like that?” the woman ask.” Yes.” Darla replies.” Would you like me to suck on it?””Yes.” Darla begs.The woman reaches down with her mouth and sucks Darla’s nipple into it.She gently bites on it feeling it grow harder. Darla moans back in pleasure.” Does that feel good?”” Yes.”” Do you want me to continue?”” Yes.”The woman flicks her tongue across the nipple and sucks it into her mouth.Darla is beside herself. She wants this woman to eat her but is nervous never having been with another woman. Darla has never eaten a pussy before but she knows that she is soon going to have to.The woman slides her hand down Darla’s thigh till she finds the front of her panties.” Mmmmhhhh, nice and wet just how I like pussy.”” Do you want me to eat you first or do you want to eat me?”” Please eat me.” Darla is trembling in heat.” Slide your panties off for me.”Darla reaches down and removes them.” Good hand them to me.”Darla does as she is told and hands escort amasya them to the woman.The woman brings them to her mouth and sucks on the crotch.”Sweet like honey.”The woman spreads Darla’s legs and begins to lick her pussy.She sucks Darla’s lips into her mouth nibbling on them. Darla moans in pleasure. The woman continues alternating between sucking and nibbling on Darla’s pussy. Darla begins to quiver on the bed knowing that she will cum soon.The woman senses this and works a finger inside of Darla. That sends Darla over the edge cumming in the Asian woman’s mouth. The woman sucks all the nectar out of Darla’s pussy. She moves up on the bed and kisses Darla full on mouth.” Like the way you taste?” she ask.” Yes it taste sweet.”” That it is. Now you ready to taste my pussy?”” I do but I don’t know what to do.”” Just do as I did to you.”Darla moves down the bed till she is between the other woman’s legs. She spreads woman’s legs and looks at her pussy. There are tiny beads of nectar on the pussy lips. Closing her eyes Darla reaches out with her tongue and licks the nectar away.” Doesn’t taste so bad.” Darla thinks. She then continues to lick the amasya escort bayan other woman’s pussy. Running her tongue up and down Darla relaxes and starts to enjoy herself. The woman on the bed reaches down with her hand and bring Darla’s head closer to her pussy.” Like that, just like that.” she moans.Darla’s tongue moves inside the pussy. She begins to fuck her with her tongue. The woman arches her back then cums hard into Darla’s mouth. The woman pulls Darla up to her and kisses the cum from Darla’s face.When the waves of orgasm subsides the woman turns to Darla and says” Now I’m going to fuck you.”” Move your head onto the pillow and spread your legs.”Darla moves up in the bed and spreads her legs. The Asian woman moves to the bottom of the bed and scissors Darla. Pussy against pussy she grinds Darla.Darla reaches out grabs the woman’s legs and presses harder. ” It feels so fucking good. Fuck me fuck me please.” Darla screams out.The woman grinds harder. From inside Darla feels the familiar twinges of an orgasm. She grinds harder throws her head back and cums just as the Asian woman cums too.Exhausted the two women lay on the bed holding each other.” So what do you think?”” I like it.”” Do it again?”” Yes.”With that the woman reaches over and kisses Darla full on the mouth.” I’ll take these.” the woman says reaching down and grabbing Darla’s stained panties.” I always wanted to fuck a virgin.”

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